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         Service Robert W:     more books (100)
  1. Ballads of a Cheechako by Robert W. Service, 1928-01-01
  2. Rhymes of a red Cross Man by Robert W. Service, 1916
  3. The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses by Robert W. Service, 1911
  4. Ballads Of A Cheechako by Robert W. Service, 1945-01-01
  5. Ballads of a Cheechako by Robert W. Service, 1911
  6. Songs for my supper by Robert W Service, 1953
  7. Rhymes Of A Rolling Stone by Robert W. Service, 2010-09-10
  8. The Trail of Ninety-Eight : A Northalnd Romance by Robert W. Service, 1911-01-01
  9. Songs of a Sourdough by Robert W. Service, 1942-01-01
  10. Ballads of a Bohemian by Robert W. Service, 2010-09-10
  11. Rhymes of a rolling stone
  12. RHYMES OF A RED CROSS MAN. by Robert W. Service, 1933-01-01
  13. Rhymes of a Rolling Stone by Robert W. Service, 1925-01-01
  14. SONGS OF A SOURDOUGH: The Shooting of Dan McGrew; The Cremation of Sam McGee; Th by Robert W. Service, 1962-01-01

121. Robert Downey Jr. -Renaissance Man
Includes news, the actor's biography, pictures, and links.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
© Robert Downey Jr.-Renaissance Man

122. Bob Morris Photography
Images of trains, railroads, and the Sacramento River Canyon near Dunsmuir, California. Color, and black and white.
Moonlit Mt Shasta looms over the McCloud RR Dinner Train a few winters back.
(Click to view previous "Photos of the Week")
A listing of all photographs availiable pertaining to the SOUTHERN PACIFIC. A section on Dunsmuir historical photos are also located here. There is also a section devoted to NORTHWESTERN PACIFIC operations in the 1960's.
A listing of negatives donated to various RR Historical Societys from which photographs will be made availiable for purchase.
Photo pages showing various Union Pacific Passenger Specials in the Mt Shasta area. This is the beginning of a new section devoted to the Union Pacific and will eventually contain current and historical sections.
(click for) ABOUT PHOTOBOB
You may now use your Visa or Mastercard for your orders. Please e-mail me for further information.

123. Robert Louis Stevenson Holdings
Details on the Stevenson collection at the University of South Carolina library.
Robert Louis Stevenson
Notable Editions in
Thomas Cooper Library
This page provides information on editions of works by Robert LouisStevenson that may be of particular interest to scholars. It is by no meansan exhaustive list of all Thomas Cooper Library's Stevenson holdings, noris it a complete list of Stevenson editions held in the Rare Books Room.Such lists are available through USCAN The texts have been separated into seven groups of works, withinwhich they are listed chronologically by first publication in book form.The seven groups are: Novels Short Stories Poetry Essays ...
and Special Collections
This page last updated 27 May 2003 by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

124. Robert Schumann Research Institute
Part of the robert Schumann Society in D¼sseldorf, Germany. Includes edition of complete works, thematic catalogue, membership application, events, contact and activity information. Also in German.
Robert Schumann Research Institute
Schumann Society
Schumann Research Institute
Schumann Thematic Catalogue
Schumann Complete Edition ...

125. Voice Work Of Robert O. Smith
List of animation voice credits as contributed by viewers.

126. Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Robert Cormier
A tribute published after Cormier's death November 2, 2000.,6109,393333,00.html
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In this section
Biographer defends his art after death
Catherine Bennett: The author abused children Literary agent killed in frenzied knife attack Rowling launches website as third Potter film premieres ... The Bookseller: May 22
Robert Cormier
American novelist whose work was a hotline to the hearts and minds of teenagers all over the world
Lyn Gardner
Monday November 6, 2000

