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         Sappho:     more books (99)
  1. Three Archaic Poets: Archilochus, Alcaeus, Sappho by Anne Pippin Burnett, 2003-06
  2. Erotica: Women's Writing from Sappho to Margaret Atwood by Margaret Reynolds, 1998-02-03
  3. Sappho, one hundred lyrics by Bliss Carman, 2010-08-31
  4. What Sappho Would Have Said: Four Centuries of Love Poems Between Women
  5. Sappho (Gay & Lesbian Writers Series) by Jane McIntosh Snyder, Camille-Yvette Welsch, 2005-04-30
  6. Sappho was a Right on Woman by Sidney Abbott, 1972-01-01
  7. Sophia Parnok: The Life and Work of Russia's Sappho (Cutting Edge : Lesbian Life and Literature) by Diana Burgin, 1994-07-01
  8. Victorian Sappho by Yopie Prins, 1999-02-16
  9. The Poetic Style of the Greek Poet Sappho: A Study in Word Playfulness by Harold Zellner, 2010-08-29
  10. Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics, 1550-1714 (The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society) by Harriette Andreadis, 2001-07-15
  11. Sappho, One Hundred Lyrics By Bliss Carman by Bliss Carman, 2009-04-28
  12. The Girls, Sappho Goes to Hollywood - 2000 publication by Dana McLllan, 2000-01-01
  13. Sappho of Lesbos; her life and times, with thirteen reproductions from sketches and photographs. by Arthur E Weigall, 1932
  14. The Isles Of Greece: Sappho And Alcaeus (1890) by Frederick Tennyson, 2010-09-10

61. UP Sappho Society
The University of the Philippines' lesbian organization aimed at fostering camaraderie among the lesbian
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62. Cciv243.Sappho.html
sappho. from AM Miller, Greek Lyric. sappho was a contemporary of Alcaeus (c. 600 BC) and, like him, lived in the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos.
(click on image for full vase) SAPPHO from A. M. Miller, Greek Lyric. An Anthology in Translation Do not cite or download except for study purposes. Underlinings represent items explained in the notes (in red , following each poem). 1. (Fr. 1) Immortal Aphrodite on your richly crafted throne, daughter of Zeus, weaver of snares, I beg you, do not with sorrows and with pain s subdue my heart, O Lady, but come to me, if ever at another time as well, hearing my voice from far away, you heeded it, and leaving your father's house of gold, you came, yoking your chariot. Graceful sparrows brought you swiftly over the black earth, with a thick whirring of wings, from heaven down through the middle air. Suddenly they were here, and you, O Blessed, with a smile on your immortal face asked me what was wrong this time, and why I called you this time, and what in my maddened heart I wanted most to happen. "Whom shall I persuade this time

63. Sappho: Poems
Click Here. POEMS BY sappho Hymn to for sappho collectibles. Find articles on sappho Click Here. BROWSE THE POETRY ARCHIVE A B

64. Mummolaakso Ry | Gummedalen Rf | Mummolaakso Ry | Gummedalen Rf | Mummolaakso Ry
Yhdistyksen tarkoituksena on edist¤¤ lesbojen ja binaisten keskin¤ist¤ solidaarisuutta ja huolenpitoa sek¤ tarjota omasta identiteetist¤ l¤htev¤ vaihtoehto perinteiselle vanhusten hoidolle.
Tämä sivu käyttää kehyksiä, mutta käyttämäsi selain ei tue kehyksiä.

65. Sappho
Biographische Notiz.
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66. Sappho
Updated 0508-04. sappho (c.600 BCE) SOMEONE WILL REMEMBER US 2. Essays on sappho
Return to the index of "Other Women's Voices."
Updated 05-24-04
Sappho (c.600 BCE)
Sappho was born in the late 700s BCE on Lesbos, one of the larger islands in the Aegean, near Lydia (now Turkey). Lesbos was important for trade between mainland Greece and the kingdoms of Asia; it was also a cultural center. Sappho was probably from an aristocratic family of the city of Mytiline; she probably married and had at least one daughter. She may have spent some time in exile in Sicily. Her poetry suggests that she was the center of a closely-knit group of women; we don't know if this was some kind of an academy or a chorus of singers. We do know that Sappho composed epithalmia (marriage songs) for performance by a group. But her preferred form seems to have been songs to be sung or recited by an individual to the accompaniment of a lyre, some perhaps for religious or civic festivals. Almost 200 fragments of Sappho's poetry are extant, but many of these are only a word or a few words. One poem, usually called the "Hymn to Aphrodite," may be complete, but we aren't sure. Even from fragments we can tell that Sappho had the ability to look at herself and others clearly-often ironically-and the ability to make us hear her voice. On this page you'll find: Links to helpful sites online.

