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         Voltaire:     more books (95)
  1. The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 3: From Voltaire to Wagner by Leon Poliakov, 2003-10-15
  2. Paint It Black: A Guide To Gothic Homemaking by Voltaire, 2005-08-30
  3. Voltaire: The Universal Man by Derek Parker, 2006-05-25
  4. The Age of Voltaire: A History of Civilization in Western Europe from 1715 to 1756, with Special Emphasis on the Conflict between Religion and Philosophy (The Story of Civilization IX) by Will Durant, Ariel Durant, 1980-12-25
  5. Seven Plays by Voltaire, 1988-04
  6. The Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present
  7. The Fourth Book of Virgil's Aeneid and the Ninth Book of Voltaire's Henriad by Bc- Bc Virgil, 2010-07-24
  8. Voltaire and the Theatre of the Eighteenth Century (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies: Lives of the Theatre) by Marvin A. Carlson, 1998-10-28
  9. Voltaire: Candide (French Texts (Focus)) by H. Mason, 2003-09-01
  10. Candide - Literary Touchstone Classic by Voltaire, 2006-09-01
  11. Voltaire: A Biography by Professor Hayden Mason, 1981-03-01
  12. Candide, or, The optimist by Voltaire, 1948
  13. El Caligrafo De Voltaire by Pablo de Santis, 2004
  14. Lettres Philosophiques (French Edition) by Voltaire, 2010-04-08

81. Cabaret Voltaire
Includes a biography, discography, links and message board.

82. Modern History Sourcebook: Voltaire: Letters On Newton From Letters On The Engli
voltaire (16941778) Letters on Newton from the Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778. Introduction. Letter XIV
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Letters on Newton
from the Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778
Introduction Letter XIV : On Descartes And Sir Isaac Newton A Frenchman who arrives in London, will find philosophy, like everything else, very much changed there. He had left the world a plenum, and he now finds it a vacuum. At Paris the universe is seen composed of vortices of subtile matter; but nothing like it is seen in London. In France, it is the pressure of the moon that causes the tides; but in England it is the sea that gravitates towards the moon; so that when you think that the moon should make it flood with us, those gentlemen fancy it should be ebb, which very unluckily cannot be proved. For to be able to do this, it is necessary the moon and the tides should have been inquired into at the very instant of the creation. You will observe farther, that the sun, which in France is said to have nothing to do in the affair, comes in here for very near a quarter of its assistance. According to your Cartesians, everything is performed by an impulsion, of which we have very little notion; and according to Sir Isaac Newton, it is by an attraction, the cause of which is as much unknown to us. At Paris you imagine that the earth is shaped like a melon, or of an oblique figure; at London it has an oblate one. A Cartesian declares that light exists in the air; but a Newtonian asserts that it comes from the sun in six minutes and a half. The several operations of your chemistry are performed by acids, alkalies and subtile matter; but attraction prevails even in chemistry among the English.

83. Voltaire
Breve analisi sul contesto storico, il pensiero e le opere dell'autore.
Trimestrale di psicologia analitica e filosofia sperimentale a cura dell'Associazione GEA
Direttore : Dott. Ada Cortese
Genova: Via Palestro 19/8 - Tel. (010) 8391814
Milano: Via Salasco 20 - Tel. (0339) 5407999
Home Anno 4° N° 13 Settembre 1995 Pag. 4° Maria Campolo PROFILI VOLTAIRE "Il genere umano non trae alcuna utilità da cento guerre... Chiamo grandi uomini tutti coloro che si sono distinti nell’utile o nel dilettevole. I saccheggiatori di provincia non sono altro che eroi." Francois Marie Arouet (1694-1778)
Nasce a Parigi da famiglia borghese; studia presso un collegio di gesuiti, si dedica, per volere del padre, a studi giuridici e diviene magistrato. Precocissimo poeta, frequenta i circoli letterari ove si fa notare per la sua vivacissima intelligenza. Nel 1716 viene esiliato e successivamente incarcerato alla Bastiglia perchè aderisce a correnti intellettuali contrarie alla corona. Inizia in carcere la sua lunga carriera di scrittore, abbandona il proprio nome assumendo quello di Voltaire. Riappacificatosi con il reggente viene nominato diplomatico, inizia così un lungo periodo di viaggi fino a quando verrà nuovamente esiliato in Inghilterra dove diventerà grande ammiratore delle istituzioni politiche parlamentari.
Qui incontra il pensiero di Locke e di Newton e si apre ai problemi filosofici, scientifici e religiosi di quegli anni.

