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61. Links To Educational Websites
Smithsonian Education, http//, ss/History, Staff/Student, com/~sumfun/index.htm, Math, Student, homework help, links, search Welcome To America Links Up
WEB SITE URL ADDRESS SUBJECT USER CONTENT GRADE AltaVista Main Page Staff Search Engine, resource All Amazing Space Web-Based Activities Science Staff/Student Space Apple - AppleWorks All Staff Tips, Templates, Clip Art, Resource Apple - Education All Staff Resource Apple Learning Interchange Staff Search Engine, Resource Ask Dr. Math Math Staff/Student All AskERIC - Education Staff Resource, lessons All Ask Jeeves! Staff Search Engine Ask Jeeves for Kids! Student Resource, lessons Awesome Library All Staff Resource B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework All Staff/Student Resource Busy Teachers' Web Sote All Staff Resource Classroom Connect All Staff Lesson Plans All Collaborative Lesson Archive

62. Links To Educational Websites
Smithsonian Education, http//, ss/History, Lessons, Math, homework help, links, search All. Welcome To America Links Up!
WEB SITE URL ADDRESS SUBJECT CONTENT GRADE AltaVista Main Page Search Engine, resource All Amazing Space Web-Based Activities Science Space Apple - AppleWorks All Tips, Templates, Clip Art, Resource Apple - Education All Resource Apple Learning Interchange Search Engine, Resource Ask Dr. Math Math All AskERIC - Education Resource, lessons All Ask Jeeves! Search Engine Ask Jeeves for Kids! Resource, lessons Awesome Library All Resource B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework All Resource Busy Teachers' Web Sote All Resource Classroom Connect All Lesson Plans All Collaborative Lesson Archive All Lessons Community Guide - Site map

63. Edinformatics Directory
Regional and Geography North America, Asia, Africa 2 Science and Math Initiatives (SAMI) homework help Up Flashcards

64. Curriculum Connection
A+ Math, Flash cards, practice worksheets, homework help, math games. american History Timelines, Major events in US history searchable by decade.
Help Desk The Reference Desk The Family Place Paris ISD Staff Links [Curriculum Connection] Professional Shelf DKC Resources Library Home The Curriculum Connection The Curriculum Connection has links selected by ParisISD staff, librarians, and administrators for enrichment of curriculum. You will find links to help with classroom projects, units, and homework. Some may be commercial sites, but most have limited ads and pop ups. If you find a useful link to add, please use the suggest a site button below. Math Science SS/Gov Holidays ... Presidential Libraries Math Figure This Family Math Problems A+ Math Math Forum All level math resources Math.Com G Algebra Tutor A lgebra tutoring on-line United States Treasury Department for Students The Universal Currency Converter C ommercial site that converts money Science PHS Anatomy class links L inks used in PHS anatomy class Monarch Butterfly Watch E DNA and Genetics B asics of DNA, genetics, and heredity San Diego Zoo The Ultimate Science Fair Resource F ocus on middle and high school science fairs The Electronic Zoo I Paper Plate Education Activities for science using paper plates Science Fair Central Discovery School site Virtual Library Links for Earth Science collected by The Virtual Library Pro Cartoonist Page lesson plans for using the editorial cartoons as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels

65. Education Links
homework Central, Quia, Mrs. Johnston s Page. Teacher Links. History/ss Websites for K12, Lesson Plans. Liberty! american Revolution, Lessons Teaching Tips.
Education Links This page is divided into 2 sections.
The top lists links for students, and the bottom is a
resource of pages for teachers. Happy surfing! Student Links
Search Engines Yahooligans Ask Jeeves! One Key Peach Pod ... Kids Click
Religion Catholic Online Catholic Information Center Catholic Kids Pages The Vatican - The Holy See ... Catholic Diocese of Salina
Social Studies The 50 States Geography Terms Where's that state? - Game Weekly Reader ... Clipart Gallery - Animated Graphics Here! Paw Island Kids Domain Clip Art Lissa's HTML Help Kids Domain Icons ... Design Gallery
Language Arts Young Writer's Clubhouse The World of Reading Kid's Almanac Poetry for Kids ... Book Adventure
Math Ask Dr. Math All Math Moneyopolis A+ Math ... Math Baseball
Science Science 4 Kids Animal Bytes Kids Health Science Made Simple ... Kid's Space
Other Links Fun School Kid's Clubhouse / Houghton-Mifflin Jiskha Homework Help Fun Brain ... Mrs. Johnston's Page Teacher Links
Teacher Resources Language Arts Teachers Helping Teachers A Word A Day Internet Education Recource Center Book Adventure ... Art Computer Terminology Crafts 4 Kids Computer Terms KinderArt ... Lesson Plans for Technology Physical Education Kids Domain Fitness Link HTML Help for Kids Mesa County - Phys. Ed