127. Robert Bly - The Academy Of American Poets
The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, poems, and links.
poetry awards poetry month poetry exhibits poetry map ... about the academy Search Larger Type Find a Poet Find a Poem Listening Booth ... Add to a Notebook Robert Bly Robert Bly was born on December 23, 1926, in Madison, Minnesota. He attended Harvard University and received his M.A. from the University of Iowa in 1956. As a poet, editor, and translator, Bly has had a profound impact on the shape of American poetry. He is the author of more than thirty books of poetry, including The Night Abraham Called to the Stars (HarperCollins, 2001); Snowbanks North of the House What Have I Ever Lost by Dying?: Collected Prose Poems Loving a Woman in Two Worlds Mirabai Versions This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood (1977); and The Light Around the Body (1967), which won the National Book Award. As the editor of the magazine The Sixties (begun as The Fifties ), Bly introduced many unknown European and South American poets to an American audience. He is also the editor of numerous collections including The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy: Sacred Poems from Many Cultures (Ecco Press, 1995);

128. Robertpatrick01
Official site for the actor with news, message board, articles, mailing list, and interviews. Flash

129. Robert Jordan
An introductory page to the author, with some biographical information, a bibliography, and links.
his biography bibliography wheel of time
About Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan is the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr., the author known best for "The Wheel of Time," a voluminous epic fantasy book series. James and Harriet Rigney reside in Charleston, South Carolina (United States). The Wheel of Time book series is published in the United States by Tor Books, a label of Tom Doherty Associates. It is published in the United Kingdom by Orbit Books, and has been translated into over 25 languages. Translations include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Japanese. The books have been read by an international fan base. Asked why he has never published any books under his real name, Rigney answers that his given name is reserved for any non-genre literature he may produce in his lifetime. Thus far, his most well known publication is a long work of fantasy; he has also published a Western novel and a series on Conan.
More about Robert Jordan
There are many pages inspired by and dedicated to Robert Jordan, who arguably has one of the biggest Internet fan bases of any writer. Most are dedicated to the Wheel of Time, and there are few Robert Jordan sites not dedicated to the phenomenally bestselling series. Fortunately, the Wheel of Time sites are dedicated enough to cover most things about Robert Jordan himself. I usually check silklantern - the interactive wheel of time story , which I've found to be a pretty good Wheel of Time site. It offers Robert Jordan publishing news on a regular basis.

130. Robert Hooke Day At Christ Church, Oxford
A tercentenary commemoration will take place on 2 October 2003 at Christ Church, Oxford.
Robert Hooke Commemoration 2003
A tercentenary commemoration of the life of Robert Hooke took place under the auspices of Christ Church, Oxford


Tercentenary conference in London

Hooke News
Latest information on celebratory events, etc.
Robert Hooke: Rod Beavon's pages

Chronology of Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke from the Robert Hooke Science Centre

Robert Hooke from the Isle of Wight History Centre
Hooke the surveyor: Michael Cooper

A commemoration of Hooke's life and works was arranged under the auspices of Christ Church, where Hooke was an undergraduate member and where his inventive career began. The symposium was held in the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford, on Thursday 2nd October 2003 from 10:30 to 4:30. The symposium took the form of a meeting in which some of the present-day holders of the positions Hooke occupied will take part. The Speakers included Dr Allan Chapman, Professor Michael Cooper, Dr Ellen Tan Drake, Professor John Enderby (Secretary of the Royal Society), Sir Roger Penrose, Sir Martin Rees (Astronomer Royal) and Sir Christopher Zeeman. An Exhibition of Hooke memorabilia including Micrographia that was shown in the Library, Christ Church, has now closed.

