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         Animal Health & Nutrition:     more books (100)
  1. Marketing of animals and their products and animal health: Human nutrition and animal products, foot-and-mouth disease and marketing of animals : proceedings ... Pan American Health Organization ; no. 374)
  2. Animal health and nutrition in the tropics: Research for development : seminar one
  3. Companion animals: Health and nutrition markets (DR reports) by James D Greer, 1996
  4. Studies on coast disease of sheep in South Australia: From the Nutrition Laboratory, Adelaide, Division of Animal Health and Nutrition, by Hedley R Marston, 1938
  5. THE HEALTH AND NUTRITION OF ANIMALS.Reports. by Sir Arnold and Orr, J.B. Theiler, 1929
  6. Holistic Animal Handbook: A Guidebook to Nutrition, Health and Communication by Kate Solisti-Mattelon, Patrice Mattelon, 2004-09-01
  7. Total Nutrition: Feeding Animals for Health and Growth by Clifford A. Adams, 2003-07-01
  8. Tree Foliage in Ruminant Nutrition (Fao Animal Production and Health Paper,) by Bernan, R. A. Leng, 1998-01
  9. The Contribution of Nutrition to Human and Animal Health
  10. Minerals in pasture: deficiencies and excesses in relation to animal health (Commonwealth Bureau of Animal Nutrition, Aberdeen, Scotland. Technical communication) by Flora Campbell Russell, 1956
  11. Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies by M. Christine Zink, 2001-06-15
  12. Zootrition: An Adventure in Health and Nutrition by Amy Schoelwer MEd RD LD, 2005-12-22
  13. The Dog: It's Behavior, Nutrition, and Health by Linda P. Case, 2005-05-20
  14. Earl Mindell's Nutrition & Health for Dogs: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy with Natural Preventative Care and Remedies by Elizabeth Renaghan, 1998-03-11

1. Dogs And Cats: Holistic Veterinary And Optimum Pet Nutrition (also Ferrets And O
Testimonials of amazing animal health recoveries with natural methods Holistic animal health Optimum Pet nutrition. Natural health for Children. Natural health for Women
"A growing number of vets are stating that processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat. In December 1995, the British Journal of Small Animal Practice published a paper contending that processed pet food suppresses the immune system and leads to liver, kidney, heart and other diseases. This research, initially conducted by Dr Tom Lonsdale, was researched further by the Australian Veterinary Association and proven to be correct." Canine Health Concern Dr. Kollath, of the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, headed a study done on animals. When young animals were fed cooked and processed foods they initially appeared to be healthy. However, as the animals reached adulthood, they began to age more quickly than normal and also developed chronic degenerative disease symptoms. A control group of animals raised on raw foods aged less quickly and were free of degenerative disease. In nature, we see another example of wild animals eating entirely enzyme ric qh raw foods being free of the degenerative diseases that afflict humans. Welcome to...

2. Animal Health & Nutrition / CHAMPION ALSTOE ANIMAL HEALTH INC.
animal health, nutrition products Canadian distributor for larger veterinary and feed supplement companies - health Options, Pharmedica, Cuprem Champion Alstoe animal health Inc. is the Canadian

Nutrition for Performance Horses

Protein and Energy Supplements


Champion Alstoe Animal Health Inc.
is the Canadian distributor for some of the largest animal nutrition, veterinary and feed supplement companies in the world.
Cuprem's first day animal nutrition products combine milk replacers and colostrum supplements into one easy to use format. Some have a greater market share than all the competition combined.
Animal Health Options' products are of such quality and effectiveness that many people (including veterinarians) have been successful in treating their own joint problems.
Pharmedica's Equistro products are used by most of the world's top equestrian teams including: Canada, the USA, Great Britain and Germany. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
For more information, please contact: CHAMPION
828 Centre Street North Whitby, Ontario Telephone: (905) 430-9791 Facsimile: (905) 430-9792 E-mail: CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1 (800) 456-5758 In Canada Only, 9-5 EST

3. ADM Animal Health & Nutrition Div. Canada
nutrition products for Canada's dairy, beef, swine, poultry and equine industry as well as veterinarian and pet food manufacturers.
Archer Daniels and Midland Canada -Animal Health and Nutrition Div. Woodstock, Ontario. Lethbridge, Alberta. St.Hyacinthe, Quebec