66. Social Studies
site; lots of material Teachers Home Page homework help, Expedition Hall american Memory 100+ historical collections; check out Collection Finder and

(and for students)
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read BEFORE you copy
good site for history
Ancient Egypt Interactive Learning

Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive

Smithsonian Home Page
Smithsonian Education

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Smithsonian Museums
EXCELLENT site; lots of material Teachers' Home Page Homework Help Expedition Hall, the National Geographic virtual interactive museum that takes you on geography journeys National Geographic ideas, tools, and interactive adventures "classroom-tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12" good source for engaged learning activities in social studies K-12 Social Science Resources Resources from the National Council for Social Studies resources for K-12 teachers Internet "Field Trips" daily quiz, picture of the day "the past into the future" Email Your US Rep Contact Your US Senator Contact Your IL State Legislator State of Illinois ... Library of Congress Lincoln Resources Kids' Zone; learn about Illinois; state site for kids Alliance Library System main page Early Illinois Women more from the Alliance Library Ready for Reference "searchable resources to locate material from Illinois State Library"

67. The - Amount Of Homework Not The Problem
ss the United States banned homework altogether golden age” when most american kids, willingly to promoting academic achievement, homework can inculcate

68. New Page 1
top sites and directories covering homework help and resources which can assist in research for homework. employment resources, the american Learning Exchange
One-Stop Research
Home Page Research Tips Main Ed Pg Home Page Page Three
Home Schooling, Homework Help, How To Study Tips, Education Industry,
Learning Methods, Scholarship Resources, School Safety, Subjects Studied
Please Visit
Our Advertisers For the subject or industry above, we list top related sites. At the end of the section we also list top web directories that have extensive, categorized details about each topic. Sometimes under the "more" heading we list additional resources. Products/Services
Preferred Vendors UPromise
the way to
save for college
using your
credit cards Students gov
one stop info on the govt. for students including financing choosing colleges info Bookmarks To Lower Sections For Ad Specialties ecompanystore For Books-Music Barnes and Noble For Banking eTradeBank For Computers IBM For Incentives MMS Incentives For Stocks eTrade Home Schooling Scholarships Homework Help ... Industries Education Next Pg Four Learning Methods Main Education Pg For "Housing" see "

69. Ms. Joyce Barney's Assignments
mayo Clase Students will make class presentations relating Cubanamerican Literature and we are doing in class or about a homework assignment, please 376 ss.
Ms. Joyce Barney's Assignments Be sure to hit the Reload/Refresh button on your browser to view the latest version of this assignment page. Last Updated On:Sun Jun 6 15:04:00 2004 SUBJECT/PERIOD: Period A U.S. Hispanic Literature and Culture ASSIGNMENTS: SUBJECT/PERIOD: Period B AP Spanish ASSIGNMENTS: SUBJECT/PERIOD: Period B Spanish IV Honors ASSIGNMENTS: SUBJECT/PERIOD: Period C Spanish III CP ASSIGNMENTS: SPANISH III CP (C)
Srta. Barney
June 7-11, 2004 REVISED JUNE 6, 2004
The students will:
1. Learn to use object pronouns in Spanish.
2. Use song, dance and art to express ideas in Spanish.
3. Learn about cultures of Latin American countries through reading and interpretation in the target language.
8 junio* Clase: HW Quiz.
Finish the conditional. Tarea: Study for test. 9 junio Clase: Test on the conditional 11 junio Clase: TBA EVALUATIONS: 8 junio HW Quiz 9 junio Test on the conditional PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions about what we are doing in class or about a homework assignment, please ask. If you need help with Spanish, you will find me in room 112 after school. I plan to be there just about every day until 2:20 pm. If you need more time, I will be glad to stay later. If you are absent on the day of an evaluation, be prepared to take it the next day.

