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         Agriculture & The Environment Index:     more detail
  1. Are arthropod communities in cotton really disrupted? An assessment of insecticide regimes and evaluation of the beneficial disruption index [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by S. Mansfield, M.L. Dillon, et all 2006-04-01
  2. Testing the Norwegian phosphorus index at the field and subcatchment scale [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by M.E. Bechmann, P. Stalnacke, et all 2007-05-01
  3. Assessing land-use in olive groves from aerial photographs [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by J. Pena-Barragan, M. Jurado-Exposito, et all 2004-06-01
  4. Estimating yields of tropical maize genotypes from non-destructive, on-farm plant morphological measurements [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by P. Tittonell, B. Vanlauwe, et all 2005-01-01
  5. Long-term fertilization effects on grain yield, water-use efficiency and soil fertility in the dryland of Loess Plateau in China [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by T. Fan, B.A. Stewart, et all 2005-04-30
  6. Effects of land-use intensification on soil carbon and ecosystem services in Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) landscapes of southeast Queensland, Australia ... Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by S.J. Collard, C. Zammit, 2006-11-01
  7. Soil quality response to long-term nutrient and crop management on a semi-arid Inceptisol [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by R.E. Masto, P.K. Chhonkar, et all 2007-01-01
  8. Assessing soil chemical and physical property responses to deforestation and subsequent cultivation in smallholders farming system in Ethiopia [An article ... Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by M. Lemenih, E. Karltun, et all 2005-01-01
  9. Mapping paddy rice agriculture in southern China using multi-temporal MODIS images [An article from: Remote Sensing of Environment] by X. Xiao, S. Boles, et all 2005-04-30
  10. Mapping paddy rice agriculture in South and Southeast Asia using multi-temporal MODIS images [An article from: Remote Sensing of Environment] by X. Xiao, S. Boles, et all
  11. Dekker Agropedia Index
  12. Using the Agricultural, Environmental, and Food Literature (Books in Library and Information Science)
  13. Rural Energy and the Third World: A Review of Social Science Research and Technology Policy Problems by Andrew Barnett, 1983-01

1. Agriculture Resources
Search for educational information and links in over 50 categories. out the index for an overview) and offers information on the farming community, farming and the environment, farm
Agriculture Resources
A B C D ... K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
AgNews offers everything from breaking news (with archives) to research and education to a Texas treasure hunt. The site includes two dozen categories of interesting information and links, with entries like nutrition, forestry, wildlife, and veterinary medicine in addition to ag economics and ag education. A great resource.
Numerous agriculture links related to farms, ranches, markets, associations, research, weather, plus the invitation to "skip the serious stuff and go straight to Mr. Potato Head." (We recommend it!)
@griculture Online
If you're on the farming front lines, this is your site. Many partnerships have helped this site's publishers develop a huge repository of information, with weather updates, for sale listings, tons of technology plus Crop Scouting Talk ("How's your winter wheat look?"), Cattle Offerings Worldwide (COW!), much more.
Agricultural Research Service
This U.S. Department of Agriculture agency has put together an attractive site explaining their function and including "news and information" and good links.

2. University Of Maryland, Agriculture And Environment Resource
agriculture and environment Resources. IMG SRC="/Pictures/Bullets/arrows/arrow_red2 Agricultural and Related Information index. EINET Galaxy's agriculture Directory. NetVet WWW
Agriculture and Environment Resources
UMD Academic Programs and Research Groups Related to Ag/Env
National Dairy Database
Search Dairy Mailist (dairy-l)
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Food Composition Data ...
AgDB , an agriculture database and information-system directory.
Agrigator's Agricultural and Related Information: INDEX
EINET Galaxy's Agriculture Directory
A collection of Internet Resources related to the veterinary medical profession. You will also find a large collection of information about various animal species.
Not Just Cows
A guide to Internet/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture and Related Sciences (HTML) version.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library's Agriculture Collection
Yahoo's Science: Agriculture Directory
A collection of Internet Resources related to the veterinary medical profession. You will also find a large collection of information about various animal species.
The WWW Virtual Library's Environment Collection
Yahoo's Environment and Nature Directory College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Interdepartmental Graduate Programs

