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         Whalen Philip:     more books (100)
  1. Overtime: Selected Poems (Poets, Penguin) by Philip Whalen, 1999-05-01
  2. The Diamond Noodle by Philip Whalen, 1980-04-01
  3. The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen (Wesleyan Poetry Series) by Philip Whalen, 2007-12-28
  4. Continuous Flame: A Tribute To Philip Whalen
  5. Off the Wall: Interviews With Philip Whalen by Philip Whalen, 1978-06
  6. French Historians 1900-2000: New Historical Writing in Twentieth-Century France
  7. Philip Larkin and English Poetry by Terry Whalen, 1986-10
  8. Three Mornings (Signed Broadside Poem) by Philip Whalen, 1965
  9. Memoirs of an interglacial age: [poems] by Philip Whalen, 1960
  10. Dear Mr. President (a broadside) by Philip Whalen, 1965
  11. Severance pay;: Poems, 1967-1969 (Writing 24) by Philip Whalen, 1970
  12. Every Day Poems by Philip Whalen, 1965-06
  13. Prose [Out] Takes by Philip Whalen, 2002
  14. On Bear's Head by Philip Whalen, 1969-06

1. The Beat Page - Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen was born on October 20, 1923 in Portland, Oregon. He grew up justsouth of Portland and during WWII, he served in the US Army Air Corps.

The Memory Of

The Dilemma of the Occasion Is...

The Expensive Life

The Imperfect Sonnet
Other Writers: Richard Brautigan Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Neal Cassady Gregory Corso Robert Creeley Diane di Prima Robert Duncan William Everson Lawrence Ferlinghetti Allen Ginsberg John Clellon Holmes LeRoi Jones Bob Kaufman Jack Kerouac Ken Kesey Philip Lamantia Denise Levertov Michael McClure Frank O'Hara Peter Orlovsky Kenneth Patchen Kenneth Rexroth Gary Snyder Anne Waldman Lew Welch William Carlos Williams PHOTO GALLERY Philip Whalen was born on October 20, 1923 in Portland, Oregon. He grew up just south of Portland and during WWII, he served in the US Army Air Corps. He attended Reed College on the GI Bill and received his B.A. in 1951. Gary Snyder and Lew Welch were Whalen's roommates during college. Whalen read with Gary Snyder Allen Ginsberg Philip Lamantia , and Michael McClure at the Six Gallery on October 7, 1955, when the infamous "Howl" was first read.
Whalen is generally considered one of the pioneering forces behind the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance of the mid-1950s. The author's work differs from much Beat writing in its reverential treatment of the mundane, its self-deprecating humor, and its generally apolitical tone. Dictionary of Literary Biography essayist Paul Christensen writes: "Whalen's singular style and personality contribute to his character in verse as a bawdy, honest, moody, complicated songster of the frenzied mid-century, an original troubadour and thinker who refused to take himself too seriously during the great revival of visionary lyric in American poetry."

2. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen (1923 2002) http// intro.html " Philip Whalen An Introduction " by Dale Smith, in Jacket 11, April 2000.
Philip Whalen (1923 - 2002) a web guide to Philip Whalen from main page 20th century outline authors, alphabetical 19th century authors General Articles "Philip Whalen: An Introduction," by Dale Smith, in Jacket #11, April 2000. An article discusses Whalen's poetry in the context of the American tradition of Williams, Olsen, and Oppen. "To Hunt For Words Under The Stones," by Paul Christensen, in Jacket #11, April 2000. Poet Daniel Bouchard writes about a recent visit to Whalen, "An Hour with Philip Whalen," in Jacket #11, April 2000. An essay on Whalen's poetry tries to deal with its reputed difficulty. "An Introduction To Reading The Poetry Of Philip Whalen," by Tom Devaney, in Jacket #11, April 2000. Tensho David Schneider writes about hanging out with Whalen, "Looking Things Up With Philip Whalen," from 1981, published in Jacket #11, April 2000.

