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         Voltaire:     more books (95)
  1. Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary by Voltaire, 2008-10-21
  2. Candide by Voltaire, 2009-12-31
  3. Candide by Voltaire, 2010-09-22
  4. The Portable Voltaire (Portable Library) by Voltaire, Francois Maria Arouet De Voltaire, 1977-07-28
  5. Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West by John Ralston Saul, 1993-11-30
  6. Candide (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) by Voltaire, 2003-06-01
  7. Candide and Other Stories by Voltaire, 2010-01-01
  8. God and Human Beings by Voltaire, 2010-05-04
  9. Voltaire's Calligrapher: A Novel by Pablo De Santis, 2010-10-01
  10. Voltaire: A Life by Ian Davidson, 2010-10-15
  11. Socrates: A Play in Three Acts by Voltaire, 2009-10-28
  12. Voltaire Almighty: A Life in Pursuit of Freedom by Roger Pearson, 2005-11-07
  13. A Philosophical Dictionary (Volume 1 (1824)) by Voltaire, 2010-10-14
  14. Memoirs of Casanova - Volume 15: with Voltaire by Giacomo Casanova, 2010-07-06

1. Voltaire Foundation
The voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford
ISECS Abstracts Database International Directory Bayle ... CATALOGUE
The Voltaire Foundation is a research department in the University of Oxford, publishing in the area of the Eighteenth century, especially the French Enlightenment.
Voltaire: Complete Works
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2. Voltaire's Page
Biographical information on voltaire, pictures, and links to outside sources of information on this French author and philosopher.
This page is dedicated to Voltaire!
"The story of Zeus transforming himself into a swan so that he might couple with Leda, they call myth, but the tale about a holy ghost impregnating a virgin, they believe..." - Anonymous OR About Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire: Three of his major works... Voltaire in Art and Literature... Organizations:
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3. The Voltaire Society Of America
The voltaire Society of America. THE MISSION OF THE voltaire SOCIETY OF AMERICA The chief purpose of THE voltaire SOCIETY OF AMERICA INCORPORATED is to foster the spirit of the Enlightenment
The Voltaire Society of America
THE MISSION OF THE VOLTAIRE SOCIETY OF AMERICA The chief purpose of THE VOLTAIRE SOCIETY OF AMERICA INCORPORATED is to foster the spirit of the Enlightenment, tolerance and respect for the rights of the individual as exemplified by the life of Voltaire and as reflected in the beliefs of his contemporaries, the founders of the United States. Our projects now include the presentation of lectures and the creation of educational materials such as a video on Voltaire and Jefferson, development of a French version of such materials in conjunction with groups in Ferney, and cooperation with other cultural and educational organizations in furtherance of such goals. Contents of this page: Site contents:

4. Voltaire | Author And Philosopher
voltaire Author and Philosopher. 1694 1778. Back to Resources Menu. Books By/About voltaire. voltaire and the Century of Light - Author Alfred Owen Aldridge
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Author and Philosopher Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities.

Voltaire Francois Marie Arouet (pen name Voltaire ) was born on November 21, 1694 in Paris. Voltaire's intelligence, wit and style made him one of France's greatest writers and philosophers. Young Francois Marie received his education at "Louis-le-Grand," a Jesuit college in Paris. He left school at 16 and soon made friends among the Parisian aristocrats. His humorous verses made him a favorite in society circles. In 1717, his sharp wit got him into trouble with the authorities. He was imprisoned in the Bastille for eleven months for writing a scathing satire of the French government. During his time in prison Francois Marie wrote "Oedipe" which was to become his first theatrical success and adopted his pen name "Voltaire." In 1726, Voltaire insulted the powerful young nobleman, "Chevalier De Rohan," and was given two options: imprisonment or exile. He chose exile and from 1726 to 1729 lived in England. While in England Voltaire was attracted to the philosophy of John Locke and ideas of mathematician and scientist, Sir Isaac Newton . He studied England's Constitutional Monarchy and its religious tolerance. Voltaire was particularly interested in the philosophical rationalism of the time, and in the study of the natural sciences. After returning to Paris he wrote a book praising English customs and institutions. It was interpreted as criticism of the French government and in 1734, Voltaire was forced to leave Paris again.

