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         Wedekind Frank:     more books (100)
  1. Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy by Frank Wedekind, 2009-01-30
  2. Mine-Haha: or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls (Hesperus Modern Voices) by Frank Wedekind, 2010-04-01
  3. The First Lulu: by Frank Wedekind * English Version of the Play by Eric Bentley (Applause Books) by Frank Wedekind, 2000-04-01
  4. Frank Wedekind: Four Major Plays (Great Translations for Actors Series) by Frank Wedekind, Carl R. Mueller, 2000-06-15
  5. Spring's Awakening by Frank Wedekind, 2006-06-15
  6. Fruhlings Erwachen (German Edition) by Frank Wedekind, 1997-10
  7. The Lulu Plays & Other Sex Tragedies (German Expressionism) by Frank Wedekind, Stephen Spender, 1984-02
  8. Early 20th-Century German Plays: Frank Wedekind, Odon von Horvath, and Marieluise Fleisser (German Library) by Margaret Herzfeld-Sander, 1998-05-01
  9. Pandora's box; a tragedy in three acts by Frank Wedekind, Samuel Atkins Eliot, 2010-07-29
  10. Lulu. Erläuterungen und Dokumente by Frank Wedekind, 2005-02-28
  11. Viermal Wedekind: Methoden der Literaturanalyse am Beispiel von Frank Wedekinds Schauspiel "Hidalla" : vier Vortrage (Literaturwissenschaft, Gesellschaftswissenschaft ; 11) (German Edition)
  12. Spring Awakening (Drama Classics) by Frank Wedekind, 2010-06-25
  13. Frühlings Erwachen. Mit Materialien. Eine Kindertragödie. (Lernmaterialien) by Frank Wedekind, Stefan Rogal, et all 1999-12-01
  14. Frank Wedekind; Der Mensch Und Das Werk by Paul Fechter, 2010-03-25

1. Lulu: Frank Wedekind
Frank Wedekind. 18641918. Frank Wedekind is the author of the Lulu plays and the founder of German Expressionist drama. He was born in Hanover, Germany on 24 July 1864. His father, Dr. second child, Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Wedekind. Wedekind, of course, would come to
Frank Wedekind
Frank Wedekind is the author of the Lulu plays and the founder of German Expressionist drama. He was born in Hanover, Germany on 24 July 1864. His father, Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Wedekind, had fled Germany after the 1848 revolution and had settled and worked as a doctor in San Francisco. There he met a German-born opera singer, Emilie Kammerer. The two married in 1862 and returned to Germany just before the birth of their second child, Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Wedekind.
Wedekind, of course, would come to be deeply involved in literature, but earlier in his life he developed musical abilities. This may not be surprising, considering the musicality of his family: his mother, as mentioned, was an opera singer, and his sister Erika became well known as a coloratura soprano. Wedekind’s musical talents can perhaps be inferred from his studies: “as a schoolboy he learned the guitar and the flute and, later, the violin, piano and mandolin” (Jarman 13).
Wedekind’s father planned a legal career for his son, and in 1884 Wedekind moved from Switzerland, where his family at that time lived, to Munich to begin his studies. Munich was at that time the center of the literary avant-garde, home to the followers of Zola and the pre-cursors of Naturalist drama. Wedekind, by this time an aspiring writer, became involved with this community, though he immediately differentiated himself from it. He felt that the artist should not be “scientifically objective” about the society he depicts, as advocated by the Naturalists, but instead totally involved in it.

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3. Infoplease Search: Wedekind Frank
more than 100Wedekind, Frank ( Encyclopedia People)Wedekind, Frank , 18641918, German and heWedekind ( Dictionary)Definition of WedekindFrank Sinatra ( Feature)Frank Sinatra 1915 Frank

4. Conjetural Nº 001 - Wedekind Frank
Translate this page Conjetural Nº 001. Despertar de la primavera. Wedekind, Frank. Temáticas Cienciasde la conducta, Psicología. Editorial Ediciones Sitio. FORMATOS DISPONIBLES.

5. WIEM: Wedekind Frank
wedekind frank (18641918), niemiecki pisarz. Uwazany za prekursoraekspresjonizmu. Literatura, Niemcy wedekind frank (1864-1918).
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Wedekind Frank
Wedekind Frank (1864-1918), niemiecki pisarz. Uwa¿any za prekursora ekspresjonizmu . Pos³ugiwa³ siê satyr±grotesk± w sztukach teatralnych atakuj±cych moralno¶æ spo³eczno¶ci mieszczañskiej. Dramaty, Przebudzenie siê wiosny (1891, wydanie polskie 1907), Puszka Pandory (1904, wydanie polskie 1981). Opowiadania, wiersze, popularne piosenki kabaretowe. WIEM zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra zobacz wszystkie serwisy do góry

