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         Africa International Civil Rights:     more books (100)
  1. Emigration Dynamics of Developing Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa (Emigration Dynamics in Developing Countries , Vol 1)
  2. Financing Public Services in the New South Africa. (International Horizons).(adapted from article in)(La Follette Policy Report): An article from: Government Finance Review by Andrew Reschovsky, Howard Chernick, 2001-12-01
  3. Partitioned Africans: Ethnic Relations Across Africa's International Boundaries, 1884-1984
  4. The Politics of Race and International Sport: The Case of South Africa (Studies in Human Rights) by Richard Edward Lapchick, 1975-04-22
  5. Prohibited Persons: Abuse of Undocumented Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees in South Africa by Human Rights Watch Africa, 1998-03-01
  6. Words Into Action: Basic Rights and the Campaign Against Global Poverty
  7. Human Rights in Africa: Cross-Cultural Perspectives by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'Im, 1990-09
  8. Cultural Transformation and Human Rights in Africa
  9. Protecting Human Rights in Africa: Roles and Strategies of Non-Governmental Organizations (Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights) by Claude E., Jr. Welch, 1995-12
  10. White Wealth and Black Poverty: American Investments in Southern Africa (Studies in Human Rights) by Barbara Rogers, Center, 1976-07-30
  11. All Africa symposium on HIV/Aids and human rights for lgbts: lgbt stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender--people.: An article from: Sister Namibia by Madelene Isaacks, 2004-03-01
  12. International Law and Conflicts: Resolving Border and Sovereignty Disputes in Africa by Justice M. Mbuh, 2004-05-05
  13. South Africa: Human Rights and the Rule of Law
  14. The Comoros, Rwanda and Libya lead the way/les Comores, la Libye et le Rwanda en tete de peloton Les droits de la femme sont des droits humains.: An article from: Our Rights by Mary Wandia, 2004-01-01

1. African Studies - Human Rights
international Organizations. Human rights and Governance in africa. A. B. C Press Conference of Human rights and civil Society Groups Who Visited Odi, Bayelsa State, December 8, 1999
International Organizations
Human Rights and Governance in Africa
A B C D ... W
  • ActionAid on Africa (London, UK)
  • AfricaFiles (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
      This web site offers current human rights and economic justice news edited by volunteers and based on reports from UN agencies, NGOs, US State Department, and other sources; plus, editorials, discussions, organizational links, etc. There is also an e-mail service. "[Launched in 2002 by] Economic Rights in Southern Africa group of the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa (ICCAF), which is now a part of KAIROS-Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, and the Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa (TCLSAC) which, for more than 20 years, published the Southern Africa Report (SAR)."
    • At Issue
        "A forum for topical collections on current programmes such as human rights and NEPAD

    • Africa Pulse (See SANGONet below)
        "Africa Pulse is an information portal for the Civil Society sector in the Southern African Development Community."

2. ASIL Electronic Resource Guide Human Rights
headings HUMAN rights; civil rights or civil rights (international LAW). Some books on human rights cataloged before http// This site does not offer too much
Human Rights
Marci Hoffman
Brief History

Other Relevant Sites

I. Introduction
This chapter will attempt to provide a guide to the ever expanding area of international human rights law. The focus will be on the electronic sources available for this topic, regardless of the format (CD-ROM, the Web, and commercial online services). This chapter will include general tips for doing research as well as for locating necessary documents and materials. The scope of this chapter will encompass both primary and secondary sources (including documents from non-governmental organizations). The emphasis will be on English-language materials, but the availability of resources in other languages is noted. II. Brief History
The concepts of humanitarian intervention, self-determination, and providing relief to the wounded and other victims of armed conflicts can be viewed as the roots of human rights law. Modern international human rights law dates from World War II and its aftermath. The United Nations Charter (, signed June 26, 1945, sought to acknowledge the importance of human rights and established it as a matter of international concern.