3. FirstGov – Citizen Gateway – Environment, Energy And Agriculture
By Organization ». AZ Agency index. Federal Executive Home Citizens Topics environment, Energy and agriculture. environment, Energy agriculture
Skip to Content Skip to Government Search Skip to By Orgainzation Skip to Contact Your Government ... Skip to Reference Center Search
in Federal Only All States One State Advanced Home About Us Site Map ... Topics Environment, Energy and Agriculture On this Page Environment and Natural Resources General Environment Environmental Health and Quality Environmental Maps, Research and Statistics Forestry Water, Oceans and Fisheries

4. Site Index: Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada Online (AAFC Online)
Site index. ManureNet; National environment Strategy for agriculture andAgriFood; National Land and Water Information Service;
@import "/css/import_styles.css";
Travel and Hospitality

Expense Reports

Canadian weather
Site Index
About AAFC Agencies, Crown Corporations Co-operatives Databases ...

5. Agriculture And The Environment - Legislation
All of agriculture and Agri Food Canada s environmental assesments are listedon the Federal Environmental Assessment index found at the Canadian
The federal government is or will be responsible for the implementation of a number of key pieces of environmental legislation, including the Canadian Environment Assessment Act (CEAA), the Canadian Environment Protection Act (CEPA), and the proposed Species-At-Risk Act (SARA). In general, the objectives of these laws are to conserve Canada's environmental resources and minimize public health risks caused by environmental degradation and pollution. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) Environmental assessment (EA) is an important tool to ensure that environmental concerns are addressed in project proposals, by reviewing their environmental implications, and by making informed decisions on how to proceed with the projects. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act was first implemented on January 19, 1995, replacing the Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Process Guidelines Order that had been in place since 1984. It requires federal authorities, such as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), to subject certain projects to environmental assessments where they are the proponent, administrator of the land involved, contributing funds, or have a regulatory responsibility that has been identified in CEAA's Regulations. To implement the Act, AAFC has guideline materials tailored to its operations. The coordination of implementation issues are addressed through an interbranch committee of EA coordinators that is chaired by the Environment Bureau. The Environment Bureau plays the lead role in providing departmental input to the

6. Food And Environment
Watch UCS urges USDA to delay decision on GE bentgrass pending review of environmentalrisks. Activist Update Victories for sustainable agriculture in 2003.
U.S. Crop Seeds Contaminated

Support Antibiotic Resistance Legislation

Burger King: Make It Our Way!

New UCS report: Gone to Seed: Transgenic Contaminants in the Traditional Seed Supply
Congress introduces bipartisan legislation to phase out overuse of animal antibiotics

A guide to common meat labels
Sign the Consumer Pledge to Reduce Antibiotic Use ... National Academies report on bioconfinement of genetically engineered organisms Activist Update: Victories for sustainable agriculture in 2003
Pharm and Industrial Crops

A Rogue's Photo Gallery of Foodborne Illnesses

Genetically Engineered Foods Allowed on the Market
Biotechnology Archive
Our goal is to create a food system that encourages innovative and environmentally sustainable ways to produce high-quality, safe, and affordable food, while ensuring that citizens have a voice in how their food is grown. [ more We focus on: Antibiotic Resistance Preserving life-saving antibiotics by eliminating their unnecessary use on farm animals. Biotechnology Strengthening federal oversight of genetically engineered products for food and agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Promoting an economically sound food system that produces abundant and affordable food, clean water and air, and diverse landscapes and habitats.

