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         Arkansas Geography Cities:     more detail
  1. Cities of the United States: The South : Alabama Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma S (Cities of the United States Vol 1 the South) by Linda Schmittroth, 1994-03

21. UALR History Department - Geography Minor Requirements
Current geographic patterns of industrial, commercial, residential, public,and recreational activities in our cities with reference to arkansas.
Geography Minor Requirements A geography minor consists of 18 hours, including two courses chosen from Geography 1310 World Economic Geography, Geography 1311 Introduction to Physical Geography, or Geography 2312 Cultural Geography, plus 12 additional hours of geography courses. For more information contact the coordinator, Gerald Hanson, at 569-8730. The following courses in geography may be used to complete the geography minor, to meet core curriculum requirements, and to meet part of the bachelor of arts in liberal arts program requirements. 1310. World Economic Geography An introductory survey of economic activities. Basic concepts of economic activity location are studied. A survey of economic geography of countries outside North America, with emphasis on the distribution of resources in three countries. Three credit hours. 1311. Introduction to Physical Geography

22. - United States - New - Library - Society - United States Local - Arkan Presents an population, demographics, economy, history,government, and geography. Find links for counties, cities, and towns.

23. - United States - New - Library - Society - United States Local - Arkan
Reference arkansas State http// out The Natural State s facts, figures, geography, cities,

24. About The USA - Travel & Geography > Arkansas
arkansas ist bekannt für seine Mineralquellen und heißen Quellen. (134,874 sqkm); National Rank 29 10 largest cities (2000) Little Rock, 183,133; Fort

Travel to the United States

The Regions of the United States
The States, Districts and Territories of the United States
State Flag

State Seal
Arkansas. American FactFinder (U.S. Census) Arkansas, The "Land of Opportunity"
AR The early French explorers of the state gave it its name, which is probably a phonetic spelling for the French word for "downriver" people, a reference to the Quapaw Indians and the river along which they settled. Arkansas, which joined the Union in 1836, was the 25th state. Arkansas' early economy was largely one of agriculture, with cotton as the main cash crop. Sawmilling was the earliest industry. Cotton and lumber are still important, but they no longer dominate the economy. Today, Arkansas' manufacturing income exceeds its agricultural income, but the state's basic wealth is still in its farms, forests, and mines.
Arkansas is a beautiful land of mountains and valleys, thick forests and fertile plains. The Ozark and Ouachita mountain ranges in northern and western Arkansas are known as the Highlands; the southern and eastern parts of Arkansas are called the Lowlands. Tourists enjoy the state's natural beauty, its many recreational facilities and its historic sites. Arkansas' mineral and hot spring waters are well-known.

25. The Mighty Arkansas Basin
farmers of Southwest Kansas and the cities of Southwest write an essay describingthe arkansas River Basin municipalities relate to the 5 themes of geography.
The Mighty Arkansas Basin
Doug Boardman
Chase High School
Chase, Kansas

    This activity will acquaint students with the Five Themes of Geography to help them understand the Arkansas Basin. It will help the students gain an understanding of the water usage in Southwest Kansas agriculture and municipalities.

Grade Levels: Grades 9-12
    Time: Two class periods
    Geographic Themes:
    Location, Movement, Place, Region, Human/Environment Interaction

    Kansas Social Studies Standards for Benchmarks, Grade Levels 12-K:
    The student will understand the connections among people, places, and environments in the local school and community, Kansas and its surrounding states, the United States and its region, and the world.
    The student will understand the roles of government and civic ideals and practices in the local school and community, Kansas, the United States, and different nations in the world.

    National Geography Standards, Grades 9-12:
    The geographically informed person knows and understands how to use maps and other representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective. The geographically informed person knows and understands how the forces of cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of earth's surface.

26. LRRCC : Little Rock At A Glance : Population & Geography
The cities are joined by the arkansas River and are located in Pulaski miles; OklahomaCity 348 miles; Tulsa - 288 miles; Kansas City - 405 miles geography.
Population Greater Little Rock is a metropolitan area covering four counties in Central Arkansas with a 2000 estimated population of 572,055. At the heart of the area is Little Rock, the state capitol and Arkansas' largest city with a population of 183,133, and North Little Rock, the state's third largest community, with a population of 60,433. The Little Rock/North Little Rock metropolitan statistical area has a 1999 per capita income of $27,571. The cities are joined by the Arkansas River and are located in Pulaski County in the exact center of the state, where the mountains meet the delta. Greater Little Rock is unique in that it is centered where the Southeast meets the Southwest. Distance by highway to major nearby cities include: Dallas - 307 miles; Houston - 443 miles; Oklahoma City - 348 miles; Tulsa - 288 miles; Kansas City - 405 miles; Atlanta - 523 miles; Memphis - 139 miles; and New Orleans - 437 miles.
Age Distribution of the Population, Little Rock M.S.A.

