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         X Malcolm:     more books (101)
  1. Malcolm X in Our Own Image 1ST Edition by Joe Wood, 1992
  2. Malcolm X(Trd/Pb) by Kevin Brown, 1995-08-01
  3. Malcolm X Speaks by Malcolm X, 1986-04
  4. Malcolm X, African American Revolutionary by Dennis D. Wainstock, 2008-10-27
  5. The Assassination of Malcolm X (Library of Political Assassinations) by Allison Stark Draper, 2001-12
  6. Alex Haley's Autobiography of Malcolm X (Bloom's Guides)
  7. Amid the Fall, Dreaming of Eden: Du Bois, King, Malcolm X, and Emancipatory Composition by Associate Professor Bradford T. Stull, 1999-11-24
  8. Myths About Malcolm X: Two Views by Rev. Albert Cleage, George Breitman, 1968-01
  9. Passport to freedom;: Education, humanism, & Malcolm X, by Charles G Hurst, 1972-01-01
  10. Educating African American Males: Detroit's Malcolm X Academy Solution by Clifford Watson, Geneva Smitherman, 1996-05-01
  11. When the Word is Given...: A Report on Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and the Black Muslim World by Louis E. Lomax, 1979-03-21
  12. The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X, Alex Haley, 1980-07-12
  13. Remembering Malcolm: The Story of Malcolm X from Inside the Muslim Mosque by His Assistant Minister, Benjamin Karin by Benjamin Karim, Peter Skutches, et all 1992-12

101. Reviews On Two Speeches By Malcolm X - Malcolm X -
Reviews On Two Speeches by malcolm X malcolm X, read consumer reviews on thousands of products and services -

102. We Shall Overcome -- Malcolm X Housesite
malcolm X (19251965), civil rights activist. On May 19, 1925, malcolm X (born malcolm Little) was born in a now-demolished house on this site.
Malcolm X
Photograph by Oliver F. Atkins
Photograph courtesy of the Atkins Collection, George Mason University Libraries
Malcolm X (1925-1965), civil rights activist
On May 19, 1925, Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little) was born in a now-demolished house on this site. As a civil rights leader he advocated racial separatism over integration and the legitimacy of violence in self-defense. He also championed the beauty and worth of blackness and black Americans' African past. In 1952, Malcolm X joined the Harlem-based Nation of Islamthe Black Muslimsand became the protégé of its leader, Elijah Muhammad. Thanks largely to Malcolm X's skill as a militant and mesmerizing speaker, the Nation of Islam grew from 400 to at least 10,000 registered members. Like other Black Muslims, Malcolm X believed that whites were "the enemy." Integration was degrading and nonviolence ineffective, he said, and the "March on Washington" was the "Farce on Washington." African Americans should form a black state, he argued. Growing impatience with Black Muslim passivity and a painful break with Elijah Muhammad in March 1964 caused Malcolm X to modify his hard-line stance. On a pilgrimage to Mecca, he observed a variety of skin colors, and a following extended trip to Africa and the Middle East broadened his experience and challenged him further. Hatrednot whiteswas the enemy, he concluded, and nonviolent approaches to overcoming racism might work.

103. Frame Posters - Malcolm X - Malcolm X
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104. Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabaaz – Malcolm X
AlHajj Malik El-Shabazz – malcolm X. Twenty-five years after his death, malcolm X, Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, still towers above the statue of liberty.
Twenty-five years after his death, Malcolm X, Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, still towers above the statue of liberty. He refuses to die. Wherever injustice and oppression takes place his smiling face and uncompromising message fills the atmosphere. Yes, they killed the body but not the spirit. When he was alive, Brother Shabazz was the most feared man in America. And the most loved. The situation hasn't changed. For the deprived and the oppressed African-Americans, Brother Shabazz continues to be the hero, the inspiration that makes it possible for them to maintain their sanity and dignity in a vile society which can't stop despising them. We, as Muslims, are often angered to see Br. Shabazz identified as a Black Nationalist rather than a Muslim. While the anger is justified, we must understand that people generally emphasize the aspect of a leader's life which is in harmony with their own aspirations. While some African- Americans will continue to invoke the nationalist side of Br. Shabazz, it is for us to see that his Islamic personality is projected to the world! The Pilgrimage to Makkah When he was in Makkah, Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz wrote a letter to his loyal assistants in Harlem... from his heart:

105. Malcolm X
Afrocentric, provides information on African Queens and Kings, Black Writers, Black Inventors, malcolm X, Inventions, African American inventors, Kwanzaa
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Malcolm X Nelson Mandela Marcus Garvey Martin Luther King Malcolm X Books ... Malcolm X Time Line Malcolm X was born as Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Louise and Earl Little.Louise Little was a mulatto born in Grenada in the British West Indies and Earl Little, a six-foot, very dark skinned man from Reynolds, Georgia, was a Baptist minister and organiser for Marcus Garvey, who wanted that all Afro-Americans go back to the land of their ancestors, Africa. Louise, his second wife, bore six children: Wilfred, Hilda, Philbert, Malcolm, Yvonne, and Reginald. Earl Little also had three children by a first wife: Ella, Earl, and Mary. Because of the father's advocacy for Garvey's movement, the whole family was terrorised by the Ku Klux Klan. To avoid any more harassment by these white racists, Little had to migrate with his family to Lansing, Michigan. It did not help. The white racists of Lansing killed Malcolm's father and laid him on a railway track, claiming he committed suicide. Alone and without money, Louise Little got more and more desperate, before the white authorities sent her to a mental hospital. Malcolm attended school until eighth grade living with different families. When his teacher stopped him from trying to become a lawyer, he dropped out of school and went to his older half sister, Ella, who lived in Boston. There, he took a job as a shoeshine boy at the Roseland Ballroom. A career as a hustler seemed a more tempting option, and he was soon peddling narcotics. He met a white girl called Laura who quickly became his girlfriend. Having a white girl and being a very good dancer, he soon was a notorious young man with crazy clothes and a haircut made to resemble the hair of white people, which he was very ashamed of later. But Roxbury proved to be too small for him, and in 1942 he took a job as a railroad dining-car porter, working out of Roxbury and New York. Settling in Harlem, New York, he became more and more involved in criminal activities. He robbed, worked as a pimp, and sold narcotics.

106. Malcolm X Center | IRAAS | Columbia University In The City Of New York
For these reasons, many prominent black leaders felt that malcolm X’s influence would quickly and quietly disappear. Only days
The Crisis , declared in April 1965, that "Malcolm was an anachronism… vivid and articulate but, nevertheless, divorced from the mainstream of Negro American thought."
Newsweek , 57 percent of all African Americans polled agreed with the statement that Malcolm X should be considered "a hero for black Americans today." Another 82 percent responded that Malcolm X symbolized a "strong black male." Dozens of prominent performance artists within contemporary urban, "hip hop culture", began to draw upon the words and image of Malcolm X in their work. Spike Lee’s powerful film depicting the life of Malcolm X brought this charismatic historical figure to an international audience. By the late 1990s, almost three million copies of The Autobiography of Malcolm X had been sold worldwide. In 1999

107. WPP: Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park
Meridian Hill/malcolm X Park. Also known as malcolm X Park, a National Historic Landmark, and a crown jewel in Washington s park system . . .
Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park Also known as Malcolm X Park, a National Historic Landmark, and a crown jewel in Washington's park system . . .
Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park is an outstanding example of neoclassical park design, which some have compared to "an assortment of Italian villas." Indeed, the lower half of the park includes a long, flowing cascade flanked by peaceful groves, one of which contains a statue of Dante. However, the design of the upper end reflects French influences, with a long, grassy mall lined by tall stately trees leading to the Great Terrace. Here, Joan d'Arc stands guard, looking over the Federal city.
Long before the park, Native Americans traversed the hilltop along a well-traveled route. When the Federal city was being planned as the nation's new capital, Thomas Jefferson promoted the idea of the Earth's prime meridian running directly north of the White House, a route that is now essentially 16th Street, thus lending the name to the hill and, later, the park. The Meridian hilltop has been home to five presidents and was the site of an early African American seminary, a Civil War hospital, and a college. In the early 20th century, a prominent resident of Meridian Hill, Mary Henderson, began promoting the idea of a park.