7. Soils And Environment: Index
Hills region. Soil is in a dynamic equilibrium. It is always changingas a result of its interaction with the environment. As wind
What is Soil?
Soil Formation
Soil Classification

Soil Physics

Soil Chemistry

Living Soil
Soil Zones

Soils were considered as a natural body by Russian and US scientists in the late 1800s. This allowed scientists to study and classify soils with the objective of trying to understand soil formation from an environmental perspective. They recognized that soils were formed by weathering of surface deposits or "parent materials" by processes that were
  • physical;
  • chemical; and
  • biological. The concept of soil forming factors allows scientists to understand and classify soils more clearly. Parent Materials Soils are formed by weathering of "parent materials". These materials have many origins such as bedrock surfaces, aolian (wind blown), lacustrine (from glacial lake beds), alluvium (river) and organic (peat) deposits. Many of our soils have been developing since the last ice age - some 10 thousand years ago. The advance and retreat of glaciers ivolved most of the province except for the highlands associated with Cypress Hills region. Soil is in a dynamic equilibrium. It is always changing as a result of its interaction with the environment. As wind and water erode particles from the surface of the profile, weathering produces more soil from the parent material. If loss of soil by erosion exceeds the production of new soil by weathering then catastophic consequences can occur as seen in the "dirty thirties".
  • 8. Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Genetic Modification (GM) - GM Dialogue
    Reports by the agriculture and environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC) are available(via Defra web site at
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    Environmental protection
    Home Contact Defra About Defra News ... Genetic Modification (GM)
    GM Dialogue
    Navigation (GM) GM (Genetic Modification) index Latest News Introduction EU and International ... Links The Government's detailed written response to the findings of the GM Dialogue was published on 9 March 2004. The Secretary of State also made a statement to Parliament on GM policy (a News Release has also been issued) The GM Dialogue arose from a recommendation by the Government's strategic advisory body in this area, the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC), in their report 'Crops on Trial' published in 2001. There were three interlinked strands of dialogue:
    • the public debate a review of the scientific issues a study into the overall costs and benefits of GM crops The public GM debate "GM Nation?", launched on 3 June 2003, overseen by an independent steering board chaired by Professor Malcolm Grant, chair of the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC). Further details are available on the "GM Nation?" web site -

    9. Environmental Benefits
    years ago when improved hybrid seeds spurred an earlier revolution in agriculture. toplant biotechnology to boost production while preserving the environment.

    10. 34-Phosphorus Management For Agriculture And The Environment
    resolution, is searchable, and includes an index and PowerPoint Lesson 34 PhosphorusManagement for agriculture and the environment Andrew Sharpley and
    These lessons are optimized for web viewing and therefore may not have adequate resolution for quality printing. The LPES Curriculum CD available from MWPS contains all lessons at print quality resolution, is searchable, and includes an index and PowerPoint presentations for each lesson. A full, printed version is available as is a 2-CD set of the lessons in PageMaker format. For more information or to purchase LPES materials, contact MWPS by phone at 1-800-562-3618, by fax at 1-515-294-9589, or by e-mail at For prices and to order on line just click on the Order Products button.
    Lesson 34: Phosphorus Management for Agriculture and the Environment -Andrew Sharpley and Ron Sheffield
    Intended Outcomes
    The participants will
    • Recognize the role of phosphorus (P) in controlling eutrophication.
    • Identify what happens to P in soil when it is added via manure and fertilizer.
    • Learn what practical farming measures can be used to minimize P loss.
    • Target cost-beneficial best management practices, understand how water moves within a landscape, and learn where large sources of P exist.
    • Review innovative products and measures being developed to help producers manage P.