6. Wedekind, Frank: Frühlingserwachen (Referat Oder Hausaufgabe)
Translate this page Inhaltsangabe des Dramas ?Frühlings Erwachen“ von Frank wedekind frank Wedekindwurde am 24.07.1864 als Sohn eines vielgereisten Arztes aus Sachsen und




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7. Wedekind Frank -- Éditions Théâtrales

8. Frank Wedekind The First Lulu
Title The First Lulu wedekind frank Frank Wedekind Subject Continental EuropeanCategory Poetry Drama Criticism Drama General Format Paperback
Frank Wedekind The First Lulu
Author or Artist : Frank Wedekind
Title: The First Lulu
Wedekind Frank
Frank Wedekind
Subject: Continental European
Category: Poetry Drama Criticism Drama General
Format: Paperback
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9. Spring's Awakening Frank Wedekind
Title Spring s Awakening wedekind frank Frank Wedekind Subject ContinentalEuropean Category Poetry Drama Criticism Drama General Format Paperback
Spring's Awakening Frank Wedekind
Author or Artist : Frank Wedekind
Title: Spring's Awakening
Wedekind Frank
Frank Wedekind
Subject: Continental European
Category: Poetry Drama Criticism Drama General
Format: Paperback
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10. Wedekind Frank : Le Coup De Foudre Economisez 36% Livres Et BD D'occasion - 2xMo
WedekindFrank Le coup de foudre Economisez 40%. Vous voulez vendre le vôtre ?

11. Frank WEDEKIND - MediaWiki
Frank WEDEKIND. Frank WEDEKIND frank WEdekint (naskigis la 24an dejulio, 1864, mortis la 9-an de marto, 1918) estis germana verkisto.
El MediaWiki, la libera enciklopedio.
Literaturo Germanlingva Literaturo Germana Lingvo Frank WEDEKIND [frank WEdekint] (naskiĝis la 24-an de julio , mortis la 9-an de marto ) estis germana verkisto. Frank Wedekind naskiĝis en Hanovro . Sian junaĝon li pasigis en Svislando . Post studado de juro li laboris inter alie kiel varbisto, ĵurnalisto, sekretario en cirko , dramaturgo kaj aktoro. La tempon de ĝis li pasigis en aresto, pro satira poemo lia kontraŭ Vilhelmo la 2-a en revuo Simplissimus ofendis moŝtulon. Liaj humuraj, satiraj verkoj direktis sin kontraŭ la konvencia moralo de la burĝaro. Siatempe forte kritikata kaj cenzurata, Frank Wedekind nuntempe estas rigardata unu el la gravaj influintoj al la Ekspresionismo kaj la Absurda Teatro . Wedekind mortis en Munkeno redaktu
Listo de verkoj:
  • Fr¼hlings Erwachen (dramo, 1891) Der Erdgeist (dramo, 1895) Der Marquis von Keith (komedio, 1901) Die B¼chse der Pandora (dramo, 1904) K¶nig Nicolo oder So ist das Leben (dramo, 1904) Die vier Jahreszeiten (poemoj, 1905)

12. Projekt Gutenberg-DE - Kultur - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Translate this page frank wedekind. wedekind wurde am 24.7.1864 in Hannover geboren. SeinVater war Arzt, die Mutter in der Jugend Schauspielerin. 1872

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Frank Wedekind
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13. Frank Wedekind Biografie
Kurzbiographie des Kritikers, Dramatikers, Lyrikers und Erz¤hlers frank wedekind (18641918).
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Frank Wedekind Biografie
Deutscher Darmatiker, Lyriker

14. Frank Wedekind (1864-1918)
Biography of German playwright frank wedekind, plus links to all of his works currently in print.
Frank Wedekind In 1918, Bertolt Brecht attended the funeral of German playwright Frank Wedekind. He later wrote in his diary, "They stood perplexed in top hats, as if round the carcass of a vulture. Bewildered crows." Wedekind was a prophet in the darkness. He had come before his time. A moralist who wore the mask of an immoralist, he had been the terror of the German bourgeoisie, alternately praised for being a saint and condemned for being a devil. He did not follow any group, or subscribe to any political ideology of the day. And his expressionistic visions preceded the rise of expressionism by several decades.
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15. Wedekind, Frank
Menú de Biografías. wedekind, frank. Dramaturgo alemán. Nació el 24 de julio de 1864 en Hannover y murió siso concebida por su creador, frank wedekind, en la primera versión de
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Wedekind, Frank

16. Frank Wedekind: Indexseite
Editiert seit 1994 eine kritische Studienausgabe der Werke frank Wedekinds. AuŸerdem Materialien zu Leben und Werk.
Editions- und Forschungsstelle
Frank Wedekind (EFW)
Editions- und Forschungsstelle
Frank Wedekind (EFW)

