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         Alberta History Canada:     more books (100)
  1. "They are a fine outfit those Blackfeet": Frederic Remington in Western Canada.: An article from: Alberta History by Peter H. Hassrick, 2004-03-22
  2. An introduction to the archaeology of Alberta, Canada, (Denver Museum of Natural History. Proceedings) by H. M Wormington, 1965
  3. Canada. National Museum, Ottawa. Natural history papers by Wann Langston, 1959
  4. Hard Passage: A Mennonite Family's Long Journey from Russia to Canada.(Book review): An article from: Alberta History by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-22
  5. THREE TRAILS HOMEa History of mayerthorpe and Districts, Alberta, Canada by Jeanette, Editor; Mayerthorpe and District History Book Society LYSACHOK, 1980
  6. Notes on the biostratigraphy of dinosaurian and microfossil faunas in the Edmonton formation (Cretaceous), Alberta (National Museum of Canada. Natural history papers, no. 35) by Dale A Russell, 1967
  7. Notes on the leeches (Hirudinea) of Alberta (National Museum of Canada. Natural history papers) by J. E Moore, 1964
  8. A study of the Athabasca bitumen from the Abasand Quarry, Alberta, Canada: Part I: Early history, analysis of the bituminous sand, and isolation and structural ... asphaltene fraction (Canada. Mines Branch) by M. L Boyd, 1962
  9. A horse astragalus from the hand Hills conglomerate of Alberta (National Museum of Canada. Natural history papers) by Loris Shano Russell, 1958
  10. The zooplankton of five small mountain lakes in southwestern Alberta (National Museum of Canada Natural history papers, no. 39) by R. Stewart Anderson, 1968
  11. A history of the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada by W. H Johns, 1972
  12. They came to serve ;: A pastoral history of the Bruderheim Moravian Church, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, 1893-1982 by Kurt H Vitt, 1982
  13. Canada. National Museum, Ottawa. Natural history papers by Lorie Shano Russell, 1962
  14. Forest fire history maps of Alberta, 1931-1983 by Northern Forest Research Centre (Canada), 1987

1. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Alberta
Canadian Genealogy and history alberta. Provincial Museum of alberta Focusing on the human and natural history of alberta and western canada.
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
Archives - Libraries - Museums
Alberta Digital Archives Includes bible records, cemeteries, census, church records, correspondence, deeds, local histories and directories.
Archives Society of Alberta
Society information and a searchable database of over 5000 fonds-level and collection-level descriptions of records held in Alberta's archival institutions.
Genealogy Resources at Calgary Public Library
The collection focuses on Canadian materials with an emphasis on Alberta, Ontario and the Maritimes.
Glenbow Museum and Archives
This centre of history and art contains many interesting archival resources.
Museums Alberta
Promoting understanding, access and excellence. Includes a Directory of Alberta's Museums and Galleries.
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Records of the Government of Alberta including many genealogical sources. Also private records of individuals and organizations.
Provincial Museum of Alberta
Focusing on the human and natural history of Alberta and western Canada. Information on the human history programs (folklife, western Canadian history, government history, archaeology, and ethnology), plus exhibits, galleries, and special events.

2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
uniforms, the gallery unfolds the history of this Banff, Calaway Park offers Western canada s largest outdoor Aerospace Museum, Naval Museum of alberta and the
Click to see this spectacular photo full size (Canadian Wellsite).
Here is a Satellite Image
Welcome to the Calgary page of CUUG's
Virtual Tourist of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies
The largest city in Alberta , Calgary (a.k.a. "Cowtown" to fans and detractors alike) is located in the south-western part of the province. Calgary is home to the world-famous "Calgary Exhibition and Stampede," and is ideally situated in the province for use as a "base" to explore the natural, cultural, and historic wonders of Alberta . Home to much of the Canadian oil and gas industry, Calgary is a vibrant modern city filled with skyscrapers and modern amenities. The city has taken care to ensure that numerous "green" areas are easily accessible, combining the best of both worlds. The City of Calgary website provides extensive information on Calgary's history, economy and government. The City of Calgary has a population of roughly 850,000, and lies at an altitude of 1,049m. The weather in Calgary varies quite dramatically, from lows reaching -40C (albeit rarely) in the winter, to highs in excess of 30C in the summer. Calgary is subject to periodic "chinook winds" of warm air from the mountains during the winter which can cause the temperature to rise by more than 15C in just a few hours.
Some History
The human history of the Calgary region begins, as with all Alberta, with the native Canadians, over 12,000 years ago. The cultures which existed during the arrival of the European traders and settlers were the Blackfoot, Sarcee and Stoney. The first Europeans included David Thompson and Peter Fidler in the 1780's and 1790's, both of whom were associated with the fur trade.