3. Civil Liberties And Civil Rights: General
1995, draft report; South africa Human rights Centre for international and ComparativeHuman rights civil rights, Discrimination and You Maryland State Bar

by Offices of the U.S. House
by one of its successor sites:
Internet Law Library
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: General

4. International League Of Human Rights
The international League for Human rights has worked to keep human of a just and civil society in their homelands also contributes to the africa Commission and the Organization
228 E 45th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-661-0480
Fax: 212-661-0416

The International League for Human Rights has worked to keep human rights at the forefront of international affairs and to give meaning and effect to the human rights values enshrined in international human rights treaties and conventions. The League's special mission for 62 years has been defending individual human rights advocateswho have risked their lives to promote the ideals of a just and civil society in their homelands. April 2, 2004, Geneva- In a joint briefing during the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, ILHR and Human Rights Watch addressed the urgent human rights crisis in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

October 31, 2003, New York-

5. Web Resources: Civil Society And Human Rights
Amnesty international 2000 Reports africa http// CivilLiberties Organization, Yaba, Lagos http//
Civil Society and Human Rights Compiled By Peter P. Ekeh, Ph.D.
State University of New York at Buffalo

SECTIONS Select a Section. Click at it.
Africa-wide Interests Environmental Matters Nigerian Governments Nigerian Media ... African Women
Access to Justice (AJ)

African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)
African Human Rights Organizations (From AFRONET) AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS RESOURCE CENTER (University of Minnesota) African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Amnesty International 2000 Reports: Africa Centre for Law Enforcement Education (CLEEN) Children and Armed Conflict Unit

6. African American Activist And Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin
at age 75 after spending more than 20 years working on international civil and humanrights issues involving people in Vietnam, South africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe
Bayard Rustin • Was chief coordinator and strategist for the march • Was widely recognized pacifist and socialist • Mobilizer of marches and protests in desegregation efforts for decades • Died in 1987 at age 75 after spending more than 20 years working on international civil and human rights issues involving people in Vietnam, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Grenada and El Salvador Bayard Rustin was active in the struggle for human rights and economic Justice for over 50 years Born in 1912, he was reared in West Chester, Pennsylvania where he excelled as a student, athlete and musician. He attended Wilberforce University, Cheyney State College, the City College of New York, and the London School of Economics, earning tuition at odd jobs and singing professionally with Josh White's Carolinians and Leadbelly. A Quaker, Mr. Rustin placed his religious conviction above his musical interests, and in 1941 began a long association with the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). Serving as its Race Relations Secretary, he toured the country conducting Race Relations Institutes designed to facilitate communication and understanding between racial groups. He was active in A. Philip Randolph

7. Civil Liberties And Civil Rights: General Law: Internet Law Library
international Covenant on civil and Political rights (July 1994) Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) (abortion) Romania Constitution title 2, chapter II (Fundamental rights africa Bill of

8. Civil War In Sierra Leone (Focus On Human Rights), May 2000
international troops " said Peter Takirambudde, Executive Director of the africa division of Human rights human rights, the international community is that human rights is part
Sierra Leone - HRW World Report 2000 HOME SITEMAP SEARCH ... PRESS ARCHIVES Press Releases Sierra Leone Rebels Violating Peace Accord
August 30, 1999
Sierra Leonean Refugee Children Neglected

July 29, 1999
Sierra Leonean Rebels Frustrate Humanitarian Relief

July 21, 1999 UN Must Clarify Position on Sierra Leonean Amnesty
July 12, 1999 UN Role in Peace Deal Condemned
July 8, 1999 Annan Must Reject Amnesty for Sierra Leone Crimes
July 7, 1999 Shocking War Crimes in Sierra Leone
June 24, 1999 Refugees in Guinea Must Be Protected
May 31, 1999 Rebel Atrocities Against Civilians In Sierra Leone May 17, 1999 Parties to Sierra Leone War Urged Not to Recruit Child Soldiers May 4, 1999 More Than 120,000 Child Soldiers Fighting in Africa April 19, 1999 Human Rights Watch Condemns Executions in Sierra Leone October 19, 1998 Sierra Leone Urged to Commute Death Sentences October 16, 1998 New Regime, but Continued Human Rights Violations: Despite Promises, the Use and Abuse of Child Soldiers Continues in Sierra Leone July 29, 1998 Human Rights Watch Condemns Atrocities In Sierra Leone July 29, 1998 Sierra Leone Journalist Assistance Fund Announced May 1, 1998

BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR RESEARCH ON international HUMAN rights LAW. David Weissbrodt and Marci Hoffman(1) A. Compilations of Human rights Instruments. 1. United Nations (U.N.) 2. international Labour Organisation (ILO) 3. U.N. Major Human rights Instruments. 1. international Covenant on civil and Political rights and Optional Protocols The international Law of Human rights in africa Basic Documents and
BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW David Weissbrodt and Marci Hoffman A. Compilations of Human Rights Instruments 1. United Nations (U.N.) 2. International Labour Organisation (ILO) ... 10. Media Services
Human Rights researchers are confronted with growing amounts of materials related to human rights. This bibliography attempts to organize the information and materials into categories in order to ease that burden. While no bibliography can be completely comprehensive, this work attempts to cover the major bodies and sources, including electronic sources such as the Internet. When possible, this bibliography follows the citation forms suggested by The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Harvard Law Review et al. comps., 15th ed. 1991). The citation form for U.N. documents varies from The Bluebook in order to follow the symbol assigned by the U.N. A. COMPILATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS INSTRUMENTS United Nations (U.N.) U.N. Centre for Human Rights, Human Rights: A Compilation of International Instruments , U.N. Doc. ST/HR/1/Rev.5, U.N. Sales No. E.94.XIV.1 (1994).

10. HUMANITAS-INTERNATIONAL Press Freedom - Media Censorship - Freedom Of Expression
human rights watch human rights violations civil liberties human prisoners women shuman rights prisoners humanity international law africa asia americas
Humanitas nova sumus - Somos la Nueva Civilización - Nous sommes la Nouvelle Civilisation - Wir sind die Neue Zivilisation - Anachnu hatarbut hachadasha - We are the new civilization - Wij zijn de Nieuwe Beschaving - Vi er den Nye Civilisation - Vi er den Nye Sivilisasjonen - Nós somos a nova civilização - Siamo la civilizzazione nuova - Bokutachi ga shinbunmei desu - Mi smo Nova Civilizacija - Meie oleme uus tsivilisatsioon - Mõ novaja tsivilisatsija - We are the new civilization - Chung ta la su khai hoa moi cho nen van minh - Tayo ang bagong sibilisasyon - Kita adalah kebudayaan baru - Ni estas la Civilizacio Nova - Nos es le Civilisation Nove - We are the new civilization - Humanitas nova sumus
"A publisher is supposed to furnish a forum for the free play of the intellect, in so far as he possibly can. That is the whole American theory that opinions can be given a means of full expression, and that the public, hearing all of them and considering them all, will eventually approximate a right conclusion. Every profession has its own particular code of ethics, its own morality that its members must adhere to, or they betray it. And a primary element in the morality of a publisher is that he shall not let his own personal views obstruct the way for the full expression of counter-views." Maxwell Perkins, Editor, Scribner's Magazine, 1933

11. Under A Shadow: Civil And Political Rights In Zimbabwe (Human RIghts Watch, June
a direct violation of Zimbabwe’s obligations to uphold freedom of expressionunder the international Covenant on civil and Political rights, to which the

News Releases About HRW Contribute ... Contact Us
Under a Shadow: Civil and Political Rights in Zimbabwe
A Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper June 6, 2003
  • Summary Background Political Violence

    State security forces arrested over 400 activists and other citizens, and many more were violently attacked both by security forces and by ruling party militia. The government deployed large numbers of military personnel to low-income suburbs of Harare and other urban areas. Further, in the run-up to two parliamentary by-elections held on March 29 and 30, the MDC was prevented from undertaking normal campaign activities, and known party activists were detained, beaten and harassed. The reaction of the government and the security forces during these weeks illustrated a clear and systematic repression of MDC activists, which amounted to a criminalization of political affiliation. This report, based on over three weeks of research by Human Rights Watch, finds that Zimbabwe has suffered a serious breakdown in law and order, resulting in major violations of human rights. This environment has been created largely by actions of the ranking government officials and state security forces. State-sponsored violence and repression have expanded their scope both geographically and in terms of targets over the past year. The political violence endemic in the rural areas since 2000 has now become common in urban centers, and those targeted now include non-political actors, including civic organizations and church leaders.

