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61. Book Directory
56 Phrygia and the Peoples of anatolia in the 0521-04480-4 The Cambridge ancient History (fascicle Prehistory of the Balkans, and the middle east and the
Search About Interact Help Book Directory Greek and Roman Sculpture [052104362X 0-521-04362-X] Radio Wave Ionospere [0521043638 0-521-04363-8] An Introduction to the Theory of Seismology [0521043670 0-521-04367-0] Correspondence: Volume 1 [0521043727 0-521-04372-7] ...
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62. Dictionary Of The Ancient Near East
this major reference work covers anatolia, Mesopotamia, the freelance lecturer in the ancient Near east Lecturer in Archaeology, middle east Technical University
An authoritative guide to the whole of the cradle of civilization. A History Book Club selection. "A useful reference book of the highest quality."Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Dictionary of the Ancient Near East
Piotr Bienkowski and Alan Millard, Editors

Not for sale outside North America and the Philippines
Add to shopping cart Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Book. "In this excellent subject encyclopedia, scholars of the ancient Near East bring together major aspects of its history, language, and culture. . . . People, places, institutions, major geographical areas, chronological periods, and a rich variety of subjects, such as architecture, the economy, religion, and poetry are all covered. . . . Highly recommended for all libraries and interested individuals."Choice The earliest farms, cities, governments, legal codes, and alphabets developed in the ancient Near East. Four major religionsJudaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islambegan in the region. Ideas, inventions, and institutions spread to all parts of the globe from the urban centers of the ancient Egyptians, Syrians, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, and other peoples of the biblical world. For good reason is the ancient Near East known as the cradle of civilization. The only single-volume dictionary to embrace the whole of the ancient Near East, this major reference work covers Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, and the Arabian peninsula from the earliest times, through the Old Testament period, until the fall of Babylon to the Persians in 539 B.C. From "Achaemenids" to "Ziwiye," "administration" to "ziggurat," in 500 concise, cross-referenced, and comprehensively indexed entries, the Dictionary of the Ancient Near East describes and explains the major ideas, institutions, places, peoples, and personalities that shaped the earliest development of Western civilization.

63. University Of Chicago Time Schedules
in civilization studies; this quarters focus anatolia/Syria. NEHC, 22F, 30031, 01, ancient Near east Relign Meso, NEHC, 22F, 30623, 01, Islamic middle east3 Modern,
Regulations and Policies
Building Abbreviations Key

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Registration and Other Academic Schedules and Procedures

Near Eastern History and Civilization (NEHC) Spring 2004
The following web pages have been refreshed as of: April 23, 2004 02:47 AM, to reflect what is currently in the Student Services System
These course listings are prepared daily (more frequently during the first week of the quarter) from the course offerings database. Room assignments are subject to change. Please check assignments periodically for the latest changes. College Courses Subject Name Subject Course Section Title Units Instructor Time Day Activity Current Enrollment Enrollment Limit Room Capacity Building Room Idents NEHC Intro To The Middle East Donner, Fred MWF Course NO LIMIT C NEHC Hist Of Ancient Near East-3 van den Hout, Theo Schloen, David MWF Course HM ANST 21500, NEHC 30003 Three/Two-quarter sequence; meets general education requirement in civilization studies; this quarters focus: Anatolia/Syria NEHC Ancient Near East Relign: Meso Myers, Jennie

64. ★ Reviews Of Books About Middle East
He discusses the records of ancient Egypt, the texts, the cuneiform documents of anatolia, Assyria, Babylonia Napoleonic wars in the middle east, the Allenby
Related Vacation Book Subjects: VacationBookReview micronesia moldova
More Pages: middle east Page 1 Books to read if you're planning a vacation in "middle east" , sorted by average review score: Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (August, 1994) Author: Martin Gilbert Average review score: Incredible Resource About the Arab-Israeli Conflict The Arab-Israeli conflict is a fiercely debated topic with numerous accusations constantly being thrown back and forth. For someone just beginning to study the Arab-Israeli conflict, it can be overwhelming. This book is a collection of maps drafted by a professional cartographer to show the real dimensions of treaties, ceasefires, boycotts, and other historical moments in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Would you like to know exactly which land the Oslo Agreements included? Would you like to know which parts of the Middle East belonged to biblical Israel? Would you like to know which parts of Britain's Palestine Mandate they forbid Jews to dwell or buy land on? This resource can answer all those question and more graphically showing you the exact boundaries of, countries involved in, and other important aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I particularly found this resource helpful in disputing allegations by people that "such-and such a percentage" of the land was to be given up in a treaty such as the original U.N. plan for Palestine or under the Oslo Agreements. After showing my fellow debater the actual maps, the arguments were ended since I was in possession of hard fact thanks to this fine reference book.

