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city temple to palacetemple in ancient Mesopotamia. philosophical currents of the 13th century anatolia and the 7. The meaning of the dome in the middle east.
MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE AH 539 Cosmological Thought and Architecture in the Middle East Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Uzay Peker, room: 407, phone: 6209, e-mail: Course Requirements and Grading: Mid-term examinations: 35% Term paper: 45%; Term paper presentation: 10; Performance in class discussions and Attendance: 10% Schedule: First Week: Introduction to the course Second Week: Architectural heritage of the Mesopotamian city-states. Readings: Campbell, 1974; Contenau, 1966; Frankfort, 1958; Smith, 1956. Third Week: Early Mesopotamian cosmology. Reading: Frankfort, 1946; Frankfort, 1948; Langdon, 1964; Oppenheim, 1977. Fourth Week: Fifth Week: First mid-term examination. Sixth Week: The local intellectual and artistic traditions of Persia and Seljukid contributions. Readings: The readings of the fifth week and Pope, 1965, Ardalan-Bakhtiar, 1973; Daneshvari; 1986; Godard, 1965. Seventh Week Eight Week: Second mid-term examination Ninth-Tenth Weeks: Student presentations Eleventh Week: Submission of the term papers Recommended paper topics 1. Sumero-Akkadian cosmology and architecture.

42. Ancient Near East: Internet Resources
site on ancient Cities of anatolia, visitors can to photographic archives of early middle east excavations and field expeditions to this ancient city including
[Grade 6 Projects] [Ancient History Menu] Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6
Social Studies Class Welcome to our Ancient Near East
Internet Resources Page
[Agricultural Revolution]
[Mesopotamia: General Resources]
[Mesopotamia: Lecture Notes]

[Student Projects]
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    Student Projects on Ancient Near East
    Track Star: Mesopotamia: Student Activity
    Marilee Lindgren This track is designed for the use of students. The goal is for students to learn more about some aspects of Ancient Mesopotamia by following selected web links. Topics include: artifacts, the wheel, chariots, sailboats, maps, and Hammurabi's Code. This is part of a larger site Track Star , web-based lessons desiged by other teachers and archived at this site. Mesopotamia
    Urbana Middle School, Illinois Classroom projects, artifacts and selected links produced by middle school classes in as part of a museum grant to provide middle school ancient history resources on the Internet. Visitors to the site will find student projects on a variety of topics including: Hanging Gardens and Ziggurat , Tablet, Cylinder Seal and Bulla, Cities, Wheels, Writing, Religion, Helmets, and Sumerian City - Ur. Ancient Mesopotamia
    Grade Six Projects. William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

43. Main
of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and anatolia; and their age of imperialism in the ancient Mediterranean world dominant religious tradition, focusing on the middle east.

from 2001-2002 Stanford Bulletin
AME 120 A,B,C: Beginning Arabic
4 units year-long sequence (Barhoum)
Successful completion of one year of Arabic may fulfill the foreign language requirement
AME 121 A,B,C: Intermediate Arabic
4 units year-long sequence (Barhoum)
AME 122 A,B,C: Advanced Arabic
4 units year-long sequence (Barhoum)
AME 123: The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
1-2 units, given 2001-2002 (Barhoum)
AME 126,226: Reflections on the "Other": The Jew in Arabic Literature, The Arab in Hebrew Literature 4 units Spring (Barhoum, Shemtov) Emphasis is on how the Jew is viewed in Arabic literature and how the Arab is viewed in Hebrew literature. In-depth analysis of the literary text. GER: 4a AME 161: The Contemporary Arab World and Culture throuh Literature 4 units Autum (Barhoum) Contemporary writings by influential Arab authors. Analysis of the creative cultural factors shaping the literary conceptions and works of each writer. Emphasis on texts that accentuate cultural and historical turning points in the collective experience of the modern Arab world. GER: 3a,4a AME 162: Contemporary Arab Women Writers and Issues 4 units Winter (Barhoum) Fiction and non-fiction works by prominent Arab women writers. Discussion and analysis of main cultural factors contributing to the shaping of their dominant feminist conceptions and attitudes. GER: 3a,4a

