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         Aerospace Research:     more books (100)
  1. Black magic and gremlins: Analog flight simulations at NASA's Flight Research Center (Monographs in aerospace history) by Gene L Waltman, 2000
  2. Hypersonics before the shuttle: A concise history of the X-15 research airplane (Monographs in aerospace history) by Dennis R Jenkins, 2000
  3. Air Force lab aims for relevant research.(PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE): An article from: National Defense by Lawrence P., Jr. Farrell, 2006-10-01
  4. Materials Research Agenda for the Automobile and Aircraft Industries (Nmab) by Committee on Materials for the 21st Century, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, et all 1993-01-01
  5. The Technology Puzzle: Quantitative Methods For Developing Advanced Aerospace Technology by Liam Sarsfield, David Ortiz, 2004-10
  6. Biologistics for Space systems Symposium May 1962 by 6570th Aerospace Medical Research Research Laboratories, 1962
  7. A Strategy for Research in Space Biology and Medicine into the Next Century by Committee on Space Biology and Medicine, National Research Council, 1998-09-16
  8. "Development of collaborative research initiatives to advance the aerospace sciences via the Communications, Electronics, Information Systems Focus Group" ... number, NCC3-320 (SuDoc NAS 1.26:207494) by T. Michael Knasel, 1996
  9. Aerospace glossary (Air University documentary research study) by Woodford Agee Heflin, 1966
  10. Research and development of optical measurement techniques for aerospace propulsion research a NASA Lewis Research Center perspective (SuDoc NAS 1.15:104418) by Daniel J. Lesco, 1991
  11. NASA/DoD aerospace knowledge diffusion research project (SuDoc NAS 1.15:109782) by Peter Hernon, 1994
  12. The Anatomy of the Gyroscope - Part III (AGARDograph No. 313), North Atlantic Treaty Organization Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development by Frank W. Cousins, 1990
  13. Agard Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (Flight Test Techniques Series, 15)
  14. NASA/DoD aerospace knowledge diffusion research project results of the phase 1 mail survey--propulsion and aircraft engine perspective (SuDoc NAS 1.15:110234) by Thomas E. Pinelli, 1996

101. State Aerospace University Named After N.E. Zhukovsky
General information. Main research activities and cooperative proposals. Departments. Information for foreign citizens. Students' life.

NASA's Langley research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Includes organization, key personnel, mission, activities branches, and spacerelated bulletin boards.
Langley Research Center

Hampton, Virginia
About the Aerospace Systems, Concepts and Analysis Competency

103. GTRI | ATAS Laboratory | Aerospace And Acoustic Technologies (AAT) Branch
research in noise and active noise cancellation, a unit of Georgia Tech research Institute.
Aerospace and Acoustic
Technologies (AAT) Branch
Noise and air flow are the essence of research performed in the Aerospace and Acoustics Technologies Branch (AAT) of the Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS). Engineers in this branch conduct research for a variety of commercial and government customers. GTRI 's acoustics research for government customers often addresses
  • thrust and aeroacoustics of selected jet noise suppression
  • jet flow/sound interactions in a ducted environment
  • tiltrotor noise control
  • high temperature-acoustic liner investigation
  • jet mixing noise and internal noise on velocity profiles
  • supersonic jet noise investigations.
Examples of commercial acoustics research include
  • helping a customer make a quieter range hood for kitchens
  • using "smart" windows and walls to reduce noise inside buildings
  • determining the unique acoustic signature of tornadoes and exploring its use for better storm detection.
Aerodynamics researcher at GTRI focuses on air flow and its effects on control and performance, as well as developing and evaluating advanced concepts in this area. Since 1990

104. Spacelink - Educator Guides And Activities
NASA offers teacher guides, materials, activities and multimedia supplies related to technology learning. Main topics are aerospace technology, biological and physical research, earth science, space flight, and astrobiology.
Library Contents:
Other Features:
Where am I? NASA Spacelink Home The Library Instructional Materials Curriculum Support ... Technology Educator Guides and Activities
Educator Guides and Activities
NASA offers a variety of teacher guides related to technology. Let your students experience the activities in Go for EVA, Newton in Space, Rockets, Toys in Space, and Voyage of Endeavour. Check out the technology related activities at the sites listed below.
[Some of these links will take you out of NASA Spacelink. To return, use the Back button on your browser or bookmark this page for later reference.] NASA's Learning Technologies Project - NASA LTP projects develop new applications and pilot programs for using science data, and create new curriculum products and tools for K-12 and K-14 education all of this via the Internet. Start here to get an overview of all of NASA's educational technology activities. A Key to Discovery - Use this NASA educational poster to teach about research on the International Space Station.
Aeronautics - Try these activities with students in grades 2-4. The three chapters are (1)Air, (2)Flight, and (3)We Can Fly, You and I. They are designed to be fun and simple and have been tested in countless homes, classrooms and teacher workshops.