    11. Biotechnology In Food And Agriculture
    A halfday roundtable organised as part of the Geneva environment Network Roundtables byFAO, the International Federation of Organic agriculture Movements and

    12. Biological Diversity In Food And Agriculture
    agriculture therefore provides incentives to preserve areas such as hedgerows aquacultureprovides incentives to protect the aquatic environment from adverse
    How does Biodiversity benefit natural and agricultural ecosystems?
    PRODUCTIVITY: Conservation and management of broad-based genetic diversity within domesticated species have been improving agricultural production for 10,000 years, however diverse natural populations have been providing food and other products for much longer. A wide range of species provides many thousands of products through agriculture and from the harvest of natural populations. High production levels are sustained through maximising the beneficial impact of ecosystem services for agricultural, modified and natural ecosystems. ADAPTATION: A diverse range of organisms contributes to the resilience of agricultural and natural ecosystems, their capacity to recover from environmental stress and their ability to evolve. Informed adaptive management of agricultural and natural biodiversity, above and below ground and under water secures sustained production. MAINTENANCE OF ECOSYSTEM FUNCTIONS: Essential functions such as nutrient cycling, decomposition of organic matter, crusted or degraded soil rehabilitation, pest and disease regulation, water quality, and pollination are maintained by a wide range of biologically diverse populations in natural ecosystems and in and near agricultural ecosystems. Maintaining this diversity of species and building on and enhancing ecosystem functions reduces external input requirements by increased nutrient availability, improved water use and soil structure, and natural control of pests.

    13. Nat'l Academies Press, Sustainable Agriculture And The Environment In The Humid
    79, 103, 148 Poverty alleviation programs, 76, 145 index debt burden selection ofland uses, 146150 enabling environment for sustainable agriculture, 15-16
    Read more than 3,000 books online FREE! More than 900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP ... ORDERING INFO Items in cart [0] TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 800-624-6242
    Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment in the Humid Tropics
    Board on Agriculture ( BOA
    Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xii Contents, pp. xiii-xvi Executive Summary, pp. 1-18 Part One, pp. 19-20 1 Agriculture and the Environment in the Humid Tropics, pp. 21-65 2 Sustainable Land Use Options , pp. 66-137 3 Technological Imperatives for Change, pp. 138-158 4 Policy-Related Imperatives for Change, pp. 159-191 References, pp. 192-214 Appendix: Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Tropical Defore..., pp. 215-260 Part Two: Country Profiles, pp. 261-264 Brazil, pp. 265-351 Indonesia, pp. 393-439 Malaysia, pp. 440-482 Mexico, pp. 483-548 The Philippines, pp. 549-624 Zaire, pp. 625-658 Glossary, pp. 659-674 Authors, pp. 675-678 Index, pp. 679-704 GO TO PAGE:




    CHAPTER PAGE SEARCH THIS BOOK: PURCHASE OPTIONS HARDBACK list: web: Find More Like This Chapter Related Books: Biodiversity (1988) Toward Sustainability: A Plan for Collaborative Research on Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (1991) Other Related Books CHAPTER SELECTOR: Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xii

    14. Departments And Agencies | Canada Site
    A to Z index. and Technology Museum Corporation Canada agriculture Museum; Canada Commissionerof the environment and Sustainable Development; Communications
    Departments and Agencies
    This comprehensive list provides direct links to the primary Web sites of Government of Canada departments, agencies and Crown corporations, as well as links to Web sites maintained by organizations for which various departments and agencies are responsible. If the name of the organization you are looking for is not listed, try consulting the Population Affiliation Report . It contains information on all current Government of Canada departments, agencies, Crown corporations and special operating agencies, and also includes a listing of organizations that no longer exist or that have been privatized. A B C D ... J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Canadian Rural Partnership
  • Co-operatives Secretariat
  • Fish and Seafood On-line ...
  • Auditor General of Canada, Office of the
  • Bank of Canada
  • Bank Notes
  • Currency Museum
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • Canada Business Service Centres
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA)
  • see Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • see Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
  • Canada Firearms Centre ...
  • Parc Downsview Park Inc.
  • 15. UMBI Homepage
    Specializing in biotechnology research in order to improve human health, marine environment, agriculture and protein development. Explains in detail about the purpose of each of the five research centers. Includes news releases and education outreach project information.
    April 26 - Congratulations - ASM Recognizes UMBI President Hunter-Cevera with USFCC/J. Roger Porter Award March 5 - News - COMB Welcomes New Faculty Member to Crab Research Program March 3 - Obituary - UMBI Mourns Passing of Richard "Dick" Neville CARB II Construction - Live WebCam more news ...
    2003 Annual Report