5. The Lair Of Voltaire
voltaire is a singer/songwriter whose music has its roots deeply imbedded in European folk music. His songs speak of love and, most often, the loss thereof with the added twist of how best to seek

6. Voltaire: A Treatise On Toleration
voltaire A Treatise on Toleration ( 1763) voltaire was the most eloquent and tireless advocate of the antidogmatic movement known as "The Enlightenment."
Voltaire: A Treatise on Toleration
What reasons does Voltaire give that we should all tolerate each other? Whether it is Useful to Maintain People in their Superstition Such is the feebleness of humanity, such is its perversity, that doubtless it is better for it to be subject to all possible superstitions, as long as they are not murderous, than to live without religion. Man always needs a rein, and even if it might be ridiculous to sacrifice to fauns, or sylvans, or naiads, (1) it is much more reasonable and more useful to venerate these fantastic images of the Divine than to sink into atheism. An atheist who is rational, violent, and powerful, would be as great a pestilence as a blood-mad, superstitious man. When men do not have healthy notions of the Divinity, false ideas supplant them, just as in bad times one uses counterfeit money when there is no good money. The pagan feared to commit any crime, out of fear of punishment by his false gods; the Malabarian fears to be punished by his pagoda. Wherever there is a settled society, religion is necessary; the laws cover manifest crimes, and religion covers secret crimes. But whenever human faith comes to embrace a pure and holy religion, superstition not only becomes useless, but very dangerous. We should not seek to nourish ourselves on acorns when God gives us bread.

7. Cabaret Voltaire
Complete and official site with news, discography, interviews and reviews.

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9. ABU - AUTEUR Voltaire
Textes de voltaire disponibles sur le serveur de l'ABU.
Liste des textes actuellement disponibles sur le serveur
L'homme aux quarante écus

Lettres philosophiques

La Pucelle d'Orléans (1762)
Recherche d'occurrences
Vous pouvez rechercher un mot dans le corpus de l'auteur. Rechercher tous les mots un de ces mots la phrase exacte réponses

10. Réseau Voltaire
Banque de donn©es consacr©e   la libert© d'expression. Une association   but non lucratif engag©e dans la d©fense des libert©s et de la la¯cit©.
De la guerre médiatique à la lutte armée

La capture d'une centaine de paramilitaires colombiens dans une ferme, à moins de 20 kilomètres de Caracas, met en évidence le fait que divers facteurs comme l'exil cubain, le narcotrafic, l'oligarchie colombienne, certains faucons états-uniens et les magnats des médias commerciaux redoublent d'efforts pour déstabiliser et occuper militairement le Venezuela, qui possède l'une des réserves d'hydrocarbures les plus importantes en Occident. Une enquête d'Aram Aharonian, directeur de la revue latino-américaine
Torture et ordre moral

TRIBUNES LIBRES INTERNATIONALES Le président George W. Bush affirme vouloir régler la question des tortures à Abu Ghraib en construisant de nouvelles prisons aux frais des Irakiens et en détruisant celle d'Abu Ghraib, qui ne lui appartient pas, pour effacer les traces de ses crimes. Rebecca Hagelin ne voit dans cette affaire qu'une conséquence de la dégradation des mœurs aux Etats-Unis sur le comportement des GI's. Le problème est donc moral : il faut lutter contre la pornographie à la télévision.
Un think-tank néo-conservateur basé à Londres, l'Institut international d'études stratégiques (IISS), vient de publier son rapport annuel. On y apprend que l'occupation de l'Irak aurait accéléré le recrutement de terroristes par Al Qaïda, avec pour conséquence de « faire du monde un endroit moins sûr » qu'auparavant. L'invasion du pays aurait

11. Liber Liber: Biblioteca > Autori V > Voltaire (alias François Marie Arouet)
Breve biografia dell'autore. E' possibile consultare online oppure scaricare dal sito l'opera Candido ovvero L'ottimismo.
Liber Liber promuove il progetto Manuzio , biblioteca telematica ad accesso gratuito biblioteca Autori A B C D ... Tesi Opere A B C D ... Collaborare ti trovi in: Copertina Home Biblioteca Autori V Voltaire (alias François Marie Arouet) Note biografiche La Lega , del 1723. Lettere Filosofiche o Lettere sugli inglesi (edizione inglese del 1733; edizione francese del 1734), che sconvolsero la Francia dell'Assolutismo monarchico e della filosofia cartesiana (di Cartesio Voltaire aveva detto: "Fece della filosofia come si fa un buon romanzo: tutto parve verosimile e niente era vero"). Tornato in Francia, Voltaire si stabilì a Cirey presso la sua amante, marchesa du Chatelet; questi anni e quelli immediatamente successivi costituirono il periodo più fecondo della sua attività filosofica e letteraria, che si concretizzò in poemi, opere storiografiche, tragedie e saggi. Trattato sulla tolleranza (1763) e Dizionario filosofico Chiamato a Parigi nel 1778 per la rappresentazione della tragedia Irene Note biografiche a cura di Maria Agostinelli.