3. Philip Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN. Photo by Nancy Davis. Philip Whalen was born in Portland, Oregon in October of 1923. He grew up in the small town of The Dalles, two hours southeast of Portland on the Columbia River.
Photo by Nancy Davis
Philip Whalen was born in Portland, Oregon in October of 1923. He grew up in the small town of The Dalles, two hours southeast of Portland on the Columbia River. After serving with the US Army Air Corps during the second Word War, he returned to the Pacific Northwest to attend Reed College where he met fellow students Lew Welch and Gary Snyder. He eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area working odd jobs to support his writing. During the 1950s he met Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and other figures of the San Francisco Rennaissance. On October 6, 1955, he was a participant in the historical Six Gallery reading where he read with Kerouac, Ginsberg, Snyder, Philip Lamantia, and Michael McClure. His poetry appeared in issues of the Evergreen Review , as well as other small journals of the period, and in 1960 he appeared in Donald Allen's New American Poetry anthology. Whalen is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Like I Say and Memoirs of an Interglacial Age which, along with other early books, were collected in the 1967 publication of

4. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Philip Whalen. Find where Philip Whalen is credited alongside another name. Philip Whalen, Philip

5. L'Arengario. Beat Generation: Philip Whalen
whalen philip, SelfPortrait, From Another Direction, San Francisco, Auerhahn Press,1959; 21,8x13 cm., brossura contenente un foglio ripiegato più volte con
( Portland 1930 - San Francisco 2002 ) Bibliografia
Self Portrait, from Another Directions
Like I say
Memoirs of an Interglacial Age
Monday in the Evening
The Education Continues Along
"Studiò al Reed College con Snyder e Lewis Welch . Andò a studiare lo Zen in Giappone." (Pivano 1978: pag. 359). Philip Whalen in casa di Allen Ginsberg (anni '60)
Bill Morgan T he Beat Generation in New York , San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1997; pag. 134) Opere di Philip Wahlen WHALEN Philip Self-Portrait , From Another Direction , San Francisco, Auerhahn Press, 1959; 21,8x13 cm., brossura contenente un foglio ripiegato più volte con sopra stampata la poesia, prima pubblicazione ufficiale dell'autore. Prima edizione. (Pivano 1978: pag. 359). WHALEN Philip Like I Say. Poems , New York, Totem Press - Corinth Books, 1960; 20,3x14 cm., brossura, pp. 48, copertina illustrata di Robert LaVigne. Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 359). WHALEN Philip Memoirs of an Interglacial Age , San Francisco, Auerhahn Press, 1960; 28x21,8 cm., brossura, pp. (10) 52 (2), copertina di Robert LaVigne. Poesie. Tiratura di 1250 esemplari . Prima edizione. (Pivano 1978: pag. 359). WHALEN Philip The Education Continues Along. Including Voyages a Transpacific Journal

6. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen, our dear friend, fellow student, teacher, Zen priest, poet October20, 1923 to June 26, 2002. Philip Whalen s Hat - a poem by Joanne Kyger. Whalen/Whalen.html
About the Book About Suzuki Roshi Sangha News Philip Whalen, our dear friend, fellow student, teacher, Zen priest, poet - October 20, 1923 to June 26, 2002. Phillip’s time of death was June 26 at 5:50 a.m. I'm not sure what he died of and I don't know if anyone is. It may be some sort of blood disease but he seemed to be dying of old age for years - with various complications. Anyway, he remained kind, thoughtful, and whimsical throughout these last years of illness and blindness. - DC photo by Nancy Davis A memorial service for Philip will be held at Green Gulch Farm in Marin County, CA, at 2:30 on September 1st. Green Gulch is located at 1601 Shoreline Hwy (Highway 1) just south of Muir Beach. Cremation notice PHILIP WHALEN MEMORIAL READING on Friday August 30, 7:00 pm in San Francisco. Donations in memory of Philip Whalen can be sent to Poets In Need Inc. For info write: Lyn Hejinian, Poets In Need, Inc., 2639 Russell St. Berkeley, CA 94705 A few links off the web or this site about Philip Whalen - newest on top. (contributions welcome)

