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21. Grade 9 Resources
Information and Pictures 7. Great Pictures and Links 8.homework help and Map DemocracyRoots 2 Prince of Wales ss site 3. ss.Resources 4 7.american Imperialism!
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Menu! Select the topic of your choice!
Canadian History-Television History from C.B.C.

Origins of Halloween!
First Nations
Bering Strait Land Bridge
Ra Expeditions to North America

EUROPEAN STUDIES! French Revolution! Vikings
European Explorers
French Cartier

Fur trade
Louisbourg English French/English conflicts Seven Years War 1756-1763 American War of Independence War of 1812 EUROPEAN STUDIES Growth of Democracy England-Englightenment England-Tudors-Stewarts (1500-1600) English Civil War (1640 Oliver Cromwell Restoration French Revolution (1789) Napoleon Congress of Vienna/Metternich Revolutions of 1830/1848 UNIFICATION MOVEMENTS Italy Germany Industrial Revolution England America Canada a People's History FIRST NATIONS Bill's Aboriginal Site Royal Commission on Aboriginals B.C. Treaty Process! Mohawks ... Franklin Trail-Arctic! EARLY ABORIGINAL HISTORY Yukon Center for Beringia! Early Migration routes to North America! Bering Strait Land Bridge! New research on dates of BSLB! ... Ra-Expedtions-Egyptians to North America! VIKINGS . Excellent Links for Vikings!

22. Grade 9 Enriched Resources
10.Excellent Teacher Resouceamerican ss 11.Excellent Teacher Resources-History! 23.american time lines! AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION-ENGLAND1750. 1.homework help!
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Main Menu-Please just go to the topic of your choice
Black History Month (February)

Women's History Month (October
Early Migration Routes

Pacific Coast Natives

Plains Natives

Maps/Location of Natives

European Explorers
English Norwegian Explorer-20thC Dutch Navigational Improvements
FRENCH EMPIRE IN NORTH AMERICA Explorers Cartier Champlain La Salle Maps of French Forts Fur Trade Routes of New France Cour de bois Habitation Seigneurial System MILITARY CONFLICTS IN NORTH AMERICA French/English Rivalry Battle of the Plains of Abraham (1759) Quebec Act 1774 American War of Independence 1776-1783 EUROPEAN STUDIES GROWTH OF DEMOCRAC Y GREAT BRITAIN English Civil War AMERICA FRANCE French Revolution Enlightenment Congress of Vienna/Metternich UNIFICATION MOVEMENTS IN EUROPE Italian German INDUSTRIALIZATION GREAT BRITAIN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INVENTORS British American GENERAL RESOURCES Prince of Wales Secondary Library Resources D.Thompson Van School Board Site

23. Reference
help http// homework Central http Mifflin) http// org/mainmenu.html African american Biographical Database
Reference Almanacs Dictionaries and Thesauri Misc. Atlases and Maps ... CONNECTICUT PAGE GENERAL REFERENCE
My Virtual Reference Desk
Virtual Reference Desk
Guinness Book of World Records HOMEWORK HELPERS
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Brainmania Homework Help
Homework Central
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Encarta World English Dictionary Free Medical Dictionary Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Life Science Dictionary Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and Thesaurus ** Merriam-Webster's Word Central

24. Web Links
Lightspan homework help, games, puzzles - http//www.lightspan american History Links - http// http//
Web Links
Student Resources Fun Sites More Search Tools
Technology Sites
... ESOL Student Resources B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - students, parents and teachers will find resources for all subjects - activities, games and lesson plans
Lightspan - Homework help, games, puzzles - My Virtual Reference Desk - Digital Librarian - - Internet Public Library - Prince William Public Library - Little Explorers Picture Dictionary with Links - History Channel - Archiving Early America - American History Links - 50 States and Capitals - Great site for report information and maps -

25. CountryChurch On-line
role in the lives of many american teens and Ministers, ss teachers, parents, all Christians,check back frequently help with homework It s back to school and
Home Sunday, June 6, 2004 Site reviews CHRIST. WOMEN



Daily AgTalk Wrap Qatar, Kuwait, Beirut, and Damascus….
The Passion of the Christ stirs interest in the Middle East. See what kind of impact this incredible movie is having on the Muslim world. For Me!
There is an old negro spiritual that asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” Yes, I was there when they crucified my Lord...For ME he died. Prophecies of Jesus . . .
. . . that were fulfilled during the Passion week. Check them out. World's Newest English-language Bible Translation
The world's newest major English-language Bible translation, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, is now rolling off the presses in Ann Arbor, Mich. And will deliver accuracy and readability. Guidepost on Sale on Newsstands After 59 years prominent magazine debuts at newsstands. Guideposts goes on sale in stores for 1st time ever with March 2004 issue. China Demolishes Church And Arrests Leaders If you think churches do not face persecution, read this article regarding the persecuted church in China. This should be a matter of fervent prayer for all Christians. Pastors Biblical World View How do the Nations pastors measure up when asked about their world view? See Barna Research Online for the results of their most recent study. You will be amazed!