27. E-lynks Links To The States
geography (World). States and cities. Arizona Arizona State Government Arizona TucsonArizona University of Arizona arkansas arkansas Educational Television
Scroll down the menus:
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Superlynks at the left. Alphabetized A Lynks Addictions Advertising Aerospace ... Zoos Super Lynks to U.S. states and related sites. Scroll down. You should find something about each of the 50 states in the following listings. If you fail to find what you seek below, use the search engine menu, or return to the e-lynks A-to-Z Index-Menu. Alabama: Alabama State Govt.
Alabama Football ...
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  • 28. Arkansas City --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    , arkansas Directory of listings on this state in the US Covers cities, history,geography, government, and attractions. More results . 100 video and media.

    29. LookSmart - Directory - Arkansas
    Directory Listings About. allRefer Reference arkansas State Check out The NaturalState s facts, figures, geography, cities, economy, history, government, and
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
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    YOU ARE HERE Home United States Local
    Arkansas - Find resources and guides for residents of Arkansas.
    Directory Categories
    Directory Listings About
  • allRefer Reference - Arkansas State
    Check out The Natural State's facts, figures, geography, cities, economy, history, government, and higher education. Know the state flower, tree, and bird.
    Anything Arkansas Directory

    Browse through this searchable directory dedicated to Arkansas people, places, business, real estate, sports, tourism, and events.
    Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

    Browse the guide to state parks and find a monthly calendar of events, or explore historical Arkansas. Request brochures, guides, and kits..
    Arkansas Encyclopedia

    Discover famous Arkansans, Arkansas history, landmarks, and a timeline of events. Learn about the people, places, and culture found in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas Home Page Official site with links to government agencies, tourist information, economic development and educational resources. SHG Resources - State of Arkansas on the Web Browse Arkansas education, government, and media sites as well as economy, people, politics, and history. Features message boards, chat rooms, and traffic conditions.
  • 30. LookSmart - Directory - Arkansas Guides And Directories
    allRefer Reference arkansas State Check out The Natural State s facts, figures,geography, cities, economy, history, government, and higher education.
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
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    YOU ARE HERE Home United States Local Arkansas Statewide
    Arkansas Guides and Directories - Discover comprehensive guides and directories on the state of Arkansas.
    Directory Listings About
  • Arkansas Home Page
    Official site with links to government agencies, tourist information, economic development and educational resources.

    Includes resources for business, shopping, sports, weather, a calendar of events, and Web design and hosting. Enter the weekly drawing.
    About - Theme Parks: Arkansas Theme Parks

    Review a list of theme parks and amusement parks in Arkansas. Includes links, phone numbers, and brief descriptions.
    About - Water Parks in Arkansas

    Profiles Crystal Falls, Siloam Springs Aquatic Center, Wild River Country, and Willow Springs parks in Arkansas. Find contact details and a description of each.
    allRefer Reference - Arkansas State
    Check out The Natural State's facts, figures, geography, cities, economy, history, government, and higher education. Know the state flower, tree, and bird. America's Library - Arkansas Discover facts about the 25th state, courtesy of the Library of Congress. View photos and read related stories.
  • 31. Missouri Directory My Missouri Directory State Of Missouri Search Engine
    Main Article geography of Missouri See List of Missouri counties. is the homeof the Ozark mountains and extends into arkansas. Major cities include St.
    Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Missouri Directory


    Real Estate

    School Districts


    Free Stuff

    ... Sweepstakes Government Fire Police Health Dentists ... History Civil War Genealogy Internet Services Newspapers Radio ... Vets Shelters Breeders Antiques Camping Hunting Fishing Churches Baptist Episcopal Methodist State Facts Counties Cities Famous Missourians Transportation Airports Airlines Trains Lodging Maps State Parks Weather Phone Directory Free Offers ... Search eBay Missouri , named after the Missouri Siouan Indian tribe meaning "town of big canoes", is a Midwestern state of the United States with Jefferson City as its capital. The state's nickname is the Show Me State ; the U.S. Post Office abbreviation for Missouri is MO History Originally part of the Louisiana Purchase, Missouri was admitted as a state in 1821 as part of the Missouri Compromise. It earned the nickname "Gateway to the West" because it served as a departure point for settlers heading to the west. During the American Civil War, Missouri, a slave state, was split with portions adhering to the Union, and others seceding with the southern states. Law and Government The current constitution of Missouri, the fourth constitution for the state, was adopted in 1945 and provides for 3 branches of government, the legislative, judicial and executive branches. The legislative branch consists of two bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bodies comprise the General Assembly of the State of Missouri.

