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  1. Dead Pan by Gayle Trent, 2009-11-01
  2. Murder Takes The Cake by Gayle Trent, 2008-09-30
  3. Blessings of Mossy Creek by Debra Dixon, Martha Shields, et all 2004-06
  4. Between A Clutch And A Hard Place by Gayle Trent, 2004-10-31
  5. Murder Takes the Cake: A Daphne Martin Cake Mystery by Gayle Trent, 2011-03-29
  6. Anything For A Buck by Gayle Trent, 2001-08-24
  7. Laughing and Learning: Adventures in Parenting by Gayle Trent, 2003-11
  8. Trent's Murder Takes (Murder Takes The Cake by Gayle Trent (Paperback - Sep 30, 2008) by Gayle Trent, 2008
  9. by Gayle Trent Murder Takes the Cake (Thorndike Press Large Print Clean Reads) [LARGE PRINT Lrg edition
  10. When Good Bras Go Bad by Gayle Trent, 2006-08-01
  11. Photo Finish by Gayle Trent, 1999-08-01
  12. Mama Liked Blue by Gayle Trent, 2001-01-12

1. Gale Trent
Featured Author, Gayle Trent by G. trent gayle Trent is an anthologist, romance novelist,andchildren s book author.She s been published in magazines, and she Writers/Gayle Trent.htm
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2. Gayle Trent Books
Gayle Trent Books. Anything For A Buck By Gayle Trent (paperback June 2001). MamaLiked Blue By Gayle Trent (cd-rom). Photo Finish By Gayle Trent (paperback).
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Gayle Trent Books
Anything For A Buck
By Gayle Trent (paperback - June 2001) Mama Liked Blue
By Gayle Trent (cd-rom) Photo Finish
By Gayle Trent (paperback)
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3. Gayle Trent
Gayle Trent
Motor Trend [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] Truck Trend [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] VW Trends [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock Mama Liked Blue Photo Finish Authors: T

4. History 1994 - UT Austin TeamWeb
for TENET Web. 15 August, trent gayle activates personal publishingon SVS and CVC, Academic Computing VMS systems. July, In print
8 December Richard Mendez and Mark McFarland meet to discuss attempting to make Web Central a more real collaboration between Academic Computing and General Libraries.
29 November Web Central is shown as a model of good design and depth of content at the CNI Conference in Orlando, Florida by Ann Stunden, Director of Academic Computing and Network Services at Northwestern University.
Week of
27 November
For the first time ever, the connections to the Web Central home page (19,032) exceed the connections to the Gopher Central main menu (17,699).
18 November Richard Mendez first conceives TeamWeb, but does not go beyond creating a crudely coded list of team members. These Academic Computing and General Libraries staff provide Web support to the campus.
16 November A new version of the UT home page is installed. It's the first version that does not look like a Gopher menu. You can read about the redesign and look at a copy of that page.

5. UT Austin TeamWeb - Members
trent gayle Academic Computing Trent, part of the ACITS UNIX group,is directly involved in managing the server systems. In that
Web Central is made possible by the efforts of thousands of faculty, staff, and students in hundreds of colleges, departments, libraries, administrative units, and organizations all over this campus. Part of TeamWeb's mission is to support those publishers. Component Managers David Cook
UT Web Office, Academic Computing

David provides technical, administrative, and strategic direction for the University's central Web site. David coordinates TeamWeb activities and manages the Academic Computing component of TeamWeb. He has been a member of TeamWeb from its inception. Mark McFarland
General Libraries

Mark manages the General Libraries component of TeamWeb. Mark's first major project was the Research Web. He has been a member of TeamWeb from its inception. John Wheat
Administrative Computing

John manages the ACS component of TeamWeb. He has been a member of TeamWeb from its inception.
Support Staff PJ Abrams
UT Web Office, Academic Computing

She has been a member of TeamWeb since September 2000. Windy Barrett
UT Web Office, Academic Computing

6. SANDS Publishing View Author
GATEWAY TO NETBOOKBIZ.COM, Raven Woman, Gayle trent gayle is a fulltimefreelance writer and novelist. Gayle Trent More Books by this Author.

TEXAS BIOT $10,000.00 7253 SUNGARD TREASURY SYS $15,373.66 7253 TERRI STAFFORD$421.92 7253 TOWERS PERRIN $15,000.00 7253 trent gayle CONSULTI $675.00 7253

