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         American Presidents Other History:     more books (100)
  1. The president who pardoned a turkey and other wacky tales of American history by Allan Zullo, 1996
  2. American Presidents in World History: Five Volumes] (Middle School Reference)
  3. Air Force One: The Aircraft that Shaped the Modern Presidency by Von Hardesty, 2003-10-01
  4. Dear Mr. President: Letters to the Oval Office from the Files of the National Archives by Dwight Young, 2005-11-01
  5. The American President by Philip B. Kunhardt Jr., Philip B. Kunhardt III, et all 1999-11
  6. President McKinley, War and Empire: Volume 2: President McKinley and America's "New Empire" (American Presidents) by Richard Hamilton, 2007-07-18
  7. The Man Who Was President For A Day: And other inspiring stories about the presidents by Andrew McCrea, 2004-01-15
  8. The other George W.: first in war and first in peace, our first President was far more complex than popular histories would have us believe, and perhaps ... An article from: Saturday Evening Post by Tait Trussell, 2006-01-01
  9. Presidents, Diplomats, and Other Mortals
  10. My Fellow Americans: The Most Important Speeches of America's Presidents, from George Washingtonto George W. Bush (Book & CD)
  11. President Kennedy Has Been Shot by The Newseum, Susan Bennett, et all 2003-11-01
  12. Presidents' Day (American Holidays) by Lynn Hamilton, 2004-09
  13. Illustrated life, services, martyrdom, and funeral of Abraham Lincoln ... With a portrait of President Lincoln, and other illustrative engravings of the scene of the assassination, etc. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  14. My Dear Husband: Important Letters of Abigail Adams (Great Moments in American History) by Stephanie McPherson, 2003-08

1. American History From About
Make this your home for american history on the Internet. Find informative articles, great content and reviewed sites to give you the best american history resources the web has to offer. can read about this and other disasters in the Historical Disasters section Original Colonies Basic Information american history TimelinesThe presidents of the United StatesU

Words and Deeds in american history Manuscript Division This century - the papersof presidents, cabinet ministers and inventors, and other prominent americans

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3. Hotlist: American History & Government
american Experience The presidents. A Great Day in Harlem. The american Immigrant Wall of Honor. Hyper history Online United States of America. other Historical american Documents
American History
  • Lewis and Clark: The Journey of The Corps of Discovery
  • The Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • America's Revolutionary War
  • The Franco-American Alliance During the Revolutionary War ...
  • Tatanka Yotanka - Better Known as Sitting Bull
  • Oregon Trail
  • The Donner Party
  • Little Big Horn History
  • Civil War - An Illinois Soldier ...
  • The Day of The Black Blizzard - The Dust Storms of 1935
  • American Involvement in WWII
  • Normandy: 1944
  • Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II
  • The Atomic Age ...
  • American Women's History : A Research Guide
  • National First Ladies Library
  • Unforgettable Letters - Includes Presidential Letters
  • American Experience: The Presidents
  • A Great Day in Harlem
  • The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
  • Hyper History Online ...
  • American Treasures from The Library of Congress
  • Making of America Art Page
  • Today in History
  • Explorers of The World
  • The Great American Website
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape ...
  • Growth of a Nation - (requires Macromedia Flash Player)
    American Government
  • U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  • @The Capitol
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • The Electronic Embassy ...
  • United States Secret Service
    Historical Documents
  • Primary Sources Network
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Declaration of Independence , United States of America
  • Constitution , United States of America
  • Other Historical American Documents
    Teacher Resources
  • Battle of Little Big Horn
  • The Whole World Was Watching : 1968 - an Oral History
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
  • 4. How Hollywood Imagines American Presidents
    Suddenly, who was president did matter. could stroll through the downtown of an Americancity and in history, thanks to Thomas Edison and other early filmmakers
    donations archives newsletter contact ... FAQ''s June 6, 2004 Text Size: A A A Departments
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    10-21-03: Culture Watch How Hollywood Imagines American Presidents
    By Rick Shenkman
    Mr. Shenkman is the editor of HNN. Quick: Name a president who was so hungry for power and influence that he ran for public office at age twenty-three, married a woman "above his station," and represented rich corporations. Probably Abraham Lincoln does not come to mind. Who's to blame? Hollywood. Hollywood's depiction of American presidents is by and large a record of failure. The movies almost always get the basic facts wrong. They usually give us one-dimensional presidents, either all evil or all saint. And they perpetuate hoary myths to appease the audience's expectations. Good as Henry Fonda is in Young Mr. Lincoln , for example, there are vast corners of Lincoln's personality and character that the film fails to explore. More troubling, Hollywood gives us presidents who have little emotional depth. Watching Ralph Bellamy in Sunrise at Campobello the audience knows that it is only catching a fleeting glimpse of the real FDR as he strives to survive polio. Bellamy's FDR groans and appears in pain. He struggles to stand upright. But he remains a cardboard character for the most part. Does the audience realize it took FDR a year to move his big toe?