44. Middle East: Teacher Tips
They travel to the ancient Lycian cities of Olimpos settlements in the world, found in central anatolia. middle east Stage Teachers Guide Teacher Zone Main Page
Teacher's Guide February 12, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6. Check out this date's update
The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities: Team - What the Gods Have Joined Man Has Put Asunder: The Ancient City of Miletus
The Team experiences the siege of the ancient port city of Miletus by Alexander the Great, and learns about its maritime and cultural dominance. Includes information on Thales, philosophy, geometry, Memnon, ruins and warfare. Using the same method Thales used on the Pyramids, figure out the height of your school building (or any other large object or structure) by measuring its shadow at the same time of day that your own shadow equals your own height. Discuss the geometry behind this technique, and the ancient origins of other laws of geometry. Abeja - The Many Faces of God Here in Ephesus
This article traces the history of Ephesus from its foundation through Roman times, focussing on the worship of Cybele/Artemis/Diana as the patron goddess-'til the Christians came along. It touches upon the Hittites, Ionia, the Persian Wars, Alexander the Great, and the Romans. Includes a sidebar about the seven wonders of the ancient world. This dispatch shows how cultures and traditions can combine and metamorphose over time. Ephesus was a crossroads and melting pot of the ancient world, as illustrated by the changing status of the temple. Consulting various sources (an encyclopedia, the internet, etc.) ask your students to compare Artemis, Cybelle, and Diana, the goddesses that the temple of Ephesus was dedicated to. Are they different goddesses completely, the same goddess but from different cultures? Follow up with a more general discussion about cultural fusion, perhaps using illustrations closer to home (fusion of music, food, religion, etc.)

45. Middle East Stage: Jasmine Dispatch - February 9, 2000
to go before the mountains of Central anatolia were behind It s the spirit, the ancient spirits, said age he had conquered all of the middle east from Greece
Anatolia: Spirits of Old and New
February 9, 2000
Icy-slick roads, glorious white-capped mountains, and tiny footprints across the pristine snow-covered valley of Central Anatolia held my gaze. My imagination however was not so easily contained. Instead it soared about in my mind on a magic carpet ride, place to place, from one corner of the earth to the next . It seems as if we've been everywhere together on this Odyssey. And long bus rides provide the perfect opportunity to reminisce on that fact. This particular journey (eight hours from Kutahya to Olimpos) took me back. I thought about the long hot days we spent in Mali basking on riverboats up the Niger (until that rain and sandstorm hit of course). But even that was a far cry from this. Turkey here we come! This place, Olimpos, however, was not snowy or cold. As a matter of fact, But not only that, from what I hear, Olimpos brings it all together, like the energy of the elements fire, water, earth, and wind becoming one and creating the legends you only dreamed of. I was getting a little ahead of myself. We still had a long way to go before the mountains of Central Anatolia were behind us. But that was nothing a nap or two wouldn't take care of. So I decided to finish reading up on Olimpos until I dozed off. And like clockwork (

46. Middle East
middle Easts. prehistoric and early historic sites in SyroMesopotamian, anatolia, and the this Associate Researcher with the Institute of ancient Near Eastern
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Science Social Sciences Archaeology ...
See also:

47. Science, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Archaeologists: Middle East
sites in SyroMesopotamian, anatolia, and the Research interests include ancient urbanism, organizational structures on the archaeology of the middle east.
Top Science Social Sciences Archaeology ... Woolley, Sir Charles Leonard Related links of interest:
  • Science:Social Sciences:Archaeology:Regional:Middle East Bedal, Leigh-Ann - Curriculum vitae of this Dumbarton Oaks Fellow. Research interests include Near Eastern and landscape archaeology. Beech, Mark - Research in the United Arab Emirates and Arabian Gulf region. Features publications, links and contact details. University of York. Buccellati, Giorgio - Brief profile of this University of California, Los Angeles, Emeritus Professor. Research interests include the excavation of late prehistoric and early historic sites in Syro-Mesopotamian, Anatolia, and the Caucasus. Carter, Elizabeth - Profile and related links for this University of California, Los Angeles, Professor. Research interests include Bronze Age urban sites in Turkey. Chrysos, Evangelos K. - Curriculum vitae of this University of Cyprus Professor. Research interests include Byzantine Cyprus. Chubb, Mary (1903-2003) - Obituary from the Times of this archaeologist who wrote Nefertiti Lived Here is about the investigation of the city of Tel-el-Amarna in Egypt and excavated at Ur in Iraq. Edwards, Philip

48. History Department Curriculum Proposal
ancient culture of the Near east (Egypt, Mesopotamia, SyroPalestine, anatolia, Iran) from the 239, ancient Near east, 330BC-640AD. middle east History to 1800.
History Department Curriculum Numbering Rationale: 300-334 – European History Courses 335-339 – Near Eastern Courses 340-352 – Asian History Courses 353-359 – Latin American History Courses 360-395 – American History Courses 396-399 – Topics in History Courses 400-429 – Family History Courses 430-499 – Advanced Research/Writing Courses (Ordered by new number) New No. Old No. Course Title Catalog Description Academic Internship On-the-job experience for students working on internships, work- study programs, and other appropriate, historically oriented activities (max of 6 hours toward major). Historian’s Craft History within the broader framework of liberal education; nature of history; questions historians ask; skills and resources needed to study, understand, and write history. Required of all history majors. World Civ to 1500 World Civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts. World Civ to 1500 (Honors) (Honors) World Civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts.

