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         Aerospace Research:     more books (100)
  1. Complete Multilingual Dictionary of Aviation and Aeronautical Terminology in English -French -Spanish "Dictionnaire Complet de Terminologie de l'Aviation ... del Aeronautica en Ingles Frances et Espanol by Advisory Group Aerospace Research, 1984-01-01
  3. Future Flight: A Review of the Small Aircraft Transportation System Concept (Special Report (National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board), 263.)
  4. Improving Determination of Facility-Level Staffing Requirements for Air Traffic Controllers (Special Report (National Research Council (U S) Transportation Research Board))
  5. Improving the Quality of Life on the Planet Earth (NASA's 20th Anniversary: Marking 2 Decades of Aerospace Exploration and Research) Press Kit (1978) by unknown, 1978
  6. Lean now--using a research community to understand change in the acquisition enterprise.(RESEARCH)(Lean Aerospace Initiative): An article from: Defense A R Journal by Eric Rebentisch, Ronald Jobo, 2004-08-01
  7. Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory: 50 Years of Research on Man in by Charles A. Dempsey, 0000
  8. CADRE's professional education opportunities for USAF, joint, and allied war fighters.(College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education provides education ... An article from: Air & Space Power Journal by John Dierling, 2006-09-22
  9. Astronomy Research at the Aerospace Corporation - 1974 by George A. Paulikas, 1974
  10. Memoirs of an Aeronautical Engineer: Flight Testing at Ames Research Center, 1940-1970 (Monographs in Aerospace History, No. 26.) by Seth B. Anderson, 2002-08
  11. Modern Research Topics in Aerospace Propulsion: In Honor of Corrado Casci
  12. Advances in Engine Technology (European Community Aeronautics Research)
  13. Advances in Optronics and Avionics Technologies (Wiley-Ec Aeronautics Research Series)
  14. Health from Space Research: Austrian Accomplishments

61. ONERA, The French Aerospace Research Agency
ONERA, the French aerospace research agency. Its prime mission is to direct and oversee aerospace research, and transfer this research to industry.
ONERA, the French aerospace research agency Shaping the sky and space
ONERA manages the largest fleet of wind tunnels in Europe. It has 2,000 employees, including 1,000 scientists and engineers, and operates through eight main facilities in France. ONERA staff take a creative approach to key areas such as radar, optics and system control, and are involved in major international scientific projects: Very Large Telescope, ultrasensitive accelerometers for space missions, new-generation launch vehicle propulsion, flying wings, pilotless planes and other futuristic concepts, and much more.
A hub of aerospace research
ONERA is laying the foundations for a pan-European aerospace research structure, by building on partnerships with fellow research centers, university labs, government agencies (DGA, CNES, ESA, DGAC, etc.) and industry. Along with six counterparts in Europe, ONERA created the association of European Research Establishments in Aerospace (AREA) in 1994, in a drive to coordinate projects and resources. ONERA and German counterpart DLR have formed an exemplary alliance on helicopter research, and these two agencies also form the hub of European aerospace research. In addition, ONERA carries out wide-ranging joint research with Russia, Japan (NAL), the United States (NASA), Singapore and other countries.
A strategic role in France and throughout Europe

62. EU Support For Aerospace Research
aerospace research in Europe European Research Area (ERA) Visit the separate page on ERA, Vision 2020, ACARE and ARTE 21. A joint
Aerospace Research in Europe European Research Area (ERA)
Visit the separate page on ERA, Vision 2020, ACARE and ARTE 21
A joint project of AECMA and the European Union
particularly for SMEs

AeroSME has been developed to encourage and support the participation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in research programmes of the European Union.
6th Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Union
The aerospace community in Europe is preparing for FP6.

and particularly about Expressions of Interest here:

63. Aerospace Research Team Receives Two NASA Awards - RTI International
aerospace research Team Receives Two NASA Awards RTI International - RTI researchers are recognized by NASA for contributions on two separate aerospace