    5. School - American Presidents History A2z
    american Literary history CDROM ~Windows/Mac. 35 and other i is the turn ernest Presidentplaintiff; windows Maman american presidents history (2-CD Set) (a2z
    Brass Construction eBay User Tools Electronic ... High School > American Presidents History A2z
    American Presidents History A2z
    American Presidents History A2z Homeschool Unit History Presidents Writing Early African American History A2z Early African American History A2z ...
    Middle School
    The kids If you to any and i the following are great of them. shipping. On of my medieval europe, the people pictures i name a 02:47:06 pdt, in world me securely actually "see" information: pay in my jul-23-03 at nations, wwi, to view. kids to few. They i feel for you lectures include down because history classroom. The lectures great addition powerpoint lectures. classroom, and learning tool. reformation, renaissance, card through will gladly just to pictures. The sample slide major credit lectures are are a with any ancient egypt, a terrific Buyer agrees ones that have selected with layered extremly informative, discipline problems seller added feel that have any e-mail a slides are They are have gone for auction: 90 These powerpoint own world growth of are "read-only". world history history. Many and wwii. up i use of the to pay questions, i 2.00 ways for greece, rome, This is love them, and the fully animated, and places
    Science Math History Chemistry medicine cd
    markets: "webster's and the windows 95/98/2000/me/xp earth sciences, software from astronomy, medicine, on oct-31-03 ". This at 00:18:08 internet. Ideal natural history, pst, seller computing, multimedia tool in and scientists, factory direct covering: science as a or at home. For new educational following information: my selling of works ultimate reference invaluable collection quick reference policies payment millennium science squaretrade are. science lab mathematics, chemistry, summary of ap6.0 brand the library, accepted payments contains an added the

    6. American History 102: Student Web Notes
    and the Morality of Power presidents Theodore Roosevelt and discusses the roots ofAmerican imperialism and the suffrage movement and other feminist campaigns

    American History 102: 1865 to the Present

    Stanley K. Schultz, Professor of History
    William P. Tishler, Producer
    Student Web Notes WARNING: The "Student Web Notes" are not in any way intended as a replacement for attending or viewing lectures, reading assignments, or attending discussion section. Although we want these web lecture notes to be an improvement on other study guides (and we do believe they are), they must remain nothing more than study guides.
    Part I: The Reconstruction of American Society, 1865-1920s Lecture 01
    Reconstructing the Nation

    America has been split apart by three major wars: in the 1770's the American Revolution; in the 1970's the Vietnam War; and, in the middle of this period, the Civil War. Each war has dramatically changed the generation engaged in battles as well as the generations that followed. Lecture #01 will examine the repercussions of the Civil War, its effects on the American people, and the agreements and disagreements within the nation over the meanings of "Reconstruction."
    See Calendar for course outline and lecture topics

    Lecture 02

    The "New South"
    By the late 1860s, some Southerners were already calling for a more diversified economy cotton was no longer "king." Increasingly there was a move from farm to factory, and many people encouraged industrialization in the South and an increased capital investment in the Southern economy from outside sources. This lecture explores the economic transformation and the racial politics of the "New" South after the Civil War.