7. Philip Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN MEMORIAL READING * *. im Philip Whalen. October 20, 1923,Portland, Oregon June 26, 2002, San Francisco, California. * * *. Whalen/Whalen-reading.html
About the Book About Suzuki Roshi Sangha News PHILIP WHALEN MEMORIAL READING Friday August 30, 7:00 pm
@ Presentation Theater, University of San Francisco
(formerly The Gershwin Theater)
2350 Turk Blvd, west of Masonic
San Francisco admission is free Together with the Hartford Street Zen Center, and the MFA Writing Program at USF, The Poetry Center is sponsoring a memorial reading in honor of Philip Whalen's life and poetry. Philip Whalen's friends and fellow poets will speak and read from his work, and from their own and others' work in tribute to him. Michael McClure, Diane di Prima, Leslie Scalapino, David Meltzer, Clark Coolidge, Anne Waldman, Jane Hirschfield, and Bill Berkson are among the many poets and friends who will appear on the program. i.m. Philip Whalen October 20, 1923, Portland, Oregon June 26, 2002, San Francisco, California HYMNUS AD PATREM SINENSIS I praise those ancient Chinamen
Who left me a few words

8. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen. b. October 20, 1923 in Portland, Oregon d. June 26,2002 in San Francisco, California. grew death of Philip Whalen. note
Philip Whalen
b. October 20, 1923 in Portland, Oregon d. June 26, 2002 in San Francisco, California grew up in the Dalles, on the Columbia River military service: US Army Air Corps, 1943-46 - taught radio operation and maintenance after the War, planned to study Asian languages at the University of California, but was soon broke and forced to return to Portland, where he began attending Reed College on the GI Bill met Gary Snyder and Lew Welch in the late 1940's and moved into a rooming house with them in 1950; they established a bohemian style of their own in the subculture of the Reed literati had long admired William Carlos Williams, and was encouraged by him when WCW visited Reed College in 1950 Reed College, BA, 1951 - thesis project a book of poems called Three Satires was one of the poets who read in the famous Gallery Six reading of October 13, 1955, along with Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Gregory Corso, Michael McClure, Philip Lamantia, and emcee Kenneth Rexroth practiced Zen in Kyoto, Japan, 1965-1967 and 1969-1971

9. Canoeing Up Cabarga Creek: Buddhist Poems Philip Whalen
Title Canoeing Up Cabarga Creek Buddhist Poems whalen philip Philip Whalen SubjectAmerican General Category Poetry Drama Criticism Poetry General Format
Canoeing Up Cabarga Creek: Buddhist Poems Philip Whalen
Author or Artist : Philip Whalen
Title: Canoeing Up Cabarga Creek: Buddhist Poems
Whalen Philip
Philip Whalen
Subject: American General
Category: Poetry Drama Criticism Poetry General
Format: Paperback
Thich Nhat Hanh-Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book...

What Book!?: Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop...

Thich Nhat Hanh-Breath! You Are Alive: Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing...

Harriet Low-Lights and Shadows of a Macao Life: The Journal of Harriett Low, Travelling Spinster...
Dabney Townsend-An Introduction to Aesthetics (Introducing Philosophy)...

10. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen. Photograph copyrighted by Larry Keenan. FOR PHILIP WHALEN. What anunholy curse, now, for a poet to go blind lose his eyes! And what can we do?
Philip Whalen Philip Whalen passed away June 26, 2002
A Zen Buddhist memorial service will be held for Zenshin Philip Whalen
at Green Gulch Farms and Zen Center on Sunday, September 1 at 2:30 p.m.
Richard Baker Roshi officiating; there will be a chance for appreciations.
Green Gulch is located at 1601 Shoreline Hwy (Highway 1) just south of Muir Beach. Feel free to submit a memory or devotion
John Aiello Charles Plymell Valery Oisteanu ...
Larry Keenan
FOR PHILIP WHALEN "What an unholy curse, now, for a poet to go blind & lose his eyes! And what can we do? Just gather there beside your bed, try not to weep, reading this last book of poems to you " I. Advisory over
The computer
That Whalen
Has perished.
The death Of yet (another) Marked man Is done (retreating) To my desk (gone) Back into The webs (of) The past (I) Went back To read A poem (writ) Over 14 Months ago (written) In anticipation Of this Very moment ("You)