64. European Aerospace Research Goes SX-5
European aerospace research goes SX5. Bristol , 02 December 98 Speaking at the RCI symposium, 2nd December 98, in Bristol, UK, John
European aerospace research goes SX-5
Bristol , 02 December 98 Speaking at the RCI symposium, 2nd December 98, in Bristol, UK, John Murphy, head of computational engineering in British Aerospace, said: "The key challenge for the aircraft industry is how to deal with the ever increasing complexity of applications and the way various elements are integrated to produce the final aircraft. New aircraft, be it civil ones, or military, tend to have more complex demands on both material, physics and electromagnetic signatures". With ONERA, France, NLR, The Netherlands and DLR, Germany planning to use NEC SX-5 vector supercomputers, this means that in Europe at least, the Aerospace industry has decided that the NEC SX-5 will satisfy their performance needs without any need for major reprogramming to parallelise codes. The European Airbus is now a real competitor to Boeing aircraft. Cost savings achieved by the use of supercomputers, and the integration of all design functions and production using a virtual enterprise model, will determine whether European companies consolidate their position in the market. With ONERA, France, NLR, The Netherlands and DLR, Germany planning to use NEC SX-5 vector supercomputers, this means that in Europe at least, the Aerospace industry has decided that the SX-5 will satisfy their performance needs in an easy to use fashion without any need for major reprogramming to parallelise codes. The top end of the NEC SX-5 has a peak performance of 4 Tflop/s so both ONERA, and NLR, are expected to join the TOP 500 league next year.

65. Italy's Aerospace Research Revitalised Using NEC SX-6 At Cira
Italy s aerospace research revitalised using NEC SX6 at Cira. Capua 19 October 2002 Capua is a fascinating historical small town
Italy's Aerospace Research revitalised using NEC SX-6 at Cira
Capua 19 October 2002 Capua is a fascinating historical small town just north of Naples, southern Italy. In Roman times, it was famous for being the site of a renowned school of Gladiators, the fierce warriors trained to fight often to the death, providing a spectacle during the games at Rome's Coliseum. Some two thousand years later, Capua is the site of CIRA, the National Italian Centre for Aerospace Research, a highly sophisticated and leading-edge technological institution which looks after the progress and innovation of Italy's aeronautics and space activities. (Chris Lazou and Giacomo Polosa) CIRA was founded in 1984 and became operational in 1989. At its initial launch, the Italian aerospace industries owned 66.6% and the Regional Government of Campania owned 33.3%. In 1998, a new Joint Stock Consortium was formed, which modified the ownership composition of shares into: Aerospace Industries 32%, Italian Space Agency (ASI) 31%, CNR (National Research Council) 21% and Regional Government 16%. Musing a little, the inauguration of a supercomputer, an NEC SX-6 with 4 vector processors "per se" is not a unique event, it is rather common, could happen anywhere in the world and unless it is the most powerful in the world, or the most exotic, or built with components that everybody can buy at a corner shop, or powered by solar cells, it is not worth a mention. But if such supercomputer represents a real break-through in the Italian aerospace research, which made it possible to efficiently and effectively design, develop and use some of the most powerful and sophisticated aerospace test facilities in the world, well, then it is a different story.

66. New Document
aerospace research in Bulgaria. Please, select the year. 2001. Please, select the volume. 16.
Aerospace Research in Bulgaria
Please, select the year
Please, select the volume

67. Mr FA Zaman, UK-Lean Aerospace Research Assistant, School Of Industrial And Manu
Staff Profile for Mr FA Zaman, UKLean aerospace research Assistant, Manufacturing Systems, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems, Cranfield University
Mr F A Zaman School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science The School, Departments and Staff Mr F A Zaman SIMS Home Contacts ... Search UK-Lean Aerospace Research Assistant, Manufacturing Systems Building 32 Cranfield University +44 (0)1234 751122, ext 2439, Faz Zaman joined the Lean Aerospace Initiative after completing his MSc in 1997/98 at Cranfield University. His background was developing e-learning solutions for BAE SYSTEMS, Airbus UK and INSYS Limited. He is currently working on the high profile UK Lean Aerospace Initiative with over 40 members representing the UK aerospace supply chain. Faz is currently researching the emerging and highly evolving area of e-procurement and the role of electronic marketplaces within aerospace such as Exostar and Aerovantix. He is temporarily managing the Electronic Business Working Group within the Society of British Aerospace Companies. Some of his major achievements include hosting an
e-procurement seminar with over 70 attendees from aerospace based at the Cranfield School of Management, the publication of papers based on e-learning/process modelling, development of innovative e-solutions and tools.

