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         Thurber James:     more books (104)
  1. Thurber: Writings and Drawings (Library of America) by James Thurber, 1996-10-01
  2. My Life and Hard Times (Perennial Classics) by James Thurber, 1999-10-01
  3. The Thurber Carnival (Perennial Classics) by James Thurber, 1999-10-01
  4. The Thurber Letters: The Wit, Wisdom and Surprising Life of James Thurber
  5. Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated by James Thurber, 1983-04-23
  6. Is Sex Necessary?: Or Why You Feel the Way You Do by James Thurber, E. B. White, 2004-11-01
  7. The Wonderful O (Childrens Collection) by James Thurber, 2009-03-31
  8. The 13 Clocks (Childrens Collection) by James Thurber, 2008-07-29
  9. The Last Flower: A Parablein Pictures by James Thurber, 2007-11-01
  10. Many Moons (A Harcourt Brace contemporary classic) by James Thurber, 1998-09-01
  11. My World-and Welcome to It (Harvest Book) by James Thurber, 1969-03-19
  12. James Thurber: 92 Stories by James Thurber, 1994-06-14
  13. Selected Shorts: Timeless Classics (Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story) by James Thurber, Edith Wharton, et all 2006-04-01
  14. People Have More Fun Than Anybody: A Centennial Celebration Of Drawings And Writings By James Thurber by James Thurber, 1995-10-13

1. James Thurber
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2. James Thurber
James Thurber Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Mini biography. James Grover Thurber was born in 1894 in Columbus, Ohio Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for James Thurber, James

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Browse for subject " Thurber James " matched 16 titles. Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 1 sort results by Top Selling Title Author Used Price New Price My Life and Hard Times more books like this by Thurber, James Thurber recounts incidents from his childhood, riddled with events like "The Night the Bed Fell", "The Night the Ghost Got In", "The Day the Dam Broke". This book is considered by many critics to be the peak achievement of Thurber's early career. buy used: from buy new: from James Thurber: His Life and Times more books like this by Kinney, Harrison A biography of Thurber, done by a scholar whom Thurber once described as having access to "more facts than I had known." A full and sympathetic study of the writer and cartoonist, this book is released to commemorate Thurber's centennial year. buy used: from Thurber: A Biography more books like this by Bernstein In life, James Thurber called himself "a wide-eyed son of a bitch with a glass in his hand". Here, in Burton Bernstein's indispensable biography, readers learn how the famed New Yorker humorist and columnist changed from a shy, handicapped Ohioan to the tormented man be became. The author will be featured on a PBS documentary on Thurber this spring...

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James Thurber (1894 1961) US author, cartoonist, humorist, satirist more author details. We have 1 book review related to James Thurber.

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James Thurber (1894 - 1961)

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All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.
James Thurber
He knows all about art, but he doesn't know what he likes.
James Thurber
I hate women because they always know where things are.
James Thurber
- More quotations on: Men And Women
I loathe the expression "What makes him tick." It is the American mind, looking for simple and singular solution, that uses the foolish expression. A person not only ticks, he also chimes and strikes the hour, falls and breaks and has to be put together again, and sometimes stops like an electric clock in a thunderstorm.
James Thurber
I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness.
James Thurber
It had only one fault. It was kind of lousy.

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8. James Thurber
James Thurber. The Art of Fiction X—Excerpt. Henry James was a strong influence then? THURBER. I have the reputation for having read all of Henry James.
James Thurber Excerpt Interviewed by George Plimpton and Max Steele Issue 10
Fall, 1955 Current Issue
Paul Muldoon

Richard Howard
Dylan Thomas

Lee Friedlander
David Baker

Fred Dings

Phillip Sterling

Betsy Bonner
... Sarah Manguso From the Archives Interviews Isak Dinesen Henry Miller Poetry James Cummins Frank Dux Patricia Ferrell Serena J. Fox The Paris Review Book of Heartbreak, Madness, Sex, Love, Betrayal, Outsiders, Intoxication, War, Whimsy, Horrors, God, Death, Dinner, Baseball, Travels, The Art of Writing, and Everything Else in ... the World Since 1953 INTERVIEWER You say that your drawings often don't come out the way you intended? THURBER Well, once I did a drawing for The New Yorker of a naked woman on all fours up on top of a bookcase—a big bookcase—she's up there near the ceiling, and in the room are her husband and two other women. The husband is saying to one of the women, obviously a guest: "This is the present Mrs. Harris. That's my first wife up there." Well, when I did the cartoon originally I meant the naked woman to be at the top of a flight of stairs, but I lost the sense of perspective and instead of getting in the stairs when I drew my line down, there she was stuck up there, naked, on a bookcase. Incidentally, that cartoon really threw