108. Bokus Bokhandel - Välkommen Att Köpa Böcker I Sveriges Största Bokhandel!
Visa », Autobiography Of malcolm X av X, malcolm Paperback (B Format). Visa », The Autobiography of malcolm X av X, malcolm/Haley, Alex/malcolm X Trade Cloth. X&FAST_VALUE=AUTHOR&SO

109. Reader's Companion To American History - -MALCOLM X
malcolm X. (19251965), black leader. malcolm X had predicted that, though he had but little time to live, he would be more important in death than in life.
Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Contributors ... World Civilizations The Reader's Companion to American History
, black leader. Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm was the son of a Baptist preacher who was a follower of Marcus Garvey. After the Ku Klux Klan made threats against his father, the family moved to Lansing, Michigan. There, in the face of similar threats, he continued to urge blacks to take control of their lives. Malcolm's father was slain by the Klan-like Black Legionaries. Although he was found with his head crushed on one side and almost severed from his body, it was claimed he had committed suicide, and the family was denied his death benefit. Its disintegration quickly followed: welfare caseworkers sought to turn the children against each other and against their mother, from whom Malcolm, then six, was taken and placed in a foster home. Mrs. Little underwent a nervous breakdown from which she never recovered. After the eighth grade, Malcolm dropped out of school, headed for a life of crime. He wore zoot suits, straightened his hair to affect a white look, and became known as "Detroit Red." When twenty-one, he was sentenced to prison for burglary and there encountered the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, popularly known as the Black Muslims. Muhammad's thesis that the white man is the devil with whom blacks cannot live had a strong impact on Malcolm. Turning to an ascetic way of life and reading widely, he began to overcome the degradation he had known. The argument that only blacks can cure the ills that afflict them confirmed for Malcolm the power of Muhammad's faith. He became a loyal disciple and adopted X—symbolic of a stolen identity—as his last name.

110. Malcolm X (1925-1965)
malcolm X (19251965). Contributing Editor Keith D. Miller. Classroom Issues and Strategies. malcolm X is one of the most controversial figures one could study.
Malcolm X (1925-1965)
Contributing Editor: Keith D. Miller
Classroom Issues and Strategies
Malcolm X is one of the most controversial figures one could study. Most students, recognizing his enormous impact on recent American culture, will revel in discussionsor passionate debatesabout his merits. Those who have read the popular Autobiography of Malcolm X or seen the Spike Lee movie based on itwill argue that Malcolm X was foolish to be duped by Elijah Muhammed or brilliant to recognize that he had been duped; that Malcolm X reached a beautiful, universal vision at the end of his life or that he did not; that he was unforgivably sexist or that his sexism was typical of the period. Students will invariably attempt to relate Malcolm X to the 1991 racial uprising in Los Angeles and to other issues in race relations, including those on their own campuses. The first need is to direct the students, at the very least initially, to focus on "The Ballot or the Bullet" instead of jumping to an ultimate verdict on the Autobiography , on Malcolm X, or even on race relations in America.

111. Malcolm X Museum
Official web site for the malcolm X Museum.

112. Malcolm X Revisited
October 21, 1996 malcolm X revisited. This film names names. According to Brother Minister (and common sense), the death of malcolm X involves massive coverup.
October 21, 1996
Malcolm X revisited
Toronto Sun It's a murder mystery, it's a conspiracy story, it's a race relations study, it's a very scary slice of American history.

malcolm X The Assassination of malcolm X. On February 21, 1965, the black leader malcolm X was assassinated as he started to address a rally in New York City.

114. Englische Bücher : Malcolm X - Malcolm X - Einkaufen Viz
Translate this page Englische Bücher malcolm X. Englische Bücher The Autobiography of malcolm X The Autobiography of malcolm X von malcolm X, malcolm X, Alex Haley 01.