65. Ege University
in ancient Times History of Ottoman Empire from Rise to Fall Political and Social History of PreOttoman anatolia Islamic Civilizations middle east History
Izmir, Turkey Program

Department of History
Department of Archaeology and Art History: Classical Archaeology, and Turkish-Islamic Art
Department of Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology Degrees Offered
BA (General Turkish History, Ottoman History, and Islamic Studies)
PhD (Ottoman History, History of Turkish Republic) Classical Archaeology
MA PhD Middle East Languages Ottoman Turkish (all levels) Arabic (all levels) Courses Classical Archaeology Ceramics of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods Sculpture of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods Architecture of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods Cultures of Anatolian Civilization History Elementary Turkish and Islamic History Ottoman Turkish History of Anatolia Mediterranean Area in Ancient Times History of Ottoman Empire from Rise to Fall Political and Social History of Pre-Ottoman Anatolia Islamic Civilizations Middle East History History of Turkish Culture Contemporary World History Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology Undergraduate: Cultural and Commercial Connections between East and West in the First Millennium BC Protohistory of Anatolia Prehistory of Anatolia Postgraduate: Interrelations between Urartu and Assyria The East Anatolian Cultures of the Third Millennium BC Turkish-Islamic Art Turkish Art in Pre-Islamic Period Islamic Art Turkish-Islamic Art Anatolian Turkish Architecture Social Buildings in Anatolian Turkish Architecture

66. Columbia University
18th Century The Art and Architecture of the ancient Near east Art of anatolia Problems of primary consideration on the role of the middle east and North
New York, New York Program

Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures

Center for Iranian Studies
Center for Turkish Studies
Center for Armenian Studies
Center for Israel and Jewish Studies

Middle East Institute
Degrees Offered
MA Mphil PhD Middle East Languages Arabic (3 years plus, including Colloquial, Classical and Con­temporary Literature and Cultural History) Aramaic Hebrew (3 years plus, Modern, in­cluding Modern Hebrew Literature) Persian (3 years plus, including Prose and Poetry) Turkish (3 years plus, Modern and Ottoman, including Ottoman and Modern Literature and Folk Literature) Armenian (3 years plus, including the History of Literature and Cultures from Pre-Classical Times to World War II) Bengali Hindi Nepali Sanskrit Tibetan Akkadian (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced) Urdu Courses Anthropology Prehistory of Southwest Asia and the Near East Peoples of the Old World: The Middle East Culture Change in the Middle East Peoples and Cultures of North Africa and the Middle East Art History and Archaeology Islamic Art and Society Egyptian History, Culture and Art

67. UW-Madison Middle East Studies Program - Courses
Readings in the ancient translations. Hist 539 The middle east and the Balkans during the Ottoman structures, the Seljuki and Ottoman Rule in anatolia and the
UW-Madison Middle East Studies Program
Courses Offered (By Department) Note:
Syllabi listed are samples and are subject to change; courses listed may not be offered every semester. Please check the Timetable for current offerings. African Languages and Literature Antropology Comparative Literature Classics ... Sociology
African Languages and Literature . An important Afro-Asiatic language; description, drills. reading, speaking. . Continuation of 321. . Advanced grammar and conversational practice, reading contemporary Arabic literature and other writings. . Continuetion of 323. . (Crosslisted with S Asian; Relig St 370. See S Asian-370 for course information.). . Salection from Quranic and post-Quranic Arabic tents to meet the needs of the students. . Ccontinuation of 445. African Languages and Literature Antropology Comparative Literature Classics ... Sociology
Antropology Anthro 102 Archaeology of the Prehistoric World . Introduction to prehistoric world from origins of human culture to the beginnings of written history as revealed by archaeological research at great sites and ruins around the globe. Archaeological analyses of famous prehistoric sites as case studies to illustrate concepts and techniqques used by archaeologists in their efforts to understand the rise, florescence, and demise of vanished societies. Anthro 204 Cultures of the World . Ethnographic survey of the world's peoples and their cultures. Major regions of the world considered in an attempt to outline the variety, richness, significance and the persistence of cultural traditions.