9. James Thurber - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
James Thurber. (others). External links. Thurber s World (and Welcome To it); James Thurber Web Collection includes online versions of some of his works;
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James Thurber
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Grover Thurber December 8 November 2 ) was a U.S. humorist and cartoonist . Thurber was best known for his contributions (both cartoons and short stories) to The New Yorker Thurber was born in Columbus Ohio . He joined the staff of The New Yorker in 1927 and continued to contribute to the magazine through the 1950s. Due to a childhood injury, Thurber suffered from very poor eyesight and his eyes grew weaker as he grew older. He drew his cartoons on very large sheets of paper using a thick black crayon, giving them an eerie, wobbly feel that seems to mirror Thurber's idiosyncratic view on life. Many of his short stories are humorous fictional memoirs from his life, but he also wrote darker material. "The Dog Who Bit People" and "The Night the Bed Fell on My Father" are among his best best short stories; they can be found in My Life and Hard Times . Also notable, and often anthologized, are "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ", "The Greatest Man in the World" and "If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox", which can be found in

10. Thurber James
Book Finder, Book Reviews and Compare Prices for thurber james Literature Fiction Authors AZ thurber james. thurber james Book Review and Price Comparison.
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Thurber James Book Review and Price Comparison
Pages: Next Top Selling Books for Thurber James The Thurber Letters: The Wit, Wisdom, and Surprising Life of James Thurber
AUTHOR: James Thurber, Harrison Kinney (Editor), With Rosemary A. Thurber
ISBN: 0743223438
Publish Date: August 2003
Format: Hardcover
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The Dog Department
AUTHOR: Thurber, James
ISBN: 0060196564
Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book James Thurber: Writings and Drawings (Library of America) AUTHOR: James Thurber, Garrison Keillor (Editor) ISBN: 1883011221 Publish Date: September 1996 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Many Moons AUTHOR: Thurber, James ISBN: 0152518738 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book My Life and Hard Times AUTHOR: James Thurber ISBN: 0060933089 Publish Date: September 1999 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book The Thurber Carnival AUTHOR: James Thurber, Commentaries by Michael J. Rosen

11. James Thurber James Thurber: Writings And Drawings (Librar
Best and Top Selling James Thurber Books. James Thurber Writings and Drawings (Library of America, 90) at Discount Prices. Thurber-comics-graphic-novels.shtml

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About Columns Comics ... Video Games All items Action Figures Anime Books Comics DVDs Electronics Graphic Novels Manga Music Toys VHS Video Games James Thurber: Writings and Drawings (Library of America, 90) By: James Thurber Garrison Keillor
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Release Date: October, 1996
Format: Hardcover Publisher: Library of America More Comics By: James Thurber Garrison Keillor Enlarged Item Images Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours Similar Items: Include in Cart: The Benchley Roundup The Thurber Carnival The Thurber Letters: The Wit, Wisdom and Surprising Life of James Thurber My Life and Hard Times ... More Similar Items... Item Description The shy Midwesterner James Thurber became a famed cartoonist and humor writer almost, it seems, by accident: Thurber in person was often depressed and self-conscious, darker strains that emerge fitfully in his sly, absurdist work. Garrison Keillor, a sunnier brand of Midwestern humorist, has assembled four longer works with many of Thurber's drawings and short pieces for the Library of America edition of Thurber's selected works. Many of these cartoons and writings are now classics, and Thurber's edgy, modernist humornot to mention his usually bewildered protagonistshas influenced many of the best cartoonists today. Customer Reviews Average Rating: One of the best kept secrets of American Literature!

12. Thurber James
Translate this page THURBER, documents disponibles sur ou de James Thurber. librairie ancienne spécialisée. NANGA. Jérôme Feugereux. libraire au 6, rue
THURBER documents disponibles sur ou de James Thurber librairie ancienne spécialisée NANGA Jérôme Feugereux libraire au 6, rue Clemenceau Boîte Postale 62 F 22430 Erquy Nous ne pouvons plus vous proposer de livres, d'autographes, de documents, d'estampes... de, ou sur, cet artiste actuellement. Vous pouvez nous laisser un message, nous vous informerons en priorité avant de mettre quoi que ce soit en ligne (ou en rayon dans notre librairie) concernant cet artiste. MESSAGE Merci de bien préciser l'artiste (ou les artistes) qui vous intéresse(nt) et éventuellement ce que vous recherchez plus précisément le (les) concernant. ACCUEIL CONTACT AUTRES ARTISTES BIBLIOGRAPHIE ... COMMANDE

13. THURBER JAMES 1894 1961 (in MARION)
thurber james 1894 1961. Thurber, James, 18941961. (10 titles); Thurber, James, 1894-1961. Selections. 1996. (1 title). Please report JAMES 1894 1961

14. James Thurber
James Thurber. All Products. 4.48 (30%). The Thurber Carnival by James Thurber 01 October, 1999. 3. My Life and Hard Times. List

15. James Thurber: We Call Him Jamie
thurber s life, work, and thoughts are all outlined in these four sections. Happy clicking—a pasttime, about 1999 thurber House.

