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         Sappho:     more books (99)
  1. 7th-Century Bc Women: Sappho, Tanaquil, Shepenupet II, Nitocris I, Erinna, Amenirdis II, Khedebneithirbinet I, Nehushta, Meshullemeth,
  2. Herzgedanken: Das Leben der "deutschen Sappho" von ihr selbst erzahlt (German Edition) by Anna Luise Karsch, 1981
  3. Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women: Notable Women from Sappho to Helena by Marjorie Lightman, Benjamin Lightman, 2000-11
  4. Sappho : A drama in verse by Marcus Holland, Janet Miriam Taylor Reback, et all 1948
  5. L'écriture de monique wittig. a la couleur de sappho by Ecarnot, 2002-09-15
  6. Traditioneller Stoff und individuelle Gestaltung: Untersuchungen zu Alkaios und Sappho (Beitrage zur Altertumswissenschaft) (German Edition) by Dirk Meyerhoff, 1984
  7. Sappho von Lesbos: Europas erste Dichterin;
  8. Pastorals, epistles, odes, and other original poems, with translations from Pindar, Anacreon, and Sappho by Ambrose Philips, 2010-08-25
  9. Sappho (German Edition) by Franz Grillparzer, 2010-04-04
  10. Sappho's island: A paean for Lesbos by Joseph Braddock, 1970
  11. Sappho: Memoir, text, selected renderings, and a literal translation by Sappho, 1887
  12. Pastorals, epistles, odes, and other original poems, with translations from Pindar, Anacreon, and Sappho. By Ambrose Philips Esq. by Ambrose Philips, 2010-06-10
  13. Sappho: A Play in Five Acts by Alphonse Daudet, Adolphe Belot, 2010-04-22
  14. History of Sappho by Margaret Reynolds, 1999-12-31

121. Introduction To Classical Culture
sappho and Lyric Poetry. General. Collection of the few remaining samples of ancient music. sappho. There is a huge amount of and on sappho on the Internet.
Sappho and Lyric Poetry
There is a great deal of flexibility in early Greek poetry but modern scholars and some ancient commentators have found it useful to divide it into various categories, based on typical features: Iambi , a term first found in Archilochus fragment , (Ken Hope's web-page), where they are associated with jollity, were probably spoken or chanted. They are associated with a limping 'iambic' rhythm [di da di da di da], sexual exuberance, the adoption of a specific often coarse or vulgar character or persona (cook, peasant, robber), and in particular with vituperation cf. Simonides (Diotima). They may have originated in ritual abuse, found in scapegoat ( pharmakos ) festivals such as Apollo's Thargelia (big in Hipponax's Ephesus) , and in the cults (important in Archilochus's Paros) of Demeter, who was said to have been cheered up during her search for Persephone by one Iambe (link to Perseus, Homeric Hymn to Demeter) . Iambic rhythm can also be used for more serious poetry, even philosophy, and it designates the spoken parts of Attic drama. Typical of the genre for his apparent vicious ribaldry and parodic sarcasm is Hipponax; here is fragment 128 (West): `Tell me, muse, of that Eurymedontian Charybdis of the deep, she who swallows whole [literally: 'knife-stomach', i.e. keeps the cutting for her stomach?], who eats in no kind of order. Tell how he'll die an awful death by stoning, by the people's decree, by the shore of the unharvested sea.' and a rather free translation of another fragment (possibly by Archilochus instead?) found on papyrus (Hipponax, 115, ll.5-9.): 'May the good-natured Thracians capture him naked in Salmydessus, the long-haired, high-haired Thracians, then he will enjoy life to the full, a life of many troubles and pains, a life fed on bread of slaves' - you get the general idea. S