68. Middle East Studies-- Related Courses-- All Course Offerings
women; includes poetry and prose from ancient to Modern the historical evolution of the middle east and North Muslim Spain); North Africa, anatolia; Central Asia
The Middle East Studies Program
at the University of Virginia
All MESP Course Offerings

The following list is derived from the Undergraduate Record for 2003-2004.
ANTH 247 - (3) (Y)
Reflections of Exile: Jewish Languages and their Communities
Covers Jewish languages Yiddish, Judeo-Arabic, Ladino, and Hebrew from historical, linguistic, and literary perspectives. Explores the relations between communities and languages, the nature of diaspora, and the death and revival of languages. No prior knowledge of these languages is required. This course is cross-listed with AMEL 247.
ANTH 347 - (3) (Y)
Language and Culture in the Middle East
Prerequisite: Previous course in anthropology, linguistics, Middle East Studies or permission of instructor. Introduction to peoples, languages, cultures and histories of the Middle East. Focuses on Israel/Palestine as a microcosm of important social processes-such as colonialism, nationalism, religious fundamentalism, and modernization-that affect the region as a whole. This course is cross-listed with AMEL 347. ANTH 555 - (3) (IR) Topics in Ethnology of the Middle East Seminars on topics announced prior to each semester.

69. Liens De BIBLIB Avec Les Sites Sur L'Archéologie
dont deux revues annuelles, anatolia Antiqua et anatolia Moderna and middle eastern culture of an ancient Canaanite people of the middle east called the
ARCHEOLOGIE Accueil questionnaire des amis liens amicaux ANTIQUE The Catholic encyclopedia on Baal, Baalim : A word which belongs to the oldest stock of the Semite vocabulary and primarily means "lord", "owner". The Catholic encyclopedia on Cana, Canaanites : the Hebrew word Kenaan, denoting a person, occurs: in the Old Testament as the name of one of Ham's sons; in a lengthened form, Kenaanah (D.V., Chanana, Canaana) as the name of two other people (I Par., vii, 10; II Par., xviii, 10); denoting a country, as the name of the region of the Canaanites or descendants of Canaan. ARABO-ISLAMIQUE Chronology: Early Islam : The EAWC Internet Index tracks a variety of resources that are relevant to ancient and medieval times and that might prove useful to students and teachers who are engaged in serious study. It is divided into five sub-indices: a chronology, an essay index, an image index, an internet site index and a primary text index. Each of these is further divided into sections, one for each of the cultures represented: the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Early Islam and Medieval Europe. The Formation of Islamic Art : An extract. Author: Oleg Grabar - Yale Univ Press, beg with pp. 43- 71.

70. Jones | The Arabic Language: Its Place In The Middle East’s Culture And Politic
Seljuk Turks completed the conquest of anatolia up to for 1500 years) have resuscitated an ancient language and lies close to the center of the middle east.
"Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth." The Bible , Genesis, 11/9. "Every vital development in language is a development of feeling, as well." T.S. Eliot, Philip Massenger Predecessor Tongues
Nothing is known and little is speculated about the languages used in the Middle East until their speakers started writing them down. The earliest known system is Sumerian pictographs, which have been dated from around 3500 B. C. Sumerian, long since extinct, was spoken by the people of the Tigris-Euphrates valley. It has no known affiliates; we don't even know where the Sumerians came from. Around 2000 B.C., in Mesopotamia, the Sumerians were supplanted by the Amorites, best known for the lawgiver Hammurabi. They spoke Akkadian, another Semitic dialect. By 1100 B.C. still another Semitic tongue, Aramaic, spoken by the Arameans, was on its way to becoming the dominant language in its native Syria and neighboring countries. In Mesopotamia it was the medium for the dissemination of the epic of Gilgamesh, perhaps the earliest known account of an apocalyptic flood. In Palestine it was spoken by most Jews and is presumed to have been the native tongue of Jesus Christ. Native speakers of Aramaic still live in Syria today. The decade from 334 to 323 B.C featured a momentous confluence of events that enabled a gifted soldier, Macedonia's Alexander the Great, to sweep across southwest and central Asia. He was able to obliterate the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire, propagate a set of successor regimes across the area, and set in motion an efflorescence of Greek culture that survived almost a thousand years. By the time of Christ, the western segment of the Middle East was under Roman rule. Their Asian and African subjects spoke their innumerable tongues at home, but the Roman officials on assignment there were bilingual in Latin and Greek. Five hundred years later, when the empire split in two, Greek remained the established language of Byzantium.

