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1. Ethics Resources For Attorneys
Home / Research tools Catalog / Research Guides / Librarian Publications / ethics Resources for attorneys is a must for researching legal ethics.

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Ethics Resources for Attorneys By Nancy Garner, Head of Reference Services
Jenkins' Membership Memo 2 (Spring 2002) "Every lawyer is responsible for observance of the Rules of Professional Conduct. A lawyer should also aid in securing their observance by other lawyers. Neglect of these responsibilities compromises the independence of the profession and the public interest which it serves." Model Rules of Professional Conduct Preamble. All lawyers are faced with these responsibilities but some may have no idea where to find the necessary information. The following article will provide an overview of print and electronic resources on ethics for lawyers. A copy of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (Model Rules) is a must for researching legal ethics. There are many sources for the Model Rules . One of the most popular is the ABA/BNA Lawyers Manual on Professional Conduct (Manual) . This multi-volume loose-leaf manual contains the Model Rules adopted on August 2, 1983 and its predecessor, the

2. Legal Ethics Research
other suggestions for searching the tools described below To find books on legal ethics, professional conduct, and the regulation of attorneys, try these
Legal Ethics Research Getting Started
Specialized Research #3 Dorraine Zief Law Library Handout
Prepared by Senior Reference Librarian Lee Ryan
This guide mentions and links to various LEXIS and WESTLAW resources. The Zief Law Library's contracts with LEXIS and WESTLAW limit our use of LEXIS and WESTLAW to current students, faculty, and staff members of the University of San Francisco School of Law. For information about who may use LEXIS and WESTLAW, how to arrange your own subscription, and how to connect to LEXIS and WESTLAW via the Web, see the USF Law Library's introduction to LEXIS and WESTLAW Authorized users who follow a link to a LEXIS or WESTLAW resource will first need to sign on to LEXIS or WESTLAW before coming to the search page for that resource. [Return to Contents]
General Background
The following are suggested sources that provide overviews of the law of professional responsibility, and citations (or links) to primary materials, such as major statutes, rules, and cases.
  • The Law of Lawyering

3. LEGAL ETHICS - Selected Resources At The Cornell Law Library
legal ethics. Selected Resources. at the Cornell Law of professional responsibility for attorneys who practice before the A. Finding tools. Digest of Bar Association ethics Opinions
LEGAL ETHICS Selected Resources
at the Cornell Law Library
June 2003
B. ABA Code of Professional Responsibility
C. Annotations
B. Government Lawyers
C. Lawyer Discipline
D. Lawyer Regulation in General
E. Multidisciplinary Practice F. Professional Competence VI. SECONDARY SOURCES A. Hornbooks, Monographs and Treatises B. Loose-leaf Services C. Restatements VII. ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR SPECIFIC AREAS OF LAW A. Advertising in Law B. Criminal Law C. Family Law D. Government Law E. Litigation F. Multidisciplinary Practice G. Online Legal Services H. Tax Law VIII. PERIODICALS ON LEGAL ETHICS IX. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS X. RESEARCH AIDS XI. WESTLAW AND LEXIS A. WESTLAW-Selected Databases B. LEXIS - Selected Libraries/Files

4. Legal Ethics
Woods, Battle Boothe, LLP Contains summaries of VA and ABA legal ethics opinions. Sample Law Firm Internet Disclaimers, Internet tools for attorneys.

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... Legal Research Links
Legal Ethics A concise article on Ethics Resources for Attorneys highlights the most important sources for professional responsibility information. For a guide to all print materials available at Jenkins, refer to the Professional Responsibility Resources pathfinder. Rules and Opinions

5. Ethics Seminar Legal Education For Corporations And Lawyers
Learning the litigation tools and tips for better are to give litigation attorneys additional skills Education Topics for Lawyers legal ethics or Litigation.
Home Page Legal Malpractice Corporate Governance Ethics ...
Expert Witnesses
L egal Education: CLE - Trial Practice - Legal Ethics - Litigation Seminars
"Making Good Lawyers Better"™
Business Education: Corporate Retreats - Corporate Ethics Seminars (scroll down the page)
"Ethics Drives Superior Business Performance"™
Legal Continuing Education - CLE - Seminars Protect and Empower Lawyers Legal lectures and seminar training have a purpose and a value. CLE "Making Good Lawyers Better."™ CLE produces better income. Learning the litigation tools and tips for better depositions and trials makes good lawyers better. CLE prevents legal problems and legal malpractice. Maintaining high ethical and legal compliance standards is not only good morals, it is good business. Read why our seminars are fast paced and interesting Bucklin is the author of various trial practice materials. The latest is Building Trial Notebooks (click for PDF document) , so you may be here because you already are interested in the subject of " Using trial notebooks for the entire course of discovery and trial.