12. Voltaire
JeanAntoine Houdon. French, 1741 - 1828. voltaire, 1778. marble, .365 x .213 x .213 m (14 3/8 x 8 3/8 x 8 3/8 in.) Chester Dale Collection. 1963.10.240. From the Tour 18th-Century France Chardin

Jean-Antoine Houdon

French, 1741 - 1828
marble, 36.51 x 21.27 x 21.27 cm (14 3/8 x 8 3/8 x 8 3/8 in.)
Chester Dale Collection
From the Tour: 18th-Century France Chardin and Portraiture
Object 8 of 8
When Voltaire (1694-1778) returned to Paris in February 1778 from decades of exile in Switzerland, he was met with tumultuous welcome in the streets of Paris. Crowds pulled his carriage and surrounded his house, clamoring for a glimpse of this skeptical philosophe, who was a playwright, novelist, historian, satirist, champion of the oppressed and the century's greatest wit. He was eighty-four years old, and the exertion killed him before the end of May. During those few months Voltaire sat several times for Houdon, who portrayed him in busts and as a seated figure, in classical drapery and contemporary dress. Voltaire became Houdon's most popular subject and one of his most compelling characterizations. This version, which is the simplest, seems also the closest to life. Its realism sagging skin and bald head has the austere truth of portrait busts from republican Rome. This conception was probably the basis for other interpretations, like the wigged Voltaire also in the Gallery's collection. Voltaire's expression seems to change as the light, or our point of view, shifts. By turns he is wise or sarcastic, understanding or impatient, engaged or introspective. But always, his features, especially his eyes, are animated by intelligence and wit. Houdon developed an effective way to capture the depth and glint of an eye in stone. Within the hollow iris, spokes radiate from a deeply drilled pupil, and just under the lid, Houdon left a tiny peg of stone to suggest the reflection of light.

13. Bienvenue Sur Le Site De Ferney-Voltaire
Site officiel. Informations g©n©rales, mairie, contacts, voltaire et la ville, tourisme et accueil, plans de situation, d©marches administratives, liens. Bilingue fr/en.
Bienvenue à Ferney-Voltaire
A l'ombre de Voltaire et de son château, la mairie de Ferney-Voltaire vous accueille et vous informe. Adresse : Hôtel de Ville
Avenue Voltaire
B.P. 149
F - 01216 Ferney-Voltaire Cedex
Téléphone : Télécopie :
Email : Sur ce site, proposé en français et en anglais, vous trouverez des informations sur Voltaire et son temps, Ferney-Voltaire et sa région, les principales démarches administratives (autorisations de séjour, pièces d'identité, etc.), le tourisme, la vie culturelle et associative, les publications diverses et le contact direct vers tous les sites internet en rapport avec Ferney-Voltaire.
Page d'accueil des mairies du Pays de Gex

Page d'accueil du serveur institutionnel du Pays de Gex

Page d'accueil du Centre de Ressources Informatiques du Pays de Gex

Guide de Ferney (Auteur : André Orban)
Ce site est en cours de développement. Pour toutes suggestions, écrivez-nous Dernière mise à jour le 28/08/98...

14. Voltaire (by Clarence Darrow)
voltaire by Clarence Darrow handtyped and edited from two sources by Cliff Walker. Index voltaire was born in Paris in 1694. At
by Clarence Darrow
[hand-typed and edited from two sources by Cliff Walker] Voltaire was born in Paris in 1694. At that time, Louis XIV was on the throne in France. Though long years of profligacy and dissipation the lords and rulers of France had reduced the country to poverty and the people to slavery and superstition. France was nothing but the king and the favorites of the court. Noblemen, priests and women of easy virtue were the rulers, and people lived only to furnish them amusement and dissipation. Everyone believed in miracles, witchcraft and revealed religion. They not only believed in old miracles but in new ones. A person may be intellectual and believe in miracles, but the miracles must be very old. Doctors plied their trade through sorcery and sacred charms. Lawyers helped keep the poor in subjection; the criminal code was long, cruel and deadly. The priest, the doctor and the lawyer lived for the rich and helped make slaves of the poor. Doctors still believe in sorcery, but they administer their faith cures through a bottle instead of vulgar witchcraft. Lawyers still keep the poor in their place by jails and barbarous laws, but the criminal code is shorter and less severe. When Voltaire was born there was really but one church which, of course, was ignorant, tyrannical and barbarous in the extreme. All creeds are alike, and whenever there is but one, and the rulers honestly believe in that one, they are bound to be ignorant, barbarous and cruel. All sorts of heresies were punishable by death. If anyone dared to write a pamphlet or book that questioned any part of the accepted faith, the book was at once consigned to flames and the author was lucky if he did not meet the same fate. Religion was not maintained by the precepts of the priest, but by the prison, the torture chamber and the fagot. Everyone believed; no one questioned. The religious creeds, while strict and barbarous, did not interfere with the personal conduct of any of the rulers. They were left free to act as they pleased, so long as they professed to believe in the prevailing faith.