3. History Of North America - Canadian Information By Subject history of the Native People of canada ( Heritage Community Foundation) alberta's Political history the Making of a Province

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Canadian Information By Subject
Canadian Information By Subject
97 History of North America
History of North America
History of North America Canada

4. History, Geography, And Auxiliary Disciplines - Canadian Information By Subject
Virtual Exhibit (Provincial Museum of alberta) Rattle of National Defence, Directorate of history and Heritage Ontario (National Library of canada and National

Search Alphabetical Order Subject Order ... About
Canadian Information By Subject
Canadian Information By Subject
9 History, geography, and auxiliary disciplines
History, geography, and auxiliary disciplines
Geography and travel

Biography, genealogy, insignia

History of the ancient world to ca. 499
History, geography, and auxiliary disciplines
History, geography, and auxiliary disciplines Exhibitions
Geography and travel
Geography and travel

5. Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery, Library And Archives
Glenbow is a museum, art gallery, library and archives located in Calgary, alberta, canada, focusing on the human history of northwest North America. Glenbow is located in the heart of Calgary
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Glenbow is western Canada's largest museum, with over 93,000 square feet of exhibition space spreading over three floors. More than 20 galleries are filled with artifacts from Glenbow's collection of over a million objects. The art collection contains some 28,000 works which date primarily from the 19th century to the present. Glenbow acquires historical, modern and contemporary works from the northwest quadrant of North America, focussing on the representation of this region and its place in western Canada. Glenbow's Library is a treasure house of reference materials on western Canada. More than 100,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, and pamphlets capture the people and events that have shaped our western Canadian heritage. Glenbow Archives, one of Canada's largest non-governmental repositories, is a major research centre for historians, writers, students, and the media. It houses an extensive collection of unpublished archival records of individuals, families, organizations and businesses, including 3500 metres of textual records, over a million photographs, 350 hours of film footage, and 1500 sound recordings.

6. Alberta - Canadian Culture And Canadian History Information On This Province
alberta Canadian culture and Canadian history information on this Province. Click here for more information from the Government of canada.

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Site Map
... Alberta
The westernmost of Canada's three Prairie provinces, Alberta covers an area of some 661,848 square kilometres. Roughly half of the southwestern section of the province is dominated by mountains, as well as foothills which form a gentle link to the prairie landscape. The rest of the province is part of the interior plain of North America and contains much of Alberta's famous oil and gas deposits. The native people, whose ancestors are thought to have crossed the Bering Sea from Asia thousands of years ago, were the first people to live in what is now Alberta. They became valuable partners to the European fur traders who arrived in the 18th century. In 1870, the region was acquired by the Dominion of Canada and administered from the newly formed province of Manitoba. On September 1, 1905, Alberta, named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Britain's Queen Victoria, became a province of Canada with Edmonton as its capital city. Industry For further information, click on

7. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Census
Canadian Genealogy and history Census of canada, 1901 National Archives database which allows you online census for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and alberta from the
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
1901 Census - Doukhobor Village Index This online index provides census details for each Doukhobor village enumerated in the 1901 Canada Census. Researchers can use this index to identify and locate Doukhobor villages in the original census schedule.
1901 Census of Canada Microfilms
Includes the National Archives of Canada and LDS film numbers. All Provinces and Territories. Prefaced by a description of the information included in the census.
Canadian Families
A collaborative research project by 11 scholars in 5 Canadian universities studying families in Canada, and compiling a national sample of the 1901 Census of Canada.
Census Links - Canada
Links to web sites containing Canadian census information.
Census of Canada, 1901
National Archives database which allows you to search by geographic location. As these are copies of the original records, they are not searchable by family name.
Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906