6. FindLaw LawCrawler - Law, Lawyer, Lawyers. Attorney, Attorneys
Cases Codes Forms legal Subjects Federal State Library Law. Estate Planning. ethics Professional Resp. Family Law Greedy Associates Boards. tools Office ·. Calendar ·. CLE
FindLaw Legal Professionals Students Business ... MY FindLaw top(document.URL); Forms Legal Subjects Federal State ... Lawyer Search Select a State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Dist. of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming American Samoa Guam Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Select a Practice Area Administrative Law Agriculture Law Alternative Dispute Res Bankruptcy Law Business Organizations Civil Rights Constitutional Law Construction Law Criminal Law Criminal Law - Federal Divorce DUI/DWI Education Law Elder Law Employment Law - Employee Employment Law - Employer Energy Law Environmental Law Estate Planning Family Law Gaming Law Government Contracts Insurance Law Intellectual Property Law International Law Labor Law Lemon Law Medical Malpractice Law Military Law Native Peoples Law Natural Resources Law Personal Injury - Defense Personal Injury - Plaintiff Products Liability Law Professional Malpractice Real Estate Law Securities Law Social Sec - Disability Taxation Law Toxic Torts Transportation Law Workers' Compensation Law Y2K (Year 2000)
Document Library Legal Dictionary Legal News FindLaw Legal Web Sites All Web Sites US Government Sites US Supreme Court US Constitution

7. Legal And Business Ethics Seminars And Consultations For Attorneys, Corporation
For attorneys and bar associations, on the subject of ethics education for your business or legal members. giving them the ethics training and tools they need.
Home Page Legal Malpractice Corporate Governance Ethics ...
Legal and Business Ethics Seminars / Consults
Ethics drives superior business performance! Bucklin gives seminars / continuing education courses /CLE. For attorneys, on the subject of legal ethics and malpractice prevention, as well as litigation and trial practice. For attorneys and bar associations, on the subject of using trial notebooks for depositions, trials and litigation or litigation tactics.. For group or association conference seminars or lectures, providing you with continuing legal or business ethics education for your business or legal members. Corporate or Law Firm Seminars, as a part of instilling an ethics culture. to the board of directors, helping set as its corporate ethics goals. to top management, help with the practical matter of setting up the ethics system to the employees of a corporation or law firm, giving them the ethics training and tools they need. For Lawyers and CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Programs As a lawyer and a legal ethics expert, we:

8. USF Center For Applied Legal Ethics: How We Teach
ethical tightropes walked by government attorneys, especially in from the popular and legal press in own practice, and videotapes, invaluable dramatic tools.

The basic ethics seminar course covers a traditional ethics curriculum in a relatively traditional order. It begins with the client-lawyer relationship, proceeds through a lengthy analysis of the tension between the client-lawyer relationship and the lawyer's obligations to the justice system and society, and concludes with discussions of economic issues (billing, advertising and solicitation, legal services and pro bono work). The course specifically addresses both bias and substance abuse in the profession, and has among its recurring themes the pressures faced by young law firm associates, the effect of a law firm's "culture" on the ability to practice ethically, and the tension between acting morally while remaining within the bounds of legal ethics. Course coverage also focuses on several practice areas often unrecognized or minimized, which we find will directly impact working lives of many of our students. The most significant of these issues are:
  • the ethical dilemmas facing insurance defense counsel;

9. LegalScholarcom Powerful Legal Resources Online - Legal Ethics
Home Page index legal ethics. Updated Thursday April 22, 2004 law firms. alabama paxil attorneys. alabamaattorneys. alabamalawyers Tobacco Litigation Websites. tools for legal Pros
Legal Ethics
Home Page
index Legal Ethics
Updated: Monday - May 3, 2004 The Intersection of Ethics and the Law... offers cases, codes, opinions, articles, links, and other reference material relating to ethics and the law. Our goal is to assist the profession establish practical rules, regulations...
LegalScholarcom Powerful Legal Resources Online
Abortion Law Sites
accounting law

ada related sites

administrative law attys
These links are listed as a convenience. We take no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites. Always consult a licensed professional before you act on information you find on the internet.

