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1. Homework Center - Wars & World History
The Multnomah County Library homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. World Facts, Population. Asian History. american Revolution. Artillery. Catapults and rescue, the nazis, the ss, and more.
School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! ...
World War II
American Revolution
For 18th Century America, see 18th Century (1700s)
The American Revolution
Check out the Boston Massacre, the English colonial era, and the birth of a new nation at The History Place web site.
Betsy Ross Home Page
Information about Betsy Ross, the creator of the US flag.
Colonial Hall: A Look at America's Founders
Biographies of all of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Each is approximately one page of text.
Liberty! The American Revolution
This PBS site explores the chronology of the revolution, what liberty meant in the 1700s and what it means today.
Spy Letters of the American Revolution
Discover the stories behind some of the spies during the American Revolution. Read the letters and find out what they meant.
Valley Oak Elementary's Room 9 Presents The Timeline of the Revolution

2. Gateway To Knowledge - Education Help For Teachers And Students, Lessons Plans,
Back to School Theme. homework help AND INFORMATION Time Millennium Kids Encyclopedia. american Memory Collection Finder Library of Congress E = 3¶ª/ss+z¹-715y^±X²¼¿
Gateway to Knowledge - by Snowhawk
Biology Cultures Geography Maps ... Site Directory
* SnowiNote: I was always going to be a teacher as far back as my memory allows. Yep, I was going to teach school, then teach folks how to fly... Helicopters and Jets. I even "taught" every kid in the neighborhood everything I could think of... Mostly Geography since I had a world map on my wall. Well, I got side-tracked and never taught in a school, but now I teach folks how to use the Internet, so I have fulfilled my "childhood dream." I hope you get to meet that one special teacher who not only makes learning fun, but can inspire you with the desire to do the same for someone else. Pass it on. - Snowhawk
Back to School Theme
10,000 Year Calendar
- oozles of calendar links
Archaeology Net

Biographical Dictionary

Kids Encyclopedia

Librarians' Index to the Internet
American Memory Collection Finder
- Library of Congress
College and Beyond: Online Education - College Courses Online Free University Project Education Index: College Resources Graduate School Directory - student news and views World Lecture Hall - free online course materials from around the world Colleges and Universities Grants: Colleges, Scholarships, Financial Aid

3. Homework Center - Social Issues
The Multnomah County Library homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. is designed to help lend many different http// american Civil Liberties Union, this site promotes the right to free speech. Multnomah County Library homework
School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! ... Tareas Escolares
Social Issues:
This web page has been created to meet the needs of Multnomah County middle and high school students researching current social issues from multiple perspectives.
General Social Issues Resources


Affirmative Action

World Population
General Social Issues Resources
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Provides 40,000 documents supporting 39 main topic areas including the national debate topic. Must have a Multnomah County Library card to use this service from outside of the Library. CQ Researcher
Provides in-depth research on current events and controversial topics. Reports are known for their balanced approach, providing both sides of an issues. You'll also find chronologies, next steps and bibliographies for further research. Reports date back to 1991. Must have a Multnomah County Library card to use this service from outside of the Library.

4. A Hotlist On Homework Help Sites
created by Helen R. Donovan. ss. Philip and James School. Introduction homework help Kid's Resources Neuroscience for Kids. american History Sources for Students
A Hotlist on Homework Help Sites
An Internet Hotlist on Homework Help Sites created by Helen R. Donovan
SS. Philip and James School
Introduction Homework Help Kid's Resources ... Social Studies/Science
Need some help with your Homework? Why not use the power of the Internet? These sites will get you started.
The Internet Resources
Homework Help

5. Los Gatos Public Library's Kids' Page - Homework Help - Social Sciences
Outline Maps http// Collection of contients/hemisphere Native american History Archive http// Visit
Los Gatos Public Library
110 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030 What's New Children's Programs Homework Help Search the Internet ... Homework Help
Social Sciences
Countries Government Missions ... States
Ancient Greece - History, Mythology, Art, Culture and Architecture
Clear, to the point site on all things of Ancient Greece. Anyday in History
Find out what happened on a certain day. Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Learn fun facts about ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China. Education Place Find out more on the latest news around the world. Famous Explorers Learn allabout famous explorers from this history search engine. Outline Maps

homework / PROJECT help. Awesome Library K-12 Education Directory OTHERS. american Revolution. filepresidentsites.html. History Hotspots 50 States and Capitals. ss / TRAVEL INFORMATION
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
MIT Libraries: Foreign Language News and Newspapers
Ask Jeeves Answer: The Cardiovascular System
Atlas of the Body
A Look Inside the Human Body
Biology: The Human Organ Systems ...
VOXEL-MAN Gallery - inside look of the body
Contents of
Marijuana: Facts for Teens
NCADI- "Quick Documents" ...
MMMC Online
About DOH
Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases/Disorders
An Acclaimed Herpes Information Resource,, Information About Sexually Transmitted Dieases
AVERT - AIDS Education and Research Trust ...
Viruses - Small Pox
The American Civil War Homepage
U.S. Civil War Center Index of Civil War Information available on the Internet
The Civil War
1999 - The Year in Pictures on MSNBC
TP: Images of American Political History
Photos of the Great War
World War I ...
WWI Another Look
American Revolution

