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  1. Abbreviations and acronyms in healthcare: when shorter isn't sweeter.(Continuing Cursing Education Series): An article from: Pediatric Nursing by Ivy Fenton Kuhn, 2007-09-01
  2. Beleaguered 105th Congress launches battle of the acronyms. (new legislation comprised of acronyms)(Washington Notebook): An article from: National Underwriter ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Mary Jane Fisher, 1997-04-28

21. - Miscellaneous
miscellaneous Section. Choose Your Destination For the AMATEUR chatter. Chatroomacronyms has compiled a huge list of common acronyms used in
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Miscellaneous Section Choose Your Destination:
For the AMATEUR chatter Chatroom Acronyms has compiled a huge list of common acronyms used in chatrooms. These acronyms make online chatting faster and somewhat more humorous. Click here to view the list, and perhaps print it if you feel it's necessary. Emoticons Archive also has a rather big archive of common emoticons used in chatrooms. As the word implies, these little symbols are used to show emotion. Click here to view the website's Emoticon Archive. For the ADVANCED chatter IRC - There are alternative ways to log onto the Chat Network. Many users log onto the chats via their own IRC clients. Find all the appropriate information here on how to log onto the Chat Network with the IRC clients Ircle, mIRC, or BitchX.
Chatrooms 8Ball-Email Refer ... Contact Misc. Rules Help

22. What Does XXX Stand For?
What does XXX stand for? TLA, Three Letter Acronym. ACL, Access ControlList. PIN, Personal Identification Number. TCB, Trusted Computing Base.
Introduction Computers - General Computers - Unix Data Networks ... Gear for Geeks
Sunday, June 06, 2004
What does XXX stand for?
TLA Three Letter Acronym ACL Access Control List PIN Personal Identification Number TCB Trusted Computing Base
ALRU Automatic Line Record Update AN Associated Number ARSB Automated Repair Service Bureau ATH Abbreviated Trouble History BOC Bell Operating Company BOR Basic Output Report BOSS Business Office Servicing System CA Cable COE Central Office Equipment COSMOS Computer System for Main Frame Operations CMC Construction Maintenance Center CNID Calling Number IDentification CO Central Office COCOT Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone CRSAB Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau DID Direct Inbound Dialing DDD Direct Distance Dialing ECC Enter Cable Change LD Long Distance LMOS Loop Maintenance Operations System MLT Mechanized Loop Testing NPA Numbering Plan Area PBX Private Branch Exchange POTS Plain Old Telephone Service RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company RSB Repair Service Bureau SS Special Service TAS Telephone Answering Service TH Trouble History TREAT Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
Also, check these excellent online glossaries:

23. McGraw-Hill - Encyclopedia Of Wireless Telecommunications
Technology Frequencies Miscvellaneous Significant Years/Dates Symbols and CommonSyntax A Access Applications Computers/Software miscellaneous acronyms B Base

24. Definition Of Acronyms In The Philippines - WordIQ Dictionary & Encyclopedia
List of Philippine acronyms. People. University of St. La Salle; UST* University of Santo Tomas. miscellaneous. ASYM* - Alas Singko
Encyclopedia Dictionary Thesaurus The Web eBooks loadkeyword("Acronyms in the Philippines");
Acronyms in the Philippines
Encyclopedia Definition: Acronyms in the Philippines
are very popular in the Philippines Pedantic discussions on the differences between abbreviations acronyms , and initialisms is non-existent since for most Filipinos, all are acronyms whether or not the acronym is spelled out or spoken like a word. Geography is one area prone to acronyms. Many times, when a group of places is formed, instead of coining a descriptive term for the group, an acronym that stands for the individual places is created. An example outside the Philippines is Benelux , which stands for the countries of Belgium , the Netherlands , and Luxembourg A premiere example in the Philippines is Luzviminda . This is an acronym that stands for Luzon Visayas , and Mindanao , the three island groupings of the country. Luzviminda is actually used as a name for many Filipino women. Another example in the Philippines is the region CALABARZON . This is a region consisting of the provinces of Cavite Laguna Batangas Rizal , and Quezon . During the late 1990s, these

25. [-] Hot Downloads . Com [-]
The Glossary of International Banking Finance acronyms and Abbreviations will be MathSpelling Reading Typing General Business miscellaneous Adult Education