_ _ _ _ ***OTHER SERVICES 7273 WALMART COMMUNITY$28.47 7274 MANPOWER $4,023.71 7275 trent gayle CONSULTI $900.00 7276

9. SinC Internet Chapter New Publications
A listing of new publications written by members of the Internet Chapter of Sisters in Crime.     Publications.        . gayle trent. " Something in The Water"
"Something in The Water" Type of edition: article
November 2003 Interview with forensic specialist Dr. Henry Lee about limnology.
"The Party Line" Type of edition: short story
Oct. 2003-Feb. 2004
Myrtle's eavesdropping on her neighbors' phone conversations lead her to do even more snooping when a waitress at a local diner gets drowned in a vat of soup! This serialized novella is running in consecutive issues of The Grapevine through February, 2004. After that, it will be offered as a free e-book from my web site. To get help locating a book by a SinC-IC author, write to Page maintained by
Last updated 10/24/03.
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REVIEW SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION by gayle trent. Mild-mannered IRS agent Beryl Madison is also known as gayle trent follows up her delightfully entertaining ANYTHING FOR A BUCK with
REVIEW - SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION by Gayle Trent Mild-mannered IRS agent Beryl Madison is also known as "The Flame", children's superhero on a local television station. When her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an auto accident, Beryl becomes guardian to their two sons, Duncan and Dominic. Called to school for a conference by Duncan's teacher, Beryl comes face to face with every little girl's ideal teacher. "Mither Goodthon" is as handsome as Prince Charming. Too bad he's not as charming! Terrence Goodson doesn't believe young Duncan's story that his Auntie B is a superhero... at least not until she shows up in his classroom in a yellow catsuit, red thigh-high stiletto boots and a mask. When Terry asks Beryl to be a chaperone on a school camping trip he's struck with feelings he's never had before. When accidents begin happening to Beryl on the set, Terry intervenes and Captain Combustion is born. Everyone knows what happens when combustible materials meets with a flame! Gayle Trent follows up her delightfully entertaining ANYTHING FOR A BUCK with the very witty and heartwarming SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. Beryl has to be about the most entertaining and funny heroine I've read in a long time. At times I could swear she was an accident waiting to happen. I especially loved the scenes where Beryl is trying to cook...hold onto your sides! Terry is a hero in all respects, not only in real life, but he turns into a real superhero when he dons tights and a mask and becomes Captain Combustion. Readers will not want to miss this delightful offering from Gayle Trent. "Sept 2002., 190pp., EBSN: 10263-020912-191246-68."

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13. Gayle Trent - Writer Profile From The WritersNet Published Writers And Authors D
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Gayle Trent
Bristol, Virginia, United States Email: Home page:
The idea for ANYTHING FOR A BUCK was born when I was traveling on a four-lane in Washington County, Virginia. It's not uncommon to see deer lying by the wayside there, but I came upon one that was still kicking. I swerved onto the side of the road but knew there was really nothing I could do. Crying, I drove up the road until I spotted a State Trooper. He was pulled over giving someone other than me a ticket. I interrupted the citation process to tell the Trooper of the deer's plight. He offered to send an animal control officer to shoot it. When I shouted "no" and started into a Lucy Ricardo wail, he promised to see if there was anything else that could be done.
I continue to write and try to save injured wildlife. One caveat: Mama Robins will swoop down on your head if you try to save their hatchlings from the cat, so you might want to leave those alone. Trust me on this one.
I'm currently trying to sell my first book in a mystery series. The book is currently titled THE PERFECT WOMAN and is about a group of ad execs who try to find "the perfect woman" in order to save their flagging ad agency. They interview a select group of women, and of course, the women start turning up dead. (It wouldn't be a mystery if they didn't, would it?)

14. ANYTHING FOR A BUCK - Book Profile From The WritersNet Books And Publications Di
Published Book or Work by gayle trent. ANYTHING FOR A BUCK. 2 comments, You mustbe logged in to add a comment. From gayle trent (, 200205-03. Writers - Published Writers - Unpublished Literary Agents Editors Publishers Resources Log in Join WritersNet
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Published Book or Work by:
Gayle Trent
Published by SANDS Publishing December, 2001 ISBN: 1-59025-009-5 Roxanne Weatherly's life is upside down. By day, she's Rocky, the new "boy" at the construction company. By night, she's a single mother trying to take care of a two-year-old daughter as best as she can. The last thing she needs in her life is a man; but when she finds an injured deer on the side of the road and calls veterinarian Ethan Bragg, that's just what she gets. Ethan Bragg is doing just fine, thank you very much. He has a successful veterinary practice, plenty of friends and a good reputationimportant in a small town like South Mountain. Sure, he gets lonely sometimes, having never met a woman who really set off sparks. But then here comes Roxannea walking dynamite stockpile. His only concern is whether or not he'll get burned. Can a chronic bachelor make room in his life for a woman and her hcild? Can a once-wealthy woman live on a modest income in a small rural community? Roxanne and Ethan may be willing to do Anything For A Buck, but will they go that extra mile for each other?

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    Translate this page trent, gayle. Siehe auch Links. » Anthologies Online gayle trent - Biography,books, newsletter, and links to writing and publishing sites.,_Gayle

    17. Rhonda Gayle Trent
    Family Group Sheet. Father. Burt Noe. Mother. Phyllis Jean trent. Notes for Rhonda gayle trent. She was raised by her grandmother, Ethel Mathews trent. Last Modified 5 Aug 1997. Created 1 Jan 2002 by
    Family Group Sheet
    Name Rhonda Gayle Trent , 3rd Cousin Father Burt Noe Mother Phyllis Jean Trent Notes for Rhonda Gayle Trent She was raised by her grandmother, Ethel Mathews Trent. Last Modified 5 Aug 1997 Created 1 Jan 2002 by Reunion for Macintosh