    32. Encyclopedia Of Arkansas History Arkansas Facts History State Of Arkansas
    See List of arkansas Governors. Famous Arkansans. arkansas geography.See List of arkansas counties. Important arkansas cities and Towns.
    Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Home Free Offers Directory ... Z
    Arkansas history, historic events in the state of Arkansas, and information on the people and places of Arkansas. Discover Arkansas History and Arkansans in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas!!
    Encyclopedia of Arkansas History Arkansas History State of Arkansas Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Arkansas History Arkansas Encyclopedia of Arkansas History of Arkansas State of Arkansas History Encyclopedia arkansas history arkansas history arkansas history
    is a southern state in the southern United States . The was 2,673,400. Arkansas was a slave state that was admitted as a pair with Michigan in 1836. USS Arkansas was named in honor of this state. History See: Timeline of Events in Arkansas History The first Europeans to arrive in Arkansas (1541-42) were probably members of the Spanish expedition under Hernando De Soto. Later the French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet came south along the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Arkansas River. The early French explorers of the area that became the state of Arkansas gave it its name, which is probably a phonetic spelling for the French word for "downriver" people, a reference to the Quapaw people and the river along which they settled. Other

    33. The Six Natural Regions Of Arkansas | Arkansas Delta Cultural Center: Missisippi
    Most of the major cities of the arkansas Delta can be found on or near Crowley sRidge. By studying the landscape and geography of arkansas, we can make
    A lthough Arkansas is most easily divided into two distinct geographical regions, the northwestern uplands and the southeastern lowlands, this description does not accurately portray the state's geographical complexity. There are actually six geographic sub-regions, three in both the uplands and the lowlands. The northwestern uplands are made up of three distinctive sub-regions: The Ozark Mountains, the Arkansas River Valley, and the Ouachita Mountains. The southeastern lowlands are comprised of the Gulf Coastal Plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (the Delta), and Crowley's Ridge.
    The Ozark region of Arkansas is located in the extreme northern and western portions of the state. This area is marked by flat-topped mountains, or plateaus, which have been eroded over millions of years. The Arkansas Ozark region is very poor with rocky soil and has done much to shape the image of the state.
    The Arkansas River Valley is the area carved by the river long ago. This forty-mile wide trough divides the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains. Most of Arkansas larger cities can be found in the river valley-Fort Smith, Little Rock, and several others.
    The Ouachita Mountains lie south of the river valley. These mountains run east to west and are largely covered in pine trees. The soil here is even worse than that of the Ozarks. There are many unusual features here including Hot Springs and the diamond crater at Murfreesboro.

    34. EasyFunSchool - Arkansas - A State Unit Study - Article Archives - Free Unit Stu
    State Map of arkansas. 3. Show important cities situated near these resources onyour map. 1. Look in an atlas, encyclopedia, or geography book to find a map
    Arkansas - A State Unit Study This mini unit on ARKANSAS uses the cross curricular approach to education. There are several activities from different academic subjects for you to choose from. One of the most important things is to have fun! Below are some activities to help you study ARKANSAS. You may choose to do all, some, or none of the activities. You can also alter the activities to better suit your individual child's needs. Some of these activities overlap each other, choose the one you think that you and the children will enjoy most. The main point of this unit is to make learning about ALABAMA and enjoyable for all who are participating. Arkansas' State Flag A diamond on a red field represents the only place in North America where diamonds have been discovered and mined. The twenty-five white stars around the diamond mean that Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state to join the Union. The top of four stars in the center represents that Arkansas was a member of the Confederate States during the Civil War. The other three stars represent Spain, France and the United States, countries that had earlier ruled the land that includes Arkansas. Flag adopted 1913. Create a State "Infodesk": Before you begin this unit you may want to set up a research area. Place a desk or table in front of a bulletin board area. This will be where you can place relevant books, magazines, photographs, posters, newspaper articles, maps, scrapbooks, games, puzzles, computer software, task cards, travel brochures, etc. that you collect.

    35. Estimates Geography
    and the West South Central division arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma counties, exceptin New England, where cities and towns are the basic geographic units.
    vJSLevel = "../" document.writeln(navigation); estimates geography boundary changes codes
    ... text menu
    For what geographic areas does the Census Bureau produce estimates?
    The Census Bureau produces population estimates for the Nation, the States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, counties and equivalents, incorporated places, minor civil divisions, consolidated cities, census regions and divisions, and metropolitan areas.
    Census Regions and Divisions
    Counties (and equivalents)
    Minor Civil Divisions
    Legally defined county subdivisions are referred to as minor civil divisions (MCDs.) MCDs are the primary divisions of a county. They comprise both governmentally functioning entities that is, those with elected officials who provide services and raise revenues and nonfunctioning entities that exist primarily for administrative purposes, such as election districts. Twenty-eight states and Puerto Rico have MCDs. However, the MCDs function as general purpose governmental units in all or part of only twenty states. Within these twenty states, PEP produces estimates for all governmentally functioning MCDs and for nonfunctioning MCDs in counties that contain at least one functioning MCD. The legal powers and functions of MCDs vary from state to state. Most of the MCDs in twelve states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin) serve as general-purpose local governments. In the remaining eight states for which PEP produces MCD level estimates (Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota) the MCDs, for the most part, perform less of a governmental role and are less well known locally, even though they are active governmental units.