26. :: PHP Scripts And Programs :: Miscellaneous :: PHP-Nuke Addons (
Adds an acronyms/abbreviations search engine to your PHPNuke pwered site. Theadmin can add, edit and elete acronyms from the admin center of the site.
Internet Services WebHostingTalk ISPCheck DeletedDomains Domain Name Talk HostingCatalog HostingTech Web Development HotScripts dBforums DevPapers eDEVcafe yaXay ProgrammingTalk DevLance Xtreme .NET Talk Xtreme VB Talk SEOPapers Swish Talk Tech Hardware OC-Forums Mac-Forums HardwarePapers
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27. OneLook: Miscellaneous Dictionary Sites
miscellaneous dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine Terms223 words, 29Aug2002, More info; DR BELAIR S acronyms GLOSSARIES 1581

28. OneLook: Miscellaneous Dictionary Sites
Code Talkers Dictionary Includes definitions (English, miscellaneous) 1644 words DRBELAIR S acronyms GLOSSARIES Includes definitions (French) 1581 words

29. [IRFCA] Indian Railways FAQ: Acronyms And Abbreviations
Technical acronyms (loosely defined see the miscellaneous section also.).ABS, Automatic Block Signalling. miscellaneous acronyms. AC, AirConditioned.
The Indian Railways FAQ
Acronyms and Abbreviations Contents Links Stations Sheds ... Trivia/Misc.
Contents Related sections Acronyms and Abbreviations Q. What does "NRM" stand for? "CLW"? Etc. etc. Note: Station codes can be found in the section on railway stations Below are lists of the most common IR-related acronyms.
Loco, coach, and wagon manufacturers whose products have been used in India ABB ASEA Brown-Boveri, Switzerland ALCO American Locomotive Co., Schenectady, NY, USA BBUNL Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam, Ltd. BEML Bharat Earth Movers Limited BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited BLW Baldwin Locomotive Works, USA BP Beyer Peacock, Manchester BSCL Burn Standard Co., Ltd. BTH British Thomson Houston BWEL Bharat Wagon and Engineering Co., Ltd.

30. Miscellaneous Sources
UIUC Library Web Gateway Home Page, miscellaneous Sources. acronyms. 423.1B435e2003 (Modern Languages Reference) Mattia, Fioretta Benedetto.
Miscellaneous Sources
423.1 B435e2003 (Modern Languages Reference)
Mattia, Fioretta Benedetto. Elsevier's Dictionary of Acronyms, Initialisms, Abbreviations and Symbols. Boston: Elsevier, 2003. This dictionary spells out acronyms and abbreviations from around the world. When not obvious it states the field of use for the acronym (i.e. medicine). For acronyms coined with a link between the word the acronym spells and the meaning of the term, a definition is offered for the word in English. Also if an acronym in one language incidentally has a meaning as a word in another language that word and definition is offered as well.
Q.001.44 W62 2002 (Modern Languages Reference)
Sherby, Louise S. The Who's Who of Nobel Prize Winners 1901-2000 . Westport, CT: The Oryx Press, 2002. A short description of each of the Nobel Prize winners over the past 100 years, with an explanation of why they won the award. The book is arranged around the 7 different award categories (Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Medicine, Peace, Physics) and contains indexes for the names, education, nationality and religion of the winners.
400 C889w (Modern Languages Reference)
Crystal, David and Hilary Crystal.

This page also contains some Offensive Military acronyms and words having derogatory AG miscellaneous Support Ship. AGDS - Deep Submergence Support Ship. AGF
Page Links Home Guestbook Guestbook II Web-Rings/ Topsites ... The Supply Sergeant
Support Our Troops Soldier Support
Shopping Military Clothing Medals and Insignia Military Books Military Movies ... Military Flags
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Overseas Bars and Service Stripes Overseas Bars and Service Stripes Military Ribbons Army Ribbons Navy Ribbons Air Force Ribbons Marine Corps Ribbons ... Coast Guard Ribbons ROTC Ribbons Army ROTC Army JROTC Air Force ROTC Navy ROTC ... Navy JROTC Ribbon Devices Ribbon Devices Shoulder Cords Shoulder Cords Uniforms Army Uniforms Navy Uniforms Air Force Uniforms USMC Uniforms ... CG Auxiliary Uniforms Hand Salute 3-5 Hand Salute Quotes Quotes Rangers Ranger Tab 75th RGT History 75th RGT Flash 75th RGT Trim ... 75th RGT COA Airborne Stories Airborne Stories Special Forces Special Forces Service Records Service Records Cadence Cadence Flag Etiquette Flag Etiquette Commander in Chief CINC POW/MIA POW/MIA Tribute Flag History Terms and Definitions Infantrymen Award Apply Roms Site Award Apply Infantry Only Award Infantry Award Army Alphabet Army Alphabet Acronyms/Dictionary Military Acronyms and Dictionary The Beret Beret Pvt. Murphy's Law