49. T.C. Kultur Bakanligi / Ministry Of Culture, Republic Of Turkey
centre of inhabitance in the ancient middle east and the at Çatalhöyük, 52 km south east from Konya. Age centre of settlement in anatolia is Hacýlar, 25
Turkey by Province
    Please choose a province and click the "go" button for detailed information on Cultural Directorates, Cultural Centers, Museums, Orchestras, State Fine Arts Galleries , Festivities, Historical Sites and Ruins, Significant Days and Sites of Interest. Adana Adýyaman Afyon Aðrý Aksaray Amasya Ankara Antalya Ardahan Artvin Aydýn Balýkesir Bartýn Batman Bayburt Bilecik Bingöl Bitlis Bolu Burdur Bursa Çanakkale Çankýrý Çorum Denizli Diyarbakýr Edirne Elazýð Erzincan Erzurum Eskiþehir Gaziantep Giresun Gümüþhane Hakkari Hatay Iðdýr Isparta Ýçel Ýstanbul Ýzmir Kahramanmaraþ Karabük Karaman Kars Kastamonu Kayseri Kýrýkkale Kýrklareli Kýrþehir Kilis Kocaeli Konya Kütahya Malatya Manisa Mardin Muðla Muþ Nevþehir Niðde Ordu Osmaniye Rize Sakarya Samsun Siirt Sinop Sivas Þanlýurfa Þýrnak Tekirdað Tokat Trabzon Tunceli Uþak Van Yalova Yozgat Zonguldak
    112 - Medical Emergency
    115 - Third-party charges (Int'I)
    118 - Directory Assistance
    131 - Third-party charges (Inter-city)
    135 - Wake-up call
    153 - Municipal Police (Zabýta)
    154 - Traffic Police
    155 - Police 156 - Gendarme 177 - Forest Fire Alert 184 - Health Information TURKEY

50. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
ancient art from Mesopotamia is focus of Art of c. 4000 BCE1000 BCE Egypt,middle east,Arabia,Mesopotamia,Syria,Palestine,anatolia,Cyprus,Crete

51. Ancient Mesopotamia Culture In
http//, ancient Near east which includes ancient Mesopotamia, Palestine, Phoenicia and anatolia, is immense Add to Favourites Search the directory for document.cookie="metasearch=1749055498.20480.0000"; listings for "Ancient Mesopotamia Culture" (1 - 20 of 50)
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Culture In Mesopotamia
Mesopotamian Timeline History Of Mesopotamian Timeline For Mesopotamia ... Ancient Mesopotamia View By Relevance View By Search Engine The History Channel UK
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Research Mesopotamia at the world's largest online library.
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Mesopotamia in European Thought
Ancient Mesopotamia in Classical Greek and Hellenistic ... Would not Mesopotamian culture therefore have remained ... throughout the area, including Mesopotamia
Ancient history and archaeology of Mesopotamia ... and ...
... on the geographical features of Mesopotamia , deities worshiped ... Mesopotamians, timelines tracing the culture of the ... by people throughout the ancient Near East. ...

52. History: World History : Middle Eastern - Subject Guides - Enoch Pratt Free Libr
upon Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, anatolia, the Arabian imaginative treatment of the ancient Near east Reeva S. Encyclopedia of the Modern middle east.

53. Article 1: Protoshaivism -an Introductory Study- (Appendix - Time Line)
YEAR BC, INDIA, EGYPT AND middle east, MEDITERRANEAN WORLD. 4,500, anatolia Copper industry Egypt Phallic god called Egypt Beginning of the ancient Empire (third
//path to images folder um.baseSRC = '../../udm-resources/';
An introductory study: Appendix (Time Line)
Published: May 20, 2003 Author:
Web site:
Download PDF version

Return to the original article
Appendix of the first article originally in Spanish and brought to you in English by Gabriel.
* An asterisk indicates that Gabriel needs some help with the translation: Help him The following time line consists of four columns:
  • The first column enlists the respective years. The second one contains relevant facts occurred in India. The third column relates to important events happening in Egypt and Middle East. The last column enlists crucial facts occurred in the Mediterranean world. When the fact comprehends the last three columns, it is implied a world-wide fact that did not occur necessarily in either India, Egypt and Middle East or the Mediterranean world. These facts appears in brown color.
  • YEAR BC INDIA EGYPT AND MIDDLE EAST MEDITERRANEAN WORLD Cro-Magnon - Development of complicated funeral rites The rupestrian art appears - Man of Combe Chapelle also appears at this time Anatolia: Catal : Stone idols Cyprus: Mother Goddess Homo Sapiens is the dominant species in the planet