12. SOSIG: Civil Rights Of Racial Groups
Race Native Administration in South africa by Ivan resource, US Department of JusticeCivil rights Division, Browse this resource, international Journal of Human
Civil Rights of Racial Groups Editor: British Library of Political and Economic Science You are here : Home Politics Civil and Political Rights > Civil Rights of Racial Groups
in Politics
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Resource Type Search in whole catalogue current section Top 50 sites in Politics Advanced Search Thesauri Map of the Politics section Browse Related Sections Black and Minority Ethnic People Internet Resources Listed By Type alphabetically Europe UK For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click Bibliographies Up - viser vej til integration af nydanskere, indvandrere, flygtninge, sprogcentre, sprogskoler, etniske minoriteter, tosprogede, udlændinge, asylsøgere, torturoverlevere, andengenerations indvandrere, danskundervisning, flygtningeforeninger, indvandrerforeninger, antiracismeforeninger Books/Book Equivalents Up Black Experience in America Bureaucracy and Race: Native Administration in South Africa by Ivan T. Evans (1997)

13. SOSIG: Civil And Political Rights
and Protection of Human rights in africa Amnesty international. United Kingdom underArticle 40 of the international Covenant on civil and Political
Civil and Political Rights Editor: British Library of Political and Economic Science You are here : Home Politics > Civil and Political Rights
in Politics
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Search in whole catalogue current section Top 50 sites in Politics Advanced Search Thesauri Map of the Politics section Browse Sub-Sections Civil Rights of Racial Groups Civil Rights of Women Browse Related Sections Civil Rights and Civil Law Civil Rights Data Protection Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Law Internet Resources Listed Alphabetically Sort: by resource type Europe UK For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click Editor's Choice (key resources in this subject) Amnesty International Contemporary Political Studies: PSA Annual Conference Papers 1994-2004 Human Rights Watch Working Paper Sites of Political Science All Resources 'Its Time To Open Up' Ten Years After the Genocide in Rwanda: a Christian Aid Report on Government Accountability, Human Rights and Freedom of Speech 1968 in West Germany-A Guide to Sources and Literature 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Poland 21st Century Citizen ... 2004 SOSIG

14. Crime Busters Of South Africa - Civil Rights Messages
Add/View messages under civil rights . Ratting on Rampant Crime in South africa . Theunit has close links with similar international watchdog organisations
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Crime Messages ~ Civil Rights Add/View messages under 'Civil Rights' "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"
ON JUDGE WILLEM HEATH January 8th, 2001

January 8, 2001 The Heath Special Investigations Commission has already recovered almost R1,057-million from fraudulent government officials since it was launched by the country's first black President Nelson Mandela and is the country's only wholly independent watchdog to help keep government officials honest.
The unit has close links with similar international watchdog organisations such as Transparency International, headquartered in Germany; the Global Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington, DC; and others.
It is inconceivable to me that President Thabo Mbeki and his entire cabinet have now launched such a vicious attack on precisely Mr Justice Willem Heath, who is known for his sterling work at head of this commission.
I wish to object most strenuously to Mbeki's vicious attacks against Judge Heath personally and I wholeheartedly support the campaign by Mrs Patricia de Lille, the PAC's chief opposition whip in Parliament, who insists on retaining Judge Heath and wants him to head to investigation into the SA government's controversial R46-billion arms purchases.
Adriana Stuijt - Holland (Founder of Censor Bugbear)

15. Civil Rights Movement - Encyclopedia Article About Civil Rights Movement. Free A
The US civil rights movement in the United States; Apartheid in South africa; Organizationsthat deal with civil rights issues on an international basis tend rights movement
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Civil rights movement
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition While the term civil rights movement is often used to refer to the US civil rights movement The Civil rights movement in the United States has been a long, primarily nonviolent struggle to bring full civil rights and equality under the law to all Americans. It has been made up of many movements, though it is often used to refer to the struggles between 1945 and 1970 to end discrimination against African-Americans and to end racial segregation, especially in the U.S. South. Some of the other struggles, often but not always working together, include the women's liberation movement, the gay liberation movement, the disabled rights movement, and many socioeconomic class-based movements. The civil rights movement has had a tremendous and lasting impact on United States society, both in its tactics and in increased social and legal acceptance of civil rights.
Click the link for more information. , in fact there has been a number of such movements in a long civil rights history There have been a number of struggles of disadvantaged groups to obtain full civil rights. These include:

16. OneWorld Africa - OneWorld Africa Home>In Depth>Human Rights>Civil Rights
Story link From Amnesty international USA Related topics/regions NigeriaWest africa africa Religion civil rights Human rights.
OneWorld Africa home In depth Human rights Civil rights Search for in OneWorld sites OneWorld partners OneWorld Africa OneWorld Austria OneWorld Canada OneWorld Finland OneWorld Italy OneWorld Latin America OneWorld Netherlands OneWorld South Asia OneWorld Spain OneWorld SouthEast Europe OneWorld UK OneWorld United States AIDSChannel CanalSIDA Digital Opportunity Kids Channel LearningChannel NEWS IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... OUR NETWORK 06 June 2004 Human rights
Civil rights


