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  1. Magic Spells by Christy Yorke, 1999-11-02
  2. Summer of Glorious Madness by Christy Yorke, 2004-07-06
  3. The Wishing Garden by Christy Yorke, 2000-08
  4. The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club by Christy Yorke, 2005-08-02
  5. Song of the Seals by Christy Yorke, 2003-02-04
  6. Contemporary Authors: Biography - Yorke, Christy (1965-)
  7. The Wishing Garden by Christy Yorke, 2000
  8. The Secret Lives of the Shushi Club 6-Copy Counter by Christy Yorke, 2005-08

1. Christy Yorke
Christy Yorke, the critically acclaimed author of Magic Spells and The WishingGarden, talks about her books and the writing life. Christy Yorke.
Christy Yorke Home Novels Rants Reviews ... Christy

2. Christy Yorke
Christy Yorke. CHRISTY YORKE, MAGIC SPELLS (December1999) WISHING GARDEN (August 2000).
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Christy Yorke
(December 1999)
(August 2000)
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3. Christy Yorke Books
Games. Christy Yorke Books. Wishing Garden By Christy Yorke (mass MarketPaperback August 2000). Magic Spells By Christy Yorke. Song
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Christy Yorke Books
Wishing Garden
By Christy Yorke (mass Market Paperback - August 2000) Magic Spells
By Christy Yorke Song Of The Seals
By Christy Yorke (hardcover - January 2003)
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5. Christy Yorke @ Catharton Authors
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6. - Song Of The Seals By Christy Yorke
Song of the Seals. A Novel. by christy yorke. List Price $ 14.00. Pages 320. Format Paperback. ISBN 0425188248. Publisher Berkley and "beautiful" (Luanne Rice). With Song of the Seals, christy yorke offers a compelling novel of life, loss, and the
Penguin Putnam
Song of the Seals
A Novel
by Christy Yorke
List Price:
Her novels have been called "haunting" ( Booklist ), "evocative" (Kristin Hannah), and "beautiful" (Luanne Rice). With Song of the Seals , Christy Yorke offers a compelling novel of life, loss, and the bittersweet joy of loving with one's whole heart.
Kate Vegas has fostered several children over the years, saving them from delinquency and helping them heal from the miseries they've endured. Kate also finds healing in these arrangements, some relief from the pain she's felt since that terrible day years ago when her own son was taken from her. Filled with wisdom about the price love demands and the payoff it provides, Song of the Seals top of the page "The only ghosts she believed in were the ones kept alive by devotion," Yorke writes of Kate Vegas. What do we learn about her character from this early description? Does she still think this at the end of the story? Why or why not? How does the central event of Kate's life—the loss of William—alter her beliefs? By the end of the book, has she reconciled her mother's insistence that "Joy is in pursuit of us all" (p. 46) with her own professed lack of faith? What influences her decision?

7. THE ROMANCE READER Reviews: Magic Spells By Christy Yorke
The Romance Reader, the latest reviews and news of romance novels. Magic Spells by christy yorke. ( Bantam, $5.99, PG) ISBN 0553-57842-1 display that author's enchanting skill. Yet christy
Magic Spells by Christy Yorke (Bantam, $5.99, PG) ISBN 0-553-57842-1 Magic Spells features cover endorsements from Deborah Smith, Kristin Hannah and Luanne Rice three authors I greatly admire so I had high expectations of the reading experience. Unfortunately, with all due respect to those authors, I was disappointed by the novel. Also, although Magic Spells is allegedly "in the style of Alice Hoffman," it does not display that author's enchanting skill. Yet Christy Yorke does show considerable promise in her debut novel. Jane Gregory has recently returned to her hometown of Pendleton, Vermont, along with her six-year-old son, Alex. Her memories of Pendleton are painful. Jane's father abandoned the family soon after her birth, and her mother cared more for hurt animals than her own daughter. Jane's only childhood friend was Graham Payton, whose friendship evolved into a deep and lasting love. But Jane only had eyes for Graham's wild and reckless brother Ned. On the eve of their wedding, a pregnant Jane made a careless wish as she realized that Ned would never be a faithful husband. When Ned was killed in a car accident later that night, Jane left Pendleton, convinced she was responsible for his death. Now that Jane has returned seven years later, the quiet town of Pendleton is in for a bumpy ride. Graham, who married his high school sweetheart even though he still yearned for Jane, tries to be a good husband. The women of Pendleton, who believe that both Jane and her grandmother are witches, beg for love potions. A gorgeous hunk of malehood named Devon Zeke moves in across the street from Jane's house and sets female pulses racing. Both Graham and Jane have strong reactions to Devon, whose reckless personality is strikingly similar to Ned's.

8. THE ROMANCE READER Reviews: The Wishing Garden By Christy Yorke
The Romance Reader, the latest reviews and news of romance novels. The Wishing Garden. by christy yorke. ( Bantam, $5.99, PG) ISBN 0553-58036-1. christy yorke's sophomore effort is much stronger
Magic Spells
The Wishing Garden
by Christy Yorke (Bantam, $5.99, PG) ISBN 0-553-58036-1 Christy Yorke's sophomore effort is much stronger than her debut novel, Magic Spells . Her dreamy, lyrical writing style is better integrated with the story, drawing the reader in instead of holding her at bay. But I still stop short of a wholehearted recommendation. Yorke's talent is obvious, but her characterization skills haven't yet caught up with her wordsmith abilities. The mystical secrets of Tarot cards provide the framework for each chapter of The Wishing Garden . Savannah Dawson makes a living as an advertising executive in San Francisco, but she saves her passion for the tarot readings she offers after hours. When the Eight of Swords, a warning card, appears in her own reading, Savannah knows that trouble is brewing. Sure enough, she soon receives a call from her mother, telling her to come home to Arizona, where her father lies dying of cancer. Savannah packs up her moody teenage daughter, Emma, and reluctantly returns to see her beloved but passive father, Doug, and her hostile mother, Maggie. Savannah always identified with her quiet, cheerful father but received no emotional support at all from Maggie, who seems to revel in her own meanness. In Arizona, Savannah finds her father racing against time to fix up the garden that gives him so much pleasure. Savannah also meets Jake Grey, a loner with a dark past who is using his woodworking talent to build Doug a bench for his garden. Savannah can tell that Jake, sometimes known as "the psycho," is a lost cause. He's obviously miserable and determined to stay that way. But for some reason Savannah, who always finds a way to see hope in whatever tarot she deals, is drawn to this quiet man.