    54. Course_Descriptions-The Department Of History- Bogazici University
    HIST 233 History of the Balkans I (3+0+0) 3. HIST 234 History of the Modern middle east (3+0+0) 3. HIST 331 History of ancient anatolia I (3+0+0) 3.
    Main Page COURSE DESCRIPTIONS CORE PROGRAM COURSE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE CORE PROGRAM ELECTIVE POOL COURSES COURSE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE ELECTIVE POOL ... GRADUATE COURSES CORE PROGRAM Hours/Week Credits HIST 101 Historical Method and Thought I HIST 102 Historical Method and Thought I HIST 105 The Making of the Modern World I HIST 106 The Making of the Modern World II Renaissance to the Modern Era. HIST 221 Pre-Ottoman Turkish History HIST 222 Ottoman History: The Classical Period HIST 241 Introduction to Western European, Mediterranean, and Islamic Civilizations (From Antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages) HIST 242 Western Societies, Politics, and Cultures: Renaissance to the Modern Era HIST 321 Late Ottoman History HIST 322 History of Modern Turkey HIST 401 Historiography I HIST 402 Historiography II HIST 495 Thesis I HIST 496 Thesis II
    COURSE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE CORE PROGRAM HIST 101-102 Historical Method and Thought I,II (Tarihsel Yöntem ve Kuram) An introduction to the discipline of history and its sources. The course is a survey of the varieties, traditions and analytical tools of historical writing.

    55. Asia Bookroom: Middle East - Archaeology
    middle east Archaeology. The great cities and ancient palaces of Mesopotamia had lain buried for over two millenia, and were all but forgotten Early anatolia.
    Asia Bookroom specialises in out-of-print, antiquarian and secondhand books on Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East . We regularly issue lists on these areas and we also issue a general antiquarian list occasionally. These lists are available by email and on our web site. Our shopping cart on this site supports secure ordering. Middle East - Archaeology Adams, Robert Mc., and Ofer Bar-yosef et al. The Hilly Flanks. Essays on the Prehistory of Southwestern Asia. Presented to Robert J. Braidwood. November 15 1982. Black and white photographic illustrations, black and white line drawings, figures, tables, ix + 374pp.. A very good copy in wrappers. University of California Press. Chicago. 1983. This book is a compliation of eighteen papers 9four in French text) put together by his colleagues as a tribute to Robert J. Braidwood. T is no. 36 in the series Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization.
    (ISBN ). AU$55.00 [Please quote ID:65097 when referring to this item] Helms, S.W. Jawa. Lost City of the Black Desert. Maps, plans, illustrations, xviii + 270pp, appendices, bibliography, dustjacket patchily faded and shelf-rubbed upper edge. Methuen. 1981.

    56. :: Ez2Find :: Middle East
    Science Social Sciences Archaeology Regional middle east (253) sites in SyroMesopotamian, anatolia, and the with the Institute of ancient Near eastern
    Guide : Middle East Global Metasearch
    Any Language English Afrikaans Arabic Bahasa Melayu Belarusian Bulgarian Catala Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Cymraeg Czech Dansk Deutsch Eesti Espanol Euskara Faroese Francais Frysk Galego Greek Hebrew Hrvatski Indonesia Islenska Italiano Japanese Korean Latvian Lietuviu Lingua Latina Magyar Netherlands Norsk Polska Portugues Romana Russian Shqip Slovensko Slovensky Srpski Suomi Svenska Thai Turkce Ukrainian Vietnamese Mode
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    Guides Middle East
    ez2Find Home Directory Science Social Sciences ... Archaeologists : Middle East Albright, William Foxwell Bell, Gertrude Biddle, Martin Hodder, Ian ... Woolley, Sir Charles Leonard Related Categories Science: Social Sciences: Archaeology: Regional: Middle East
    Web Sites

