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  1. Magic Spells by Christy Yorke, 1999-11-02
  2. Summer of Glorious Madness by Christy Yorke, 2004-07-06
  3. The Wishing Garden by Christy Yorke, 2000-08
  4. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club by Christy Yorke, 2005-08-02
  5. Song of the Seals by Christy Yorke, 2003-02-04
  6. Contemporary Authors: Biography - Yorke, Christy (1965-)
  7. The Wishing Garden by Christy Yorke, 2000
  8. The Secret Lives of the Shushi Club 6-Copy Counter by Christy Yorke, 2005-08

21. Song Of The Seals | Christy Yorke
SONG OF THE SEALS by christy yorke add to cart US $14.00. INTRODUCTION.Her novels have ABOUT christy yorke. christy yorke s love
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by Christy Yorke
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INTRODUCTION Her novels have been called "haunting" ( Booklist ), "evocative" (Kristin Hannah), and "beautiful" (Luanne Rice). With Song of the Seals , Christy Yorke offers a compelling novel of life, loss, and the bittersweet joy of loving with one's whole heart. Kate Vegas has fostered several children over the years, saving them from delinquency and helping them heal from the miseries they've endured. Kate also finds healing in these arrangements, some relief from the pain she's felt since that terrible day years ago when her own son was taken from her. Now her latest charge, Wayne, almost eighteen, is sure he will find salvation in Seal Bay one of the last of the old Northern California fishing towns. With little left to keep them rooted, Kate and her widowed father, Gerald, join him, settling in a strange, superstitious place where tales are told of sixty-foot sea monsters; where women tremble on the edge of madness when their men are at sea, the fog rolls in, the laurel tree weeps, and the seals cry out in the harbor. Seal Bay is both terrifying and wonderful for Wayne, for Kate, and for Gerald; and teetering on the edge of tragedy, they all discover the miracle of love. Filled with wisdom about the price love demands and the payoff it provides

22. - Song Of The Seals By Christy Yorke
Song of the Seals A Novel by christy yorke List Price $14.00 Pages320 Format Paperback ISBN 0425188248 Publisher Berkley. Chapter
Penguin Putnam
Song of the Seals
A Novel
by Christy Yorke
List Price:
Chapter 1: Fog
When she began to live again, she craved, of all things, fog. The thicker the better, fog soupy enough to ground planes and send the Santa Monica sunbathers scurrying inland. Slick and silky fog, like whale skin, rising and falling in long, sinuous arcs. She wanted to feel it around her neck like a cool, silver necklace or coating her throat like that first evening cocktail. Only then would the difficulty she normally had taking a deep breath turn suddenly to relief, as if the fog flushed her system, prying loose the impediments deep in her lungs. She turned toward the narrow street that, two blocks away, dead-ended at her apartment. An apartment she had already sublet. Two steps toward home, she got a whiff of something awful. Rotting seaweed. Perhaps that Long Beach oil spill oozing in with the tide. She shielded the sun with her hand, looked up the beach. Then she saw him. Ray Vegas leaned against the waist-high concrete wall, his hands in the pockets of his faded blue jeans, black boots toe deep in the sand. He was thinner than she remembered, shorter, as if he'd spent the last eighteen years shrinking. All that black hair she'd once run her fingers through was streaked with white, uncombed.