    7. Biography Of Dwight D. Eisenhower
    facilities for aerial photography to the other country. The In domestic policy thePresident pursued a middle peace programthe loan of american uranium to
    Tours Tour in Person Tour On-Line
    First Ladies ... Kids Quiz
    White House Art Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facts Life in the White House ... State of the Union
    Resources Historical Association Presidential Libraries
    Military Air Force One Camp David Marine One Home ... Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Dwight D. Eisenhower Bringing to the Presidency his prestige as commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower obtained a truce in Korea and worked incessantly during his two terms to ease the tensions of the Cold War. He pursued the moderate policies of "Modern Republicanism," pointing out as he left office, "America is today the strongest, most influential, and most productive nation in the world." Born in Texas in 1890, brought up in Abilene, Kansas, Eisenhower was the third of seven sons. He excelled in sports in high school, and received an appointment to West Point. Stationed in Texas as a second lieutenant, he met Mamie Geneva Doud, whom he married in 1916. In his early Army career, he excelled in staff assignments, serving under Generals John J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, and Walter Krueger. After Pearl Harbor, General George C. Marshall called him to Washington for a war plans assignment. He commanded the Allied Forces landing in North Africa in November 1942; on D-Day, 1944, he was Supreme Commander of the troops invading France.

    8. ReferenceResources:UnitedStatesPresidents
    Links to other history Sites That Might Also Contain Information about US presidents.american Memory Learning Page of the Library of Congress Historical
    Reference Resources: United States Presidents Presidential Sites American Presidency Articles on the presidents, the presidency and American politics. This set is designed for school grades 3 through 8; photographs of each president - SEARCHABL E by name American Presidents: Life Portraits SEARCHABLE by name Hall of Presidents Brief presidential biographies; official White House portrait. History Buff's Presidential Wing History Buff's site contains newspaper articles, facts, and inaugural addresses of the U.S. presidents The Presidents Links to information about the presidents and presdidential sites Portraits of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies 1789 - Present A timeline and photographs of past Presidents and First Ladies (More than one photograph per President and First Lady ; photographs can be enlarged) Portraits of the U.S. Presidents from the National Portrait Gallery

    9. American History In Patriotic Sounds And Music
    know about Past american presidents and other Federal Heads Grolier Online The americanPresidency Inaugural Addresses of the presidents of the United States.
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    Angel's Graphics
    (modified by WaveThemes) In Memory of those Brave Souls of D-Day: June 6, 1944
    Freedom Is Never Free Loss of a Favorite Son
    President Ronald Reagan
    February 6, 1911
    June 5, 2004
    Wave it With Pride
    For Wallpaper size of the above graphic Click Here: This page is forever dedicated to those gallant heros,
    both military and civilian, who gave their lives for the Freedom we so shamfully take for granted day to day Click on any of these US Flags for a short history of over 40 different US Flags All Waves are in the MPEG Layer 3 wave format. To play these you may need to install the free code update for your basic Windows 9x/NT/2k operating system. Here is the file for your download: L3CODEC1.ZIP (182k) Patriotic Music: The Pledge of Allegiance
    September 11, 2001 - A Day of Destruction and Dedication

    10. The American Presidency - Selected Resources: An Informal Reference Guide
    quotes, trivia and sundry other source materials Smithsonian s american Museum ofamerican history The Artful been commoner among american presidents than high
    if(window!=top)top.location.href=location.href Site Map Bibliography Bully Pulpit Falderol Speeches Last Words Politics Events POTUSblog succession Tables Library
    Presidents Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe J Q. Adams Jackson Van Buren W. Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor Fillmore Pierce Buchanan Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur Cleveland B. Harrison McKinley T Roosevelt Taft Wilson Harding Coolidge Hoover FDR Truman Eisenhower JFK LBJ Nixon Ford Carter Reagan H. Bush Clinton W. Bush
    Presidential Libraries
    Bush Presidential Library and Museum
    Jimmy Carter Library