    ancient civilizations which thrived in the area water resources of the middle east are jointly Turkey initiated the Southeastern anatolia Development Project
    Dept. of Environmental Engineering. Antalya Turkey July, 1998 This report may not be reproduced nor electronically stored, in whole or in part and by any means, without permission of the author. For non-commercial purposes, printing out a single copy is allowed; as well as linking and quoting, as long as you credit the author together with the link, or give the full reference and URL. For any questions please contact the author. Table of Contents ABSTRACT KEYWORDS: Euphrates, GAP, Middle East, Three staged plan ,Tigris, Turkey, Water allocation, Water deficit Return To Table Of Contents INTRODUCTION With rapidly increasing population rates, expanding resource and industrial development, and dwindling water supplies on national and regional levels, water is fast replacing oil as the world's most valuable resource. Its scarcity and quality-related problems are already having a profound impact on the ability of nations to care for their populations, as well as to assure that adequate water supplies will exist to meet future economic and environmental needs. This increasing importance of water in geopolitical affairs is also escalating the potential for conflict over water resources among nations. It is estimated that there are presently at least ten places in the world where war could erupt over dwindling trans-boundary water resources. The majority of these sites are in the Middle East, (Starr,1990) where fifty percent of the population depends on water flowing from another sovereign State (Kolars,1986).

    58. Middle East And Asian Languages And Cultures
    middle east AND ASIAN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES. History W1002x. ancient History of Mesopotamia and anatolia. 3 pts. M. Van De Mieroop. MW 111215. East and Asian L
    MIDDLE EAST AND ASIAN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES Course Requirements Bulletin Columbia University Directory of Classes ... Tibetan History W1002x. Ancient History of Mesopotamia and Anatolia. 3 pts. M. Van De Mieroop. MW 11-12:15. A survey of the political and cultural history of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Iran from prehistory to the disappearance of the cuneiform documentation, with special emphasis on Mesopotamia. Asian Civilizations-Middle East V2001x. Introduction to major topics in the civilizations of the Middle East and India. 4 pts. M. Al-Nowaihi. TuTh 4:10-5:25, plus an additional hour to be arranged. A general introduction to major cultures in the Middle East and South Asia. The range of cultural issues, institutional forces, textual sources, and figures ofauthority who have historically defined and symbolically distinguished Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, from their earliest origins to our own time. A representative sample of sacred and secular sources are closely examined in order to guide the students toward a comprehensive conception of what constitutes these distinct cultures and how they have been redefined in the process of their contemporary adaptations. Asian Civilizations V2003x. Introduction to Islamic civilization. 3 pts. G. Saliba. MW 1-2:15.

    59. Science > Social Sciences > Archaeology > Archaeologists > Middle East
    Top Science Social Sciences Archaeology Regional middle east. sites in SyroMesopotamian, anatolia, and the of this specialist ancient Near east and
    Results for Middle East
    Open directory project Top Science Social Sciences Archaeology ... Archaeologists
    Search in: Directory Web
    the entire directory only in Archaeologists/Middle East This category is for archaeologists who primarily conduct research on the archaeology of the Middle East. See also:
    Web pages: Hachlili, Rachel
    Curriculum vitae of this University of Haifa Classical Archaeologist.
    Reich, Ronny
    Curriculum vitae of this University of Haifa classical archaeologist and Senior Archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority.
    Edwards, Philip
    Brief profile of this LaTrobe University Senior Lecturer. Research interests include developments in the Levant during the Pleistocene, and more generally in the origins of food production and sedentism.
    Pulak, Cemal
    Wright, Henry T. Profile of this University of Michigan Professor. Research interests include Early Mesopotamia, in Turkey and Syria.

    60. Cascoly - Amazon: Bookstore Ancient History - Near East
    at the development of chariot warfare and an examination of early migrations across anatolia. Jack Finegan Archaeological History of the ancient middle east.
    Cascoly - Amazon Bookstore - Ancient History - Near East Last revised: 9 Jan 2004 NEAR EAST Some recent books of interest:
    • Kingdom of the Hittites - Trevor Bryce a fascinating narrative of Hittite history and culture, using the latest research. The Peoples of the Hills - Ancient Ararat and Caucasus - Charles Burney, David Marshall Long - covers the history and civilization of eastern Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and the Caucasus, from ancient times to the Mongol invasions in the 13th century. T he Middle East - A brief History of the Last 2,000 Years - Bernard Lewis - an excellent survey of history and analysis of its current implications.
    War in the Holy Land: From Megiddo to the West Bank Ancient Turkey : A Traveler’s History This was one of our best preparations for our tour of Turkey . It covers an enormous period from prehistoric times to the Christian era. yet manages to set everything in perspective. Lloyd traces the exploits of the Hittite kings, the confrontation of Croesus and the Persian king Cyrus, the conquests of Alexander the Great , and Mithridates' epic resistance against Rome. Plus, it addresses the history as a traveler will see it. Archaeological landmarks discussed include the discovery of the Ala

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