26. - Mlipold
Math Goodies Free Interactive Math Lessons, homework help, Worksheets, Puzzles and Native american Tribe Map - LiveText ss Native american Navigator.
SetFolderID('24338') SetAccountID('1753') SetAuthorization('False', 'True', 'False', 'False') Home Forum Newsletter Help ... Login all of all of mlipold the Web mlipold Cool Periodic Table - Flash Version - ...definitions, activities, 4 good starting points, links and resources for over 150 thematic topics 50 States Facts Alfy - - This is an excellent search engine for primary students. No reading is necessary! Amazon Rain Forest Research Site Animals Of The Rainforest - Great for Rain Forest Animals Research Lesson! Biome Basics Biome Map for Middle Grades Day 1 Biome Site Biomes of the World - What's It Like Where You Live? Biomes of the World (map) Boyle's Law Building Instructional Web Pages Butterfly info ... Designer Fractions - Symmetry Earth Observatory - Biome Page - Rainforest Biome Elementary InTech Bookmarks Elementary InTech Links Encarta Home Exploring Our Star, Our Sun ... Infonation - Choose Countries Inspiration Tutorials and Lesson Plans InTech Teacher Questionnaire - This is the site for your online self-evaluation to be completed on days 3 and 7 of InTech Jan Brett's Homepage Johnny Appleseed and Apples Page Journey Into Amazonia Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators and Kathy Schrock's best web links are found at

27. Social Studies
History homework help help with your history homework. Today in american History - It overwhelms you with its fury and its phantom splendor.
S ocial Studies Homework Site Index Home Atlases and Maps ... Social Studies School Service A must see by everyone! Internet History Source Book Project Atlases and Maps Top Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Internet Public Library Ready Reference Collection: Historical Maps of the United States - Collection of historical Maps Library of Congress: General Maps and Atlases Homepage - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress MapMachine @ - a wonderful collection from the world famous National Geographic Society. Quick Maps of the World - Flags, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics. USGS - National Mapping Information US Census Map Server - Us Map engine World - The world atlas online World Fact Book - The CIA's Educational Website World Facts and Figures - Tons of information Anthropology and Archeology Top Arch Net - Virtual Library of Archeology Archeology's DIG - a magazine for kids Digging up the facts about Archeology - All you want to learn about Archeology Human

28. Bookmarks Used In The Class Introduction To The Internetby Chuck Kay And Mike Hu
Civics. DOUGLAss Archives of american Public Address Civnet Home Page. History/ss. homework/Study Sites. Family Education-homework help homework Central.
Educational Bookmarks
Integrating the Internet Class
Hart County Schools, Summer, 1998
Civics Language Arts College Prep/Vocational Ed. Lesson Plan Sites ... Internet Projects
DOUGLASS - Archives of American Public Address Civnet Home Page
College Prep/Vocational Ed.
Career Magazine Welcome To MyFuture Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Temperament Web Site WebWare for the SAT Main Screen
Early Grade Sites
Children's Music Web Kindergarten Connection
Education and Issues
Welcome to MiddleWeb and middle grades reform National Foundation for the Improvement of Education Pathways to School Improvement The Center for Education Reform ... Education Week on the Web
Educational Humor
Welcome to the Dilbert Zone®
Fine Arts
Global Children's Art Gallery - The Natural Child Project Architecture Through the Ages Music Education Articles National Gallery of Art
Fun Links
Puzzlemaker Virtual Certificate
Multi-Cultural Calendar Adventure Online E-Conflict, World Encyclopedia and Simulation, profiles Nations of the World, Anthems, Map, Flags and the Weather
Human Anatomy On-line -

29. MeL United States
Edmund Fitzgerald ss Edmund Fitgerald Online provide The History Place North american, European and world history site includes homework help, movie reviews

30. Cyber-Geo Wanderings
Natural gas ss thermodynamic data GRI-Mech; com; Nature; Science; Scientific american; Springer-Verlag Library of Congress; Lineages-genealogy; Math homework help;
Bookmarks, essentially.

