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         Stephenson Neal:     more books (99)
  1. Quicksilver: The Baroque Cycle #1 by Neal Stephenson, 2006-02-01
  2. The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2) by Neal Stephenson, 2005-06-01
  3. Anathem (P.S.) by Neal Stephenson, 2010-09-01
  4. Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, 2002-11-01
  5. The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 3) by Neal Stephenson, 2005-09-01
  6. The Cobweb by Neal Stephenson, J. Frederick George, 2005-05-31
  7. Zodiac by Neal Stephenson, 2007-08-10
  8. The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (Bantam Spectra Book) by Neal Stephenson, 2000-05-02
  9. Interface by Neal Stephenson, J. Frederick George, 2005-05-31
  10. Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book) by Neal Stephenson, 2000-05-02
  11. The Big U by Neal Stephenson, 2001-02-01
  12. Odalisque: The Baroque Cycle #3 (The Baroque Cycle: Quicksilver) by Neal Stephenson, 2006-04-01
  13. Odalisque (Baroque Cycle) by Neal Stephenson, 2011-02-07
  14. LA ERA DEL DIAMANTE (Nova) (Spanish Edition) by NEAL STEPHENSON, 2010-07-15

1. :: Neal Stephenson ::
Neal Stephenson is the bestselling author of Cryptonomicon. Quicksilver is the eagerly awaited, intensely anticipated first installment in New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephensons

2. Neal Stephenson
at the behest of Vice President Gore, perhaps inspired by SF author Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash abolish governmentand-we-can-all-live-in-a-Neal Stephenson-novel mantra
Wired News Animations Wired Magazine HotBot (the Web)
- Dec 1996
Mother Earth Mother Board

The hacker tourist ventures forth across the wide and wondrous meatspace of three continents, chronicling the laying of the longest wire on Earth.
So the bad news is that the capacity of modern undersea cables like FLAG isn't very impressive by Internet standards, but the slightly better news is that such cables are much better than what we have now.Here's how they work: Signals are transmitted down the fiber as modulated laser light with a wavelength of 1,558 nanometers (nm), which is in the infrared range.
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Web Sites Read the career highlights of one of the cyberpunk genre's most well-known novelists, Neal St ephenson
Stephenson is interview ed on Addicted to Noise.
Stephenson's Snow Crash from barnesandnoble. - Feb 1994 In the Kingdom of Mao Bell A billion Chinese are using new technology to create the fastest growing economy on the planet. But while the information wants to be free, do they? A bit of a spelunking expedition through these corridors takes you into a classic communist-style meeting room, the kind of place Coleridge might have been thinking of when he wrote of "caverns measureless to man."

3. Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson.
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Browse for author " Stephenson Neal " matched 13 titles. Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 1 sort results by Top Selling Title Author Used Price New Price Cryptonomicon more books like this by Stephenson, Neal Weaving between two separate time lines, this novel depicts the adventures of a codebreaker, a Japanese lieutenant, and a U.S. Marine in World War II with the modern-day tale of their grandchildren, who are jointly investigating a mysterious computer program in Southeast Asia. buy used: from buy new: from Snow Crash more books like this by Stephenson, Neal A computer hacker moonlighting as a pizza delivery guy saves the world with the help of a tough young female courier in this slacker-hacker novel for the 1990s. buy used: from buy new: from The Confusion: Volume Two of the Baroque Cycle more books like this by Stephenson, Neal

5. Neal Stephenson - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Neal Stephenson. Neal Stephenson (b. October 31, 1959 in Fort Meade, Maryland) is primarily a science fiction writer in the postcyberpunk genre.
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Neal Stephenson
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Neal Stephenson (b. October 31 in Fort Meade Maryland ) is primarily a science fiction writer in the postcyberpunk genre. He also writes nonfiction articles about technology in publications such as Wired Magazine Although he wrote earlier novels such as the eco-thriller Zodiac , he came to fame in the early with the novel Snow Crash ) which fuses memetics computer viruses , and other high-tech themes with Sumerian mythology . Averaging one novel every four years, he has written these subsequent novels: The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer ) which deals with a future with extensive nanotechnology Cryptonomicon ), a novel concerned with computing and codebreaking from the Second World War codebreakers to a modern attempt to set up a data haven; and The Baroque Cycle , a three volume work consisting of Quicksilver The Confusion ) and the forthcoming The System of the World ), making a very long

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Translate this page Neal Stephenson ,The confusion stephenson neal ,Argento vivo stephenson neal ,Cryptonomicon stephenson neal ,Cryptonomicon stephenson neal ,Zodiac. Stephenson&i