131. The Robert Graves Archive: Homepage
Features checklists of the contents of major Graves Archives worldwide, two lists which detail both individual and institutional holders of relevant materials, and an overview of the holdings of major academic institutions.
Robert Graves on the Web
This is the home page of the Robert Graves Archive : a subject gateway for the poet and novelist Robert Graves. This site collects together the available poetry, audio files of Graves reading, multimedia resources, and the scholarly materials on the web for the study of his work. In addition it attempts to map and archive significant Robert Graves reference and quotation. As long as you are on the site the Robert Graves Archive banner is at the top of the page. If it isn't there, you have moved off-site. This site has a common navigation bar at the foot of each page.
Principal Features:
Search facility (available from 10th of November 1999). Searches on the whole text of the Archive. Currently under test. A large selection of Graves poems is available through this site (updated 20 February 2000). The whole text of Fairies and Fusiliers is available from Project Bartelby , as well as the text of Country Sentiment , available from Project Gutenberg [August 31 1998] . Other poems available on the web include:
"Angry Samson," "Beauty in Trouble," "Bitter Thoughts on Receiving a Slice of Cordelia's Wedding Cake," "Cold Weather Proverb," "Coronation Address," "Cry Faugh!" "Darien," "Dialogue on the Headland," "Fragment of a Lost Poem," "From the Embassy," "In the Wilderness," "Leaving the Rest Unsaid," "On Portents," "Outlaws," "Penthesileia," "Pure Death" "Return of the Goddess," "Rhea," "The Bards," "The Bedpost," "The Eremites," "The Finding of Love," "The Siren's Welcome to Cronos," "The Thieves," "The White Goddess", "The Worms of History," "Through Nightmare," "To Be Called a Bear," "To Bring the Dead to Life," "To Juan at the Winter Solstice," "Unicorn and the White Doe," "Warning to Children", and many others.

132. Robert Johnson Official Web Site
Paying homage to this blues man and addressing rumours and legends surrounded him. Chronicles his life, legend, and legacy.
R obert J ohnson was one of the greatest blues guitar players, singers, and composers of his day. He remains one of the most influential musicians of all time.
This webpage honors his life, music, and legend

133. Robert Carlyle
Contains photographs, film roles and television roles.
Free E-Mail from NET@DDRESS! Click Here!
Photo credit: Radio Times, 1997 Actor Robert Carlyle is based in Glasgow. He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Dramatic Art, and is a co-founder and Artistic Director of Raindog Theatre in Glasgow. Raindog specialises in innovative, improvisational-based work, as well as re-workings of the classics. Carlyle is rapidly gaining an international reputation for his versatility, the inner truth of his characters and for his sheer talent as an actor, in roles ranging from Scottish country copper to psychopath to 18th century highwayman.
COMMENTS ON ROBERT CARLYLE AS AN ACTOR By himself UPDATED!May 99 This page last updated 9 May 1999.
"Surprised" "Leopardskin" Moody . . . Balancing Act ... Formal mode Plenty more photos scattered through the following Carlyle pages!. . .
Film Roles
Television Roles
Raindog/ Theatre Roles /Awards
Explore Further

134. Untitled
Official site of the pop rock musician/composer based in Deerfield, Illinois. Includes news, reviews, and merchandise.
May 2004
"Live @ Fitzgeralds" Nominated For Viewers Choice" Robert Kramers EP release, "Live At Fitzgeralds" has been nominated by online music resource KWEEVAK for the 2004 Viewers Choice Awards. This will make the 2nd year in a row a Kramer release has been nominated. "Legacy Of Love" To Debut This Summer" The upcoming next Kramer album, "Legacy Of Love" is in the final stages of production, and a summer release date is planned. The album, which contains performances from a vast array of musicians, will kick off with a worldwide music special over the internet on ArtistFirst Network. Stay tuned for details.
Current Stations Adding Robert Kramer Songs: Music Sojourn (internet) Live Discs Radio - Ambler, PA. Mystical Gate Radio (internet) Artistfirst World Radio (internet) White Dove Radio (internet)

135. Robert Earl Keen's Uprising
Official site. Features tour calendar, biography, latest CD, store, MP3 music clips, message board, and news.

136. Robert Langlands' Work - Main Page
Thesis, papers, manuscripts, letters and bibliography.
UBC Sun SITE main page email to Editor
The work of Robert Langlands
Robert P. Langlands was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, in 1936. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in 1957 and an M.Sc. in 1958, and from Yale University with a Ph.D. in 1960. He has held faculty positions at Princeton University and Yale University, and is currently a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He has won several awards recognizing his outstanding contributions to the theory of automorphic forms, among them an honorary degree from the University of British Columbia in 1985. Looking forward to eventual publication of his collected works, Professor Langlands is cooperating with us in providing on our site a large selection from his professional correspondence and previously unpublished work, as well as an almost complete collection of all of his published work. This material is being put into TeX at the Institute in Princeton and will appear here as it becomes ready. We would like to thank Dorothea Phares, Marietta Chiorello, Elly Gustafsson, Michelle Huguenin, and Carol Warfield of the staff at the Institute, as well as Mark Goresky, for helping with this project.
The material
Inevitably, the topics into which we have organized material overlap somewhat.