    18. Gayle Wald
    gayle Wald. Along the Color Line Memory, Community, Identity. (on Judy Scalestrent,Notes of a White Black Woman Race, Color Community University Park Penn
    the minnesota review n.s. 47 (1997)
    Gayle Wald
    Along the Color Line: Memory, Community, Identity
    (on Judy Scales-Trent, Notes of a White Black Woman: Race, Color Community [University Park: Penn State UP, 1995]); and Gregory Howard Williams, Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black [New York: Dutton, 1995])
    To be sure, the trial of O.J. Simpson furnished the news media with a multiplicity of potential racial or ethnic "angles"; in addition to a black defendant, it involved a Jewish victim, a Japanese-American judge, Hispanic domestic workers, a "mixed" jury and "integrated" legal teams. In the end, however, these complexities were abandoned for a narrative that privileged white voices. Indeed, in light of shows such as CBS News' series of "town meetings"-slickly produced media forums masquerading as the new public sphere-not only were the voices of Latinos and Asian-Americans largely absent, but also black men and women who expressed solidarity with victims of domestic violence were barely given a voice-or, if they were, then only as anomalous cases whose existence lent credence to the representation of univocality within each racial group. Life on the Color Line , and Scales-Trent's Notes of a White Black Woman Cornered and later in an essay in Transition (see Piper), Williams and Scales-Trent write about race as a matter of particular personal absurdity and sometimes bewilderment, contradiction and pain. As the awkwardness of Scales-Trent's title attests, the knowledge that "black" and "white" are terms without stable referentiality (both historically and in the present moment) does not, in and of itself, deplete their power. For Williams and Scales-Trent, both of whom came of age during an era of legal segregation, the dilemma posed by the notion of fixed, biological racial categories is no less challenging in 1996, at the contradictory moment when-as the O.J. trial showed us-"black" and "white" take on greater signifying power even as they become more patently obsolete.

    19. Gayle Trent
    Meet Our Editor gayle trent. gayle has been writing for a number of years and has published not want to miss this delightful offering from gayle trent." SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION
    Meet Our Editor - Gayle Trent
    Gayle has been writing for a number of years and has published three novels and a children's book. Information on her current releases are below. I'm thrilled to announce that my short story "Sugar and Missy Belle" has been accepted by Belle Books to appear in BLESSINGS OF MOSSY CREEK! If you're not familiar with this wonderful series, visit Belle Books' at to learn more about it! THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR This is a fun Christmas booklet with gift ideas, yummy recipes, cartoons, and games. It's my (and Grace Abraham's) Christmas gift to you. I hope you enjoy it. JOURNALING FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR FAMILY You're too important to be forgotten! You don't have to write your memoirs for the whole world, but aren't there a few things you want your family to remember about you? Or maybe you're a dreamer, and you want to document your dreams to see what they might be telling you. If you have emotional issues to work through, a journal can be great therapy. For whatever reason(s), if you want to journal, I'd like to help you get started. I've even provided several writing prompts! JOURNALING FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR FAMILY
    Grace Abraham Publishing
    THE REAL GIRL'S ONLINE GUIDE TO BEAUTY AND FASHION Let's face itsome of us need all the help we can get. I do. Besides that, I love to look at pretty clothes and shoes and daydream about flouncing down a runway in a Versace dress and Manolo shoes. But, then I get REAL. I'm a real girl, with a real figure, a real life, and a real budget. Still, who says I can't look my best? The links in this free e-book will help you to look your best, too. Uh, sorry, gotta go. Calvin's calling. ;-)

    20. Trent University Donor Report
    Professor Wadland states that Jack and gayle s gift to endow this scholarship isan act of Return to trent Home Maintained by the Communications Department.
    Class of 82 Total Active Alumni: 400
    Total Alumni Donors: 85
    Participation Rate: 21%
    Suzanne E. Abray** Karen E. Amaron-Rogelstad* Mary K. Andrews-Clay** Maureen Barrett* Kenneth A. Beardsall** Vildan Bekbay* Dale R. Bolton** Suzanne Y. Clement* Stephen P. Collins* Barbara J. Conway** Martha Corker* Mary E. Crawford** Jennifer L. Crump* Katherine E. Curle* Ray D. Dart* Brian R. Day** Laura D. Dempsey** Peter T. Doran Donald J. Eastop* Laurie M. Forsyth* Robert J. Forsyth* Stephen J. Fundy Jennifer I. Gillard** Elizabeth A. Horlock* Sheila E. Jarvis Donna M. Keon* Dorothy Klemensowicz Lynda D. Luff* Janet M. MacPhee** David G. McClenahan* Donald J. McCrimmon* Susan J. McMurray** Maurice McMurtry Valerie Mutton** Catherine J. Pawis* Roxanne Plucinsky* Leena A. Rahusaar Pauline A. Reid* Valerie A. Reiser Lisa A. Roach** David G. Robertson* Timothy Salisbury* Nancy K. Sharpe** Roslyn E. Shewchuk* Catherine A. Shields* Leisa C. Sieber* Meredith E. Soper* Catherine G. Taylor Mark Trafford* Deborah M. Villeneuve* Leslie M. Walsh Eric H. Zweig**

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