7. Stephenson Neal
stephenson neal Book Review and Price Comparison. Top Selling Books for stephenson neal. Quicksilver Volume One of The Baroque Cycle
Book Reviews and Compare Prices for Stephenson Neal
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Stephenson Neal Book Review and Price Comparison
Pages: Next Top Selling Books for Stephenson Neal Quicksilver: Volume One of The Baroque Cycle
AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson
ISBN: 0380977427
Publish Date: September 2003
Format: Hardcover
Compare prices for this book
AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson
ISBN: 0060512806
Publish Date: November 2002 Format: Mass Market Paperback Compare prices for this book Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson ISBN: 0553380966 Publish Date: May 2000 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book In the Beginning...was the Command Line AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson ISBN: 0380815931 Publish Date: November 1999 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book Big U AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson ISBN: 0380816032 Publish Date: February 2001 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book Cryptonomicon AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson, Designed by Kellan Peck

8. Book Author: Stephenson_Neal
List all titles from these author(s) stephenson neal. Language(E F D) Title by Author(s) E - Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (cat

9. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson. Other Stephenson links Snow Crash Stacey s Books The Diamond Age Dominion Interview Breaking the Code With Neal Stephenson Bibliography,Neal.php3
Neal Stephenson
Other Stephenson links:
Snow Crash
Stacey's Books: The Diamond Age

Dominion Interview

Breaking the Code With Neal Stephenson
The Diamond Age or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
February 1995, Spectra Hardcover ISBN:0-553-09609-5
March 1996, Bantam Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-57331-4
Review Excerpt Synopsis ordering info and cover art Mass Market Paperback
Snow Crash
May 1993, Spectra Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-56261-4
Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller
July 1995, Spectra Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-57386-1 ordering info, synopsis and reviews
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet What's New? ... Glossary

10. GPL SEARCH [Author Stephenson Neal]
Web Catalog SEARCH Gpl Catalog Author stephenson neal. 7 records matched your query. Record 1 Stephenson, Neal. The confusion / Neal Stephenson..

11. The SF Site: A Conversation With Neal Stephenson
A Conversation With Neal Stephenson. An interview with Catherine Asaro. September 1999. Neal stephenson neal Stephenson s recent novel
A Conversation With Neal Stephenson
An interview with Catherine Asaro
September 1999
Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson's recent novel, Cryptonomicon, is making an impressive showing on numerous bestseller lists. It follows a line of successes. His first novel, The Big U, came out in 1984, followed by Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller, (1988), his acclaimed bestseller, Snow Crash (1992), and his 1995 classic, The Diamond Age, which won the Hugo Award. Under the pseudonym Stephen Bury, he and his uncle, George Jewsbury, have published two thrillers: Interface (1994) and The Cobweb (1996). Neal also writes nonfiction for publications such as Wired and is one of the only authors ever to write fiction for Time magazine. Cryptonomicon Website
ISFDB Bibliography

SF Site Review:
Neal Stephenson Interview

Avon Books launched the website in April, including a 37,000 word essay by Stephenson titled, "In the Beginning was the Command Line," a savvy look at the arcane universe of computer operating systems written with Neal's flair for dry humour. The demand for the essay was so big that within a few days it crashed the server for the site. Readers can soon buy a trade paperback version of "In the Beginning was the Command Line," when it goes on sale November 9, 1999. I interviewed Neal over dinner in a Baltimore restaurant, one stop on his popular book tour for

12. Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson. Science fiction author. He wrote SnowCrash; Zodiac; TheDiamondAge; CryptoNomicon (most recent) Fascinating. See here

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14. Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson Sees the Light. They are only for people who cannot cope with contradiction and ambiguity. Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age. .