122. The Sappho Mailing List Home Page

123. John D'Agata: Stripped-Down Sappho
StrippedDown sappho. More of translation. John D’Agata. If Not, Winter Fragments of sappho Anne Carson Alfred A. Knopf, $27.50 (cloth). 8
HOME CURRENT ISSUE ARCHIVES SUBSCRIBE Stripped-Down Sappho More of the Tenth Muse shows through the fragments in an astonishing new translation. If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
Anne Carson
Alfred A. Knopf, $27.50 (cloth) s and faded Iliad and the Odyssey If Not, Winter seems to me most astonishing. Widely known in her own work for big chucks of appendices, nervous multiple epigrams, and introductions to introductions of cycles of poems or essays, Carson here provides just a four-page preface to a book that itself stretches to nearly 400 pages. And in the brief subsequent glossary of names, she is similarly concise: Aristotle: philosopher
Krete: Crete
Abanthis: woman about whom nothing is known
If Not, Winter as a free space of lyrical adventure and the translation becomes immediately less a document of broken texts than an experiment in trust and imagination, as if each bracket were a flag that Carson was raising to signal us to run up and take over the baton. In her decision to give us less in her translation of Sappho, Carson has actually made the text ultimately more generous, and in this way has granted readers the pleasure of imagining their own versions of Sappho. The Book of the City of Ladies The Pall Mall Gazette

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125. Soppho Art Museum
sappho Art Museum. 450 BCE 1842, 1855 - 1881, 19th cent. - 20th cent. sappho (Athens,c.450BCE), sappho (Athens, c.450 BCE) image drwaing,
Sappho Art Museum
450 BCE - 1842 19th cent. - 20th cent. Sappho (Athens, c.450 BCE)
drwaing Sappho (Soma Orlai Petrich, 1855)
e Sappho (Reader's Museum Netherlands, 19th century)
first image
second image
Sappho Leaping from the Leucadian Cliff (Moreau, 1864)
medium large detail Sappho (Unknown, Korea, 1925)
Sappho Fragment 98 (Papyrus, c. 50 BCE)
The Death of Sappho (Moreau, 1871)
medium large detail Sappho (Lindsay, 1928)
Sappho (Pompeii, c.60 CE)
Sappho (Moreau, 1871) medium large detail Sappho (Seitz, 1964) image Sappho (Woodcut, 1473) image color The Death of Sappho (Moreau, 1876) small medium large detail Sappho of Lesbos (Behrens,1990) image Sappho (Dannecker, c.1800) image Sappho (Mengin, 1877) small large Sappho Whark (Engleman,1997) small large Sappho-Wire small large image image Sappho (Book Cover, 20th cent.) small large Death of Sappho (Daumier, 1842) image image Home Webmastesr: Posted: 09/25/2000 Updated: 11/24/2001

126. Sisters Of Sappho
Sisters of sappho. About us. Founded in 1996, Sisters of sappho is a lesbian discussion group at the University of Arizona. We
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Sisters of Sappho
About us
Founded in 1996, Sisters of Sappho is a lesbian discussion group at the University of Arizona . We provide support to lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning women in the Tucson community, consisting mostly of university students. We are a part of the Women's Resource Center , in the Student Union, 3rd floor. We meet weekly during the regular school year, on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm in the Pride Alliance room, 2nd floor. Questions? Call the WRC at 621-3919, Pride Alliance at 621-7585, or contact Jonna. Current facilitators are Angel and Shannon. (To get rid of that annoying pop-up ad, please drag it to a lower corner of the page. If you just close the window, it will pop-up again the next page you load.)
What we do
While each week we do usually meet for discussion, we also do plenty of other things. Some of the things we've done include camping trips (see our pics!), movie nights, outings to basketball games, slumber parties, picnics, a film series, karaoke, potlucks, and parties for Christmas and Halloween. In the future, we hope to go hiking, bowling, and more camping trips!
  • Women's Resource Center at the U of A
  • Pride Alliance,
  • 127. ÿþ ! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC - / / W 3 C / / DTD HTML 4 . 0 1
    sappho - femten fragmenter
    [home] Fr. 2 Fr. 5 Fr. 16 ... Fr. 154
    Sappho - femten fragmenter
    oversat af George Hinge og Hanne Roer
    (tidligere udgivet, med udeladelse af flere fragmenter, i Fr. 2. Ostracon Florentinum ). Hverken begyndelsen eller slutningen af digtet er dog bevaret. kviste, hele stedet er skyggefuldt af raslende blade. iblandet festlag Fr. 5. καὶ φίλοισ]ι Fοῖσι χάραν γένεσθαι at min b]ror vil vende tilbage uskadt, tynget sit sind med. Fr. 16. Sapphisk metrum. π]άντι τ[o]ῦτ᾿, ἀ γὰρ πόλυ περσκέθοισα Nogle sir at ryttere, andre, fodfolk, den man nu elsker. husbond tilbage datter, nej, forlokket [ hun som er borte. end en vogn fra Lydien eller fodfolk Fr. 34. blegne rent og gemme det klare ansigt, ned over jorden Fr. 42. Sapphisk strofe, kun to vers er bevaret. Fr. 48. Glykoneer udvidet med to daktyler. Fr. 50. Glykoneer udvidet med to daktyler. Fr. 55. Ingen kender dit navn, og du vandrer alene i Hades' hus Fr. 81. Akefalisk hipponakteer udvidet med to koriamber, oversat udvidet med tre daktyler: men derimod vender de ryggen til dem der er uden kranse.