7. - United States - New - Personal - Kids - School & Homework - Social St
which includes topics such as american history, world 22. Learning Haven Social Studies homework help http//

8. History Homework Help Page :GCSE Revision Guide
read your books and notes this will not help you very OF NAZI RULE the one party state, the ss, Gestapo, the HOW DID THE american GOVERNMENT ENCOURAGE
This page contains some tips for revising and an amplified version of the GCSE syllabus.
In future, I hope to expand each section in much more detail and add sample questions.
For the moment, I hope you find it useful.
Revision Tips
You should revise all the topics on this page.
Make sure you spend an adequate amount of time on each.
Find somewhere quiet to work.
Plan your day.
Do some work in the morning, afternoon and evening, but give yourself time for relaxation. USE THIS BOOKLET TO MAKE REVISION NOTES. Each point will spark off other ideas in your head. You should be able to write a paragraph about each key point. Gather information from your exercise books. Make your cards/sheets short enough to memorise. Here is an example : This is an expanded version of the GCSE syllabus. Key questions are in bold. CAUSES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR. -THE LONG TERM CAUSES OF THE WAR : - THE MAIN EVENTS LEADING TO WAR WHY DID TENSION INCREASE IN EUROPE 1900-1914? WHY DID THE ASSASSINATION AT SARAJEVO LEAD TO THE OUTBREAK OF WAR IN 1914?

9. Web Sites For 3rd Grade
http// People Past and Present american Library Associations Westport Library s homework help for Kids Biographies Westport
Web Sites for 3rd Grade Click on the topic below to be brought to the links for that unit: Biography Unit Iditarod Unit Colonial Project Titanic ... Rocks, Minerals , and Volcanoes, Simple Machines Spiders and Bats Biomes and Forest Habitats ... Waterford, Ireland (Home of our Keypals) Tessellation Winter Olympics Grammar Gorillas- practice of grammar skills Multiplication and division practice A great place to get all kinds of sound effects to complement your PowerPoint presentations. This is a search engine for sounds! Tons of fun Mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks Biomes and Forest Habitats Unit Visit the virtual Fantastic Forest and find out what it takes to make a forest fantastic
Colonial Project Web Sites

10. Homework Help -- Please Add Your Favorites - BrainTalk Communities - Neurology S
Discovery Channel’s homework help http// projects) http// out the Pew Internet american Life Project s
Please read the FAQ page for our Terms of Service and answers to common technical questions. Please visit the Useful Websites page for websites relevant to this specific forum. You can add your own, too! By accessing this website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of our Medical Dictionary PubMed Drug Information Chats ...

Homework Help please add your favorites
register preferences faq ... next oldest topic Author Topic: Homework Help please add your favorites
Member Posts: 8781
From: the left coast
Registered: May 2000 posted 02-03-2004 10:49 AM I was doing some searches on homework help suggestions made on our forum, and I quickly realized there's an incredible amount of information shared, but it's not always easy to find. So, I tried to categorize some of the best threads, and gather up any homework resource threads that have been shared. I'm sure I've missed some great ones! As I find more, I'll add to this thread, and I hope others will feel free to do the same! We’ve had several wonderful threads about managing homework time, dealing with particularly difficult behaviors about homework, and working with schools to be sure that homework is appropriate in terms of repetitiveness and overall quantity/time required. One guideline is that homework should consist of about 10 minutes per day per grade. So, a kindergartener should have 10 minutes of homework, a 3rd grader should have about 40 minutes of homework, etc. Special projects usually are over and above these guidelines, but since they have long lead-times they offer kids the opportunity to learn time management and project management (and parents to teach these skills – or at least reinforce them if the teacher is working on these concepts as well).