67. The Lambda Foundation
A nonprofit organization supporting studies by students across Canada in gay and lesbian issues and hosts of Wilde About sappho, an annual celebration of GLBT literature.
[English site]

68. Ancient Roman Marriage
An exploration of wedding customs in ancient Greece and Rome as described in the poetry of sappho and Catullus.
Ancient Roman Marriage
excitusque hilari die,
nuptialia concinens
uoce carmina tinnula,
pelle humum pedibus, manu
pineam quate taedam.

... and excited for a fortunate day,
singing wedding songs
with ringing voice,
beat the ground with feet, with a hand
shake the pine torch.1 L ike a Greek woman, a Roman woman was usually under the guardianship, manus, of her paterfamilias, male guardian, her whole life. However, during the end of the Roman Republic and at the time of the elegiac poets, women tended to have more freedom: both in ostensibly factual texts and in imaginative writing a new kind of women appears precisely at the time of Cicero and Caesar: a woman in high position, who nevertheless claims for herself the indulgence in sexuality of a woman of pleasure.2 This 'new woman' both affected and was affected by a new attitude towards marriage, the beginnings of which are seen in Catullus' poems.3 This section will examine the traditional Roman marriage 4and the transition to a different kind of relationship at the time of the elegists. Roman marriages could either be traditional, with coniubium and manus, or unconventional, without coniubium and manus. 5 In order for a marriage and the children resulting from the union to be legitimate, both partners needed to have ius coniubium, the right to marry. This right was both inherent in Roman citizenship and bestowed upon certain people as a special privilege. Under Augustus' laws, if a couple had a sexual union, but did not have coniubium, the union was considered stuprum and the couple was subject to penalties. There were certain unions, however, that allowed people without coniubium to have a marital like union. 6

69. Lietuvos Lesbieèiø Lyga "Sappho"
Oficialus Lietuvos lesbieciu lygos puslapis apie Lietuvos lesbieciu gyvenima. The official page of Lithuanian Lesbians League.

70. Index
Translate this page Wir über uns Projekte Kontakt Links Aktuelles. Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage der Stiftung. sappho Frauenwohnstift! Sie sind die.
Wir über uns Projekte Kontakt Links ... Aktuelles Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage der Stiftung Sappho Frauenwohnstift! Sie sind die Besucherin auf unserer Seite! Wir über uns Projekte Kontakt Links ... Aktuelles

71. Sappho.Net Lesbian Finland
Leads to the local lesbian life.

72. Sappho - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
sappho. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. imagesappho.jpg. sappho (Greek Sapf?, Sapphô) was an Ancient Greek poet, from
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sappho Greek Sapphô ) was an Ancient Greek poet, from the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos , which was a cultural centre in the 7th century BC . She was born sometime between 630 BC and 612 BC . It was said that she was small and dark. Sappho was married to a wealthy merchant, and they had a daughter named Cleis. She became very famous in her day for her poetry so much so that the city of Syracuse built a statue to honor her when she visited. Her family was politically active, which caused Sappho to travel a great deal. She was also noted during her life as the headmistress of a sort of Greek finishing school for girls. Most likely the objects of her poetry were her students. She was a lyric poet who developed her own particular meter, known as sapphic meter , and she was credited for leading an aesthetic movement away from classical themes of gods, to the themes of individual human experience. Plato was so enamoured of her poetry that he referred to her as the "tenth Muse Sappho wrote mainly love poems, of which only fragments survive, save a single complete poem, Fragment 1, Hymn to Aphrodite. Given her reputation in the ancient world, since only fragments of her work remain, the world lost a valuable treasure in her work.