68. National Research Council Canada Staff Directory: Search By NRC I/B/P
INSTITUTE FOR aerospace research Management Services Office Finance Human Resources Marketing Computer Systems and Network Support Office of Collaborative

69. Center For Aerospace Research
CI website Header Center for aerospace research established 2/14/1997 administered by North Carolina A T State University center s website http//www.eng

70. Workforce Development, Business Incubators, Corporate Incentives
aerospace research Development Tax Deduction.
This incentive benefits New Mexico businesses that ultimately provide research and development services to the U.S. Air Force.
  • covers direct sales to the Air Force, sales to Phillips Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force base for resale to the Air Force, and sales through an intermediary for resale to Phillips Laboratory see the law
E-mail Us or call 800-226-2935 This site last updated 6/6/2004 Home Industrial Revenue Bonds
Job Training Incentives
Other Financial Incentives ... Site Index

71. 75 Years Of Aerospace Research In The Netherlands
75 years of aerospace research in the Netherlands.

72. Wright Brothers Institute Promotes Aerospace Research & Development
This page announces Wright State University School of Medicine s involvement in the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI), a new aerospace research and development
School of Medicine Research Affairs Contact Us Contents
Issue 3 Summer 2003
One hundred years after Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first powered airplane, the Miami Valley region is seeking to revitalize the aerospace industry that grew up in the inventors' hometown through a new research and development initiative named the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI). The nonprofit organization is intended to promote collaboration between government researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and civilian scientists at regional universities and aerospace companies. See enlarged photo WBI was launched last year by Wright-Patterson and the Dayton Development Coalition. Air Force officials expect the institute to provide more flexibility for collaborations with the private sector, including development planning for future Air Force technologies. Local business leaders hope WBI will attract more research funding to the Miami Valley and stimulate job growth in its aerospace industry.
Wright-Patterson is the largest single-site employer in Ohio. More than 40,000 people in the Miami Valley have jobs linked to the base, with 22,000 directly employed there. Business leaders estimate that Wright-Patterson contributes $2.4 billion annually to the Dayton-area economy.

73. Aerospace Research Symposium Celebrates Wright Brothers' Centennial Of Flight
symposium features sessions about the Wright Brothers, the contributions of aerospace medicine to public health, and the latest in regional nursing research.
From Research to Practice: The Lessons of Flight
Friday, February 14
Wright State Student Union
Wright State University celebrates the Wright Brothers' Centennial of Flight on Friday, February 14, with a joint research symposium sponsored by the Greater Dayton Area Nursing Research Symposium, the Center for Healthy Communities, and the School of Medicine. "From Research to Practice: The Lessons of Flight" will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on February 14 in the Wright State Student Union. The joint symposium features sessions about the Wright Brothers, the contributions of aerospace medicine to public health, and the latest in regional nursing research.
Aerospace medicine highlights include: Wilbur and Orville Wright "Why Wilbur and Orville? The Achievement of the Wright Brothers" (Keynote Address), by Tom D. Crouch, Ph.D., Senior Curator, National Air and Space Museum , Smithsonian Institution.

74. Alessandro Vicini, Aerospace Engineer. Organization: CIRA. Fields Of Interest: C
An aerospace engineer, and researcher at the Italian Center for aerospace research. Research fields are CFD, applied aerodynamics, aerodynamic design, numerical optimization, genetic algorithms.
alessandro vicini, aerospace engineer, aerospace engineer, aerospace engineer.
curriculum vitae
publications current research links
Last update: 21 May, 2001
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German aerospace research Establishment German Remote Sensing Data Center Oberpfaffenhofen D82234 Weßling Fax +49 (0)8153 28-1137 Web http//
Contact details
German Aerospace Research Establishment
German Remote Sensing Data Center
Fax: +49 (0)8153 28-1137

76. E-J Miner Results
Titles with the Subject Heading aerospace research Bibliography . 1 EJournals. Selected Current Aerospace Notices. © Copyright Research -- Bibliog

77. Congressman Bart Gordon - Gordon Measure Expands Aerospace Research Opportunitie
Gordon Measure Expands aerospace research Opportunities. July 23, 2003, WASHINGTON, DC – Realizing the need to advance new safety Releases/2003/July/rdfaafy04july
Meet Bart