    128. Isle Of Sappho
    Isle of sappho. Welcome to the Isle of sappho web site.
    var TlxPgNm='index';
    Isle of Sappho Welcome to the Isle of Sappho web site.
    Easy Ryder
    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 ... Chapter 32
    There was a sister site (Sapphosays) that included lots of stories that I had written with and without a co-writer. I've just completed a novel and starting a sequel. Instead of being pressured by a publisher, I'd rather share my work online. Well, if someone saw my work and wanted to publish it, I certainly wouldn't raise too big a fuss!
    Did I mention the lesbian content? Well, that's what it is, so if you don't go any further you won't be offended.
    Let's get started. Help yourself to a snack while you read. Guest Authors The copyrite business
    updated October 21

    129. Salon :: :: Books :: Feature :: "The Sappho Companion" By Margaret Reynolds, By
    The sappho Companion by Margaret Reynolds Genius? Pervert? Seducer and murderer? Homely bluestocking? Nymphomaniac? Every age


    All of

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    World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks

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  • Get a free Allstate quote Search our Personals ... Corrections "The Sappho Companion" by Margaret Reynolds Genius? Pervert? Seducer and murderer? Homely bluestocking? Nymphomaniac? Every age has its own version of the woman whose 2,600-year-old verses invented the poetry of love. By Laura Miller If people know anything at all about Sappho these days, it's probably that she was a lesbian. They're far less likely to know that she was first of all a Lesbian that is, a native of the Greek island of Lesbos or that she was one of the great poets of ancient times, or that her specialty was lyric verse about the ecstasies and torments of love. (In fact, she practically invented the form.) Only a few hundred years ago, though, an informal poll would likely have revealed an entirely different image of Sappho, whose life was a popular subject for paintings, operas, ballets and other pageants. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, she was mostly famous for having thrown herself from the top of an enormous cliff out of unrequited love for the beautiful (male) youth Phaon. In those days, she was sometimes depicted as having written verse, sometimes as having a great fondness for girls, but the heartbreak and the leap were the important things. This was only one of many incarnations. Throughout history, Sappho has been labeled a genius, a pervert, a lovely blushing maiden, a homely bluestocking, a nymphomaniac, an uptight schoolmistress, a solitary, a diva, a cult leader, an abandoned lover, an irresistible seducer, the "Tenth Muse," a mother, a feminist, a victim, a masochist and a sadist.

    130. Sappho Books - Rare And Out Of Print Books In Glebe
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    131. Paul's Gay Stamps: "Out Of The Closet" Ancient Civilization Page 2
    Copyright Louis Paul Hennefeld 1983 2002. sappho. (c612 - c558 BC). POET. Commercial cover postmarked sappho, Washington, 10 July 1963. Civilization/Ancient_Civilization_Page_2.h
    Out of the Closet ancient civilization PAGE 2 SAPPHO (c612 - c558 BC) POET Commercial cover postmarked Sappho, Washington, 10 July 1963. Previous Page Master Chapter Index Chapter Index Ancient Civilization Next Page ... Back To Start Page

