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         Acronyms Miscellaneous:     more detail
  1. Abbreviations and acronyms in healthcare: when shorter isn't sweeter.(Continuing Cursing Education Series): An article from: Pediatric Nursing by Ivy Fenton Kuhn, 2007-09-01
  2. Beleaguered 105th Congress launches battle of the acronyms. (new legislation comprised of acronyms)(Washington Notebook): An article from: National Underwriter ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Mary Jane Fisher, 1997-04-28

81. Ultimate Repository :: Download Software, Shareware Download, Software Downloads
AcronymGenie. Keyword acronymgenie, acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms,database, dictionary, freeware, software, free, utility, utilities. education/default.aspx
Pad Summision Home education miscellaneous education Search : 10 Finger BreakOut Keyword: typing, typing tutor, tutor, type, 10-finger-system, program, software, game, breakout, typingqueen With this typing tutor game you will learn to type and improve your typing skills. This is a REAL Arcade Game, in which you are escaping from invaders, shooting and trying to hit balls. This is no fake - you are playing BreakOut ! (You are not just typing characters). With this game you WILL have fun, but don't worry, by playing 10 Finger BreakOut you sure are learning to type. Citrix Practice Tests from Boson Keyword: citrix, practice, test, boson, exam, certification, questions, ccea, ccsp, nfuse, metaframe Buensoft Spanish Keyword: buensoft, buenosoft, Spanish, learning, subjects, lessons, foreign, translators, travel, software, teachers, resources, freeware, mutimedia, mexico BuenSoft Spanish let's you play 14 listening-interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their Spanish. BuenSoft Spanish is not based on the same format as many others Spanish Software programs with fixed content, instead BuenSoft Spanish was created as a conversational utility where users can add to the program only the phrases they want to learn. Download this FREE program now. Calcul Keyword: mental arithmetic, arithmetic's, fractions, caculate, mathematics, pupil, student, teacher, multilingual

14 links will be displayed in category miscellaneous Modules NukeJobs PHPNuke module 1rating 9.00 Added 2004-05-09 DEAD LINK RATE IT acronyms V1.0

83. GIBS, Info_mis
miscellaneous . This document is intended to contain additional backgroundinformation as part of the GIBS Web server. GPS acronyms and Abbreviations.

84. - Tjello's Cuba Travelogue - Cuban Acronyms And Abbreviations
Che Guevara, May, 2003, 2. Cities, Places, May, 2003, 2. Cuban acronyms and Abbreviations/ phone , May, 2003, Maps, May, 2003, 1. miscellaneous (Cuba), May, 2003, 6.
Tjello's Travelogue About Cuba. Travel experience, unbiased tips, reviews, and pictures on Cuba - Cuban Acronyms and Abbreviations / phone #
Travel Guide Hotels Flights Meet Travelers ... Cuba Search for: Places Members Keywords Advanced Join For Free! Member Login VIRTUALTOURIST... Members Forum Chat Travel Tools ... Help TRAVEL RESOURCES... Hotels Flights Vacations Car Rentals ... Featured Properties Sponsored Links for Cuba Find the Hotel You Want Hot Deals at Over 10,000 Hotels Search, Book and Save with Expedia! Cheap domestic flights Reserve directly online Havana, Santiago, Cayo Coco Cuba Hotels Choose Hotels Travel Hotel Hotel Rooms with ORBITZ! Hotel Nacional de Cuba Cuba Click to enlarge.
Name: Tjello Real Name: Marcel Lives in: Utrecht Birth Date: July 12 Member since: Jan 01, 2001 Last Login: Jun 06, 2004 19:17 UTC Member's Time: Jun 07, 2004 00:20 CEST VT Rank External Page: "Today is a gift.... That is why it is called 'present'." Write to Tjello Add Tjello To Your Friends Tjello's Travel Pages
Mongolia ... Travel Tips Travelogues Tjello's Cuba Travelogues Title [Click to view] Travel Year Pictures Casas, Hotels, Paladares