    36. USIA - Portrait Of The USA, Ch. 2
    This chapter examines American geography, history, and Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,Mississippi, arkansas, Louisiana, and cities on waterways New York on the




    ... Contents Chapter Two
    FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA Geography and regional characteristics
    high temperatures on a given day in the United States to reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 40 degrees Celsius). The United States owes much of its national character and its wealth to its good fortune in having such a large and varied landmass to inhabit and cultivate. Yet the country still exhibits marks of regional identity, and one way Americans cope with the size of their country is to think of themselves as linked geographically by certain traits, such as New England self-reliance, southern hospitality, midwestern wholesomeness, western mellowness. This chapter examines American geography, history, and customs through the filters of six main regions:
    • New England , made up of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
    • The Middle Atlantic , comprising New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.
    • The South , which runs from Virginia south to Florida and west as far as central Texas. This region also includes West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and parts of Missouri and Oklahoma.
    • The Midwest , a broad collection of states sweeping westward from Ohio to Nebraska and including Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, parts of Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and eastern Colorado.

    37. Biography Of Dr. Jeffrey D. Allender
    University of Central arkansas Department of geography Political Urban and regionalgrowth and planning; specifically how cities grow and plan for
    Department of Geography
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Allender
    Personal Data:
    Date of Birth: November 30, 1950
    Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Work Number: (501) 450-5641
    Work Address: University of Central Arkansas
    Department of Geography Political Science
    Irby Hall, Rm. 306-G
    Conway, AR 72035
    Research Interests
    • International tourism development; specifically new areas to tourism, how they develop their resources, and how the local citizens become involved in tourism; also the economic and social impacts of tourism into previously undeveloped areas and tourists' perceptions of their recreational experience, ecotourism and its expansion into the tropics. Urban and regional growth and planning; specifically how cities grow and plan for growth, long-term planning, transportation planning and development, infrastructure and financing development. Vernacular architecture; specifically the use of stone and brick in housing design and construction in the Ozark Mountains. Pedagogy of Geography; specifically how field work and traditional field studies have evolved in geography departments and geography's connection to other social sciences.

    38. AGA Newsletter
    Alliance plans to conduct a Traveling arkansas geography Institute next three to fiveday field trips across arkansas. 75 mile radius of each of these cities.
    Paul Gray, Russellville High School
    When I first formed My AP Human Geography course, many parents and students asked the same question: What is Human Geography? AP Human Geography allows students to learn about world population issues, border disputes, and international conflicts. In addition, students are exposed to economic theories and models as well as world religions and the origins and diffusion of languages. They also study urban development, industrialization, and city planning, often experiencing these topics through field trips. Overall, AP Human Geography students and teachers will explore topics ranging from farming to pandemic disease. AP Human Geography really does offer something of interest to everyone.
    Many teachers do not think they can teach AP Human Geography. The main problem many face is a lack of formal training in geography. Arkansas does not require prospective social science educators to take much geography. If one is a committed teacher and willing to learn, then AP Human Geography offers many wonderful opportunities and challenges. Becoming an AP Human Geography teacher requires following a few steps.
    First, perspective teachers should attend an AP Human Geography Institute. There they can learn tips on teaching the course from experts who have already taught it. Prospective AP Human Geography teachers can get later refresher training at a one- or two-day AP Conference. Second, teachers should use the printed and electronic resources available from the College Board. Third, teachers can use the Arkansas Geographic Alliance for further assistance. Fourth, teachers can take a geography course or two to help along the way. Finally, you can contact me for information.

    39. 16. American Geography. The New Dictionary Of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition.
    state, the major state capitals, the largest cities, and the For the sake of precision,the geographical borders of each Appalachian Mountains, Arizona, arkansas.
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. American Geography Tests have revealed that many Americans are amazingly ignorant of the geography of their nation. In one widely cited example, a student in

    40. Links To Other Sites » General Information » Old State House
    Anything arkansas arkansas Census County Formation Maps arkansas cities DINAarkansas Delta Byways – the Great River Road arkansas Delta geography the

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