105. Home Page
The Center for NanoSpace Technologies is a Texasbased nonprofit scientific research and education foundation chartered to conceive, establish, and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development in the areas of aerospace, education, energy, life sciences, and shipping transportation.
Center Pubs


Hot Topics
Technologies for the Future .... Welcome to the Center for NanoSpace Technologies , INC. See "Hot Topics" for the latest information FastCounter by bCentral

106. SJAC
Conducts research on future development and materials for aerospace, surveys industrial utilization of space environments, maintains contacts with related government authorities, and promotes international cooperation.
The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC)
Toshin Tameike Bldg.2nd Floor, 1-1-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Tel. Tokyo (+81-3) 3585-0511
Fax. Tokyo (+81-3) 3585-0541 This home page is presented for your familialization with the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies(SJAC).

107. Multibody Dynamics Simulation
Develops state of the art multibody dynamics simulation programs for the aerospace, automotive, robotics, and biomechanics research and engineering communities. The DynaWiz package can accommodate contact constraints, inverse dynamics, and flexible body effects.
CDI Services

Download Why Multibody Dynamics Simulation? At Concurrent Dynamics... we develop Multibody Dynamics Simulation MDS MDS is a an important tool for product design, testing and development in the aerospace, automotive and robotics industries today. Dynawiz, our MDS program developed with Lagrangian formulation, accommodates forward and inverse dynamics, contact constraints, and prescribed motion. It also models system with flexible member bodies. It comes in versions that solve the multibody dynamics equations by O(n^3) methods and by recursive O(n) methods, where n=degree of freedom of the plant. [The O(n) versions accommodate rigid body dynamics only at this time. Another O(n) version is being developed to simulate systems with both rigid/flex member bodies.] It runs on PC and on Workstations. It works in Matlab(5.3 and up )/Simulink(c). It also works in the PC/DOS environment. MultiVehicle Capability... for the Simulink implementation, lets you simulate multiple vehicles concurrently. Each vehicle is represented by its own Dynawiz S-function. These vehicles could be satellites, aircraft, or ground vehicles or robots. They can operate independently, or interact with each other. This capability has many aerospace applications, such as Space Station and Shuttle proximity ops, satellite-to-satellite crosslink antenna control dynamics, and spacecraft docking maneuvers. In robotics, you can analyze the performance of a few robots that are executing a coordinated task.For inverse dynamics application, you can run two identical mechanisms in a master-slave arrangement. The master Dynawiz runs in the inverse dynamics mode generating the desired hinge torque or forces to drive the slave Dynawiz. The latter would then move according to the input trajectory fed to the master Dynawiz. Etc...

108. Zetacon Power Technology
Manufacturer of power electronics controls for OEM applications in industry, aerospace and research. Ontario, Canada.
Please be advised that the Zetacon Corporate Website has moved to a new location Click Here To Re-Direct to the new Zetacon Website

109. Home
Information, specifications, research and applications relating to conformal coating for the aerospace, military, commercial electronics and medical industries.
Conformal -
coating .com Online Resource Center for Information, Specifications, Research
and Applications Relating To Parylene Conformal Coating for the
Search Our Site:

What is Parylene?

Parylene Benefits

Parylene Applications

Parylene “C” Specs

Physical Physical Comp ... Questions Welcome to Your online resource for information and services on Parylene Coating. If you are interested in learning more about Parylene Conformal Coating, click on the list to the left or one of the links below . (You will be linked with one of the top rated Coating Service Companies in the world) Parylene for Circuit Boards Parylene for Medical Parylene for Commercial Parylene for Military Just some of the applications for Parylene are:
    Keypads, Catheters, Integrated Circuits, Hybrids, Transducers, Sensors, Cores, Accelerometers, Catheters, Coils, Bobbins, Fiber Optic Components, Heat Exchangers, Pacemakers, Implants, Flow Meters, Magnets, Photoelectric Cells, Electrosurgical