85. EDU2 : Level 2
Please ask a question. Wiley InterScience Scientific and Technical acronyms,Symbols and Abbreviations *SCIENCE VISUAL*@miscellaneous 2ls.
  • UNSCIENCE *AUDIO* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • Archives of Free Sound Effects , Shareware Sound and Midi Programs and royalty-free Computer Music
  • Audio Avenue
  • Audio Online: UCB Speech Archives: Streamed Audio Files, Media Resources Center, UCB
  • AudioNet ...
  • ear studio *EDUCATION* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • FindTutorials - Home Page
  • Glossaries ...
  • Welcome to FILTER:images for education *JAVA SCIENCE* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • ACME Java - Software
  • TETRACTYS Freeware Main Page:java science *MILITARIA* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • (U.S Navy) Naval Vessel Register
  • Air Force Link - Photos
  • Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library (ADTDL) Acronym:search
  • DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms ...
  • Unofficial Dictionary for Marines *MISCELLANEOUS* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • Abandoned Bicycles of New York
  • AcuteApplets
  • Advogato :open projects on the web (sw)
  • :media library *PHOTO* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • ALL Search: search pictures, flashes, mp3, downloads and much more
  • AccuNet(TM)/AP® Multimedia Archive:photo
  • Alle Fotos lizenzfrei (inkl. Chemie)
  • Bancodaimagem ...
  • phototag *RELIGION* @miscellaneous 2ls
  • A Buddhist Glossary
  • A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms
  • - Religion Statistics
  • 86. Cisco Government Affairs: Facts And Stats
    Abbreviations / acronyms used herein are defined and explained more fullyin the issue briefs available at Cisco’s public policy page.
    • TELECOM, WIRELESS: 7% of US adults say they or someone in their household accesses wireless Internet services on a mobile phone. (Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch, Feb. 2001). TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPETITION: As of July 2000, 2,800 companies worldwide are authorized to build international telephone networks, up from 600 in 1997.  (Telegeography 2001). TELEPHONE PENETRATION: U.S. telephone penetration rate rose to 94.6% in March, highest level in nation's history. (Census Bureau, 2000). TEXT OVER MOBILE PHONES: Approximately 4.4 million Americans sent text via mobile phone in the year 2000, according to Yankee Group. The researcher predicts that the number will grow to 9.4 million in 2001 TRADE: CA exports to Mexico and Canada, partners with the U.S. in the North American Free Trade Agreement, have grown 141% in the seven years since the treaty took effect. Growth in exports under NAFTA has created 239,000 jobs in California. (LA Times Mar. 21, 2001). CyberDialogue , May 2000).

    87. Miscellaneous (FAQ Page#6)
    New November 26, 2000; What do all of the acronyms and abbreviations mean inthis FAQ? New Sept 9, 2001; How do you know all this stuff? VI. miscellaneous.
    Back to Elephant Talk Main page
    Back to ET FAQ Index Quick Find (Enter Keyword(s)):
  • VI. Miscellaneous
  • What is the "tritone" and how does it relate to the music of King Crimson? [New July 11, 1999]
  • What is a Warr Guitar? [Updated August 8, 1999]
  • What is a Mellotron and have I heard it in music other than King Crimson's? [Updated June 18, 2000]
  • What are those long metal things Tony Levin sometimes uses to play the bass? [Updated June 13, 1999]
  • What is the instrument being played at the beginning of 'Larks Tongues In Aspic Part 1'? [New February 6, 2000]
  • What is a "talking drum"? [New Mar. 14, 1999]
  • What is the instrument Bill Bruford is playing during 'The Sheltering Sky'? [New February 20, 2000]
  • Is there a book out by/about Bill Bruford? [New August 29, 1999]
  • Is there a book out by/about Tony Levin? [New December 17, 2000]
  • Are there any books available about King Crimson? [Updated February 4, 2001]
  • How do I get the Mexico City download to work? [Updated April 2, 2000]
  • I own a Mac! Is the Mexico City download available to me? [New March 26, 2000]
  • Are there any issues associated with "burning" your own CDs of the Mexico City concert?
  • 88. #SLAA Online Group Of Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous - Abbreviations & Acronyms
    TWYWALTR, take what you want and leave the rest. miscellaneous fun acronyms. ABC,acceptance, belief, change. ACTION, any change toward improving one s nature.
    This is the #SLAA Online Group website.
    This is not the official SLAA website
    Welcome to the
    #SLAA Online Group
    of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
    on StarLink-IRC.Org IRC