9. Christy Yorke Reviews
Song of the Seals. Like Alice Hoffman, christy yorke makes the best kind of magic. christyyorke tells a mesmerizing story in a unique and wonderful voice.
Reviews Summer of Glorious Madness "Summer of Glorious Madness is a novel of stunning and poignant beauty. Christy Yorke's lyrical, brilliant storytelling once again delivers a perfect diamond of a book." Deborah Smith "A stunning novel, deep and compelling...I couldn't put it down." Luanne Rice Song of the Seals "Like Alice Hoffman, Christy Yorke makes the best kind of magic. What a richly woven and rewarding novel.” —Carrie Brown “In Song of the Seals Christy Yorke writes about matters of the heart with pure poetic justice. A lyrical and spellbinding writer. An exquisite storyteller.”—Deborah Smith Magic Spells "Magic Spells is a fabulous, delightfully unique debut novel. The real spell is cast by Ms. Yorke's lyrical voice and stunning characterizations. Haunting and evocative, it will hold the reader spellbound until the very last word. There is, quite literally, magic on every page. "Kristin Hannah, author of On Mystic Lake "Wise, warm, and lyrical. Christy Yorke writes about love and life with the brilliance of a fine poet and the kind heart of a true believer. Magic Spells is a feast for everyone who has been haunted by love for the wrong person—or the right one. Christy Yorke tells a mesmerizing story in a unique and wonderful voice. This is a very special book. Unforgettable."
Deborah Smith, author of

10. Books By Christy Yorke At - Every Day Low Prices
Find books written by christy yorke. Select from 1000's of books at, we have a great selection of highquality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, Every Day Low Prices. Gift

11. Christy Yorke, Literature
christy yorke, Literature. christy yorke The author s own homepage; includes abrief biography, information on her latest publications, and commentary.
Christy Yorke, Literature
Art Literature Authors Y ... Christy Yorke
Christy Yorke

The author's own homepage; includes a brief biography, information on her latest publications, and commentary.

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    The author's own homepage; includes a brief biography, information on her latest publications, and commentary.
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13. Christy Yorke Biography And Quotes Sites
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  • 14. PLCMC - Catalog - Large Print Books
    My Story. yorke, christy. Magic Spells. yorke, christy. The Wishing Garden. yorke, Margaret

    15. Detailed Record
    The wishing garden / c christy yorke. • By christy yorke • PublisherNew York Bantam Books, ©2000. • ISBN 0553580361
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    Christy Yorke
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    16. SciFan: Writer: Christy Yorke (bibliography, Books, Series, Web Links)
    writers series A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.home about links email. Writers christy yorke, Bibliography,
    search by writer, book or series: writers series A B ... Writers : Christy Yorke Bibliography Get pricing and availability through our links to online stores, or click on a title to get more information and buying options. Magic Spells Amazon Alibris
    Magic Spells
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    17. FictionDB: The Essential Fiction Book Reference - Romance Novels, Mystery, Suspe
    York, Vickie. yorke, christy. yorke, Erin. yorke, Katherine. Young, Agatha All Books. Romance. yorke, christy. All Books. Romance. yorke, Erin

    18. SciFan: Books: Magic Spells By Christy Yorke (from Our Database Of Fantasy & SF
    Magic Spells, by christy yorke, Novel, first publication in June 1999, latest edition in June 2000. New to SciFan? SciFan is dedicated

    19. Christy Yorke - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos
    Your source for christy yorke information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Christy

    20. Summer Of Glorious Madness | Christy Yorke
    SUMMER OF GLORIOUS MADNESS by christy yorke add to cart US $14.00. INTRODUCTION.When Dr. Elizabeth . ABOUT christy yorke. christy yorke is
    " + monthName + " " + date + ", " + year + "") //> Introduction
    About the Author

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    by Christy Yorke
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    INTRODUCTION When Dr. Elizabeth Shreve's husband Will leaves after fifteen years of marriage, she is so devastated that she's unaware that their fourteen-year old daughter, Chloe is dangerously in love. But now, former patient Jack Bolton will challenge Elizabeth even more and in ways she never expected. Bipolar, Jack can woo plants into myth-inspiring gardens but refuses medication, fearing it will rob him of his gift. Convinced that nothing is too wonderful to be true, he works his magic on Elizabeth, Chloe and even Will. And with each passing day, Elizabeth is drawn closer to breaking all the rules and joining him in a summer of glorious madness . . . ABOUT CHRISTY YORKE Christy Yorke is the author of Song of the Seals and lives in Boise, Idaho. Praise Praise for Christy Yorke's Summer of Glorious Madness Carrie Brown Publishers Weekly Kristin Hannah DISCUSSION QUESTIONS
  • Why does Will and Beth's marriage disintegrate? Do you think they could have done more to try and work it out? Or do you think separating was the only option left to them when they finally faced facts?
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