10. Legal Ethics, described as guidelines for Minnesota attorneys. Probably the best source for quick, comprehensive legal ethics information is the
Law Library
Researching Legal Ethics
Prepared by Mary Rumsey; Revised July 2003 Table of Contents
The rules that regulate lawyers' conduct are generally promulgated by the ABA and then adopted by states. The earliest standards adopted by the ABA were the Canons of 1908. In 1969/1970, the ABA adopted the Code of Professional Conduct. Many states adopted this Code. Some of these states switched to the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility when the ABA adopted them in 1983; others retained the Code. Thus, both the Model Rules and the Code of Professional Conduct are still published. They appear in several sources (see Standards and Opinions, below). Amendments to the ABA standards are noted in the annual ABA Reports and in the monthly ABA Journal . The ABA's Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and its predecessor committees have issued ethics opinions since 1924 (see Standards and Opinions, below) In Minnesota, the relevant rules are the

11. GPSOLO - Technology Tools
Are the attorneys separate entities (Law Office of This affects legal liability and potential ethical issues arrangement, see the article ethics Concerns in
Volume 20, Number 4 June 2003
HOW TO "PARTNER" WITH OTHER LAWYERS By Joseph A. DeWoskin After almost nine years on active duty with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, I found myself at a crossroads in my legal career. Opting to take a road not often traveled by the friends I had made in the military, I decided to leave active military service and work at a law firm, enjoying all the feelings of job safety and financial protection that come with a big firm.
Of course I flooded the local area with résumés, targeting all types of firms. I interviewed with some, was offered employment by some, and then, as I was mulling over what to do, a friend of mine presented me with an interesting opportunity: "Come and open your own practice in our office. If you're willing and able to take a chance, it will be the best opportunity to practice law you could ever have."
The best opportunity I could ever have? I had to find out more. "Well," my friend said, "it's an office-share situation. We're all partners, but not in the traditional sense of the word. We're solo practitioners who run our own practices-a few have an associate-but we have the comfort and security of other attorneys to share expenses, discuss cases, and refer cases outside our practice areas."

12. GPSOLO - Technology Tools
is a serious problem for the legal profession. privacy of both clients and attorneys.7 However other professional associations codes of ethics, including those
Volume 19, Number 7
October/November 2002
SEX WITH A CLIENT: ALWAYS A VIOLATION? Adopt the ABA's Specific Prohibition Nancy J. Moore In August 2001, the American Bar Association's Ethics 2000 Commission recommended extensive changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct; in February of this year, the vast majority of these recommendations were adopted. Among them is an entirely new Rule 1.8(j), which states, "A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced."1 A Comment clarifies that when the client is an organization, the prohibition applies only to sexual relations with a constituent who supervises, directs, or regularly consults with the lawyer concerning the organization's legal matters.2
Many states already have adopted rules explicitly regulating client-lawyer sexual relationships. The rest of the states are now faced with the decision whether to join the ABA in adopting a rule that prohibits most such relationships or to continue dealing with the problem on a case-by-case basis under existing rules.
There can be no dispute that sex with clients is a serious problem for the legal profession. Detailed statistics currently are not available, but the number of complaints filed by clients against their lawyers for ethical violations arising out of sexual relationships is growing.3 Nonconsensual sexual relationships are clearly both criminal and unethical. However, even consensual relationships between clients and lawyers are problematic.

13. All Law - Legal Topic Index - Ethics And Professional Responsibility
tools Calculators. From the American Bar Association Center for Continuing legal Education. attorneys Click here to get listed with and
Part of the Network Find A Lawyer Legal Links Home
Find A Lawyer
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Calculators Child Support DWI Home Legal Topic Index ...

14. The Ethics Of Making Legal Services Affordable And Making The
searches only sites known to contain legal information and is and accurate than general search tools on the will prefer or require that attorneys indicate on
The Ethics of Making Legal Services Affordable and Making the Legal System More Accessible to the Public
James M. McCauley Ethics Counsel Virginia State Bar Richmond, Virginia
Canon Two of the Code of Professional Responsibility recites that a lawyer should assist the profession in fulfilling its duty to make legal counsel available and should render pro bono services. Regardless of whether lawyers consider this axiomatic norm to be an aspirational goal or a "duty" as the Canon states, consumers and legislatures are forcing the organized bar to compete with prepaid legal services plans, pro se help centers, small claims courts, certified nonlawyer mediators, registered nonlawyer real estate settlement agents, and courthouse assistance projects. In addition, the Internet and software companies have provided the consumer with a variety of self-help resources including legal research and legal forms or documents. Some members of the bar insist that the mandatory bars should "crack down" on this intrusion using the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) rules.
Recently, in a case styled