Neal Stephenson Sees the Light
by David Chute
From the "Tech" section of the LA Weekly , July 29-August 5, 1999
"'Which path do you intend to take, Nell?' said the Constable, sounding very interested. 'Conformity or rebellion?'
'Neither one. Both ways are simple-minded. They are only for people who cannot cope with contradiction and ambiguity.'"
-Neal Stephenson, "The Diamond Age." Neal Stephenson can fool you. His novels are so much fun to read that it takes a while to realize how dead serious he is. Stephenson has been tagged as a science fiction writer, and is known outside hard-core SF fan circles mostly for his definitive treatments of certain buzzy pop-tech subjects: environmental direct action in Zodiac (1988), virtual reality in Snow Crash (1992), nanotechnology in The Diamond Age (1995), and the vexed fields of data cryptography and e-cash in his new epic of modern techno history, Cryptonomicon. But Stephenson's ambition, and his reach, are a lot bigger than the pigeonhole he's been squeezed into. He writes fiction that seems to be designed not so much to change the world, as to quietly shift the way a lot of people think about the world, and about the strong forces that keep it moving right along-or could bring it grinding to a halt. His big project carries over systematically from book to book, and continues in the intervals between them: A lot of the spade work of research for Cryptonomicon, for instance, was done while researching and writing two big stories for Wired magazine, "In the Kingdom of Mao Bell" and "Mother Earth Mother Board.," essayistic romps that are almost as enetrtaining as his fiction. Stephenson seems to relish every phase of the journey. He is fully prepared to be surprised and delighted and at times horrified by the stuff he comes across. That's what makes his writing so zestfully entertaining; there's a report of some breathless new discovery on almost every page. And like the big SF hits of the 1960s, Stranger in a Strange Land and Dune, Stephenson's work attempts to smuggle a few new concepts into the popular forebrain, to download a relentless thought-virus.

15. Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson Message Board
scholar! Return to Neal Stephenson main page. BooksMessage Board - Neal Stephenson. Neal Stephenson. Click here to post a message.

16. Fantasy Planet
12.7.2001 Clánek si cetlo 936 ctenáru Vytisknout Diamantový vek stephenson neal Napsal Ivo Poledník Autor stephenson neal.

17. C R Y P T O N O M I C O N
A history of operating systems, by neal stephenson, the author of such novels as 'Snow Crash', 'The Diamond Age' and 'Zodiac'.
In the Beginning was
the Command Line
by Neal Stephenson
About twenty years ago Jobs and Wozniak, the founders of Apple, came up with the very strange idea of selling information processing machines for use in the home. The business took off, and its founders made a lot of money and received the credit they deserved for being daring visionaries. But around the same time, Bill Gates and Paul Allen came up with an idea even stranger and more fantastical: selling computer operating systems . This was much weirder than the idea of Jobs and Wozniak. A computer at least had some sort of physical reality to it. It came in a box, you could open it up and plug it in and watch lights blink. An operating system had no tangible incarnation at all. It arrived on a disk, of course, but the disk was, in effect, nothing more than the box that the OS came in. The product itself was a very long string of ones and zeroes that, when properly installed and coddled, gave you the ability to manipulate other very long strings of ones and zeroes. Even those few who actually understood what a computer operating system was were apt to think of it as a fantastically arcane engineering prodigy, like a breeder reactor or a U-2 spy plane, and not something that could ever be (in the parlance of high-tech) "productized."

18. Index.html
There is a neal stephenson in Canada who has an email address at He is not me. That is, he is not the author of Snow Crash, etc.
my relationship to Blue Origin LLC
My ongoing struggle against "continuous partial attention"
Linda Stone, formerly of Apple and Microsoft, has coined the term "continuous partial attention" to describe life in the era of e-mail, instant messaging, cellphones, and other distractions. This curious feature of modern life poses a problem for a someone like me. Every productive thing that I do requires ALL my attention. I cannot put it any better than Donald Knuth , who writes on his website , "Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration. " Knuth also provides the following quote from Umberto Eco : "I don't even have an e-mail address. I have reached an age where my main purpose is not to receive messages." In a recent review of one of my novels, I was described as "Umberto Eco without the charm" and so it should be pretty clear in what direction I am going. The purpose of this web page is to help me focus all of my attention on productive activity. Three strategies are used:

19. LIT-SF Authors Stephenson, Neal
neal stephenson Links. Review of The Diamond Age by Mark Olson, New England SF Association Fi Channel's Pulp's Feature Writer neal stephenson with several interviews and useful
Neal Stephenson Links
Review of The Diamond Age by Mark Olson, New England SF Association
Review of
The Diamond Age by Christopher Hunt, Circuit Traces
The Sci-Fi Channel's Pulp's Feature Writer Neal Stephenson
with several interviews and useful links
The Great Si-Mo-Le-An Caper
A new story, featured in Time Magazine On-line
Danno Miller interviews Neal Stephenson
, from the @nomaly.
Neal Stephenson Page by Micheala R. Drape
with several links to interviews and a bibliography.
Breaking The Code With Neal Stephenson
, featured in Addicted to Noise, 1.07. Return to Index.

20. Stephenson:Neal:Quicksilver:All Annotations By Page Number - Metaweb
Printable version. (Talk) Log in Help. StephensonnealQuicksilverAll annotations by page number. From the Quicksilver Metaweb. This is the complete list of page annotations. neal

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