Indigenous rights

Race Politics
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Full Coverage: Civil rights
If you wish to look further into some topics fill out the search criteria below or select from the menu on the left. keyword topic select Development Capacity building Children Cities Agriculture Aid Education Emergency relief Energy Fisheries Food Intermediate technology International cooperation Labour Land Migration Population Poverty Refugees Social exclusion Tourism Transport Volunteering Water/sanitation Youth Economy Consumption Corporations Credit and investment Debt Finance Microcredit Business Trade Environment Climate change Conservation Environmental activism Forests Genetics Animals Nuclear Issues Atmosphere Oceans Pollution Biodiversity Renewable energy Rivers Soils Health Disease AIDS Infant mortality Malaria Narcotics Nutrition/malnutrition Human rights Civil rights Disability Gender Indigenous rights Race Politics Religion Sexuality Social exclusion Communication Culture Freedom of expression

17. R_0149_0508_120
most good books, Cold War civil rights raises some Did international newspapersallow african Americans to politicians and journalists in africa, Asia, and

18. MPR: U.S. Civil Rights Movement Fueled Anti-apartheid Effort, Tutu Says
US civil rights movement fueled antiapartheid effort, Tutu says Tutu says his nativeSouth africa has made He says the international community can play a role
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Print this page U.S. civil rights movement fueled anti-apartheid effort, Tutu says
by Marisa Helms , Minnesota Public Radio
February 26, 2003
Bishop Tutu was awarded an honorary degree by University of Minnesota. (MPR Photo/Marisa Helms) Archbishop Desmond Tutu says his native South Africa has made great strides since the end of apartheid. But he says his country still has many challenges to face including AIDS, poverty, and crime. He says the international community can play a role in making his country and the world, a more peaceful place. Tutu spoke in Minneapolis as part of the University of Minnesota's Great Conversations series.
Tutu says the system of apartheid that oppressed black South Africans for generations still lives in the shadows as his country strives for education and equality for everyone.

19. Human Rights
IV. Human rights No.2 international Covenant on civil and Political Declaration The Republic of South africa declares that it recognises, for the
IV. Human Rights
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights African Charter of Human and People's Rights ...
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Reference Sources:
  • Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General: Status as at 30 April 1999 (ST/LEG/SER.E/17)
  • WWW Sources:
  • Status of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the United Nations Secretary-General Multilaterals Project (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) University of Minnesota Human Rights Library Human Rights Web
  • IV. Human Rights
    No.1 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Full Text Current Parties Description Date: 16 December 1966
    Done at: the General Assembly, New York
    Entry into force: 3 January 1976 in accordance with art. 27
    Reference: v993 U.N.T.S. p3 Status: signed on 3 October 1994
    IV. Human Rights
    No.2 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Full Text Current Parties Description Date: 16 December 1966
    Done at: the General Assembly, New York

    20. Rendering King: Competing Portraits Of The Civil Rights Champion
    those into a national, even international, movement, added is perhaps the most recognizablecivil rights leader a concern for poverty in Asia, africa and Latin
    magnum('heritage') Home Research Center / Search Channels Blackworld Lifestyle Movies and TV Music ... Health and Beauty Services Africana Box Office Radio Africana Political Action Center Open Source ... TalkBack Browse Africana Home Research Center Channels: Blackworld Heritage Lifestyle Movies and TV Music Books People Arts Funstuff Health and Beauty Services: Africana Box Office Radio Africana Political Action Center Open Source Talk Back Welcome Guest Sign In Register Home Heritage > Rendering King: Competing Portraits of the Civil Rights Champion channelBanner('heritage') Photo: Courtney Hill, 11, looks down at a poster of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as those around her sing "We Shall Overcome," during a celebration on Jan. 15, 1997, in Louisville, Kentucky. AP Photo/Michael Clevenger Rendering King: Competing Portraits of the Civil Rights Champion Email Letter to the Editor By Tanu T. Henry Year after year, most American school curricula and the mainstream media offer a one-dimensional image of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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