73. Htgrep Error: Not Found
A resource of publications related to sappho and her works, including links to reviews.

74. Vintage Photos - Female Cross-Dressers
Historical photographs including context notes, provided courtesy of a Gay support site.
Vintage Images Photographs Postcards About the Collection Isle of Lesbos ... Photos : Cross-Dressers
Female Cross-Dressers
Early in the 20th century, cross-dressing among women (of whatever orientation) was a popular fashion. Here are some fun early images of female cross-dressers.
Sharp Dressers

Cross-Dressers #1

The Moon Shine Club

Cross-Dressers #2
... Alix North
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75. Isle Of Lesbos
Focuses on pre1922 poets, presented in chronological order. Includes biographical information, selected works, and a concise bibliography.
Isle of Lesbos : Poetry
Lesbian Poetry
Welcome to the Lesbian Poetry pages. Here you will find: Historical Poetry - selected works and biographies of poets (of various orientations) who have written about affection between women. Contemporary Poetry - mini biographies of popular modern-day lesbian poets. Resources for Poets and Readers - where to find more biographical information, poetic anthologies, and web sites on this topic. Lesbian Poetry FAQ - answers to many commonly-asked questions about this section. Poetry Classical Art Vintage Images Quotations ... Alix North
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sappho Dresden Translate this page Wir sind die Frauenkneipe Dresdens – eine mediterrane Oase für Frauen, die Frauen lieben oder auch einfach mögen. Der ideale

77. ¨F¦ò¾ã§ÎÂå¾Ç¹p®g¬ü®e¤¤¤ß
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¨F¦òªº¨Ï©R §â¦w¥þªº¬ì§Þ¡y´î­«Âå¾Ç¡z¡y¥Ö½§Âå¾Ç¡z¡y¾ã§ÎÂå¾Ç¡z ¶Ç¹Fµ¹¨C¤@¦ì·R¬üªº¤k¤H¡C
¨F¦òªº»ù­ÈÆ[ ³Ì§Ö³t¥i¥HÅý¤k¤HÅܬü¡B§ïÅÜ©R¹BªºÂå¾Ç¤¤¤ß¡C
¨F¦òªº©w¦ì ¥þ¨È¬w³ÌÅv«Âªº´î­«¡B¥Ö½§¡B¾ã§ÎÂå¾Ç¬ü®e¤¤¤ß¡C
¥þ¥xÆW°ß¤@»PÁú°ê¡B¤é¥»¾ã§Î¬É¦X§@¤§Âå¾Ç¬ü®e¤¤¤ß¡A ¤Þ¶iÁú°ê¡B¤é¥»³Ì³»¦y¤§µL¬Í²ª©Ô¥Ö¤â³N¡C
SAPPHO Cosmetic Technologies

78. Poetry Archives @
A resource of translations mostly by Mary Bernard.

79. Sappho, The 10th Muse
Return to top. sappho s poetry. sappho wrote love poems, hymns to gods, and wedding poemsongs. Return to top. sappho s poetry online. .
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    Sappho's Poems on the Internet

    about Sappho's Poems

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    Sappho lived and prospered during the so called Pre-Classical period, in the early 6th century B.C. (around 580), mostly in Mytilene, the capital of the Aeolic Lesbos island in the North-East Aegean. Arts and culture were thriving there in that period. She was probably born a few decades earlier, by the end of the 7th century BC, around 620, at Eressos, on the same island. Alkaios was her contemporary, and they both lived about two generations after Terpandros, a well-known guitar-singer that lived in late 7th century and is alleged to be the founder of the first school of lyric poetry on the island of Lesvos. Sappho and Alkaios are the most prominent figures of ancient Lyric poetry, and there are few others, like Archilohos and Anacreon. She is the most well known poetess of ancient Greece, although some would say of the whole world. She has been loved and praised in her time, and still is, for the beauty and the tenderness in her love lyrics, and for her direct approach to readers feelings. Looks like she loved music and every kind of beauty.
    She has been called "the Tenth Muse" and the "mortal Muse" (probably the muse of lyrics and erotic poetry), Plato has called her wise (according to Aelianus Claudious), and Horace in his 2nd () ùäÞ ôïõ... says that even the dead are admiringly listening to her songs in holy silence in the underworld.

80. El Sentido Lógico
Espacio para las mujeres lesbianas del pa­s.

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