8. Canada - Catholic Church Local History And Ancestors Genealogy Research
Guiding links for genealogical and historical research of Catholic Churches and Catholic ancestors in canada. 9645 108th Ave. - Edmonton, alberta, canada T5H 1A3 Phone (780) 424-5496 More
Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy
... Alta Vista Translations
To translate a web site to English/French/German/ Spanish/Portuguese, visit this link, and enter the web site address (URL):
Traductions De Alta Vista More [General
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Rediscovering, Recognizing and Celebrating the Spiritual Heritage of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples - A Pastoral Message to the Native Peoples of Canada, from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, May 11, 1999. Do you have a site link suggestion?
Return to: [

SA Cyberguide is A Directory of Canadian Catholic Parishes and Chanceries.
Select Geographic Province
Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia New Brunswick ...
The Catholic Church in Canada
with MAP The Military Ordinariate in Canada - CCCB/CECC informational site Eastern-Rite Catholic Church in Canada See also the CCCB/CECC page for Oriental Rites in Canada
  • Archeparchy of Winnipeg Manitoba ) (Ukrainian Byzantine) [est. Ordinariate of Canada in 1912; ap. ex. of Central Canada in 1948; ap. ex of Manitoba in 1951; archeparchy of Winnipeg in 1956]

9. Alberta: How The West Was Young
aspects of alberta’s early history through images is, and optimism for the alberta that will canada s Digital Collection Leaf Logo This digital collection was
Alberta: How the
West was Young
Read Listen
Help Archaeology and
First Nations and Métis

Fur Trade and Mission History


Email Us Feedback
Heritage Community Foundation
History for your ears, eyes and mind!
The Heritage Community Foundation is proud to provide a dynamic new platform to help make Alberta's history come alive for everyone ! Explore aspects of Alberta’s early history through images, text and CKUA Radio Network’s Heritage Trails . We hope that your experience fosters new understanding of the Alberta that was , a new appreciation for the Alberta that is , and optimism for the Alberta that will be This digital collection was produced under contract to Canada's Digital Collections program, Industry Canada, by the Heritage Community Foundation Please join us here, in Phase One, as we discover Alberta's Early History by selecting the theme you'd like to explore: , or . Watch soon for Phase Two! Themes include Settlement, Immigration and Early Rural Life in the Province.

10. Canadian History
Across the Generations A history of the Chinese in canada AFN Youth Digitization Web Project Albersak 1905 Retour dans le passé alberta Inventors and
Subject Index - Canadian History
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1880's Newfoundland - A Pictorial

25 ans de l'ACFA régionale de Centralta et l'histoire du corridor historique francophone du Nord de l'Alberta (Les)

Abbé François Lanoue (L') : mémoire vivante de Lanaudière

Acadian Historic Atlas
Asbestos, une histoire minière et syndicale depuis plus de cent ans

- B -
B.C. Archives: Amazing Time Machine

Banking our History: Building Bridges to the Future

Becoming Canadian: Pioneer Sikhs in Their Own Words

Black History
... Bush Flying - C - Canada at the Millennium: A Transcultural Society Canada Heirloom Series Canada in the Making, Early Canadiana Online Canada Speaks ... Cyber-Milieu Fransaskois (Le) : L'espace-temps des francophones de la Saskatchewan - D - Deux mille ans sur deux continents Discover Canada's Geoscience Heritage (through photo images) Discovering the Ancient House Diving for a Sunken Canadian Treasure: Rediscovering the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke ... Dr. J. S. Helmcken: Pioneer Doctor and Legislator - E - East to West: The Story of Japanese Settlement in Southern Alberta Enchanted Gardens Enigme du Vaisseau-fantôme (L') : une légende acadienne Explorers of New France (The) ... Expositons virtuelles d'Expomédiatour - F - Famous 5 (The) Fédération des parents francophones de l'Alberta (La) Fêtes traditionnelles chez les Acadiens de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard (Les) First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics ... Flying Boat Era, 1937-1945