    Meeting Times

    Connecting To Chat
    StarLink-IRC Info

    #SLAA Main room:
    #SLAA (mIRC Texas)

    #SLAA (Java Canada)
    (Men's, Women's, and Business Mtgs.): #SLAA2 (mIRC Texas) #SLAA2 (Java Canada) If above servers down: #SLAA (Java US) #SLAA2 (Java US)
    There are many acronyms and emoticons (abbreviations) used in chat rooms and our fellowship. Following are most of the common ones you might see, grouped into 4 categories:
  • Common acronyms in all chat rooms Common emoticons in all chat rooms Common acronyms in our room Fun acronyms
  • Common to all chat rooms
    grin 24 hours a day; 7 days a week AFK away from keyboard BBL be back later BRB be right back BTDT been there; done that BTDTGTTS been there, done that, got the T-shirt BTDTGTTSSYPC been there, done that, got the T-shirt, sending you post card BTW by the way face-to-face FAQ frequently asked questions FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information GA go ahead (you have the floor) GFU good for you GFY good for you GMTA great minds think alike GGP gotta go potty IC I see IM instant message IMHO in my humble opinion IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion IRL in real life ISO in search of JK just kidding JWD job well done later LOL laughing out loud NP no problem OIC oh, I see

    89. ACRONYMS FOR "M"
    AEG acronyms BEGINING WITH M . MD Management Division. MDA - Methylenedianiline.MDAAQS - miscellaneous Data Analysis and Air Quality Simulation Studies.
    If you have any additions you would like to see, Please E-mail us at
    m - meter MAB - Man and Biosphere Program MAC - Management Advisory Committee MAC - Mobile air Conditioner MACRO - Macro Encapsulation MACT - Maximum Available (or Achievable) Control Technology MADCAP - Model of Advection, Diffusion and Chemistry for
    Air Pollution MAER - Maximum Allowable Emission Rate MAG - Management Advisory Group MAJCOM - Major Commands MAP - Management Assistance Program MAP - Motorist Assistance Patrol MAPC - Manpower Model for Control Agencies MAPPER - Maintaing, Preparing and Producing Executive Reports MAPPPS - Multi-state Atmospheric Power Production Pollution Study MAPS - Region 2 Environmental Map Catalogue System MAPSIM - Mesoscale Air Pollution Simulation Model MAR - Management System Review MARC - Mining and Reclamation Council MASBAL - RCRA Mass Balance System MATC - Maximum Allowable Toxicant Concentration MAWP - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure MAX - Maximum MAXDOSE - Maximum Individual Dose Model MB - Mass Balance MBAS - Methylene-Blue-Active Substances MBDA - Minority Business Development Agency MBE - Minority Business Enterprise MBER - Minority Business Enterprise Representative MBE/WBE - Certification Questionnaire - Minority/Woman Business Enterprise MBEP - Region 4 Minority Business Tracking MBER - Minority Business Enterprise Representative MBF - Matrix Biological Film MBO - Management By Objectives MC - Multiple Cyclone MCA - Manufacturing Chemists Association

    90. FEMA: Region VI - Enivronmental Site - Federal Acronyms
    USFWS, US Fish and Wildlife Service. USGS, US Geological Survey. Federal acronyms(Alphabetized). LOG, Logistics. M IE, miscellaneous and Incidental Expenses.
    Hazards Assistance Flood Maps NPSC ... Region VI Environmental Site Search FEMA FEMA Region VI About Region VI Region VI News Releases Disaster History ... Success Stories Federal Regional Center
    800 N. Loop 288
    Denton, Texas 76209
    Federal Acronyms Have you ever wondered if Federal employees are actually speaking English? No, they're not. English is generally used outside the office, but during work they're probably speaking in Acronyms. To keep up with your Federally employed friends when you ask them about their day, study this brief list of commonly used and accepted acronyms. Federal and State Agencies (Alphabetized) BLM Bureau of Land Management EPA Environmental Protection Agencies FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FS Forest Service GSA General Services Administration HUD Housing and Urban Development NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Service NPS National Park Service NRCS National Resources Conservation Service OFA Other Federal Agencies USACE US Army Corps of Engineers SBA Small Business Administration SHPO State Historic Preservation Office USBR US Bureau of Reclamation USDA US Food and Drug Administration USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service USGS US Geological Survey Federal Acronyms (Alphabetized) ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ADAMS Automated Disaster Assistance Management System APE Area of Potential Effect BFE Base Flood Elevation BMP Best Management Practices BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement CAA Clean Air Act CATEX