11. Math Study Skills
Study Skills Tips and homework help; Math Study Skills Study Skills The american Mathematical Association of Center (Student Services Building, ss-100) - 7050
Math Study Skills Books

Study Skills Help

Tutorial Software
SMCC Library
Study Skills Links
Time Management

Note taking

Mind Mapping
Math Tutorials
How are your math study skills? Books
Many study skills books include a section on test taking and test taking strategies. The SMCC Library has study skills books that you can check out.
  • Math anxiety : what it is and what to do about it / by Charlie Mitchell ; with contributions by Lauren Collins ; foreword by Mamiko Odegard. SMC Call Number: QA11 .M47 1987 Overcoming math anxiety / Sheila Tobias. SMC Call Number: QA11 .T67 1980 Succeed with math : every student's guide to conquering math anxiety / Sheila Tobias. SMC Call Number: QA11 .T673 1987 Where do I put the decimal point? : how to conquer math anxiety and increase your facility with numbers / Elisabeth Ruedy and Sue Nirenberg. SMC Call Number: QA11 .R743 1990 Your number's up : a calculated approach to successful math study / C. Ann Oxrieder, Janet P. Ray. SMC Call Number: QA11 .O96
  • Return to the top Handouts
    The Learning Center has study skills handouts available for individual and classroom use. Videos are available in the Learning Center.

    12. The United States Of America
    the Bill of Rights, the american Revolution, immigration formally graded) (30%) 3. 10 homework assignments (not improvement, or are in need of extra help.
    The United States of America
    Studies in Conflict and Consensus
    <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> The American School in Japan
    The United States: Studies in Conflict and Consensus
    Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher
    Andrew A. Hoover
    Phone : (w) 042-234-5300 (x626)
    (h) 042-405-1366
    E-mail :
    I. Learning
    Each class of students forms a community of learners who share a common pursuit of knowledge and a desire to understand the world in which we live. The classroom is the central place this community of learners works together. As a community of learners, we seek to understand how others feel and look at the world; we seek to know others so that we can know more about ourselves; and we strive for respect through the way we treat others in our community. The goal of understanding ourselves through the process of knowing others (even if they comfortably reside in print) is central to this course and to my view of what constitutes the learning process. Members of a learning community seek to validate and challenge each other, and to be sensitive to each of our individual differences and to the spirit of the group.

    13. 3rd Grade Social Studies
    ss 041-3, The Houston Video Tour -from the Greater homework help for Parents and Students Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is an american tradition that dates back to

    14. Elementary Search And Reference- Shenendehowa Central School District
    Outline Maps http// This site contains american Family Immigration History Centerfind information as provided by those homework help.
    Curriculum and Learning
    Select to Jump Home Page Academic Departments Calendar Job Openings Cafeteria Menus Special Education Sports Staff Development Student Registration District Technology Transportation Search Select a School High School Middle Schools Arongen Elementary Chango Elementary Karigon Elementary Okte Elementary Orenda Elementary Skano Elementary Tesago Elementary Content... Curriculum and Learning Home Performance Tasks Resources Page Elementary Search and Reference Sites: Almanacs Animal Sites Ask an Expert Biographical Information ... Special Directories Elementary Search and Reference Sites Current Events: All in one search pages for kids Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet : Search Engines, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries. TekMom's Search Tools for Students : Search Engines (general, science, history, and images) and Reference Tools (encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, authors, and maps).

    15. Regional History
    homework help. It even touches on Liberia, the nation founded by freed american slaves, and the only African nation never to have been occupied by a colonial
    Everything to do with social studies in a child friendly environment, with age appropriate links.
    Social Studies

    Use this link to return to the main social studies page, after reading an article. Home Cooking Crafts Language Arts ... Science Visit our forum for homework help or discussion of topics relevant to kids' education. Forum Links by Topic:


    Current Events

    Fun and Games


    Habitats Maps ... Weather History Ancient Civilizations Explorers Medieval History Regional History ... Virtual Tours
    Regional History
    African History Africa is made up of many countries, each with their own past. At this site you will find links to historical information on several specific African countries, as well as a general overview on African History. Colonial Africa This is a very well presented introduction to the history of colonialism in Africa. It starts with a brief list of important facts you should know, goes on to details about early explorers and the colonies, ending with the indpendence of African Nations. It even touches on Liberia, the nation founded by freed American slaves, and the only African nation never to have been occupied by a colonial power. Story of Africa The BBC collected articles from African historians on the history of Africa, and put them together to make this huge site. It has links to different regions and eras of African History.