4. Welcome To Manna Pro
Manna Pro manufactures and distributes livestock feed including rabbit food, pet food and wild life products which are formulated according to the nutrition requirements of each animal species.
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5. Vets Plus, Inc.
The natural blend of two animal health experts. Vets Plus is a world leader in animal health and nutrition packaged products. So it's only natural that Probios, the leader in directfed microbial packaged goods, partners with Vets Plus.
Welcome to Vets Plus, Inc.!
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6. Search Tips About Vegetarian Life Home Health Family
Lists hundreds of tips and minifacts relating to vegetarianism, vegans, health, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and recipes.
Vegetarian Tips Life Tips Vegetarian Tips Search for Tips Search for Sites Guru Stores Find My Site Vegetarian Guru Poll
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VillageOrganics, Inc.

Vegetarian Times

Baking For Health

Veggie Meals Online
Nutritional Designs

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Vegetarian Newsletter
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7. Animal Health: Library Of Holistic Veterinary And Optimum Pet Nutrition
A growing number of veterinarians and animal nutritionists say and suffering canbe prevented or cured with nutrition. For a return to health, pets require a
Holistic Animal Health Library
Welcome to... Holistic Animal Health Library (aka: - A free educational web site on the internet since 1996
This site is being continuously updated so check in often to see what's new -Last update 3/24/2004
Check the list of updates
Contact Shirley About Shirley Home ... search this site
Instant Free Translation of this site into: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Norwegian or Italian
A growing number of veterinarians and animal nutritionists say that many of our pets' disease and suffering can be prevented or cured with nutrition. Holistic veterinarians teach that processed pet food (meaning cooked food) is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat. For a return to health, pets require a diet which strengthens the immune system
  • Pet nutrition: what's really in pet food? - A fresh look at optimum diet for animals. Gentle and Effective Natural Health for your Pets including Homeopathy, Herbs, etc.

8. Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegan Shoes, Vegetarian Shoes, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian
Online portal for vegan living. Sections include animal rights, health and nutrition, news, editorials, free recipes, crueltyfree shopping, upcoming events.
20% OFF All Vegan Belts! Join Our Monthly Email List New Vegetarian Shoes and more: The latest in high-quality men's and women's vegan shoes, plus other new products. Which Vegan Foods Contain the Most Pesticide Residues? Find out now. High Quality, Affordable Vegan Multivitamin : Prescription 2000 Multivitamin/Mineral Formula is on sale now. Quote of the Month "Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character.." -George Bernard Shaw Coming Soon.

9. Uckele Health Products And Nutritional Supplements
Our new site will offer easier shopping and listings for all our nutritional products.
If you are looking for equine, human or sport nutritional products Uckele has a full line of products available for your specific nutritional and supplemental needs.
We expect our newly designed sites to be available shortly. You can still get our special web discount pricing by calling us at and mentioning that you have visited our site before you place your order.
Call 1-800-248-0330 today and get 5% off our great pricing. Just mention ths site.
CALL US AT 1-800-248-0330

10. Genitrix - Animal Health And Nutrition
For a broader range of veterinary therapies Genitrix Ltd. Unit 25, Station RoadIndustrial Estate Southwater Horsham RH13 9UD. 01403 734555. 01403 734588.
For a broader range
of veterinary therapies... Genitrix Ltd.
Unit 25,
Station Road Industrial Estate

11. Poultry Swine Nutrition Water Treatment Tank Uv Sterilizer
Agriculture animal and aquaculture health nutrition and environmental product manufacturers, manure and waste treatment odor control.
Welcome New Products Contact Us Our Policies Home Simply Select The Product Information Menu Items Below Contents: Organic fertilizers, plant growth aids regulators and bio stimulants, biological fertilizers soil treatment acidifiers alkalizers, golf course turf and pond supplies, alfalfa hay preservatives, corn silage forage additives and inoculants, septic tank and grease trap treatment, organic environmentally friendly non toxic portable toilet sanitizers cleaners deodorants, dairy beef cattle horn fly control, new water soluble poultry and swine enzymes, farm animal insect control, animal health and nutrition feed supplements, horse care health and nutrition supplements, products for beef cattle, dairy, poultry swine This Site Is Best Viewed at 800 x 600 True Color Setting With Natural Biological Solutions To Chemical Pollution We now accept US-FDA - Food Facility Registration # 12925762678 International Export Division Click Here: Aquaculture supply waste uv water disinfection treatment, nutrition products fish feed disinfectants disease control