    91. Miscellaneous Physics Related Stuff
    starting out. Does it seem to you that acronyms, like cockroaches,seem to multiply no matter what is done to counter them? There
    After Escher by Dave McCallister
    There is a play called Copenhagen by the renowned playwright and author Michael Frayn (he wrote "Noises Off", for example) which explores the occasion in 1941 when Heisenberg paid a visit to Bohr in Copenhagen. The intriguing question, of
    Martha Henry as Margrethe Bohr in the Toronto Production of Copenhagen- PHOTO CREDIT: SWD Photography course, is "what did they discuss?" Some speculate that Heisenberg was trying to obliquely warn Bohr about the German atomic bomb project. There has been some new (Feb. 2002) light shed on what transpired through the release of some letters from Neils Bohr (see also New letters expose war-time secrets ). The London version of the play saw very enthusiastic reviews while the Broadway version won several Tony awards! The play opened in Toronto in January, 2004 . There were good articles on the show and Frayn in the Toronto Star and . I saw the opening-night show on January 7 (which was great) and there were reviews in the Star and . A panel discussion of the scientific and ethical issues addressed by the play happened on February 8, 2004, and I was one of the panelists. There have been a number of symposia, both in

    92. Acronyms In The Philippines - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Printable version Disclaimers. Not logged in. Log in Help. acronyms in the Philippines. acronyms are very popular in the Philippines. on the differences between abbreviations, acronyms, and

    93. The Castle Marrach Community Web Site
    should have been defined in this glossary. Steve (Stix). MiscellaneousChat acronyms. AFK - away from keyboard BRB - be right back
    home about marrach resources player pics ... links Glossary of Terms Related to Castle Marrach General Terms Relating to Castle Marrach, Skotos and Gaming
    Terms and Acronyms Relating to Other Skotos Games

    Miscellaneous Chat Acronyms

    From adverb to Zealous. If you notice any terms that you feel are missing from this glossary, please post them in this thread on the Skotos forums and they may, or may not, be added to the glossary. A special thanks goes to Age (Ageelia) for helping point out many of the terms that should have been defined in this glossary. -Steve (Stix)
    Miscellaneous Chat Acronyms AFK - away from keyboard
    BRB - be right back
    DC'd - disconnected
    GN - good night (also used to refer to 'Glory of the Nile')
    IM - instant message
    IMHO - in my humble opinion; in my holy opinion
    IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion IMO - in my opinion IRL - in real life J/K - just kidding LMAO - laugh my ass/arse off LMBO - laugh my butt/bum off LOL - laugh out loud MIA - missing in action NP - no problem PC - politically correct (also used to refer to 'player character') PM - private message RL - real life ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing TMI - too much information TTFN - ta-ta for now TTYL - talk to you later TY - thank you WB - welcome back YW - you're welcome The content of this site is ©2002 Steve Schulz and other noted persons.

    94. [-] Hot Downloads . Com [-]
    English acronyms Dictionary for Palm OS. Version 1.8. Category Educational MiscellaneousPalm Pilot Software - Utilities Palm Pilot Software - Misc. OS Palm.