15. BU Law Library: Research: Lawyering In The 21st Century (Topical Guides)
Let s begin by looking at tools to locate primary Judicial opinions on legal ethics can be found in any West s Digest using the Topic attorneys and Clients
Lawyering in the 21st Century - Research Guide
State Codes of Ethics


Model Codes of Ethics
Research on Legal Ethics requires some different tools than other areas of law. We cannot rely on the standard primary sources - constitutions, statutes and codes, administrative regulations, and judicial opinions. The only true primary sources for mandatory authority are (1) the state codes of attorney ethics (or professional responsibility) for the jurisdiction, and (2) case law. Other sources discussed herein are secondary, persuasive authority. For additional information about sources for research on legal ethics, you can consult Resources for Research in Legal Ethics by Todd W. Grant (Law Annex KF306 .G73 1992). For information about legal ethics resources in Massachusetts, see section 5.6 in Handbook of Legal Research in Massachusetts , Mary Anne Neary, ed. (Law Ref KFM 2475 H36 2002).

16. Information On Attorneys And Legal Issues Can Be Tapped Online - 2000-10-30 - Th
A nationwide network of attorneys and firms that A site with legal tools designed to give courts, lawyers, law libraries, legal ethics, legal procedures, legal
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17. San Diego Source > Law, San Diego Source > Law
Source Sales tools. On legal ethics. Turning on your client When ethics mandates recusal December 17, 2002 ethics rules for defense attorneys November 12
Law Briefs ... Workplace Law
DATABASES Appellate Decisions Attorney Directory Superior Court Lawsuits Bankruptcy Filings ... Southern California Law School Index
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On Legal Ethics NEWS LIBRARY February 03, 2004 Unlawful attorney advertising and solicitation: Who is liable?
January 06, 2004 Unlawful attorney advertising and solicitation

December 02, 2003 Ethical attorney advertising

November 11, 2003 Ethical attorney advertising: general principles
June 2004
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18. MCLE Workshops
find courses, including Preventing Substance Abuse, legal ethics, and Bias We have worked with practicing attorneys to design and 3) to give you tools you can
    The Institute"s meditation garden. - MCLE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS -
    'An excellent, practical program that was far more worthwhile than all the rest of my CLE credits.' Since 1992, the Nyingma Institute has offered California attorneys interactive classes that fulfill the MCLE course requirements established by the State Bar of California. This year we offer many hard-to-find courses, including:
    Preventing Substance Abuse, Legal Ethics, and Bias in Communication,
    as well as our perennial favorite among attorneys; Stress Reduction (no MCLE credits).
    We have worked with practicing attorneys to design our schedule to meet your needs. You will find one, three and four-hour courses, scheduled so that you can earn up to 6 MCLE credits in a single day. At the Nyingma Institute, you will find a convenient, peaceful environment, and many programs include a delicious vegetarian meal.
    Or take advantage of the central downtown SF location.

19. Law And Related Resources : Conducting Legal Research On The Web
Main Library Reference Law tools/Reporters Collection from Jewish law professors to Kansas attorneys. News and Media; Chapter 10 legal ethics and Professional
Conducting Legal Research on the Web A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System:
Web-Based Publicly Accessible Sources

By Gretchen Feltes. LLRX, July 21, 2003.
(Last checked 02/04/04) Internet Resources for Tracking Information on the Supreme Court

Roger Skalbeck focuses on information by and about the court, including links from a range of public and commercial sources to docket sheets, order lists, briefs and oral arguments, and commentary on cases. Source: LLRX, November 15, 2000.
(Last checked 02/04/04) Virtual Chase: A Research Site for Legal Professionals

Find help for conducting legal research on the Internet. This site provides articles, tips, research guides, and more. (Last checked 02/04/04) Web Guide to U.S. Supreme Court Research (Last checked 02/04/04) Additional Books Available The Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher Main Library Reference Law Tools/Reporters Collection (1 East) KF242 .A1 M3 1997

20. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page: Other Law-Related Sites
Law Marks legal Resource Database. Internet tools For attorneys. National Jurist Online For future lawyers. National Institute of ethics. legal ethics.
F lorida S tate U niversity
Criminal Justice Links
Created and Maintained by Cecil Greek
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