11. Beatwerke: Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen. Philip Whalen. Studierte mit Gary Snyder und Lew Welch am ReedCollege in Oregon. OFF THE WALL INTERVIES WITH PHILIP WHALEN. / 1978.
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Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen Studierte mit Gary Snyder und Lew Welch am Reed College in Oregon. Er ist Zen-Buddhist und ein disziplinierter Autor.
Er las bei der Lesung in der Six Gallery TITEL ENTSTAND. / ERSCH. VERÖFFENTLICHUNG EVERY DAY Bei Coyote. SEVERANCE PAYS: POEMS 1967-1969 Bei Four Seasons Foundation. SCENES OF LIFE AT THE CAPITAL Bei Grey Fox Press. OFF THE WALL: INTERVIES WITH PHILIP WHALEN Bei Four Seasons Foundation. ENOUGH SAID: POEMS 1974-1979 Bei Grey Fox Press. HEAVY BREATHING Bei Four Seasons Foundation. Bei Zephyr Press.
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12. THE BEAT STREET : Philip Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN (19232002). BIOGRAPHIE. Philip Whalen est né le 20octobre 1923 à Portland, Oregon. Il rencontre au Reed Colege d
Bibliographie Extraits Liens ... IN MEMORIAM PHILIP WHALEN
Philip Whalen est né le 20 octobre 1923 à Portland, Oregon. Il rencontre au Reed Colege d'Oregon les futurs poètes Gary Snyder et Lew Welch. Whalen ne se destine pas à une carrière poétique mais commence à écrire des poèmes après que Snyder lui ait demandé de participer à la lecture d'octobre 1955 à la 6 Gallery Tout comme Jack Kerouac et Gary Snyder, Whalen s'interesse de très près au Bouddhisme. Il passe de nombreuses années au Japon avant de revenir à San Francisco en 1971. En 1973, il est ordonné moine bouddhiste puis en 1975 il devient le père supérieur du Centre Zen de Tassajara Springs, en Californie. Philip Whalen a publié de nombreux livres de poésie et et a fini sa vie à San Francisco, où il est mort le 26 juin 2002, à l'âge de 78 ans.
Self-portrait From Another Direction.
The End, Of a Month of Sundays.
Memoirs of an Interglacial Age.
From Memoirs af an Interglacial Age.
Like I Say.

13. Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek - Remembering Philip Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN. MASTER POET PRIEST SENSEI. October20, 1923 June 26, 2002. photo by Larry Keenan.
Michael McClure Ray Manzarek collaboration shop ... home
October 20, 1923 - June 26, 2002
photo by Larry Keenan booking agent newsletter translate site links ... Quanta Webdesign , specialist in websites for the arts.

14. Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen. *Photo courtesy of Nancy Victoria Davis. TRUE CONFESSIONS. 6xi64.Philip Whalen was born October 20, 1923, Portland, Oregon.
Philip Whalen TRUE CONFESSIONS My real trouble is
People keep mistaking me
for a human being. Olson (being a great poet) says
"Whalen!that Whalen is aa
That Whalen is a great big vegetable!" He's guessing exactly in the right direction.
Philip Whalen was born: October 20, 1923, Portland, Oregon The degree of respect and admiration the beats had for Whalen is remarkable. He was adored by Kerouac, who found him easy to be with and confide in. Philip's nonjudgmental nature and education is probably one the keys here in that. Ginsberg considered Whalen the only Zen Master Poet practicing in America. So as not to narrow the breadth of influence and admiration of his peers, it is interesting to note that upon publication of Overtime the following luminaries came out to praise and celebrate this wise and good-hearted "Zen Falstaff": Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure, Diane diPrima, David Meltzer, Clark Coolidge, Joanne Kyger, Bill Berkson, Lewis MacAdams, Phoebe MacAdams, Jackson Mac Low, Ron Padgett, Anne Waldman, Anselm Hollo, Jack Collom, Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge, Charles Bernstein, Lewis Warsh, Anne Tardos, Eileen Myles, and many others. The spirit of honor and admiration for Philip Whalen extends beyond the Beat Generation. He is honored by some as one of the progenitors of the Language School movement of poetry. And by others he said to be the progenitor of Zen poetry in America. One thing for certain, he spread an "ecology of permission" that enabled poets of every style and taste to go beyond the limits of the known to explore their new creative selves.