    132. The Poetry Of Sarah Ruden - Sappho, Fragment 31
    The Poetry of Sarah Ruden (Winner of the 1995 CNA Literary Award) sappho, Fragment 31. sappho, Fragment 31. The man who sits across
    Sappho, Fragment 31
    The man who sits across from you
    Is almost like a god to me,
    And you are rare to listen to—
    Your voice, your words. My heart beats (but my blood is gone)
    At the sound of your sweet laugh.
    I cannot look at you for long,
    I cannot speak. My tongue is wounded, and a light
    Flame runs beneath my skin.
    In my eyes there is no sight,
    But my ears roar. Dank sweat and trembling pass
    Where my body was before. I am greener than grass, I am almost dying. But courage is enough, because... Click on speaker to hear the poem Download RealAudio 5.0 Player On the Sublime , which was the sole means of the poem's survival. From: Other Places Author: Sarah Ruden William Waterman Publications, South Africa Comments? A selection of poems The Storm African Children This Body Teaching The Delegation The Conversion of Saint Augustine The Advertisement Old Man by the Highway Endymion in Ohio Sappho , Fragment 31 Summer at the University A Beggar Outside Cape Town Station The Trojan King Priam Visits Achilles in the Greek Camp Index Author Poetry Reviews ... Sites These Pages were first created in November 1996.

    133. Sénèque Sappho Epicure Ovide
    sappho. Les jardins de la nuit. Sénèque Sur
    Les jardins de la nuit
    Sénèque : Sur la brièveté de la vie

    Comment prolonger la vie humaine en la débarassant de mille futilités qui l'encombrent sans apporter de richesses supplémentaires
    Sappho : Le désir

    C'est une voix qui s'approche et nous frôle dans la nuit. Surgie en 612 avant notre ère elle a choisi de tout dire de tout oser.
    Epicure : Lettre sur le bonheur

    Avant de condamner les principes du plaisir, qui gouvernerait le monde, il faut lire Epicure, en particulier son éloge du Bonheur.
    Ovide : Remèdes à l'amour

    Il manque à l'art d'aimer un volet indispensable et douloureux: l'art de "désaimer", peut-être le plus difficile à pratiquer.

    134. Athens 1260
    Athens 1260. Athens, Hydria, No. 1260. (Frontispiece, Turner 1952) From Birt (1907), abbildung 83. Athens 1260 redfigure hydria by the Group of Polygnotos.
    Athens 1260
    Athens, Hydria, No. 1260. (Frontispiece, Turner: 1952)
    From Birt (1907), abbildung 83 Athens 1260
    red-figure hydria by the Group of Polygnotos.
    ARV(2) 1260.145
    440-430 bce In the center, a seated woman, reading. On the left a companion holding a wreath over the reader's head. On the right, a companion holding out a lyre, and a third companion. On the wall, two more wreaths. [Immerwahr's] reading of the names agrees with Halbherr's: NIKOPOLIS for the companion on the left, KALLIS for the lyre carrier, for the third companion, uninscribed. The reader's name is on her right: SAPPWS, with space for one letter before, but no letter is visible. Significant words on the rolled part of the scroll: EPEA PTEROETA. Significant words on the open sheet: THEOI HERIWN EPEWN ARKHOMAI. (Pararphrased from Immerwahr: 1964, p.26) Return to index

    135. Ancient Fire: Poems And Translations By Peter Saint-Andre
    Ancient Fire. Poems and Translations by Peter SaintAndre. Invocation Ancient Fire. Strophe Sapphic Shards. Deathless Aphrodite on
    Ancient Fire
    Poems and Translations by Peter Saint-Andre
    Invocation: Ancient Fire
    Strophe: Sapphic Shards
    Deathless Aphrodite on your lavish throne
    Come here to me from Crete

    Some say...

    He seems to me...
    Fragments on Eros
    Antistrophe: Odes of Horace
    I Have Completed a Monument
    The Muses' Friend

    What Shall a Singer Ask of Apollo?

    A Priest of the Muses
    Pluck the Day
    Epode: Poems
    In the Garden
    The Measure

    Troubadour ... Looking up at the Sky Envoi: The Course of the Sun All poems authored or translated by Peter Saint-Andre

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