    16. New Page 1
    Caleb Johnson s Mayflower Web Pages. Colonial american Links. Tour George Washington s home. History/ss Web Site for K12 Teachers. Student Resources/homework help. Pages/schoolinks2.htm
    Social Studies 50 Hundreds of facts and links for each state. Abraham Lincoln African American History Links to museums, events and people in black history American Revolution Animated Atlas Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Pages Colonial American Links ... Global SchoolNet Source for global collaborative learning projects and connections to teachers around the world Historic Mount Vernon Tour George Washington's home History/S.S. Web Site for K-12 Teachers Links for all kinds of social studies sites Monticello Follow Thomas Jefferson through his day National Council for the Social Studies Links Today in History Find out what happened on this day in history Travel with Lewis and Clark Links to pages celebrating the bicentennial of the journeys of Lewis and Clark United Nations Cyberschoolbus Information about the United Nations, activities, and links U.S. Presidents Background information about the Presidents and highlights of their administrations White House The official site for the White House World Country Links Special Education ADHD News Arc Home Page Links about mental retardation for parents and teachers Children and Adults with ADD Resources for parenting, teaching and treating people with Attention Deficit Disorder

    17. Grandparents As Parents Again, SS-157-99
    ss157-99. a parent present (1 child in every 20); 5 percent of american families are You can help with homework, read together, limit television, and work with
    Ohio State University Extension
    Senior Series
    For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Aging web site at:
    and Ohio State University Extension's "Aging in Ohio" web site at:
    Grandparents as Parents Again
    Grandparents across the country, regardless of income, background, or race, are becoming parents again! Grandparents who find themselves suddenly with this added responsibility often need help meeting the needs of their grandchildren. They need assistance with the child development, financial, educational, emotional, medical, and legal issues that come with this new role. Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren because of family complications such as teenage pregnancy, death, divorce, substance abuse, incarceration, abandonment, AIDS, and child abuse. This is a growing population1.4 million children (almost one child in twenty) live in a household headed by their grandparent/s with no parent present. Are you raising your grandchildren? You are not alone!

    18. Literacy
    homework help may also start at Richmond Hill Public The american Library Association has a good site with Literacy Test, October 2002 (Bayview ss) Results of
    Supplementary Vocabulary
    The following list of words is a supplement for the brochure that is enclosed with the report card. The EQAO provided a short list; this list is compiled by the staff at Bayview Secondary School.
    • Analyze : divide the topic into parts and explain the relationships or links among the parts. Compare : use examples to show how two things are both similar and different. Contrast : use examples to show how two things are different. Define : state the precise meaning of a word or a subject. Sometimes describing the class of things to which it belongs, its function, and how it is different from other things. Discuss : examine and analyze a topic from all sides in order to try to form a conclusion; state the pros and cons of a topic. List : provide an itemized record of examples, reasons, causes, or other details. Outline : give the main points, general principles or concepts, important details or characteristics of a subject. Prove : present facts and details that show clearly that something is true. State : use short sentences to present ideas on a topic.

    19. Current Homework Help
    the sites to obtain the answers to their homework. 1976 A Cadillac convertible, the last american-made rag to be equipped with radar, the ss African Star
    Current Homework Help In an effort to assist students with current homework assignments, the following websites have been identified as providing pertinent information. However, the student is responsible for reading the sites to obtain the answers to their homework. This Day in History-April
    To copy this information: hightlight dates needed, click "file", click "print", click the "selection" radio button, click "OK". April 1 1826 - Samuel Morey of Oxford, New Hampshire patented the internal combustion engine. 1864 - The first travel accident policy was issued. The Travelers Insurance Company issued the policy to James Batterson, who also received the first general insurance policy issued by the firm in July, 1864. 1931 - Pitcher Jackie Mitchell was signed by the Chattanooga Baseball Club. Mitchell was the first woman in organized baseball. Miss Mitchell was 19 years old. 1949 - The first all-black-cast variety show was presented on WENR-TV in Chicago, IL. The show was called "Happy Pappy". 1960 - The first U.S. weather satellite was launched. "TIROS I" was put into orbit and soon meteorologists saw the first pictures of a midlatitude cyclone over the northeastern United States. 1963 - The daily TV serial, "General Hospital", began its long and popular run on ABC-TV.

    20. Orientation To The Internet For Parents
    american History Interactive puzzle http// Wars. ss help (7-12) http// homework help.
    Resources and Links for students, parents, and educators Links are categorized into different subject areas; most are sorted in each category and subcategory from simple at the top to most advanced at the bottom. Language
    Foreign Language
    Other Math Fun
    Space and Earth Science
    Physical Science Biology Chemistry Science Projects Other Science Links Social Studies People American History and Wars World History Other Social Studies Topics Homework Help Understanding the Internet Students and Parents Teachers College and Career Resources Career PLAN, PSAT, ACT, SAT, and Admissions Prep College Financial Aid Parents Teachers Language Learning to Read Phonics Dr. Seuss Curious George Parents and Children Together Online

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