15. Welcome To Philip Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN. On, June 26th, 2002, in San Francisco, my dear friend,mentor, and poet, Philip Whalen, died. Born in Portland, Oregon
PHILIP WHALEN On, June 26th, 2002, in San Francisco, my dear friend, mentor, and poet, Philip Whalen, died. Born in Portland, Oregon, October 20th, 1923, he was 78. I will always remember his Kind and Wise Counsel. In the Bay Area Buddhist Smorgasbord of the early 70's, he was one of the few with a Historical Perspective of what we were doing. At Zen Center we spent many an afternoon slinging the bull. There, with Great Patience, he helped me deal with the Loss of a Lover, the Return of Dick Baker from Japan, and my Escape from Living a Life within a Circle too Small.
Four years ago, I spent a day viewing prints and drawings of Hokusai in Obuse, Japan. I returned to Nagano by following the winding, emerald green Chikuma River. That night I ask my friend, Matsushima, whose family had lived along that river for over 400 years, "Where is the living successor to Issa, Ikkyu, Basho?" "He doesn't live far, it would be hard to go there." "He doesn’t receive visitors." "Cause, if you saw his house, you’d say, ‘Dog House!’" "Oh, Damn! That’s the same thing we do with our Poets back home!"
Now that Philip's gone, maybe he'll receive the Greater Recognition he deserves.

16. Whalen
PHILIP WHALEN Writing them is a delight. Philip Whalen Goldberry Is Waiting ;or, PW, His Magic Education as a Poet, copyright © 1973 by Philip Whalen.
ME to ALL THOSE OTHERS , but from the invisible magical worlds to me . . . everybody else, ALL THOSE OTHERS , "my audience, don’t need what I say; they already know.
I had been very worried about theories and philosophies and orthodoxies; I now perceived that I had had far too many; so many, that I had been separated from my own senses, my own real experience of the natural world. (It took a great deal of experimentation and study and thought to find out the true nature and function of my various senses and faculties.) The impulse to write had overthrown all my theories as well as the question of "Where does it come from?"
People tell me that it must be very difficult to write, to be a write. I no longer argue the point with them. I can only say here that I like doing it. I also enjoy cutting and revising what I’ve written, for in the midst of those processes I often discover images and visions and ideas which I hadn’t been conscious of before, and these add thickness and depth and solidity to the final draft, not simply polish alone. In the act of revision and complication and turmoil, a funky nowhere piece of writing can suddenly pick up and become an extraordinary, independent creature. It escapes from my too certain, too expert control. It frees itself not only from my grasp but also from my ego, my ambition, my megalomania . . . simultaneously, the liberation of a piece of writing liberates myself from these delusionary systems. Ideally, the writing will give the reader that same feeling of release, freedom and exaltation: a leap, a laugh, a high.

17. Overtime Selected Poems By Philip Whalen
Reviewed by Tom Clark. From Jacket 7.
OVERTIME: Selected Poems, by Philip Whalen
Reviewed by Tom Clark
You can read a feature on Philip Whalen in Jacket # 11.
out , Whalen tends to circle around slowly and return to certain obsessive themes and rhythms. His formal universe, as he advises John Cage in the poem quoted above, is not really unbounded space, but, like a tuned piano's, a "closed system."
Philip Whalen
Whalen's finicky, self-conscious, urbane, pointillist sketching features high detail-resolution. A patient reader will pick up on brilliant perceptual moments of stillness, clarity and depth that accumulate small shocks in contemplative micro-spaces. That unexpected, instantaneous "shift from opacity to brilliance" Whalen speaks of in his firewatching poem "Sourdough Mountain Lookout" encapsulates his stylistic signature: "The Zenbos say, 'Lightning-flash & flint-spark.' " [p. 20].
      A self-acknowledged tendency to "bald-faced didacticism" in "moving from the particular to the general" [p. 50] sometimes pushes the vividly articulated moments of Whalen's poetry over the edge of their synapses toward wisdom, or beyond themselves into philosophical enlargement. The teacher in this poet lurks never too far beneath the surface of the amused or bemused observer.
      Yet even the most generalizing of Whalen's poems has a way of turning itself inside-out with a deft, koan-like touch, as in "The Dharma Youth League," a small account of sudden enlightenment-within-confusion written in Kyoto in 1966:

18. LitKicks: Philip Whalen
philip whalen. philip whalen was born in Portland, Oregon on October 20, 1923 whalen did not pursue a career in poetry, but fell into it after Snyder asked him to
Literary Kicks
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Philip Whalen
Philip Whalen was born in Portland, Oregon on October 20, 1923. He roomed with future poets Gary Snyder and Lew Welch 's at Reed College in Oregon. (Shit, how come when I look back at my old college roommates all I see is one lawyer, one salesman and one eternal grad student?) Whalen did not pursue a career in poetry, but fell into it after Snyder asked him to take part in the famous Six Gallery poetry reading in 1955. A good portrait of Whalen, Snyder's slightly older and chubbier Zen-poet friend, appears in ' The Dharma Bums ' by Jack Kerouac (the character's name is Warren Coughlin). Like Snyder and Kerouac, Whalen took Buddhism very seriously, and also like them he found spiritual enlightenment as a fire lookout in the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Whalen published many highly respected works of poetry, and was ordained as a Zen monk in 1973. He has been suffering from severe eyesight problems in recent years. He continues to live as a Buddhist in San Francisco. Here's an article about an apparently very pleasant 1964 poetry reading at San Francisco's Longshoreman's Hall brooklyn
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philip whalen. Thirdbase. Born October 20, 1923. Died June 26, 2002. Beat Generation Writer. philip whalen was one of the six poets who read at the historic Six Gallery Reading in San Francisco on October 7, 1955. He read Plus Ça Change
Philip Whalen
Born October 20, 1923
Died June 26, 2002
Beat Generation Writer
Philip Whalen was one of the six poets who read at the historic Six Gallery Reading in San Francisco on October 7, 1955. He read Plus Ça Change... Whalen was born in Portland, Oregon and went to Reed College where he lived with Gary Snyder and Lew Welch During World War II, Whalen served in the United States Army Air Corps. Also, during the war, he began to read the work of Gertrude Stein. His involvement with the Beat Generation vortex began in 1955 when he met Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg Michael McClure Kenneth Rexroth ... Lawrence Ferlinghetti and other poets and writers in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Kerouac's Dharma Bums , Whalen appears as the character called Warren Coughlin. Jack Kerouac described Whalen one time as "180 pounds of poet meat." Whalen spent time in Japan studying Buddhism and in 1973 he was ordained a Zen priest. Currently is the abbot of a Zen center in San Francisco.
Philip Whalen
Batting Record YEAR TEAM POS BA AB H HR RBI 1984 Beats 3b .257 525 135 12 58 1985 Beats if .182 11 2 1 1987 Beats of .297 360 107 8 39 1995 Beats if/o .307 635 195 22 101 1996 Pisces 3b .221 136 30 3 7 5 Seasons .281 1667 469 45 206
"Plus Ça Change..."

20. Whalen
IN MEMORIAM philip whalen. 20th.October 1923 (Portland, Oregon) — 26th.June 2002(San Francisco, CA). Jump to philip whalen s publications, recordings, etc.
Photograph by Nancy Davis
Jump to Philip Whalen's publications, recordings, etc. (listed by Steve Dickison, SFSU Poetry Center).

NEW Whalen celebration at Reed College, October 20th.
Request from Rick London and others, Read here.
Details here.

Donations in memory of Philip Whalen can be sent to Poets In Need Inc.
which was started with funds from the sale of Whalen's archives.
Checks should be made out to Poets In Need (the donations are tax deductible) and sent to:
Poets In Need, Inc., 2639 Russell St., Berkeley, CA 94705, USA
Click for further information

San Francisco Chronicle Obituary
The Independent (London) Obituary New York Times Obituary ... The LA Times Obituary is archived here but, as you must register to access it, I've put a rough copy here. Obituary and note on Jack Magazine site by Michael Rothenberg In Memoriam note by Michael Hrebeniak in Jacket ... magazine Interesting photographs from 1950s San Francisco, including Philip, are on Harry Redl's site here. A Philip Whalen Tribute will soon be published by Fish Drum.

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