11. Canadian Chronology
woman combat soldier when she graduated from Canadian Forces Base Wainwright, in alberta. 1992 · October was declared Women s history Month in canada.
Return to WASH
Canadian Chronology
Women of European heritage were encouraged to become teachers, although their salaries were half those paid to their male counterparts. Dr. Emily Howard Stowe was born on May 1, near Brantford, Ontario. A teacher and physician, she later became the first woman principal in Canada. Because of the need for teachers, more women than ever before were allowed into Normal Schools, the teacher training institutions. Universities in the Maritime provinces were the first to admit women as students: Mount Allison in New Brunswick in 1862, Acadia University in Nova Scotia in 1880, and Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia in 1881. 50% of Canada's teachers were women. Grace Annie Lockhart was awarded a bachelor's degree in Science and English Literature from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, the first degree awarded to a woman in Canada and in the British Empire. Dr.Jennie Trout returned to Canada from the United States with a medical degree, becoming the first licensed woman physician in Canada. The first kindergarten, established as part of a public school system, was opened in the Louisa Street School in Toronto. Ada Marean was the teacher of the class of 80 children. She had seven teachers-in-training assisting her.

12. WASH Home Page
Greetings from the Regina branch of WASH (Women in alberta and Saskatchewan history). October is Women s history Month in canada, and in celebration we invite
Women's History Month 1995
Greetings from the Regina branch of WASH (Women in Alberta and Saskatchewan History)
October is Women's History Month in Canada, and in celebration we invite you to browse through our Web Site and try the quiz! One of our members, Ann Leger-Anderson, has compiled a bibliography of selected books and articles relating to " Women in Education ," which is this year's theme for Women's History Month. We hope you will find something of interest to you. We have also listed several other Web Sites which relate to women's history in general. We are: Elizabeth Kalmakoff Ann Leger-Anderson Connie Maguire Natalie Ostryzniuk James M. Pitsula Queries or comments are welcome. Kindly contact either: Ann Leger-Anderson Elizabeth Kalmakoff Department of History Saskatchwan Archives Board University of Regina University of Regina Regina, Saskatchewan Regina, Saskatchwan phone: 1-306-585-4217 phone: 1-306-787-3867 e-mail:
Leaders, Scholars, Mentors: The History of Women and Education
A Canadian Chronology
Other sites of interest

13. Smoky Lake History Archive
Welcome!! Here you ll find information on the history of an area of alberta, canada along the North Saskatchewan River. Archaeological

14. Alberta, Canada Genealogy Links: Genealogy In Alberta.
Deaths, Cemeteries and Obituaries Big Lakes GenWeb Burtonsville Historical Society Canadian Genealogy and history Links alberta Cold Lake
First Name
Last Name
1901 Canadian Census

1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces

A Line in the Sand

AHDP: Local and Alberta Histories Home Page
Genealogy Chat Room

Please join us in our all surnames chat room. Should you spot a broken link please take a second and let me know. If you know of a great page let me know and I will add a link. But most important: Just Genealogy Top Sites Just Genealogy Link Exchange Canadian Genealogy Message Board The Brick Walls Message Board

15. WWW-VL History Index - Canada
Museums Virtual Museum of canada; Canadian Museum of Civilization; Canadian War Museum; Provincial Museum of alberta Human history. Timelines canada Historical
WWW-VL History: Canadian History
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  • 16. WWW-VL History Index - Canada
    Women in canada; Symbol of a Profession One Hundred Years of Nurses Caps; Making history, Building Futures Women of the 20th Century; Women in alberta and
    WWW-VL History: Canadian History
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  • 17. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Alberta : History And Politics, Canada (Canadian Politic reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on alberta history and Politics, Canadian Political Geography.
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 06, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Canadian Political Geography ... Alberta
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z A
    Alberta, Canadian Political Geography
    Related Category: Canadian Political Geography Alberta u Pronunciation Key History and Politics Alberta was originally part of the vast territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company by King Charles II in 1670, and its early history was dominated by the fur trade. The first European known to have reached (1754) present-day Alberta was Anthony Hendon of the Hudson's Bay Company. There was also much exploration of the region by the Montreal-based North West Company, which merged with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821. Traders arrived from the upper Great Lakes before Sir Alexander Mackenzie crossed (1793) the region on his way to the Pacific. In 1794 a Hudson's Bay Company fort was built at the site of present-day Edmonton. Destroyed by natives in 1807, it was rebuilt 12 years later and for 50 years thereafter served traders and missionaries within a wide radius. The area remained under the control of the Hudson's Bay Company until 1870 when it was sold to the newly created confederation of Canada. In 1874 the Northwest Mounted Police established Fort Macleod in S Alberta, and the following year they built a log fort on the site of present-day Calgary. An act of 1882 created four administrative divisions from the Northwest Territories, and one was named Alberta in honor of Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, whose husband was then governor-general of Canada.