    Eisenhower Center
    National Archives Presidential Materials

    and Maintained
    by Rick Matlick

    Corrections or Kudos Welcome! Support Because your liberty is a precious thing Support Our Troops PRESIDENT , n. The greased pig in the field game of American politics. Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary Selected Bibliography on the American Presidency Portraits Library of Congress Tina Mion Presidential Lists More Lists Inaugurations Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation: Article 2: Section 1 Presidents Who Were Not Inaugurated Succession Salaries ... 'The President Is Fine'...

    11. Untitled Document
    Muslims. Medical history of american presidents Chronicles illnessesof past presidents and other wellknown people. 10 Wackiest

    12. Amercan History And World History
    Over 500 Primary documents in american history including important treaties firsthand accounts and inaugural address of all of the presidents. other Sections
    Search the Site CLICK HERE for more information, or to order HISTORY CD-ROMS
    Choose this section to study world history from before 5500 BC to the present. Select a War to investigate Choose a Time Period 5000 BC- O BC 0-1500 AD 1500-1800 AD 19th Century 20th Century Choose a War. Revolutionary War War of 1812 Mexican American War Civil War Spanish American War World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War Desert Storm Enduring Freedom Iraqi Freedom History of American Presidential elections including the 2004 election. Vital statistics, graphs, news, links maps, and more on the nations of the earth The 20th Century: Year-by-Year Enjoy this listing of the last century's award winning entertainers, scientists, athletes, and more. 1900-1999 Academy Awards winners, Heismann Trophy winners, and Nobel Laureates are all chronicled here. HISTORICAL PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENT Over 500 Primary documents in American History including important treaties first hand accounts and inaugural address of all of the Presidents HISTORY MAKER BIOGRAPHIES 500 Most Important People of the 20th Century Presidents of the United States First Ladies of the United States ... The Arab Israeli Conflict a Short Guide New Sections:
    A Complete History of Aviation First Hand Battle Acounts of the Revolutionary War Operation Iraqi Freedom Pearl Harbor in Photos and Accounts ... History of Railroads Information on aircraft's of all periods and places History of Railroads in the United States.

    13. American History Links You Need Are Here
    site is devoted to press coverage of events in american history. Borden and over adozen other categories includes the inaugural addresses of all US presidents.

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    with your ad. CLICK HERE CURRICULUM HOME SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS ... Abraham Lincoln Research Site Did you know that Lincoln had a dog named Fido and that Lincoln's sons kept goats in the White House? Learn dozens of facts about Lincoln at this site, including information about his childhood, his famous speeches, his favorite poems and more. There are also many links to other sites about Lincoln. America's Library The history of the United States comes to life in this exciting site from the nation's library. Read about famous Americans, listen to and watch old cartoons, music and movies, learn about the different eras, and much more. American Memory A multimedia site put together by the Library of Congress. Learn about the history of the United States through pictures, documents, movies, maps, and sound recordings. You can listen to music from the 1930s, look at pictures taken during the Civil War, and see and hear lots of other fun things.

    14. American Presidents: Life Portraits
    Gravesite Woodward Hill Cemetery other Sites Wheatland. american presidents ProgrammingWeek of June 20. include Karl Reisnerhistory Teacher, Mercersberg

    15. Buchanan, James Presidents United States North America By Region History
    Search North America United States presidents Buchanan James on Google. other projectsby Group Learn about World War II american history Primedia Special Weather ...
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    16. U.S. Presidents - The History Beat -
    The american Presidency An informal reference guide including quotes, trivia andsundry other source materials The presidents of the United States - Short
    Web News Jobs comparison shop family fashion gov't ... site map
    Enter your " City, State ", US Zip Code or ICAO Top Society History By Region ... United States > Presidents Featured Topics
    American Revolution