31. Social Science General Exercises
Kids Info provides links to websites useful for homework help. Business american Business Disc and personal addresses; Exact works related to the ss include
Information Sciences 531: Social Science Sources and Services
Social Sciences General Exercise Set
Since this is a reference course, I need to know what you did and WHY as well as your findings. Your responses to the questions that follow may be somewhat informal, but it is important to clearly discuss your strategy. You must also comment on the utility and quality of any resource that you use. Evidence of critical thought is important. I may ask you to begin by looking at a recognized source to answer a particular question. However , use other sources as well. I may have missed a newer, better source. It impossible to keep up with all the new social science (SS) sources in hard copy and digital formats. For hard copy materials, the best approach is to know class numbers and look for newer material when you are at the reference shelves in your research library. If you have difficulty with a particular problem, you may ask a reference librarian for help in identifying appropriate resources. I make a reasonable effort to change the exercises from year to year. In some situations, where the resources are standard and have not changed or where I have run out of steam, questions may be repeated from the previous year. Please do not borrow responses from others who took the course earlier or other students. I value your responses and your insights. To be an effective information professional, you need to have the personal experience of working with these materials.

32. Links For Students Math Web Problems for all levels and homework help. http// Outline maps for the world. Native american Sites for kids. for Students.htm
Back to home Monte Cristo Multi-age Links for Students Math Social Studies Science Reading ... Writing Math Sites: flashcard, games and worksheets Fraction games Links to math sites for all levels of math Math games for all levels and parent tips Math Brain Teasers for all levels Math Glossary Math Web Problems for all levels and homework help AAA Math Basic math practice pages, explanations Math games, problems, flashcards, references and resources Factor game. top of page Social Studies sites:

33. The Unger Memorial Library (Plainview, Texas)
Genealogical Society, National Archives, ss Death Records, US american, America s Story (America s Library). homework, homework Center, homework Central, homework help.
Welcome to the Unger Memorial Library
The Public Library of Plainview, Texas
(806) 296-1148 (Information) / 296-1149 (Librarian) / 296-1147 (Literacy)
School-year hours: Mon,Wed,Fri 9-6 / Tuesday,Thursday 9-9 / Saturday 9-5
Summer hours (Memorial Day - Labor Day): Mon-Fri 9-6, closed weekends
John Sigwald, Librarian - E-mail:
  • Internet Explorer users can click on the library logo above to make this page their home page.
  • Unger Library card holders can click here to access TexShare databases
  • Search the Hi-Plains Genealogical Society's Hale County Cemetery Records database.
  • Unger Library's Texas Reading Club schedule for June 2003.
  • Click here to see today's Unshelved comic strip courtesy of Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum.
Policies ALA's Library Bill of Rights Borrowing Fines ILL ... Meeting room Information Catalog Information Literacy Genealogy ... reviews
Free E-Mail services AOL ApexMail Hotmail ... Yahoo!
Search by KEYWORD (if you don't have a specific address to enter in the Location/Address box) Search engines About alltheweb AltaVista Ask Jeeves ... Hwy.61

34. Fought
This will help them do tonight s homework assignment. Question Compare and contrast the themes of the american and National. Liberation Front marches.
Who Fought for the United States Objectives: 1. Students should develop a definition of racism. 2. Students should be able to compare racism in the United States to racism demonstrated in the Vietnam war towards blacks and the Vietnamese. 3. Students should understand what a primary source is, be able to evaluate it, compare it to other primary sources and write objectively using information gained form the primary sources(s). Content Summary: This lesson is set up to teach students about who fought for the United States in the Vietnam War and how were they selected to fight. Through the use of lecture and discussion, the students learn about the use of the draft, how to and who did avoid service in Vietnam, how minorities were called to service, and how racism extended the white/black relationship in Vietnam to include the Vietnamese. Then, the students will discuss excerpts from The Winter Soldier Investigation that discussed racism. Their homework that evening will expand on this idea with a writing assignment on a diary of an American soldier versus a Vietnamese soldier. Materials Used: 1. Enough copies of the excepts from the Winter Soldier Investigation.