32. Acronyms - NAWCTSD
Search Center More acronyms and definitions. advanced first term avionics AFTRBDYafterbody AFWL air force weapons laboratory AG miscellaneous auiliary ship AGB
Acronyms Acquisition Guide Acquisition process information
Training Systems Division Orlando Florida Search Center More acronyms and definitions A B C D ... Y Z 3M maintenance and material management (MMM) 4720 training equipment change request (tecr on nawctsd form 4720/2) KCAS knots calibrated airspeed KDSI thousands of delivered source instructions KHZ kilohertz KI knowledge information KOPS thousands of operations per second KTAS knots true airspeed KVA kilovolt-amps KW kilowatt(s) X x window system X3H4 framework convergence working group X3H6 irds working group XADR transmit address XCHANGR exchanger XDCR transducer XFMR transformer XFREQ transmit frequency XMIT transmit XMT transmit XMTR transmitter XTI x/open transport interface XTRAN cross transfer XVT x virtual terminal
Training Systems Division Last Update: 15 September 2003

33. Dr. P's Misc. Dog Training Info
miscellaneous INFORMATION RESOURCES. Contents. acronyms Terms Acting AssociationsCareer Information Articles Programs Schools Other Commercial Products



Career Information
Acting Associations

COLLECTION OF miscellaneous HEALTH URLS. used on prescriptions Welcome to ailments.comRhett J. Drugge, MD s Bookmarks aphthous ulcers acronyms for Health
More than 400 health-related websites collected from various web sources.
This is "raw" information and NO claim is made that ANY of these sites are
up-to-date, accurate, truthful, correct, useful, authoritative,
or even functional. Think of the web as an infinitely large wall upon which anyone may write anything.
Not every writer is correct, honest, rational, competent... or without an ulterior motive. Take what you read here with a grain of salt. Caveat Emptor! IMPORTANT: NEVER NEVER NEVER act on any web information without
consulting your own health care professional FIRST!
New Additions [not alphabetic]: Health Web
Click on the Letter to get to the Indicated Header!
B C D ... Z
A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 1Up Health - Comprehensive health information on more than 4000 health topics. List of Medical Abbreviations used on prescriptions Welcome to Rhett J. Drugge, M.D.'s Bookmarks - aphthous ulcers Acronyms for Health Information Resources ... American Health Assistance Foundation - Alzheimer's research American Hospital Directory Official American Medical Assn (AMA) AMA - Health Insight American Academy of Family Physicians ... National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

35. Miscellaneous Crystal And Frequency Control Resources
Other miscellaneous crystal and frequency control resources. Electronic acronymshttp// An incredible list of

Other miscellaneous crystal and frequency control resources
American Tower
Chip Directory
A site with links to chip data, chip manufacturers, news, traders and brokers, other chip research sites. Electronic Acronyms
An incredible list of electronic acronyms - very complete. Electronics Reps Association (ERA)
The best source for information when you need manufacturers' reps in the electronics industry. A dictionary for technology terms. One Look Search the web for Electronics Terms. If you would like us to add a link to your crystal or frequency control site, please use our contact form or email us at to see how you may benefit from using International Crystal's frequency control products and services. Associations Standards Publications Research and Development ... Home International Crystal Manufacturing 10 North Lee Street Oklahoma City, OK 73102

36. US Military Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terms And Organizations
US Military Organizations, abbreviations and acronyms. The Laboratory AG adjutant general (Army) AG miscellaneous auxiliary ship;
US Military Organizations, abbreviations and acronyms. The following abbreviations are part of the
GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database.
Update: 2004-06-01 - 07.00 AM GMT Some of the meanings are shortened for faster loading.
Please click here to enter the abbreviations database and see the full meanings.
Records of military organizations include the official URLs as far as available. A - H I - Z
US Army Ranks (Quick Search)

US Air Force Ranks (Quick Search)
US Coast Guard Ranks (Quick Search)

Abbreviations Index (A-H):
1LT : First Lieutenant (O-2) - Army ...
1SG : First Sergeant (E-8) - Army
1SGT : First Sergeant (E-7) - Air For ... 1SGT : First Sergeant (E-8) - Air For ... 1SGT : First Sergeant (E-8) - Marines ... 1SGT : First Sergeant (E-9) - Air For ... 1st LT : First Lieutenant (O-2) - Air F ... 1st LT : First Lieutenant (O-2) - Marin ... 2LT : Second Lieutenant (O-1) - Army ... 2nd LT : Second Lieutenant (O-1) - Air ... 2nd LT : Second Lieutenant (O-1) - Mari ... 3M : maintenance and material manag ...