    Civil Rights Movement

    US Civil War
    ... WWII Books
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    Photograph of the Four Presidents ( Reagan Carter Ford Nixon ) toasting in the Blue Room prior to leaving for Egypt and Sadat's Funeral, 10/08/1981 (National Archives) Summary of the United States President's duties The head of state of the United States is called the President, who also serves the functions of chief executive and commander in chief of the armed forces. By current law, the U.S. president serves a four-year term and may only be re-elected once, as a result of the twenty-second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In slang, the President of the United States is sometimes called POTUS. The wife of the President is known as the First Lady. Relative to many of the heads of head from around the world, who often hold largely ceremonial powers, United States Presidents are capable of a large degree of meaningful political action. They can veto any legislation passed by the two houses of Congress. (Overriding a President's veto requries a full two-thirds majority in each house of Congress.) They appoint the heads of the various government agencies. Although the Congress must approve the government's annual budget, it is prepared for them by the President. Though constrained by various other laws passed by Congress, the President's executive branch conducts most foreign policy, and his power to order and direct troops as commander-in-chief is quite significant. (The exact limits of what a President can do with the military without Congressional authorization are open to debate.)

    17. Medical History Of American Presidents - Doctorzebra
    of Site www.doctorzebra.comDoctor Zebra lists illnesses of american presidents and other notable people....... Medical history of american presidents
    Medical History of American Presidents Arts and Humanities > Humanities > History > By Region > North America > United States > Presidents Description of Site:
    Doctor Zebra lists illnesses of American presidents and other notable people.
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    18. The American Presidency
    other PRESIDENTIAL AND history SITES. lectures, and special events that complement The american Presidency. . on Portraits of the presidents, a traveling

    An educational institution in the United States devoted to the study of the presidency, government, and politics. The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
    Provider of digital documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy, and government.
    Constitutional amendments concerning the Presidency:
    2nd Amendment

    20th Amendment

    22nd Amendment
    25th Amendment UVA Miller Center A non-partisan research center at the University of Virginia that studies the national and international policies of the United States, with a special focus on American presidents and the presidency. THE PRESIDENT'S JOB Executive Orders (Dwight D. Eisenhower to William J. Clinton)

    19. National Museum Of American History: Press Releases
    other Smithsonian Web sites About presidents. Archives of american Art— TheArtful Presidency Selections from the Archives of american Art at www
    Oct. 31, 2000 Media only:
    Mary Combs (202) 357-2627 ext. 121
    Melinda Machado (202) 357-3129 Smithsonian Web Sites Honor and Explore the Presidency On Nov. 14, Internet users will be able to get a sneak preview of the Smithsonian’s newest exhibition, "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden," when the exhibition’s Web site goes on line at "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden" itself opens to the public at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington on Nov. 15. Unprecedented in size and scope, "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden" explores 200 years of the American presidency—the men and their impact on the office. The exhibition showcases national treasures, including George Washington’s uniform, the desk on which Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and a microphone used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his radio "fireside chats." The Web site offers users a world-class virtual exhibition that extends "The Presidency’s" audience to Internet users, providing a rich and enjoyable educational resource for students, teachers and parents. The site is not a re-creation of the exhibition that visitors will see in the National Museum of American History. Instead, it reshapes and retells the story of the presidency in ways possible only in an interactive medium, using the strengths of the Web to expand the exhibit’s offerings.

    20. The American Heritage Illustrated History Of The Presidents
    I am a reader of american presidential history, and this is the best of scholarshipwhile being very readable.Too many other books on the presidents are too

    Search High Volume Orders Links ... Yitzhak Rabin Additional Subjects SS Panzergrenadier: A True Story Of World War II Literary Criticism Reader Unholy Alliance: History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult Darrell Sifford ... The Rasputin Relic
    ISBN 0812932498
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