Kids' Zone

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Helpful Information

Gordon Measure Expands Aerospace Research Opportunities July 23, 2003, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Realizing the need to advance new safety technologies for pilots and air traffic controllers, U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon has been able to convince his colleagues on the Science Committee to expand research programs within the Federal Aviation Administration. Gordon, a senior member of the committee, crafted language in the Federal Aviation Administration Research and Development authorization that would help universities like MTSU contribute to the aviation industry. The committee approved the measure Tuesday (July 22). "MTSU has an outstanding aeronautics program and is already contributing to these cutting-edge technologies," said Gordon, dean of the Tennessee congressional delegation and himself a graduate of the university. "Through its SAFER project, the university is helping the industry develop systems that move functions of air traffic control from the ground to the cockpit. More than 5,000 airports are located in the U.S. But only 80 percent of all travelers depart from the top 64 airports. "As the nation’s major airline hubs exceed their capacities, it’s vital we shift that overcapacity to the smaller airports where there may not even be a ground-control crew. Moving that type of information to the cockpit will only make planes safer and more efficient."

78. Robot Gift From Lockheed Martin Spurs New Aerospace Research At
Robot Gift From Lockheed Martin Spurs New aerospace research At Texas A M. COLLEGE STATION Lockheed Martin s gift of a space robot
COLLEGE STATION The robot platform is part of a system that someday will allow human operators to remain inside a spacecraft while making outside repairs via remote control. "This equipment will be the centerpiece of a new teleoperation robotics laboratory in Texas A&M's aerospace engineering department," said Dr. Don Ward, interim department head. Equipped with air thrusters and reaction wheels for motion control, the platform floats on a cushion of air to simulate zero gravity in space. Properly fitted with sensors and robotic arms, this type of robot can help with construction and external repairs on spacecraft and space stations under human supervision, Ward said. "This unique hardware represents a substantial contribution that will greatly enhance our space robotics research facilities," said Dr. John Junkins, holder of the George J. Eppright Chair and director of the Center for Mechanics and Control at Texas A&M. "When fully developed, this teleoperated system can enable a VR [virtual reality] type of interaction where a human operator remotely supervises the platform's movements." "The most difficult issue for this kind of robotics is achieving the proper mix of sensing, computer automated control and human supervision," Junkins added. "This system lets us use ground experiments to refine our sensors and control strategies."

79. Aerospace Research
The JSA Research Virtual Library of aerospace research The JSA Research AEROSPACE UNIVERSE. 2003 Coverage Universe Performance , 1/2/04 , 1 pgs.
The JSA Research Virtual Library
of Aerospace Research
The following are the aerospace industry sector and company reports comprising The JSA Research Virtual Library of Aerospace Research. For our clients, to gain access to our reports, first click on the Date of a desired report, then complete the requested validation data. We welcome inquiries from anyone (401-847-1103 or JSA@JSARESEARCH.COM ) desiring information regarding access to our library. Company Names are links to home pages. Individual reports are also available for purchase through Multex, and those interested in subscription please contact JSA Research. The JSA Research AEROSPACE UNIVERSE 2003 Coverage Universe Performance , Focus List, , 8 pgs. (Rates the stocks we follow ranked by our targeted rates of total return.) Our universe, This week , 3 pgs. (Includes earnings projections, valuations, stock performance and other fundamentals) INDUSTRY REPORTS Current Industry Trends and Dynamics, , 26 pgs.

80. DLR Web Portal
Resource with updated details on national space projects and related scientific research. Access to the English pages requires cookies
Extended Search Contact Aeronautics Space Agency ...
Planetensonde "Cassini-Huygens" vor der Ankunft am Saturn
03. Juni 2004
Die Planetensonde "Cassini-Huygens" wird am 1. Juli 2004 um 03.12 Uhr (MESZ) durch Zünden des Haupttriebwerks ihre Geschwindigkeit verringern und in eine Umlaufbahn um den Saturn einschwenken. Die letzte Phase der Annäherung nach einer siebenjährigen Reise ist damit abgeschlossen, so dass die Erforschung des Planeten Saturn und seiner Monde beginnen kann. In Deutschland beteiligen sich an dieser Mission das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Institute der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG), mehrere Universitäten sowie die deutsche Raumfahrtindustrie. Die Beteiligten haben eine Vielzahl von Mess-Instrumenten bzw. -Komponenten geliefert oder arbeiten an speziellen Experimenten mit. Mehr ... Meeresforschung aus dem All - Deutsch-indische Fernerkundungsmission MOS nach acht Jahren erfolgreich beendet
01. Juni 2004

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