    18. P.M.A.: Western Canadian History
    The Provincial Museum of alberta, Western Canadian history Program, 12845102 Avenue, Edmonton, alberta, T5N 0M6, canada Phone (780) 453-9176 (Jane Ross).
    The Provincial Museum of Alberta
    Human History
    Western Canadian History
    The mandate of the Western Canadian History program is to research, collect, preserve and provide long term care for all material relating to work history, recreation and home life in the post-contact era. The Western Canadian History program's collections include artifacts relating to women's history, childhood studies, the province's primary and secondary industries, sports and recreation, trades and professions, and fine and decorative arts.
    For further information, select:
    or contact us at:
    The Provincial Museum of Alberta,
    Western Canadian History Program,
    12845-102 Avenue,
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 0M6, Canada

    Phone: (780) 453-9176 (Jane Ross) Phone: (780) 453-9123 (Cathy Roy) Fax: E-mail:
    PMA Home Page Human History
    Last Review/Update - August 21 2002

    19. History Of Kananaskis Alberta Canada
    history of Kananaskis, alberta, canada presented by Johnnie Bachusky, freelance Canmore writer and photographer.
    vacation travel guide and business directory
    Directory History Pages Kananaskis ...
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    About Canmore
    Census (2001)

    Canmore Event Calendar

    Canmore Maps

    Ski/Road Reports

    Bed and Breakfast

    Canmore Hotels
    Canmore Motels Canmore Vacation Rentals Activities Canmore Area Golf Guide Canmore Fishing Guide Canmore Hiking Guide Canmore Ski Guide Features Chatting in the Rockies Canmore Postcards Guest Book Canmore Real Estate Canmore Real Estate Agents Canmore Real Estate Brokers Canmore Real Estate Developers Property Management ... Businesses for Sale Resources Employment Please Select... Home Web Mail Login Free e-Cards Photo Galleries Fishing Guide Golf Guide Hiking Guide Ski Guide Weather Events Directory Accommodation Activities Arts Bars Churches Education Employment Health Organizations Publications Real Estate Restaurants Services Shopping - Members - Stats Newsletter Map of Canmore Map of Canmore in Canada Historical Photo Gallery Canmore History ... Kananaskis Country History of Kananaskis, Alberta From pioneer quests to faded dreams and Olympic glory, Kananaskis Valley is a place of legends

    20. Canmore Alberta Canada Photo, Virtual Tour And Webcam Gallery
    Canmore alberta canada is a picturesque travel destination located Kananaskis and the local Canadian Rockies scenery, wildlife, history, activities and
    Canmore Alberta Canada vacation travel guide and business directory

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    Canmore Home Page

    Website Design, Hosting and Advertising
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    Please Select... Home Web Mail Login Free e-Cards Photo Galleries Fishing Guide Golf Guide Hiking Guide Ski Guide Weather Events Directory Accommodation Activities Arts Bars Churches Education Employment Health Organizations Publications Real Estate Restaurants Services Shopping - Members - Stats Newsletter
    Canmore Alberta Canada is a picturesque travel destination located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. While visiting Canmore, be sure to bring your camera for the many photographic opportunities you will encounter as you explore this beautiful mountain resort. We are pleased to offer you Canmore's only live webcam image of the Three Sisters Mountain Range, the Banff Gondola's live Sulphur Mountain webcam, and a selection of pictures of Canmore, Banff, Kananaskis and the local Canadian Rockies scenery, wildlife, history, activities and events you can plan on experiencing during your next vacation or business trip to our wonderful community.
    Photographic Impressions

    by Ingo Kalk

    A selection of wonderful scenery and lifestyle images.

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