137. RobertRedfordFanWebSite
A fan site with photos, commentary, facts, and a list of awards.
Main Celebrities htmlAdWH('7002392', '234', '60'); ROBERT REDFORD Redford Biography Redford Movies Sundance Film Festival Sundance Catalog Redford Hate Emails The Clearing Other Good Redford Sites Hollywood has a lot of male actors, but how many of them are REAL MEN? you know, the sort of guy who could rescue you from a wild horse, build a house, teach you about conservation and then gaze at you with those beautiful blue eyes? Who do I speak of? Who else, but Robert Redford!!!
I have been a dedicated, loyal fan of Mr. Redford's since I first saw him in Butch Cassidy The Sundance Kid in the early 70's. This page is my tribute to you, Mr. Redford and to say thank you for making movies that make me go...ahhh..
Numerous Awards on Robert Redford
The Horse Whisperer Nominated Golden Globe Quiz Show Nominated Golden Globe Quiz Show Nominated Oscar A River Runs Through It Nominated Golden Globe The Milagro Beanfield War Nominated Cannes Film Festival Ordinary People Won Oscar Ordinary People Won Golden Globe Ordinary People Nominated New York Film Critics Circle
BEST PICTURE: Ordinary People Won New York Film Critics Circle
BEST ACTOR: Downhill Racer Nominated New York Film Critics Circle Butch Cassidy The Sundance Kid Won British Academy Awards Downhill Racer Won British Academy Awards Tell Them Willie Boy is Here Won British Academy Awards The Sting -Nominated Oscar
MISC AWARDS: Recipient(s) Nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actor Drama/Romance for: The Horse Whisperer

138. Spano, Robert
Brief biography at the Atlanta Symphony site.

139. Robert Altman
A series of articles covering his movies since 1996. Most recent news on inproduction Gosford Park.
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Photo Gallery

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002
Altman's health a concern on 'Gosford Park' set
By JAM! Movies Veteran director Robert Altman's "Gosford Park" has collected a stack of rave reviews and seven Oscar nominations, but Variety reports questions about Altman's health jeopardized the movie.
The 76-year-old director, whose credits include "M*A*S*H," "McCabe And Mrs. Miller," "Nashville" and "The Player" long considered a maverick in Hollywood threw the $19.8 million project into doubt because of the high cost of insuring him. To satisfy insurers' demands, the producers were forced to retain a substitute director who could pinch-hit for Altman, should he be unable to complete the film.

140. Robert Adam (1728-1792)
Portrait bust and notes from Bob Speel on this important Scottish architect, with description of the neoclassical Kenwood House, remodelled by Adam.
Robert Adam (1728-1792)
Robert Adam An important Scottish architect. He was born in Kirkaldy, son of the Edinburgh architect William Adam. His three brothers also worked in the architectural profession, and James and William Adam joined Robert Adam in the London-based family practice (the eldest brother, John Adam, like his father, was a Palladian architect and was based in Scotland). Robert Adam studied at Edinburgh University, and then set off on the Grand Tour in 1754, travelling through France and Italy, and returning after 4 years well versed in classical and Italian Renaissance architecture. He became one of the two most important architects of the latter part of the 18th Century - the other being William Chambers In London, the Adams Brothers designed the Adelphi scheme (1768-1772), built in Westminster and based on a Thames-side terrace with a parallel row closer to the Strand, with a ladder of side streets between, was largely demolished in the 1930s. A few remain, in John Adam Street, Robert Street and so forth, among which is the Royal Society of Arts, with an elegant Ionic frontage. The south and east sides of Fitzroy Square are also theirs. A few of Robert Adam's town houses remain, including 20 Portman Square, 20 St James's Square, and Chandos House in Queen Anne Street. The majority of his work was on large country houses, usually altering existing ones rather than starting from scratch, and partly for this reason, he is particularly known today for his opulent interiors rather than exteriors. Around London we may mention

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