84. Modern History Sourcebook: Voltaire: Letters On The English Or Lettres Philosoph
voltaire (16941778) Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778. Introduction. Francois-Marie Arouet, known by his
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Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778
Introduction Francois-Marie Arouet, known by his assumed name of Voltaire, was born at Paris, November 21, 1694. His father was a well-to-do notary, and Francois was educated under the Jesuits in the College Louis-le-Grand. He began writing verse early, and was noted for his freedom of speech, a tendency which led to his being twice exiled from Paris and twice imprisoned in the Bastile. In 1726 he took refuge in England, and the two years spent there had great influence upon his later development. Some years after his return he became historiographer of France, and gentleman of the king's bedchamber; from 1750 to 1753 he lived at the court of Frederick the Great, with whom he ultimately quarreled; and he spent the last period of his life, from 1758 to 1778, on his estate of Ferney, near Geneva, where he produced much of his best work. He died at Paris, May 30, 1778.

85. Cabaret Voltaire
Fan page with sound samples (1987 and newer).
A B RIEF H ISTORY: Cabaret Voltaire (CV) started out in the mid-70's as industrial noise outfit. There was a brief industrial-disco phase for CV in the the mid-80's, followed by house. At the dawn of a new decade, Cabaret Voltaire, now Stephan Mallinder and Richard H. Kirk, started to ease from techno/bleep into trance/ambient. The results were quite startling and Cabaret Voltaire finally regained the attention they deserved. At the height of the trance/ambient wave, Cabaret Voltaire parted ways. While Mallinder went off to Australia to study, Kirk continues on with solo projects (Richard Kirk, Sandoz, etc). W HAT'S H ERE: You can listen to recent musical work by Cabaret Voltaire by downloading some sound samples or take a look at this fairly detailed CV discography This page is maintained by Brian Hostetler . Any questions, suggestions or corrections: . The author of this page is in no way affliated with the band or its record labels. This is a Hyperreal Experience

86. Voltaire Palace Hotel, à Ferney-Voltaire, France
Etablissemnt situ©   Ferney,   proximit© de l'a©roport de Gen¨ve jardins, piscine, terrasse et parking. Services et tarifs.

87. Mital-U : Cabaret Voltaire - Dada Zurich
Cabaret voltaire Dada Zurich. In the same narrow alley, Spiegelgasse 14, where the Cabarat voltaire played, lived a certain Mister Uljanow aka Lenin.
Cabaret Voltaire : Dada Zurich In 1915 - at the beginning of World War I - Hugo Ball (writer and theatre director) came with his female partner Emmy Hennings (dancer and chanteuse) from Munich to Zurich. Hugo Ball:
I didn't love the death-hussars,
And not the howitzers with girls' names,
And at the end when the great days came,
I went discreetly away.
On Saturday February 3, 1916 was the inauguration of the Cabaret or 'artist-tavern' Voltaire located at Spiegelgasse 1 in Zurich. Hugo Ball made an agreement with the owner of the tavern 'Meierei' to use the backroom for a literary cabaret and to increase the sale of beer, sausages and sandwiches. An evening with music, dance, manifestos, theory, poems, pictures, masks and costumes presented by Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Marcel Janco, Tristan Tzara, Georges Janco and Hans Arp. The placard for this event was made the ukrainian painter Marcel Slodki. Despite of World War I, the atmosphere in Zurich was very liberal. In the same narrow alley, Spiegelgasse 14, where the Cabarat Voltaire played, lived a certain Mister Uljanow aka Lenin.
The authorities were much more suspicious about the chaotic dadaists than of these quiet, studios Russians ...

88. Comédie-Française - Biographie - Voltaire
Translate this page © Giraudon/Collections Comédie-Française voltaire Ses succès au théâtre et en librairie font de voltaire un écrivain célèbre.
© Giraudon/Collections Comédie-Française
Voltaire , reçue à la Comédie-Française en 1718, suivie de Mariane , en 1724, une épopée, la Ligue en 1723 qui deviendra la Henriade en 1728, et de nombreux poèmes satiriques. Trois années d'exil en Angleterre lui permettent de découvrir non seulement une liberté de pensée, morale et politique, dont il va adopter les principes, mais aussi une littérature nouvelle et un théâtre dégagé des règles qui entravent la tragédie française. Les quatre années qui suivent son retour en France en 1730 sont d'une grande fécondité : des tragédies ( Brutus la Mort de César Euryphile Zaïre Adélaïde de Guesclin ), un essai de critique littéraire, le Temple du Goût , un ouvrage historique, l'Histoire de Charles XII , et surtout les Lettres anglaises ou Lettres philosophiques , qui exaltant les découvertes politiques et philosophiques faites en Angleterre, constituent une critique de la religion officielle et s'attirent une condamnation à l'exil. Il s'installe à Cirey, chez son amie M me du Châtelet de 1734 à 1744. Dans cette retraite mondaine où le rejoignent disciples et admirateurs, Voltaire écrit beaucoup :

89. ALV Basket Club Lyon
Pr©sente l'actualit©, les derniers r©sultats, les classements, une galerie photo et des statistiques sur les joueurs. Lyon.
Bienvenu sur le site officiel de la section basketball de l' Amicale laique voltaire
Club de basket sur lyon (Rhone 69)
106 rue Pierre Audry 69009 Lyon
Cliquez ici pour entrer

Partenariat : Cisco Environnement

90. Voltaire --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Visit Britannica Store, Encyclopædia Britannica, voltaire Encyclopædia Britannica Article. voltaire,” bronze by JeanAntoine Houdon. In the Hermitage, St.