    16. UF/IFAS EDIS Homepage
    Printable handbooks from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences on production agriculture, natural resources and the environment, forestry, veterinary medicine, and rural development. Topics include crops, animals, organics, pest control, food safety, beekeeping, ornamental horticulture, lawns and home gardening.
    EDIS Homepage
    Online Publications

    Topic Areas

    Department Collections

    Advanced Search
    Frequent Users

    EDIS is the Florida Cooperative Extension's Electronic Data Information Source: Information and educational materials on issues such as sustainable agriculture, competitiveness in world markets, natural resource conservation, energy conservation, food safety, child and family development, consumer credit counseling, and youth development.
    Find information by searching or browsing the database, or learn more by asking or linking to other resources. These functions are available from the Online Publications page, which is highlighted in orange in the navigation bars. Frequent EDIS users may find the tools and resources gathered on the Frequent Users page to be useful. The current issues listed below have more in-depth articles on the Current Issues page.
    NEW Sudden Oak Death [more]

    [more] ... Help This page is maintained by EDIS technical staff . Last updated on May 6, 2004

    17. Society Of Chemical Industry
    Organised by the agriculture and environment Group, the visit to three farms includesone specialising in thatching straw, and another with a thriving wildlife

    18. Centre For The Study Of Agriculture, Food And Environment: Research
    Organics Group ( http// International Federation of OrganicAgriculture Movements ( http//www ) Biological
    The Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment is affiliated with New Zealand and the Pacific in Global Context , a research theme at the University of Otago.
    The researchers affiliated to CSAFE have conducted a wide range of research on socio-economic issues surrounding new 'sustainable' systems of food production, grower/farmer behaviour, trade/regulatory, and retail/consumer trends in relation to food products, food safety and environmental outcomes.
    Evaluating the adoption and development of organic and Integrated Pest Management systems.
    Through the Public Good Science Fund, the government has funded ongoing evaluation of new systems of production like organic and IPM food production. These evaluations have taken the form of regional studies, industry case studies, and evaluations of the total organic industry in New Zealand. These studies have included: These studies have outlined the varied ways in which organic or Integrated Pest Management systems have been used to incorporate sustainable agriculture principles into food production.
    One theme of recent research has been the kinds of decisions made by producers regarding new production systems and the barriers to adoption of new systems. In previous years this has been directed at comparisons between conventional, organic and IPM systems. In 2000 ongoing research is evaluating the potential adoption of GM and organic technologies by conventional farmers.

    19. Peace Corps | Learn About Peace Corps | Who Serves In Peaces Corps? | College St
    in areas such as youth development, health and HIV/ AIDS, business development andinformation technology, agriculture and the environment, and skilled trades.

    20. California Department Of Food And Agriculture > Subject Index
    Rate Our Web Site. Contact Us. My CA CDFA. Subject index for the California Departmentof Food and agriculture. agriculture and the environment, Office of
    California Home CDFA Home Doing Business with CDFA Site Map ... Contact Us
    My CA CDFA
    Subject Index for the California Department of Food and Agriculture CDFA Subjects are listed below alphabetically (Select the letter for each section) A B C D ... Z Subject Division Name and Link Phone Number Acidophilus Milk Milk and Dairy Food Safety Acidophilus Milk License Milk and Dairy Food Safety Africanized Bees Pest Detection/Emergency Projects Agricultural Commodity Programs Marketing Branch Agriculture and the Environment Office of Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship Animal Damage Control USDA/APHIS Wildlife Service Animal Movement Restrictions/Permits Animal Health Branch Animal Nutrition Your Local Veterinary Practitioner Animal Pests and Weeds (Ferrets, Rodents, Hydrilla) Integrated Pest Control Apiary (Bees, Beehives, Certification, Diseases, Swarms)

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