71. History 230: Web Links For Ancient Near Eastern Studies Bibliography ancient anatolia. of Chicago Library ancient Near east Univ. of Chicago middle east Photo Archive Univ
Web Links for Ancient Near Eastern Studies

ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
Abzu Regional Index: Egypt
Oriental Institute Research Archives On-Line Catalogue
On-line catalogue of one of the most complete research libraries on the ancient Near East.
Home Page
FTP File Server (Dir /pub)
ANE Electronic Discussion List (and Archives)
ANE Discussion List for the Study of the Ancient Near East
Map Series
Egypt and Nubia: Thumbnail Images
All the available on-line photos and images of Egypt the Near East at The Oriental Institute.
Ancient Nile Webring
Egypt's Web Ring Members
Ancient Mediterranean E-Mail List Archives
Ancient Egyptian Language Email List
Egyptologist's Electronic Forum
Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)
A. E. R. A.: Giza Plateau Project
American Schools of Oriental Research
ARCE Homepage
ARCE/North California ...
CCER home page Prague
Czech Institute of Egyptology,

72. Ancient Near East Bibliography
supplement (called the Catalog of the middle Eastern collection and religion from the areas of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, anatolia, and Iran

Prepared for Near East 115/515: The Bible in its Near Eastern Setting Table of Contents
The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature. 3rd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. 2v.
Subject Bibliography Z6201 A55 1995 (LC)
CCL, Reference Z6201 A55 1995 (LC)
The product of over 400 historians, this edition of the Guide presents an integrated, selective listing of books and articles that most successfully introduce others to the study of key issues in history. Works have been chosen for inclusion on the basis of (1) their function as reliable syntheses or reference works that provide entry to a field; (2) works that set the standard of excellence in various fields of history; and (3) major alternative interpretations represented in current scholarly debate. Arranged in 48 chapters , each with a brief introductory essay summarizing the history and development of that area of historical inquiry. Section 24: Britain and Ireland since 1760 (v.1, p.786). With author and subject indexes and a list of journals.
Brisman, Shimeon. A history and guide to Judaic bibliography / by Shimeon Brisman. Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 1977. (Brisman, Shimeon. Jewish research literature v. 1; Bibliographica Judaica; 7)

73. MRC FilmFinder-Middle East Studies Filmography
17 After the Storm Power and People in the middle east, 1992. N/A. VHS. 22 anatolia Through the Ages, 1990. Nesli Colgecin. VHS. 23 ancient Egypt, 1952. N/A. 16mm.

74. Bibliography Of Internet Resources On Ancient Societies
in Arabia and the middle east. http//www Koeller, David W anatolia. http//
of Internet Resources
on Ancient Societies General Africa Arabia The Americas ... Mesopotamia and the Middle East General " Ancient History. " " Árchaeology. "
Archaeological Institute of America. " Archaeology. "
Artifice, Inc. " The Great Buildings Collection: Architectural Types. "
Ashmawy, Alaa K. " The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. "

Barkati Foundation. " History of Islam. " Beavers, Anthony F. " Exploring Ancient World Cultures. " Beavers, Anthony F. and Hiten Sonpal. " Argos: limited area search of the ancient and medieval Internet. " Beck, Sanderson. " Ethics of Civilization. Vol. 1. To 30 B.C. "

75. Fulbright-Hays Seminar In Turkey
Central anatolia Cradle of Early Civilization by Anne Rye. Selected ancient Sites of Turkey by Scott Ludwig. Relations with Europe and the middle east by Pia C

Fulbright-Hays Faculty Professional Development Seminar in Turkey (June1 - July 5, 2004)
Merhaba (Hello) and welcome to the home page for the Fulbright-Hays Faculty Professional Development Seminar in Turkey Project. Under the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad program of the US Department of Education, Tyler Junior College sponsored a five week faculty professional development seminar in Turkey during the summer of 1998,1999 and 2001. The projects were directed by Dr. Manoucher Khosrowshahi of Tyler Junior College. Middle East Technical University (Orta Dogu Teknik Üniversitesi) was the host institution in Turkey. The purposes of the seminars are to enhance professional competence of individual teachers, to enrich the curriculum in the social studies and humanities, and to develop a well-rounded program in Turkish studies, Middle East studies or global education. This site is designed to share the information gathered through our observations, experiences, and scholarly lectures.
Dr. Manoucher Khosrowshahi, Project Director

76. UW Libraries - Database Search
civilization (161), computer (1689), east (207), ellwood institute (1619), jones (37), middle (124), near (14 as resources for ancient anatolia (Turkey), american

77. UW Libraries - Database Search
civilization (162), computer (1690), east (207), ellwood institute (1621), jones (37), middle (124), near (14 as resources for ancient anatolia (Turkey), american