91. Voltaire Index
Biography focusing on the author's theatrical activities, plus a synopsis of Zaire.
Home French Theatre : Voltaire ARTICLES Find more articles on VOLTAIRE: Home Bookstore Script Archive Theatre News ... Email

92. ATHENA: VOLTAIRE, Traité Sur La Tolérance; Pierre Perroud
Translate this page voltaire. (1694 - 1778). TRAITE SUR LA TOLERANCE. (1763). Page de titre du Traité sur la Tolérance Institut et Musée voltaire, Genève, CH.

Page de titre du

(Note 1)
(Note 2) (Note 3) (Note 4)
atteste par serment. (Note 5) Cependant cette famille eut encore quelques ennemis, car il s'agissait de religion. Plusieurs personnes, qu'on appelle en France (Note 6) , dirent hautement qu'il valait mieux laisser rouer un vieux calviniste innocent que d'exposer huit conseillers de Languedoc à convenir qu'ils s'étaient trompés: on se servit même de cette expression: "Il y a plus de magistrats que de Calas"; et on inférait de là que la famille Calas devait t être immolée à l'honneur de la magistrature. On ne songeait pas que l'honneur des juges consiste, comme celui des autres hommes, à réparer leurs fautes. On ne croit pas en France que le pape, assisté de ses cardinaux, soit infaillible: on pourrait croire de même que huit juges de Toulouse ne le sont pas. Tout le reste des gens sensés et désintéressés disaient que l'arrêt de Toulouse sera t cassé dans toute l'Europe, quand même des considérations particulières empêcheraient qu'il fût cassé dans le conseil.

93. Project Gutenberg - Bibliographic Record
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Bibliographic Record
Help on this page Data Title: Vie De Moliere Author: Voltaire Language: French Subject: Moliere, 1622-1673 LoC Class: Language and Literatures
Romance literatures: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
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94. Robert Provin's Web Page
Robert Provin s Web Page. Department of Geography. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY NORTHRIDGE. Hey, it s Robert Provin with his 6 inch
Robert Provin's Web Page
Department of Geography
Hey, it's Robert Provin with his 6 inch Astro-Physics EDF
refractor mounted on a Losmandy GM200 equatorial.
You think I lug this rig all over tarnation?!
the rig I use when not engaged in astrophotography.
Check out
the latest acquisition!
NEWS FLASH! The old GM200 has been replaced with a new Losmandy Titan
While I try and figure out this Web stuff, maybe you
could do some exploring!
Weather Geography Astronomy Apple Computer ... Bored?

95. Au Chene Voltaire - Bienvenue / Wilkommen
H´telrestaurant   Lutenbach.
Famille Poggi
3, rue Voltaire
68140 Luttenbach
Tel : 03 89 77 31 74
Fax : 03 89 77 45 71
email :

96. Astronomical Imaging By Brad Wallis And Robert Provin
ASTRONOMICAL IMAGING BY BRAD WALLIS AND ROBERT PROVIN. Presented here are some of the latest images produced over the past months
P resented here are some of the latest images produced over the past months by Brad Wallis and
Robert Provin. The majority of these images were taken with Astro-Physics EDF refractors which
feature superior color correction and flat photographic fields covering up to 4x5 inch format films.
The authors also employ Losmandy GM-200 equatorial mounts and SBIG ST-4 autoguiders.
Click here
for THE SOURCE on how our work is accomplished. Brad Wallis has recently acquired a 12.5 inch f/9 Ritchey-Chretien. Be sure and check out the
CCD and photographic images produced with this instrument.
This site is best viewed with a 16 bit monitor or better and a HTML 3 browser.
** Before looking at the images you may want to adjust your monitor
New! Photoshop for Astrophotographers - The Book by Jerry Lodriguss
"If it don't work, chrome it." -Dick Nelson
Photographic Images, 35mm to 4x5 inch formats (AP refractors).
The California Nebula The Trifid Nebula (color) The Gamma Cygnus region The Whirlpool Galaxy (color) ... M-8 (color)
CCD Images, including tri-color work (AP refractors).
M-101 M-42 (tri-color) M-101 no.2

97. Vitalog - The Book Of Life : François-Marie Arouet VOLTAIRE (1694 - 1778) - Bri
Features a biographical article.

98. Gallica Voltaire
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99. Correspondance De Voltaire Avec Le Roi De Prusse
voltaire et Fr©d©ric II ont ©chang© pendant plus de quarante ann©es sur la philosophie, la politique et la litt©rature. Biblioth¨que Gallica.

100. Gallica Voltaire
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