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... Lauter nette Nachbarn Margaret Yor ... Produkt bei: eBay Beschreibung: Lauter nette Nachbarn Margaret Yorke Gebote: momentaner Preis: EUR 1,00 Verbleibende Zeit: Excite Deutschland - Web-katalog - Yorke ... ... Beste im Web WEB BILDER VIDEO NEWS MP3 WEB-KATALOG Directory > Arts > Literature > Authors > Y > Yorke, Christy Flirt Auto Horoskop Grußkarten Spiele Reise Wetter Girls 1 Web-Site in der Kategorie Yorke, Christy 1. Christy Yorke The author's own homepage; includes a brief biography, information on her latest publications, and ... LAUT - Radiohead: Yorke-Attacke gegen Bl ... ... für Sting, Prodigy Pink Trouble mit Benita Ferrero-Waldner NEWSLETTER RADIOHEAD Radiohead: Yorke-Attacke gegen Blair Yorke-Attacke gegen Blair Thom Yorke veröffentlichte am Sonntag einen Artikel im Guardian, in dem er die britische Regierung hart ... Cittee of Yorke The Cittee of Yorke The Cittee of Yorke 22 High Holborn, London WC1 U-Bahn: Chancery Lane The Cittee of Yorke ist ein Muss für jeden Londonbesuch, ein besonders originelles, interessantes und schönes Pub ...

24. New And Previously Owned Books
yorke, christy. MAGIC SPELLS. yorke, christy. - MAGIC SPELLS. yorke,christy. - THE WISHING GARDEN. yorke, MARGARETE. - THE PRICE OF GUILT.

25. New And Previously Owned Books
MAGIC SPELLS. by christy yorke. christy yorke created characters of depth and perceptionand imbues them with flaws¸ doubts¸ and fears that ring deep and true.

26. Online Catalogue | Results
Titles 1 1 shown. The Wishing Garden Written by christy yorke Paperback Bantam Fiction - Romance 0-553-58036-1 August 2000 $8.99. Back to top.

27. The Wishing Garden By Christy Yorke
The Wishing Garden Written by christy yorke Fiction Romance Bantam Paperback August 2000 $8.99 0-553-58036-1, Enlarge View.

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For New Subscribers AND Renewals. Register FREE 1month trial. RomanceDBAuthors and Titles Edition. yorke, christy. Series. Title, Genre, Date,

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York, Pauline, All Books, Romance, York, Rebecca, All Books, Romance, York, Vickie,All Books, Romance, yorke, christy, All Books, Romance, yorke, Erin, All Books,Romance,

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in entire NodeWorks Directory in Arts in Literature in Authors in Y in ++ Yorke, Christy Top Arts Literature Authors ... Y Yorke, Christy Christy Yorke The author's own homepage; includes a brief biography, information on her latest publications, and commentary.
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31. ALL ABOUT ROMANCE Reviews The Wishing Garden By Christy Yorke
The Wishing Garden By christy yorke, August 2000, Women s FictionBantam, $5.99, ISBN 0553-58036-1. Grade B+. Sensuality Subtle.
The Wishing Garden By Christy Yorke, August 2000, Women's Fiction
Bantam, $5.99, ISBN #0-553-58036-1 Grade: B+ Sensuality: Subtle
Occasionally I'll read a book with passages so bizarre or poorly written that I'll mark them with Post-Its. More rare are those books with passages so beautiful that I'll mark them with Post-Its. The Wishing Garden is such a book, and yet, it took a comment from one of my fellow reviewers here at AAR to help me realize there is a flaw in this book that is so important, that despite the beauty of the writing, I cannot grant it Desert Isle Keeper Status Savannah Dawson is an eternally optimistic divorced advertising executive/Tarot card reader living in San Fransisco with her 15-year-old daughter, Emma. Emma is an unhappy and rebellious teenager already in the "I hate my mother" stage of adolescence. When Savannah learns that her beloved father Doug is dying of cancer, she takes a leave of absence and, with Emma, makes the journey to Arizona to be with her parents. Savannah has long been estranged from her mother Maggie, who is an extremely difficult woman. When they arrive at her parent's home, she meets a mysterious man named Jake who is building her father a special carved bench for his garden. Jake has a helper, Eli, a troubled young man who is quite familiar with the local sheriff, a man who befriended Jake years before, knowing that somewhere, Jake has a secret. Though author Yorke tells an interesting story