70. Otsego Middle School Homework Page
A check of $25.00 made out to the american Red Cross Read Chapters 12 and 13 in class, homework Read Chapters 14 Language Arts Math ch 8 test ss - Read and
Announcements 7th Grade 8th Grade Announcements for 1/9/02 -Please check out the lost and found before Friday, January 11th. It will be going to the Good-Will after that time. Thanks. -The 8th grade boys basketball tournament begins this Saturday. The boys play at Lake Middle School. They will be playing Eastwood at 10:30 AM. After they win that game, they will play Monday at 5:30 against the winner of the Lake / Elmwood game. The championship game will be held on Wednesday, January 16th at 5:30. Come out and support your teams. -The Grand Rapids Branch Library will be having a Babysitting Class on February 2, 2002 and February 9, 2002. The days are the first two Saturdays of February and will be held in the Community room of the GR Library. The students will need to attend both days and bring a sack lunch. The time of the class is from 9:30am to 2:30pm. A check of $25.00 made out to the American Red Cross need to be turned in to the GR Library at least a week before the first class. Class size is limited so sign up at the Library early!! This class is for ages 11 through 15. Children's Coordinator - Debbie Allgire 7th Grade Class/ Homework Assignments
Date 1/9/02

Mr. Hemsoth - Social Studies - Chapter 26 Test Thurs.(tomorrow) - finish

71. Arapahoe Library District: Our Librarians Suggest - True Adventure
the Deep Blue Sea by Gary Kinder This fascinating account brings two stories to life the sinking of the ss Central America, laden with homework help.

Special Events

Small Business Fair

Ask Colorado

Homework Help
... True Adventure Print friendly version
True Adventure
by Maurice Herzog
A French mountain climber relates the harrowing experiences of being the first to climb Annapurna.
Barrow's Boys
by Fergus Fleming
In 1816, John Barrow of the British Admiralty launched an ambitious program of exploration to the unexplored regions of Africa, Antarctica and the Arctic.
The Brendan Voyage by Timothy Severin To prove that St. Brendan could have sailed to America in the 6th century, Tim Severin and a crew of four set out to cross the Atlantic in a leather boat and have some truly thrilling adventures. Close to the Wind by Pete Goss A British sailor in a transatlantic race turns around to rescue a competitor whose ship is sinking. Disaster at the Pole by Wilbur Cross In 1928, Umberto Nobile's dirigible crashed near the North Pole. This tells the story of the struggles of the survivors. Falling Off the Map by Pico Iyer A British writer describes in evocative essays some of the lonely and far-flung corners of the world. Gipsy Moth Circles the World by Francis Chichester At age 65, Francis Chichester sailed alone around the world.

72. BFIS Teacher Site
11, ESL 10, ss 7, ESL 7, ss 10. While the students learn the basics of american history all the way from prehistoric times up until the Assignments homework,
ELLIE HARRIS MARTINEZ ellie.martinez Secondary ESL (7th, 9th, 10th grade), ESL Social Studies 7th (American History), 9th, and 10th (World History), and 11th grade ESL American Literature Room 307 Go to: Schedule Class Content

News and Important Dates Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday American Lit. 11 ESL 10 ESL 10 ESL 7, SS9/10 ESL 9 SS7,ESL 9, Amer. Lit.. 11 SS 9 10 ESL 10, SS7 SS 10 ESL 7, SS9 ESL 10 ESL 9 Am. Lit. 11 SS 9 SS 9 10 ESL 7 ESL 7 SS 7, ESL 9 ESL 9 SS 7, ESL 9 SS 10, Am. Lit. 11 American Lit. 11 ESL 10, SS 7 ESL 7, SS 10
Class Content Intermediate and advanced learners also use the book "Academic Writing" one period a week which teaches the students valuable writing skills step by step, from how to write a simple sentence all the way to how to write a well-organized multi-paragraph essay in English. For the ESL social studies classes, the beginning students use the books "America: The Early Years" and "America: After Independence". These books are designed especially for non-native English speakers. While the students learn the basics of American history all the way from prehistoric times up until the Industrial Revolution, they also learn to develop such critical thinking skills as advanced organizational skills, inferencing, predicting, transfer, elaboration, selection attention, self-evaluation, grouping, contextualization, researching, note-taking skills, and summarizing.

73. CyberSleuth A K-12 Homework Helper And Directory
PANDA ss INFO CENTER Score 65http // Bear DenOfficial Web Site of the Bear Taxon Advisory Group of the american Zoo &submit=Go

74. Websites Found By Students In ELE 386
american Civil War Homepage http// Discovery – BJ Pinchbeck’s homework Helper Place http//
Websites found by students in ELE 386-Fall 2001 50 - States and Capitals: Abraham Lincoln Research Site – Discovering the Man…The President: Africa Online – Kids’ Zone: Amelia Earhart: America’s Story from America’s Library: American Civil War Homepage: Ancient Egypt: A Webquest: Any Day in History: Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids: Big Chalk – The Education Network: Black CIA Kid’s Page: Creative Impulse: Discovery Discovery – Ancient Greece:

75. Teacher Resources
Love from the Japanese american Internment. History Place A magazine of the past that s filled with pictures, helpful historical timelines, and homework help.
Teachers Resources Social Studies Language Arts Science Computers ... Math I have found the following links to be very helpful in planning lessons. General Sites Education World : This is a great place to start looking for lesson plans on the web. Recent articles, web site reviews, and technology in the classroom are also highlighted. First-Day-of-School Icebreakers - Help Students and Teachers Warm Up! Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated daily to keep up with the tremendous number of new World Wide Web sites. Discovery School : Associated with TLC and Discovery, this site links to pages that also include lesson plans with their videos. I have used the TLC videos and they are quite effective. Teachers Helping Teachers : This site is designed by Dr. Scott Mandel, who is a history teacher at Pacoima Middle School. His site is full of great lesson ideas. Bloom's Taxonomy - This is a great way to get your students to ask higher-level thinking questions as well as learning how to ask them yourself. T he World Heritage - This amazing site has panoramic pictures and interactive virtual reality movies for all sites registered as World Heritage by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). It is a must see!

76. Ohio Historical Society - History Sites!
house, where exhibits tell the story of Ohio s Native american tribes. FOR KIDS BY KIDS TELLZALL OHIO HISTORY CENTRAL homework HELPER ONLINE EXHIBITS

Adena was the home of Ohio's sixth governor Thomas Worthington, along with his wife and TEN children (and you thought a brother and a sister were bad...)!

Today, you can visit this early 1800s home and see the office where Worthington met with the famous Indian chief, Tecumseh, or stop by the kitchen to learn how the cooked in the open fireplace, or check out the children's bedroom upstairs. And don't miss the gardens, smokehouse, washhouse, springhouse, barn and tenant house.

Make plans to visit soon!
Adena is located on Adena Road, off Pleasant Valley road, which is the first road west off S.R. 104, just north of US 35 at the north edge of Chillicothe in Ross county.
Telephone Number:
800 319-7248. Please call for hours and admission information.
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Spaceships, moon rocks and model rockets are waiting for you at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. You can laugh at Americans' early attempts at flight, re-live the lunar landing, or experience weightlessness in an "infinity chamber." Explore the world of flight from its earliest beginings to space's final frontier. It's an out-of-this-world experience.... right here in Ohio!
The Armstrong Air and Space Museum is located just west of I-75 at exit 111 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize county.

77. WFY: Asian Pacific America Heritage Month 2003
Short Stories for Young Adults Y ss Ame These Sal Tomikazu Nakaji s biggest concerns are baseball, homework, and a refugee family and his new american way of
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Bibliography
index websearch webliography Anthologies ... Booklists on the Internet
Carlson, Lori M. (editor)
American Eyes: New Asian-American Short Stories for Young Adults
Y SS Ame
These ten stories reflect the conflict Asian Americans face in balancing an ancient heritage and an unknown future. Hong, Maria (editor)
Growing Up Asian American: an Anthology
810.80895 Gr
Features stories by authors including Amy Tan, Toshio Mori, Gus Lee, and Maxine Hong Kingston. Nam, Victoria (editor)
Yell-oh girls! Emerging Voices Explore Culture, Identity, and Growing Up Asian American
305.235 Ye
Asian-American teenage girls speak out in this anthology of stories and poetry about what it is like growing up in two cultures. Issues discussed include dual identities, culture clashes, family matter, body image and the need to find one's voice. Wong, Janet S.
A Suitcase of Seaweed and Other Poems J 811.54 Wo Drawing on her Chinese, Korean, and American backgrounds, poet Wong offers an insightful, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny voice to children's poetry. Yep, Lawrence (editor)

78. FreeLists / Nethappenings / K12> HIT: Native American Websites Curtis s The North american Indian (american Memory, Library
Store your email and your files in the same place - nethappenings Date Prev 11-2003 Date Index ... Thread Next
  • From To Date : Thu, 13 Nov 2003 09:01:28 -0600 ... www.thewildwest/native_american/index.html ... html ... lture/et hnic_culture/first_nations/ =20

A wonderful site to find good information on World/american history Index Archaeology — A real cool site on shipwrecks Inventors homework Helper — If you
This page has moved to a new location . Please change your browser bookmark.

80. Public Library Of Youngstown And Mahoning County, OH - Homework
The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County serves the informational, educational and recreational needs of Mahoning and surrounding Counties. .us/faculty/ss/tomthumb.htm. Designed and

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