12. Genitrix - Animal Health And Nutrition
genitrix animal health and nutrition for abroader range of veterinary therapies.
About Genitrix:- the next generation in veterinary therapies. We export a considerable percentage of our turnover, primarily to Central and Eastern Europe and we are always seeking new distributors. Please contact us if you are interested in distribution rights for your country. Vacancies in Genitrix: Account Managers We are a successful, friendly, privately owned business and we offer a demanding but flexible working environment. We are only interested in outstanding candidates and so we offer a highly competitive package. If you have a track record of at least two years achievement in sales of technical products to veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses please send a c.v. and covering letter (by post or email) stating current salary to: Mrs Susan Richardson
Genitrix Animal Health and Nutrition, Unit 25 Station Road Ind. Est., Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9UD

13. Chiropractic Health Care -
Information on the chiropractic profession including human and animal care, auriculotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and injury prevention.

Chiropractic Health Care
Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews Agora News Foraging Wild Foods ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information - Select a related topic - Agoraphobia Alexander Technique Alzheimer's Disease Aromatherapy Asperger's Syndrome Asperger's Syndrome and A BodyWork Techniques Breast Cancer Canadian Health Carrie Writes About Disab Celebrating Life Child Sexual Abuse Chiropractic Health Care Clinical Nutrition Creative Therapy Depression In Women Dissociative Identity Dis Eating Disorders Fibromyalgia Friends Fitness Fluoridation Graves' Disease Health Psychology Herbal Healing Hypochondria Hypothyroidism I May Be Getting Older, B

14. U Of MN Extension - Agriculture, Food And Environment
Educational programs for agricultural systems that produce, market, or consume animal products. Information on aspects of livestock, poultry, and dairy production (including nutrition, genetics, animal health, and breeding, as well as finance, environmental management, and other related topics).
Business Management, Farm

Farm Credit Mediation

Crops Barley
Conservation Tillage


Crops, Marketing

Livestock Alternative Animal Enterprises
Animal Health

Dairy Goat
Dairy Production ... Swine Production Agriculture, Food and Environment programs address crop and livestock production systems that are profitable, sustainable, environmentally sound, and safe. Issues include business management and marketing, environmental stewardship, food systems, agriculture policy, and science and technology. For commercial horticulture see Garden Surveillance, intervention should lessen impact. The most current herbicide use information for field crops What's New on the Web Dairy Farmer's Pocket Spanish Dictionary Estate Planning Series Transferring the Farm Series Agriculture, Food and Environment Workshops Find convenient educational offerings and e-learning Related Extension Web Sites and Newsletters Agricultural Drainage - "The Drainage Outlet" Animal Science Extension Aphid Alert Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Extension ... Minnesota Health, Environmental, and Pesticide Safety

15. Protein, Natural Pet Foods And Meat Products Are Discussed In
Internet animal Hospital. Your pet health care website written by veterinarians .and for the Internet s biggest inventory of pet foods, visit. nutrition The
The Internet Animal Hospital Your pet health care website
written by veterinarians
...and for the Internet's biggest inventory of pet foods, visit
Nutrition... The Foundation of Good Health
Unfortunately for our pets who cannot make decisions about what they will eat, there are products being presented to them t hat are full of artificial colorings, flavor enhancers to entice them to eat, ingredients such as meat and bone meal that are so highly processed they have questionable nutritional value, and preservatives to allow a long "shelf life" at the grocery store. This is a sorry state of affairs for our pets; and often the consumer believes they are providing good food for their dog or cat!
The field of canine and feline nutrition is clouded with misconceptions, misleading advertising and an overall lack of commitment to educate pet owners. During 30 years of experience treating dogs and cats, plus 7 years in Veterinary School, I have learned far more "on the job" than I ever did in the few classes that were offered in College. I am committed to passing on to you, the responsible guardians of our dogs and cats, some of the important aspects of pet nutrition I have learned.
T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM

16. AVENTIS > Home
Dedicated to improving life through the discovery and development of products in the fields of prescription drugs, vaccines, therapeutic proteins, crop production and protection, animal health, and nutrition. (NYSE AVE)
conf.URLparams = ""; Language Contact us Help Site Map ... Legal Notes Search English Deutsch Home You may have disabled JavaScript - which is needed.
Please enable JavaScript and click the reload button on your browser.
About Aventis Media Center Investor Center Products Careers Sustainability Forum Country Links Health Links Product Links Contact Centers Caring for Health
"Caring for Health" Brochure Profiles Aventis Sustainable Healthcare Projects
Through a commitment which we refer to as Sustainable Healthcare, we want our products and services to help people everywhere to lead healthy and active lives . Playing a major role in advancing disease awareness and prevention in key areas of medical need and partnering with organizations and associations which also have an interest in protecting and improving the health of people around the world are important aspects of this effort. A new 64-page brochure entitled "Caring for Health" presents the Aventis Sustainable Healthcare initiatives in oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and human vaccines as well as in neglected diseases. It portrays the many fine examples of how Aventis companies around the world are engaging with stakeholders in diverse and collaborative global healthcare projects , e.g. World Health Organization for treatment of sleeping sickness, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization to support the vaccination of children, the Nelson Mandela Foundation for treatment of tuberculosis and the Together Rx program for senior citizens in the U.S.

17. Hunter Nutrition
Manufacturer of high performance feeding programs for livestock, horses, and show animals. Innovative sheep feeds, supplies and equipment, show feed topdress, animal health and vaccines, and hitensile fence supplies.
Hunter Nutrition has the best formulas made with the best ingredients in our modern, efficient manufacturing plant.
Make a Selection Company Information How to Contact Hunter Nutrition Customer Testimonials Articles to Read Feeding Programs Hunters State Fair Winners Links Request a Catalog Ewe Feeding Program Lamb Starters Lamb Grower-Finisher Feeds Show Sheep Feeds Show Feed Additives Show Calf Feeds Horse Feeds Show Pig Feeds Animal Health Biologicals/Pharmeceuticals Featured Products Fencing Supplies Feed Delivery to Your Farm Return to Home Page

18. - Pet Food Suppliers Feed Distributor Animal Health
feed, distributor animal nutrition. We offer animal nutrition, livestock feed and premium pet feed distributor. animal nutrition. stores. purina chow. animal health. pet food distributor

pet food suppliers, purina dealer, manufacturer, livestock feed, distributor animal nutrition
pet food suppliers
purina dealer

livestock feed ...
stores purina chow, animal health, pet food distributor, feed manufacturer mills

19. Novartis Consumer Health -
The Division which includes Sandoz generics, OTC selfmedication, animal health,Medical nutrition (including nutrition Santé franchise), Infant Baby, and
Search Go Home Products About Novartis ... California
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About Novartis
Our Businesses Consumer Health Novartis Consumer Health Novartis Pharmaceuticals The Novartis Consumer Health Division focuses on creating, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of competitively differentiated products that restore, maintain or improve the health and well being of our consumers.
The mission at Novartis Consumer Health is to give a voice to the consumer in everything we do, in order to deliver accelerate sales growth and leadership positions.
Sandoz is a world leader in generic pharmaceuticals and develops, manufactures and markets these medicines as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnological active ingredients. Decades of experience und profound know-how make Sandoz a renowned partner in the Franchises Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Industrial Products.
In May 2003, all the generics activities of Novartis were united under the well known name Sandoz, previously used by one of the predecessor companies that merged to create Novartis. The Sandoz name stands for quality and reliability of supply.
Sandoz is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and employs around 12 900 people worldwide. Sandoz posted sales of USD 2.9 billion in 2003.

20. Animal Health And Nutrition Products, Ingredients From Uhe
George Uhe Company supplies customers with the raw material ingredients to develop and manufacture animal health and healthcare products and animal feed ingredients. Ingredients for animal health, nutritional Products Feed Ingredients. animal health nutritional and Feed Back to animal health nutrition. 12 Route 17 North, PO Box 970
Animal Health Nutritional and Feed Ingredients

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