115. Perspectives On Malcolm X, Horace Coleman
Perspectives on malcolm X. Horace Coleman, Huntington Beach, CA. malcolm was intelligent, logical and eloquent. To malcolm X from Horace K. I.
Nobody Gets Off the Bus
The Viet Nam Generation Big Book
Volume 5 Number 1-4
March 1994
Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, is a collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the 1960s.
Perspectives on Malcolm X
Horace Coleman, Huntington Beach, CA
Malcolm was intelligent, logical and eloquent. He experienced racism and was aware of it. Prejudice, racism and discrimination hurt him. His reactions to his experience changed his outlook and his behavior. These things changed his life. And his life changed us. When he was a gangster he was a capitalist, a literal robber baron. When he was a prisoner he was a philosopher and a student. When he was a Black Muslim he was a racist. He was also an effective community organizer and a charismatic, soul-saving religious leader. When he became a Moslem he was a humanist, an ambassador without portfolio, and a statesman without a country. He was an internationalist when he died, obsolete without having been fulfilled. He is not, however, a failure. Malcolm had the often unintended "revolutionary" effect of frightening both the establishment and the oppressed. He spoke of self-defense and whites heard racial violence. Heand the Black Panthers before their FBI-aided self-destructionlegitimized the concept of physical self-preservation. Both the youthful and flamboyant Panthers and the older, wiser Malcolm stopped short of asking the next logical question. If it is inherently moral to defend myself against my enemy, is it not also correct and necessary to attack my attacker? Most of us are still not ready to answer this question.

116. Beyond Fad And Fashion Understanding The Essence Of Malcolm X
Beyond Fad and Fashion Understanding The Essence of malcolm X by Ron Daniels malcolm X was a PanAfricanist and an internationalist.
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Beyond Fad and Fashion Understanding The Essence of Malcolm X
by Ron Daniels There is no more popular political leader among young African Americans today than El Hajji Malik Shabazz, Malcolm X. From the Autobiography of Malcolm X to tapes of his speeches, everything about "Our Black Shining Prince" is in high demand. Malcolm X memorabilia are the hottest items on the market with street vendors and Black-oriented gift shops. Malcolm X buttons, t-shirts, posters, and the popular X caps are visible everywhere. There is no doubt that it has become quite fashionable to be down with Malcolm. Malcolm Little spent only a brief time in his native Omaha, Nebraska. Much of his early life was spent in Lansing, Michigan and later in the growing ghettos of Detroit, Boston, and New York. Like so many young African-American men today, Malcolm was a "manchild in the promised land," seemingly condemned to a life of poverty, vice, and violence. He was a troubled spirit who was forced to cope with the trauma of the murder of his father for being a "uppity nigger" (Malcolm's father was an organizer for Marcus Garvey's Universal Improvement AssociationUNIA). He witnessed the trials and tribulations of a devoted mother struggling against terrible odds. To keep the family together within a racist and oppressive society. It was/is the kind of stuff that has turned so many young African-American men to the streets.

117. LII - Results For "x, Malcolm, 1925-1965"
http// Subjects X, malcolm, 19251965 African Americans Black Muslims People Created by ew - last updated May 6, 2004 - comment;query=X, Malcolm, 1925-1965;subse

118. The Autobiography Of Malcolm X - Malcolm X, Alex Haley, Malcolm X
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The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Malcolm X, Alex Haley, Malcolm X Author(s): Malcolm X Alex Haley Malcolm X
Publisher: African American Images
Release Date: December, 1989
Isbn: List Price: You'll find the best prices at: Price used buy now > Alibris used buy now > Powell's Books used buy now > eCampus new buy now > new buy now > Powell's Books new buy now > Blackwell's US new buy now > new buy now > used CDN $11.99 buy now > new CDN $11.99 buy now > 14.984256 sec Link to this page at - build a link to this page email these prices to a friend Related Items Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr By Any Means Necessary Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements The Souls of Black Folk ... Autobiography of Malcolm X (Cliffs Notes) Top Customer Reviews An American Story Comment:  Almost twenty years after I first read this, it remains the most compelling story I've ever read. If you've never studied Malcolm's life, you've missed a startling bit of American history.

119. Powell's Books - The Autobiography Of Malcolm X By Malcolm X
ISBN 0345379756 Haley, Alex As Told to Author X, malcolm Author Haley, Alex Publisher Ballantine Books Subject X, malcolm, 19251965 Subject Civil

120. Scout Report Archives
Results 1 4 of 4 Searched for Classification equals X, malcolm, 1925-1965. . Media Resources Center Moffitt Library UC Berkeley, M

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