78. Ancient Mesopotamia - Modern Iraq Resources
Turkey anatolia ancient residents of this area included Hittites, Kurds, Phrygians, and Lydians. ancient Near and middle east Religion and
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History Ancient / Classical History Home ... Trojan War Hero Achilles - Troy zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Atlas and Places - Where? Ancient Greece - Greek Ancient Rome - Romans ANE Egypt Persia Israel... ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Ancient / Classical History newsletter. Search Ancient / Classical History
Ancient Mesopotamia - Modern Iraq Resources
Resources on this site on ancient Mesopotamia or the ancient area now known as Iraq. Maps People and Places Cultural Contributions Myth - Religion ... Timelines Principal ancient classical historians who wrote about the ancient Arabs:
Herodotus : The Histories, c. 430 B.C.
Strabo : Geography, c. A.D. 22
Dio Cassius : History of Rome, c. A.D. 220
Ammianus Marcellinus : The Roman History, c. A.D. 380
Procopius of Caesarea : History of the Wars, c. A.D. 550 Iraq War on Ancient Artifacts
A look at what we are doing to prevent the destruction of 7000 year old artifacts during war.
The Persian Wars

The Persian Empire tried to expand to include Greece.

79. Total Entries 34
a small, littleknown kingdom in the western anatolia of the Web Site virtual environments in ancient Egypt. the Great in the various parts of the middle east.
Total Entries: 34 The first battle of Karbala 6xx AD Tuesday, 4/1/03, 10:16 AM the first climactic struggle which split the Islamic world into the two major sects of Shi¿ah and Sunni. From: Iraq Web Site: The first battle of Karbala 6xx AD History of Iran prior to the twentieth century Tuesday, 2/18/03, 4:43 AM From: Persia Web Site: History of Iran prior to the twentieth century Conflicts between Sunni and Shia Islam c 1510 ad Wednesday, 2/5/03, 9:18 AM Web Site: Conflicts between Sunni and Shia Islam c 1510 ad Monday, 11/11/02, 11:02 AM From: Web Site: History of Cyprus Friday, 11/1/02, 10:35 AM From: Cyprus Web Site: History of Cyprus 14 CENTURIES OF ISLAMIC HISTORY Thursday, 10/31/02, 5:45 AM Web Site: Mohamed Rehman Battles of the Caliph Ali against the Sunni Moslems. Thursday, 10/31/02, 5:42 AM Describes the battles of Camel 656AD and of Siffin 657AD. Ali was a relative of the Prophet Mohammed. Ali's supporters during the battle of Siffin were called Shiat'i Ali, the origin of the current term "Shi'ite". As might be expected, the wars in these arid regions tended to revolve around control of the water supplies. From: Mesopotamia Web Site: Battles of the Caliph Ali against the Sunni Moslems.

80. HistoryWebsites
U of BirminghamAncient near east. Mycenae Bronze Age Hittite Gods. Mesopotamia and anatolia. Royal Tombs of Ur Neolithic Sites. middle east. Center for middle eastern StudiesUT
H istory W ebsites Africa African Knowledge Systems African Slave Kingdoms Cultures of Africa-COCC Kings of Dahomey ... Mansa Musa Alternative Scholarship Astounding Ancients Ancient Climate and Catastrophe Immanuel Velikovsky Archive Centuries of Darkness ... Why Graham Hancock is Wrong America ABC-Clio Progressive Era American WWI Propaganda Posters American Native Peoples ... American Women's History Guide Ancient Prehistory Images from Greek Mythology Perseus Project-Tufts University Stone Age Reference Collection ... Chalcolithic Period Art Art History Resources-Witcombe African-Oceanic/New World Art WWI Art Ottoman Miniatures ... 19th Century Political Cartoons Asia Complete History of China Harbrace-Feudal Japan Indian History Asian Studies Virtual Library ... China's World Heretage Sites Costume History Costume Society of America Costume Society of Great Britain World Costume Economy/Sociology Chronology of Money Dead Sociologist Index Hayek Archives Karl Marx. Capital, volume 1 ... Encyclopedia of Ships Europe (Medieval) Halsall's Medieval History Course Annenberg-Middle Ages Medieval Stirrup Controversy Joan of Arc ... Duc de Berry Europe (Modern) Charles I/V Virtual Versailles Louis XIV-Versailles Timeline of the French Revolution ... Christianity and Culture Film and History F ilm as History-History as Fim History in

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