35. - Maine School Admin District 48 Corinna Homework Help
american Collection Social Studies Center - Math Goodies -

36. Untitled
This site offers homework help resources for grades K4 original publication, Brinton s Library of Aboriginal american Literature ss PC 970 HAL; Hauptman, Laurence


One of the themes to be considered within the New York State fourth grade social studies curriculum is Native American Indians of New York State. The social studies curriculum "builds on the students' understanding of families, schools, and communities and highlights the political institutions and historic development of their local communities with connections to New York State and the United States." "The historical study of local communities focuses on the social/cultural, political, and economic factors that helped shape these communities. Students study about the significant people, places, events, and issues that influenced life in their local communities." The Pine Plains community is situated in northeastern Dutchess County, fifteen miles east of the Hudson River and ten miles west of the New York/Connecticut border. For thousands of years before Europeans settled in the region, it was the home of eastern woodland Indians. The local indigenous peoples called themselves Mahicans. They were hunter-gathers who spoke an Algonquian language. They were not Mohegans, who lived in what is now Connecticut and they were not Iroquois, who lived north and west of the area and would eventually force the Mahicans from the area.

37. Social Studies
Social Studies homework help. Findlaw Constitutional Law Center The american Colonist's Library A Treasury of Primary Documents (an excellent 03. homework help Page BHS's Home Page
Social Studies Homework Help
Findlaw Constitutional Law Center (Designed with students and the general public in mind, the FindLaw Constitutional Law Center features an easy-to-read guide that leads visitors through historical documents, biographies, and Supreme Court decisions. Users can browse through the Federalist Papers, read the Constitution, or research the lives of the Founding Fathers or past and present Supreme Court Justices.) NEW!
Votenet (an online community serving politicians, candidates, and citizens alike: Democrats, Republicans, or any political party; conservatives or liberals; federal, state, or local candidates; presidents, senators, or representatives)
Capitol Watch (a service from Votenet. Capitol Watch is a very prestigious group - the most politically informed citizens in the world. Every business day, the following information will be delivered right to your desktop via e-mail: Votes from the floor of the United States Congress reported daily. Headlines and summaries of the top political news stories of the day. Links from those summaries to the full news articles)
White House Web
White House Biographies of U.S. Presidents

38. Educational Units And Lesson Plans
Middle School Cybrary is a another source for research and homework help. The american Memory collection from the Library of Congress is a source of much of
Educational Units
and Lesson Plans Enjoy the educational links below! Jump down to research help for students. COOL TEACHING LESSONS
This link is a treasure chest for teachers. It will save many hours of your time finding quality lesson plans and units. Quality Educational Units Grades 5-12 The nine units formally spotlighted here have been moved to this link.
Note to teachers: Before you send your students on an Internet search..... Please see the following links on what your students should know about validity and reliability of Internet information: The Web-Teaching Zack To Think The Web Dark Shadows Evaluating web sites as potential resources ... The Media Awareness Network ; and How Do I Know Stuff on the Internet is True? For information on Internet safety go to from HPR*TEC and www4Teachers These links are lessons for your students on evaluating Internet Information: QUICK (Quality Information Checklist) Thinking about the Five W's of Web Site Evaluation , and Internet Detectives from the Madison (WI) Metropolitan School District.

39. Homework Helper - Maps
McAllen Memorial Library homework Helper. Outline Maps http// Rare Map Collection american Civil War http//scarlett.libs
McAllen Memorial Library
Homework Helper
See also, Countries of the World
Atlapedia Online Atlas of Canada: Quick-Map CIA Kids Page: Reference Maps Clickable Satellite Maps Color Landform Atlas of the United States Cultural Maps Finding Your Way with a Map and Compass - Revised Geography: Links and Resources The Great [Globe] Gallery on the [World] Wide Web Guide to Australia Historical State and County Lines How Far is It?
"This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them."
How to Use a Compass

40. Homework Helper - Social Issues
Initiative Constitutional Amendment http// oif/intr_inf.html From the american Library Association
McAllen Memorial Library
Homework Helper Social Issues Information This web page has been created to meet the needs of middle and high school students researching current social issues from multiple perspectives.
General Information Pro-Choice Pro-Life Supreme Court Decisions
General Information
Abortion Abortion (Pro and Con): An Essay
- Examines the positions of those on both sides of the debate, with special consideration to logical and ethical consistancy. Also has links to relevant sites.
Abortion: All Sides of the Issue Legal Status of Abortion
Pro-Choice NARAL Factsheets NOW and Abortion Rights/ Reproductive Issues Planned Parenthood: Abortion

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