15. Notes On Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary
Study Guide for voltaire s Philosophical Dictionary (Selections). Using this Guide. However, it does not represent voltaire at his most influential.
Study Guide for Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary: (Selections)
Using this Guide List of other study guides The most commonly taught book by Voltaire is his amusing satire on philosophical optimism, Candide. It was even made into a delightful musical by Leonard Bernstein. However, it does not represent Voltaire at his most influential. Philosophical optimism is pretty much dead and has to be explained to students today so that they can grasp the point of his satire. Voltaire's thought ranged much more widely than this, however. In a very long life of tireless intellectual campaigning he was the most widely-read of the Enlightenment spokesmen known as philosophes. These writers prized clarity and wit, and Voltaire's writing abounds in both. However, these qualities are somewhat dimmed for many contemporary readers who don't have the background to appreciate his jokes or grasp his points without assistance. These notes try to provide some assistance in this regard, and draw the reader's attention to the most important issues. It has been said that "Voltaire criticized the Bible, but now everyone reads the Bible and no one reads Voltaire." Besides being wildly overstated, this jibe misses the point: we no longer read most of Voltaire's writings because the ideas he fearlessly promoted have mostly become commonplaces which we take for granted. The agenda of the

16. Magazine Littéraire - Au Secours Voltaire !
voltaire comme embl¨me des luttes contre l'intol©rance. Article de Michel Delon, Magazine Litt©raire, 1994.
Au secours ! Voltaire
Par Michel Delon
Septembre 1994
Michel Delon Haut de page
TEL : (33) 01 45 44 14 51 - FAX : (33) 01 45 48 86 36

17. C A B A R E T ~ V O L T A I R E
Centrally located night club venue. Includes listings, gallery and booking details.
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website by COLIN CALNAN

18. Cabaret Voltaire
Includes an article on the band and a listing of past live performances.
Axis Cabaret Voltaire Demos, soundtracks, radio and TV Live performances Please contact Axis if you can provide additional information. brainwashed
hosts the primary site dedicated to
Cabaret Voltaire
CABARET VOLTAIRE evolved around 1973, a nucleus of three people - Richard H. Kirk, Chris Watson and Stephen Mallinder - working mainly with sound experiments on tape recorders and electronic equipment and occasionally incorporating other people. The early performances were performance packages (Edinburgh Festival 1975), and occasional unadvertised performances. Around 1976 the group began to play on a more regular basis and took up offers of support slots for such groups as The Buzzcocks and Siouxsie and the Banshees. In October of 1978 the group released their first record, Extended Play for the Rough Trade label. Two months later they released two tracks for the Factory label (Factory Sample), and their first album Mix -Up was released in Autumn 1979. They have since gone on to release numerous records, working in the main for Rough Trade but also working with such labels as Industrial, Factory, Crepuscule and Fetish. As well as appearances in England, Cabaret Voltaire have played in various places throughout Europe, America and Japan. In November 1981 the group was reduced to a two piece unit when Chris Watson left to take up work in television. However they continued to incorporate other people in their studio and live work, Alan Fish in the main providing drums with the inclusion of Nort, another drummer, on occassions.

19. Lucidcafé Interactive Café And Information Resource
Lucidcafé Interactive Café. The word
Serving Coffee, Art, History and Literature Lovers on the World-Wide-Web Since 1995 Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain
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Featuring About Coffee , a comprehensive overview of coffee culture by Kenneth Davids Click here for a selection of great coffee books.

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with links to hundreds of related Internet resources and recommendations for books, videos and related products.

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  • 20. Voltaire Websites
    Other Websites related to voltaire. Return to the Homepage of the voltaire Society of America To list other sites, email
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