Tribute to

a Genius

Hard Times

The Canon

Tribute to

a Genius

Hard Times

The Canon

16. James Thurber
Biography, selected works.
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback James (Grover) Thurber (1894-1961) American writer and cartoonist, who dealt with the frustrations of modern world. Thurber's best-known characters are Walter Mitty, his snarling wife, and silently observing animals. His stories have influenced later writers, such as Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller . Thurber is generally acknowledged as the greatest American humorist since Mark Twain (1835-1910). '"What was the matter with that one policeman? mother asked, after they had gone. "Grandfather shot him," I said. "What for?" she demanded. I told her he was a deserter. "Of all things!" said mother. "He was such a nice-looking young man."' (from 'The Night the Ghost Got In', in My Life and Hard Times James Thurber was born in Columbus, Ohio. His father, Charles L. Thurber, was a clerk and minor politician, who went through many periods of unemployment. Mary Thurber, his mother, was a strong-minded woman and a practical joker. Once she surprised her guests by explaining that she was kept in the attic because of her love for the postman. On another occasion she pretended to be a cripple and attended a faith healer's revival, jumping up suddenly and proclaiming herself cured. Thurber described her as "a born comedienne" and "one of the finest comic talents I think I've ever known." Thurber's father, who had dreams of being an actor or lawyer, was said to have been the basis of the typical small, slight man of Thurber's stories. Later Thurber portrayed his family in MY LIFE AND HARD TIMES (1933). "I suppose that the high-water mark of my youth in Columbus, Ohio, was the night the bed fell on my father," Thurber wrote in the book.

17. James Thurber -- A Web Collection
james thurber. A Web Collection. The Little Girl and the Wolf. The Last Flower A Parable in Pictures. A Unicorn in the Garden. thurber and his works. Quotations.
James Thurber
A Web Collection

18. James Thurber Pathfinder
thurber, james, 18941961, Very Relevant. thurber, james, 1894-1961 Additional Terms, Very Relevant. thurber, james. My Life and Hard Times.
PATHFINDER: JAMES GROVER THURBER (1894-1961) Contents Introduction to the Subject List of Thurber's Works
A self-portrait.
Biographies on James Thurber
Autobiographical Materials and Collections Bibliographies Interviews
Useful Info. for Research Reviews and Essays on Works Frequently Referenced Texts Other Thurber-Related Sites
Museums, discussion boards, fan sites, events, articles, etc. Handbooks, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Handbooks, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries for other Genres Journals Which Cover James Thurber Library of Congress Subject Headings for Resources on Thurber ... Note to Students Shopping for Thurber-Related Stuff?
Find links to Books and Gifts for Sale Online.
INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBJECT: The sources listed herein have been selected as an introduction to the life and works of James Thurber, one of the prominent figures in American humor. Although some of the items that follow contain critical analysis of the subject's works, the main focus of this pathfinder is on biographical resources. The materials included in this pathfinder have been selected from the general reference and biographical sources available at the Davis and Undergraduate Libraries on the Campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Since first impressions are the most important, the best introduction to James Thurber is his own work. Put more succinctly, "James Thurber left his own monument. He created it . . . in the pages of the

19. James Thurber: His Life And Times
Go to Chapter One Section. james thurber. His Life and Times The home of james thurber. He is a good friend of mine and the greatest living master of the
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Go to Chapter One Section James Thurber
His Life and Times

By Harrison Kinney Chapter One: Those Clocks of Columbus In the early years of the nineteenth century, Columbus won out, as state capital, by only one vote over Lancaster, and ever since then has had the hallucination that it is being followed, a curious municipal state of mind which affects, in some way or other, all those who live there. Columbus is a town in which almost anything is likely to happen and in which almost everything has. -from "More Alarms at Night" In the period of Mccarthyism, America's political nightmare of the 1950s, Donald Ogden Stewart, actor, playwright, screenplay writer, and satirist, found himself being chased through the ideological badlands by congressional posses in hot pursuit of un-American Americans. His career and livelihood in danger of being lynched at home, he moved abroad. He was from Columbus, Ohio, and writes: "When I first came to live in London, I was amazed at the number of Englishmen who said, `Oh, yes, Columbus, of course. I know it very well, from Thurber's books, you know.'" Stewart's observation is seconded by a Columbus Citizen-Journal radio-television editor who once interviewed the English actor Charles Laughton over long distance telephone: "So you're plugged in from Columbus, eh?" Laughton remarked. "The home of James Thurber. He is a good friend of mine and the greatest living master of the English language."

20. Thurber, James
Interview with a Lemming
Interview with a Lemming by James Thurber The weary scientist, tramping through the mountains of northern Europe in the winter weather dropped his knapsack and prepared to sit on a rock. "Careful, brother," said a voice. "Sorry," murmured the scientist, noting with some surprise that a lemming which he had been about to sit on had addressed him. "It is a source of considerable astonishment to me," said the scientist, sitting down beside the lemming, "that you are capable of speech." "You human beings are always astonished," said the lemming, "when any other animal can do anything you can. Yet there are many things animals can do that you cannot, such as stridulate, or chirr, to name just one. To stridulate, or chirr, one of the minor achievements of the cricket, your species is dependent on the intestines of sheep and the hair of the horse." "We are a dependent animal," admitted the scientist. "You are an amazing animal," said the lemming. "We have always considered you rather amazing, too," said the scientist. "You are perhaps the most mysterious of creatures." "If we are going to indulge in adjectives beginning with 'm,' said the lemming sharply, "let me apply a few to your speciesmurderous, maladjusted, maleficent and muffle-headed."

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