32. ALL ABOUT ROMANCE Reviews Magic Spells By Christy Yorke
Magic Spells By christy yorke, November 1999, Contemporary FictionBantam, $5.99, ISBN 0553578421. Grade C. Sensuality Subtle.
Magic Spells By Christy Yorke, November 1999, Contemporary Fiction
Bantam, $5.99, ISBN #0553578421 Grade: C- Sensuality: Subtle
I have recently read two books featuring characters who are obsessive and carry guilt about something that happened to someone else in their lives. One of these books told the story better than the other. This is not that one. Jane Gregory was to have married Ned Payton seven years ago. The night before their wedding, Ned died, and because Jane wished he would right before he did, she thinks she wished him dead. After moving to a new town, Jane and her son return to Pendleton, Vermont, where Graham Payton, Ned's brother and Jane's former best friend, still lives. Graham is the town doctor and always loved Jane. It broke his heart when she became engaged to Ned. Emotions and feelings all around town get stirred up as Jane returns and tries to sort out her life. Jane and Graham are two intense characters, and neither one is particularly happy. Jane feels guilty about Ned and her seven-year-old son, Alex, because he hasn't spoken a word in his life. She is overly protective of her son and determined never to love again because love hurts and damages. Graham is married to a woman he doesn't love but who loves him more than anything. Graham has never gotten over Jane, and when she returns he starts finding excuses to be around her. He refuses to leave his wife, but he has all those feelings for Jane. In the past, Graham was envious of everything his brother Ned had and truly hated him.

33. Magic Spells
Search Booksforabuck Powered by FreeFind Site search Web search. MAGICSPELLS by christy yorke. Bantam Books, 1999 There s something

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MAGIC SPELLS by Christy Yorke
Bantam Books, 1999 There's something magic going on in the small town of Pendleton, Vermontsome of it good, some of it bad, and all of it connected to Jane Gregory and her family. Jane's grandmother is a witch. Her mother had a way with animals. And it seems Jane has inherited some kind of power. When she was a teenager she cast a magic spell to make a boy fall in love with herthe wrong boy. He died in a drunk driving accident the night before their wedding, leaving her pregnant and devastated. But his memory has a grip on her that is ... unnatural. Seven years have passed, and Jane's son can't talk. She believes she is somehow responsible, and she takes on that guilt along with every other emotion that crosses her path. Jane is an angst sponge. She has two men in love with herone a good man but married to a nice woman he doesn't love. And the other a carbon copy of her long-dead lover. But she can't love anyone until she deals with the past. Magic Spells is an extremely compelling read, though not seamless. I found myself irritated with Jane sometimes. I wanted to shake her and say, "Just get over it!" I don't feel the "magical world" was adequately explainedthere was no rhyme or reason to how the magic worked. I adored the character of Jane's grandmother, but I really didn't understand her actions toward the end of the book. But I couldn't stop turning the pages.

34. Romance Reviews By Author
Reviewed 1/07/02. yorke, christy MAGIC SPELLS Bantam Books, 1999,Four Stars, Reviewed 10/18/00. Zane NERVOUS Atria Books, September

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Romance Reviews by Author

35. Compare Prices And Save On New And Used Books, Textbooks, College Textbooks And AUTHOR CATALOGRandom, christy yorke. cover, The Wishing Garden Written bychristy yorke Paperback, 368 pages August 2000 The Wishing Garden, Christy/0
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Save Up To 80% Everyday On Computer and Internet Books At! Search Results Wishing Garden
by Christy Yorke
Mass Market Paperback , August 2000
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Book Review
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Review There's magic in Yorke's second novel, magic in the prose, the details and the exquisite characterizations. Readers enter a world where poetry and soil speak for a dying man, where love can create as well as destroy and where all characters are complicit in each other's pain, either by choice or by chance. "[ Magic Spells ] is peopled with sympathetic characters, adding to the charm of this often ethereal exploration of the complications of love." Publishers Weekly , starred review "In the style of Alice Hoffman, Magic Spells is a wild and imaginative tale about the cold hard facts and magical mysteries of love, told with sensuality and great tenderness." Carrie Brown "A beautiful book." Luanne Rice " Magic Spells
by Christy Yorke
Hardcover - Large Print, June 2000