17. Louise Brooks Studies: Frank Wedekind - For Further Reading
Louise Brooks Studies a website about the life and times of Louise Brooks frank wedekind for further reading. frank wedekind (1864 - 1918) was a key figure in the emergence of
Frank Wedekind - for further reading
Frank Wedekind (1864 - 1918) was a key figure in the emergence of expressionist literature. Early on, he worked as a journalist, and served on the staff of Simplicissimus . In his plays, Wedekind employed grotesque fantasy and unconventional characters in order to attack the bourgeois ideals and hypocrisy of society. He was particularly concerned with sexual themes, and stressed the primacy of man’s instincts. His play Spring Awakening (1891), scandalized German society with its explicit and sardonic portrayal of a sexual coming of age. Wedekind later attacked bourgeois morality in his two tragedies, Earth Spirit (1895) and Pandora's Box (1904), both of which feature the femme fatale character named Lulu. This page presents links, and a checklist of relevant books and articles, on the life and work of Frank Wedekind . The intent of this page is to place Wedekind's life and work in a larger context. However, emphasis is given to citations which include material on the Lulu plays.

18. Frank Wedekind's Lulu Plays (Erdgeist And Büchse Der Pandora)
Scholarly analysis of frank wedekind's Luludramas (Erdgeist and Die Büchse der Pandora), in both stage and screen adaptations. Lulu Sexuality and Cynicism on the Stage and Screen. frank wedekind's plays Erdgeist New York Alfred A Knopf, 1989. wedekind, frank. Erdgeist. Die Büchse der Pandora
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Nancy Thuleen
Professor Marc Silberman
December 16, 1995
Lulu: Sexuality and Cynicism on the Stage and Screen
Frank Wedekind's plays Erdgeist (1895) and (1904) set a new standard for dramatic representation and were influential in determining the form of contemporary productions as well as later Expressionist theater. Wedekind's innovative use of language, his themes of sexual expressivity and circus-like sensationalism, and above all his focus on the bourgeois framework of Germany work together in the plays to produce a complex, sometimes ambivalent commentary on Wilhelmine social reality. In his 1929 film adaptation of the Lulu femme fatale , a "New Woman," or something else entirely, she does mirror the contemporary question of gender construction and societal constraints. As evidenced in the final scene the ambivalence underlying not only Lulu's fate, but the character of her killer as well Pabst's conceptualization of Lulu is crucially different from that of Wedekind. Certainly the time difference between the drama and film plays a major part in explaining this contrast, but it may be possible, based on the film's self-reflexivity and Lulu's position as the ultimate actress, to seek a "filmic" justification as well.
When they first appeared in the 1890's, Wedekind's

19. Biographie: Frank Wedekind, 1864-1918
Translate this page 1864-1918. Photo frank wedekind. frank wedekind. Dramatiker, Lyriker. 1864 24. 1881Wegen schulischer Schwierigkeiten erhält frank wedekind Privatunterricht.
Frank Wedekind
Dramatiker, Lyriker
24. Juli: Frank (eigtl. Benjamin Franklin) Wedekind wird in Hannover als Sohn des Arztes Friedrich Wilhelm Wedekind und dessen Ehefrau Emilie (geb. Kammerer) geboren.
Wilhelminischen Kaiserreichs Deutschland und zieht nach Lenzburg (Schweiz).
Tod des Vaters.
Fertigstellung des Dramas "Frühlings Erwachen. Eine Kindertragödie".
Er reist nach Paris, London, Zürich und Berlin. Im Verlag Albert Langen in München erscheint "Der Erdgeist. Tragödie in vier Aufzügen".
Wedekind gründet die Zeitschrift " Simplicissimus " mit und veröffentlicht dort unter verschiedenen Pseudonymen.
Beziehung mit Frida Strindberg.
Geburt des Sohnes Friedrich Strindberg-Wedekind.
"Der Erdgeist" wird in Leipzig uraufgeführt. Wedekind setzt sich in die Schweiz ab, da er wegen einer Satire auf Wilhelm II. im "Simplicissimus" gesucht wird.
"Die Büchse der Pandora" wird uraufgeführt. Die Buchausgabe des Verlags Bruno Cassirer wird wegen Unzüchtigkeit beschlagnahmt. 1934 vertont Alban Berg (1885-1935) die Vorlage unter dem Titel "Lulu".
Uraufführung von "Frühlings Erwachen" an den Berliner Kammerspielen unter der Regie von

20. Frank Wedekind (I)
frank wedekind (I) Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Not the frank wedekind you're looking for? frank wedekind (I) Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for frank wedekind (I), Frank (I)

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