Offers custom research and analysis related to aerospace, aviation, defense and homeland security markets.
Client Testimonials "We need things quickly, both rapid turnarounds and major projects. We're often last minute. STS always finds a way." "We want our sales people selling, they're not market researchers. STS has a knack of bridging our people together." "We have too many reports already. They rarely relate to our product and markets. STS approach is surgical." More Client Remarks STS Research Group provides customized market research in Transportation Aviation Space Defense , and Infrastructure markets. Our research and analysis is tailored directly to specialized client requirements. We are flexible, work with clients in many different capacities, and have helped top companies in both manufacturing and service arenas achieve measurable business results. Headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, just north of Boston on Route 128...

111. Aerospace Systems Design Lab
research center for conceptual and preliminary aerospace systems design. Overview of the laboratory, research, programs, and publications.
This page is best viewed with Internet Explorer or version 6.0 or better. If your browser does not support frames click here

112. National Aerospace Laboratory
An independent nonprofit research institute based in the Netherlands that carries out contract research for national and international customers.

113. Aerospace Team Online
Connects students to information on flight simulators and wind tunnels, and enables them to communicate with NASA employees who are conducting aerodynamic research.
It appears that your browser does not support JavaScript, or you have it disabled. This site is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, please turn it back on then reload this page. Or, if your browser does not support JavaScript, click here

114. The Archimedes Institute - Space Law And Policy Research
An aerospace policy research organization that maintains a forum for space policy issues, space law and policy document resources and links to other space policy entities.


Claims Office

Discussion Forum

General Information
Contact the Archimedes Institute

The Archimedes Institute conducts sophisticated analysis of aerospace policy issues and implements related private policy initiatives such as claim registration, lien filings , and international treaty revision . The Institute provides through its web site an extensive library of space law and policy documents, including international agreements, domestic legislation, reports, academic monographs, and a substantial bibliography of aerospace resources. The Institute also maintains a forum for space policy issues and over 200 links to other space policy, media and business entities. If you have any questions concerning the Institute, its mission or any aspect of space law or policy, please contact us

115. Welcome To Astro-Med, Inc.
Manufactures digital acquisition and recording systems for aerospace, industrial, and medical research applications. Two other product families including color label printing systems.
Barcode Printer Systems Label Applicator Systems

116. Aerospace Power Chronicles
Designed to provide an avenue for airmen to become knowledgeable about issues of professional development in the next century and beyond and to engage in interactive research, education,and discussion concerning these issues. Published at Maxwell AFB, AL.

117. National Aerospace Laboratory Of Japan
A section of the Science and Technology Agency. Contains Overview, research Projects and Activities.

118. UCF MMAE Home Page
Information on UCF aerospace Engineering programs and research.
The University of Central Florida
Department of
Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering
Undergraduate Graduate Courses Faculty ... contact information
If you've got an appropriate picture to put here, contact ssd MMAE Industrial Advisory Committee web links Engineering ... UCF
System Help Mission Statements and Educational Objectives
ABET self-studies

2002 draft Strategic Plan
Software Map

Lab schedules:
Report trouble in the lab
Request Spare Parts
Mailing list signup ... for MMAE software Position Openings: Biomedical Engineering Professor Aerospace Professor Message from the Chair Department News ... Steven Dick System Administrator

119. Scratch Aerospace Research, Aerospace Research Funding From Europus Ltd
Consultancy on funding for companies who wish to participate in research and development within the aerospace and aeronautical industries.
Scratch III Aeronautical Research Funding
  • Do you know about funding available from Brussels that is available to assist small and large companies alike? If you did do you know how to access it?
Aerospace Research Funding Assistance for SME's
It is clearly recognised that small companies have specialist skills that would be very useful to co-operative research programmes but identifying the right company who is willing to participate is difficult. For the small companies it is difficult to find partners to form the collaborative project that will be acceptable for funding. There is also the paperwork to fill in which is time consuming. Well help is at hand. These concerns have been recognised by Brussels and that has lead to the project team known as SCRATCH III. This is a team of companies in relevant nine EU states that are working on behalf of Brussels to solve these issues. In the UK Europus Ltd is being funded to do the partners search work and assist in proposal writing. We will help find the right partners for you.
What does it cost?

120. Design A Flying Car!
The NASA Langley research Center, aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology Office, invites high school classrooms and/or student teams to submit their ideas for a practical flying car. High School Student Competition for 2004.

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