36. The Wishing Garden
christy yorke The Wishing Garden Bantam Books August 2000 ISBN 0 553580361, Contemporary Romance Setting Prescott, Arizona. Advertising
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Reviews ... Site Map Christy Yorke
The Wishing Garden
Bantam Books
August 2000
ISBN# 553 580361 Contemporary Romance Setting: Prescott, Arizona Advertising executive and single mom, Savannah Dawson leads a successful life in San Francisco. Her teenage daughter, Emma, is going through a rebellious phase, leaving Savannah exhausted. For many years, Savannah has been reading tarot cards and telling fortunes for friends and for pay. She's never drawn a bad card for which she couldn't find a good interpretation; that is, until the night she draws the Three of Swords, a card that leaves even optimistic Savannah with a feeling of dread. Soon after that incident, Savannah receives a letter from her estranged mother, Maggie, telling her that Savannah's father is dying of cancer. Savannah packs up and heads to Arizona, with Emma in tow, rushing to see her father, Doug, after six years of being away. Once at her parents' home, Savannah meets Jake Grey, a wood carver, who is designing a bench in her father's garden; a special bench, Doug's final wish, for his garden is the key to how he expresses his love for his wife. As Savannah struggles to deal with her still rebellious daughter, her callous and estranged mother and a dying father, she finds peace and comfort with Jake. However, a permanent relationship with Jake doesn't seem likely since he harbors secrets, and yet hope remains.

37. Book Information - Vermont Books - Northshire Bookstore - Manchester Center, VT
Book Information. Magic Spells. yorke, christy. Romance. The real spell iscast by christy yorke s lyrical voice and stunning characterizations.

38. Browse Results - Vermont Books - Northshire Bookstore - Manchester Center, VT
Paperback (Mass Market). New. $3.59. Out of Print. Magic Spells yorke, christy ISBN 0553-57842-1 More Information, Paperback (Mass Market). New. $5.99. Out of Print.

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Thomas ~ York, Vickie ~ York, William YorkBarr, Jennifer York-Goldman, Dianne yorke,Amanda ~ yorke, Andrew ~ yorke, Barbara ~ yorke, christy ~ yorke, Dane
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, John
, Theresa Karas ... Youngs, Betty

40. Under The Covers: Magic Spells By Yorke
MAGIC SPELLS by christy yorke Bantam November 1999; $5.99 paperback 368 pp; ISBN0553-57842-1 Contemporary/Magic Romance, Pendleton, Vermont, Present Day 2
MAGIC SPELLS by Christy Yorke
Bantam November 1999; $5.99 paperback 368 pp; ISBN 0-553-57842-1
Contemporary/Magic Romance, Pendleton, Vermont, Present Day
2 Reviews
Very Highly Recommended by Kathee Card The death of Jane Gregory's mother draws her back to Pendleton, Vermont and a childhood home filled with painful memories. She brings her six-year-old son, Alex, who has never spoken a word and a suitcase filled with shattered dreams. A small town has no secrets and within days of her arrival old jealousies and superstitions rise like the strange rose that blooms at her doorstep despite the advent of winter. Neighbor, Devon Zeke, stirs banked embers of passion that leave the taste of dust in her mouth, while dearest friend, Graham Payton revives a past best left forgotten. MAGIC SPELLS weaves an intangible tether around the heart and to write a lengthy synopsis deprives the reader of all the intrigue, joy, heartbreak, and mystery that fills each page. Christy Yorke created characters of depth and perception and imbues them with flaws, doubts, and fears that ring deep and true. Woven inexorable through the daily joys and tragedies is a sense of magic. Perhaps it is only the common variety that lives side-by-side with us; on the other hand it may be the sacred rites of an ancient lore that inhabits the human soul. Regardless, Christy Yorke offers her readers a chance to experience the true magic of words on paper. MAGIC SPELLS is this reviewer's pick-of-the-month. Reviewed by Kathee S. Card 10/26/99

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