37. US Military Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terms And Organizations
US Military Organizations, abbreviations and acronyms. IWSC InformationWarfare Support Ce IX unclassified miscellaneous shi
US Military Organizations, abbreviations and acronyms. The following abbreviations are part of the
GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database.
Update: 2004-06-01 - 07.00 AM GMT Some of the meanings are shortened for faster loading.
Please click here to enter the abbreviations database and see the full meanings.
Records of military organizations include the official URLs as far as available. A - H I - Z
US Army Ranks (Quick Search)

US Air Force Ranks (Quick Search)
US Coast Guard Ranks (Quick Search)

Abbreviations Index (I-Z):
I : immediate; individual
I/B : inboard
I/ETM : interactive/electronic technic ... I/I : inboard/inboard I/ITSC : interservice/industry training ... I/O : inboard/outboard I/O : input/output I/R : internment/resettlement I2 : Image Intensification IA : information assurance; initial ... IA : Involuntary Allotment IAADS : Interim Automated Air Defense ... IAAFA : Inter-American Air Forces Acad ... IAC : Information Analysis Centers ... IACS : Information Analysis Centers ... IACS : Integrated Acoustic Communicat ...

38. Terminology
Both legit and tonguein-cheek acronyms, for when you just don t know what thatacronym means, and the translation is due at the crack of dawn. miscellaneous.
References and Terminology
Links to Terminology Management Software can be found under Software Last updated April 18, 2004
General Reference Works
Argus guides to information Bartelby
Contemporary and classic reference works, a public reference library published on the Web. Electric library
Online references with a 30 day free trial. Human Search
A volunteer staff will locate information on the Internet in 48 hours free of charge. The Internet Public Library Lexicool
A portal search engine dedicated to locating dictionaries and glossaries on the Web.
If you can't find a link to reference here, you're not looking hard enough. Virtual Reference Sites
2500 of the most popular reference locations on the Web.
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
Third Edition, includes 350,000 entries and meanings. You can also reference the 'front of the book' material online. Hyperdictionary
A free online dictionary, including medical and computer terms, as well as dream interpretations for the terms you search on.

39. Wildland Fire Acronyms
the firepup Greetings all, the acronyms below are by NO means a complete listof the acronyms related to fire, some are also miscellaneous acronyms used to
Dedicated to the persistence of those who seek to understand. Remember, even if you don't know all the acronyms that fire people may use, Abercrombie said on 7/14/98, "This page is and will remain committed to those who leave the paved roads and highways to attack wildland fires at their source. And, of course, to all those committed individuals who support them." A note from Tiny, the fire-pup: Greetings all, the acronyms below are by NO means a complete list of the acronyms related to fire, some are also miscellaneous acronyms used to shorten speech, or briefly convey thoughts, and there are a few computer based. If you have additional acronyms you think should be added, mail Ab at If you are looking for redcard position mnemonics, look here: REDCARD
If you are looking for acronyms used in chat, look here: CHAT MORE DEFINITIONS: Fire Definitions from NIFC (quick)
Complete NWCG - ICS Fire Glossary (pdf)

R5 Forest Unit Identifiers (quick)

Complete ICS List of Unit Identifiers
Fire Acronyms by Letter A B C D ... XYZ Acronym Definition 10 Standards
The 10 Standard Fire Fighting Orders can be found at

40. MORSE Glossary (Acronyms And Abbreviations)
MORSE Glossary (acronyms and Abbreviations). AP, Associated Partner. WP, Work Package.Please click here to return to miscellaneous index, click here to main page.
MORSE Glossary (Acronyms and Abbreviations)
AP Associated Partner ATSR Along-track Scanning Radiometer BODC British Oceanographic Data Centre CEC Commission of the European Communities CEO European Centre for Earth Observation CM Contract Monitor (Dr Martin Bohle-Carbonell, DG XII) (Now known as Contract Scientific Officer) DMP MORSE Data Management Plan (D1.4(R1*), D1.4(R2*)) ECU European Currency Unit (also ecu) EDMED European Directory of Marine Environmental Data ENSTB-ITI Département Image et Traitment de l'Information, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, Brest EODC Earth Observation Data Centre EPSHOM Etablissement Principal du Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine ERS-1 European Remote Sensing Satellite No.1 ERS-2 European Remote Sensing Satellite No.2 ESA European Space Agency EU European Union EXP MORSE Exploitation Plan (D1.5(R1*), D1.5(R2*)) IfM Institut für Meereskunde, Universität Hamburg

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