    95. EPA - Air Toxics Website - Rule And Implementation Information For Miscellaneous
    Rule and Implementation Information for miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturingand miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing; Organic Liquids Distribution.
    Technology Transfer Network
    Air Toxics Website Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Technology Transfer Network Air Toxics Website
    ... TTN Home
    Rule and Implementation Information for Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing; Organic Liquids Distribution
    (Docket# A-96-04) last updated
    From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The document may be available in one or more file formats, as represented by the icons on the right hand side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the format you wish to receive. An on the left side of the listing indicates that a description of the file is available for viewing on-line. Rule Information Technical Information Implementation Information
    Rule Information
    Proposed and Promulgated Rules
    Subpart FFFF - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing Info Date Citation Action Description File Download 68 FR 63851 Final Rule National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing; Final Rule

    96. VCDS - Defence Management System Manual - List Of Abbreviations And Acronyms
    MOU. Memorandum of Understanding. MR. miscellaneous Requirements. MRR. miscellaneousRecurring Requirements. NATO. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NBC.
    Abbreviations ACRO Advisory Committee on Repair and Overhaul ADM(DIS) Assistant Deputy Minister(Defence Information Services) ADM(Fin CS) Assistant Deputy Minister(Finance and Corporate Services) ADM(IE) Assistant Deputy Minister(Infrastructure and Environment) ADM(Mat) Assistant Deputy Minister(Materiel) ADM(HR-Mil/Civ) Assistant Deputy Minister(Human Resources - Military/Civilian) ADM(Pol) Assistant Deputy Minister(Policy) AFC Armed Forces Council AIRCOM Air Command ARLU Annual Reference Level Update ASD Alternative Service Delivery $BY Budget-year Dollars BP Business Plan BPRT Business Plans Review Team $CY Constant-year Dollars CANUS Canada-United States CAPS Conventional Armaments Planning System (NATO)
    Canadian Annual Procurement Strategy CAS Chief of the Air Staff CDS Chief of the Defence Staff CF Canadian Forces CISOE Construction in Support of Equipment CLS Chief of the Land Staff CMS Chief of the Maritime Staff CNAD Conference of National Armaments Directors (NATO) CRS Chief Review Services (Audit and Evaluation) DAOD Defence Administrative Orders and Directives DC Defence Council DCDS Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff DCSA Defence Chief Scientific Advisor DEM Daily Executive Meeting DFAIT Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade DFPPC Director Force Planning and Program Coordination DGMRS Director General Management Renewal Services DGPA Director General Public Affairs DGSP Director General Strategic Planning DIN Defence Information Network DIP Defence Industrial Preparedness DISO Defence Information System Organization DM Deputy Minister

    97. JFSC - Joint Forces Staff College - Norfolk, VA
    miscellaneous Sites, General. Acronym Finder http// Over 167,000acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms and definitions about all subjects
    National Defense University Remote Email Navigation About JFSC College Resources Library Prospective Students ... Alumni Features Joint Staff Officer's Guide This area allows you to determine your location and navigate within this section. NAVIGATE: Home Library Research ... Research Sites
    Miscellaneous Sites, General
    Combatant Commands Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Doctrine Images and Maps ... INDEX Acronym Finder

    Over 167,000 acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms and definitions about all subjects, including information technology, business, telecommunications, military, government, and much more.
    Military acronyms, hosted by the Federation of American Scientists. Almanac of Policy Issues

    Links to information on a variety of public policy issues, including national security. American Civil War

    Some of the official records of the war of the rebellion are listed at this site by event or by battle name. Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001

    98. BIPM - Miscellaneous Links
    You are here practical information useful links miscellaneouslinks, miscellaneous links. Version française.
    Home Map of the site Contact us Search: practical information useful links Miscellaneous links
    Browse Metrology institutes
    Regional metrology organizations

    Accreditation authorities

    Legal metrology authorities
    Miscellaneous links

    Search Links Acronyms BIPM website Submit a link Direct access USEFUL LINKS


    Acronym Finder Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) American Institute of Physics (AIP) American Society for Quality (ASQ) AOAC International Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Associated Laboratory for Gas Flow Measurement (LADG) Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers International Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari (SAC) Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) Australian Government Analytical Laboratories (AGAL) Austrian Research Centers (ARC) Bhabba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Binary multiples - Prefixes (IEC standard) Borowiec Astrogeodynamical Observatory (AOS) Brazilian Society of Metrology (SBM) Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Bureau des Longitudes (BDL) Center of Standards and Metrology in Nizhny Novgorod Center of Studies, Measurement and Quality Certification (CESMEC)

    99. Kristi Ann's Haven - An Error Has Occurred!
    acronyms There Meanings These are acronyms, and just a

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