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         Sappho:     more books (99)
  1. Sappho (Ancients in Action) by Marguerite Johnson, 2007-03-20
  2. Sappho: The Art of Loving Women by Sappho, J. Frederick Smith, 1975
  3. Sappho Sings by Peggy Ullman Bell, 2008-05-16
  4. The Laughter of Aphrodite: A Novel about Sappho of Lesbos by Peter Green, 1995-12-28
  5. Fictions of Sappho, 1546-1937 (Women in Culture and Society Series) by Joan DeJean, 1989-11-28
  6. Dear Sappho: A Legacy of Lesbian Love Letters
  7. Sappho - Poems, A New Version by Sappho, 1999-09-15
  8. Sappho Is Burning by Page duBois, 1997-04-15
  9. Sappho Goes to Hollywood : The Girls by Diana McLellan, 2001
  10. Games of Venus: An Anthology of Greek and Roman Erotic Verse from Sappho to Ovid (The New Ancient World)
  11. To Sappho My Sister
  12. The Islands Project, Poems for Sappho by Eloise Klein Healy, 2007-02-15
  13. Sappho Love Poems: Sapphic Erotica Poetry Illustrated with Female Nudes & Art (Lesbian Erotic Sex Stories and Romantic Poems) by Sappho, 2010-02-19
  14. Aphra Behn: The English Sappho by George Woodcock, 1996-07-01

41. Project Gutenberg - Bibliographic Record
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American literature
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42. Mary Robinson. Sappho And Phaon. 1796. British Poetry 1780-1910 At The Electroni
Legitimate Sonnets,
GRECIAN POETESS. BY MARY ROBINSON, LONDON: Printed by S. GOSNELL, For the AUTHOR, and Sold by HOOKHAM and CARPENTER, Bond Street. About this document.

43. Hotel Sappho
Offers accommodations, a restaurant, bar, and beach terrace. Includes a description of the hotel with rates, restaurant menu, and information about the island, village, and contact details.

44. Sappho And Phaon


"Love taught my tears in sadder notes to flow, And tun'd my heart to elegies of woe." Pope. SONNET INTRODUCTORY FAVOUR'D by Heav'n are those, ordain'd to taste The bliss supreme that kindles fancy's fire; Whose magic fingers sweep the muses' lyre, In varying cadence, eloquently chaste! Well may the mind, with tuneful numbers grac'd, To Fame's immortal attributes aspire, Above the treach'rous spells of low desire, That wound the sense, by vulgar joys debas'd. For thou, blest POESY! with godlike pow'rs To calm the miseries of man wert giv'n; When passion rends, and hopeless love devours, By mem'ry goaded, and by frenzy driv'n, 'Tis thine to guide him 'midst Elysian bow'rs, And shew his fainting soul,a glimpse of Heav'n. SONNET II HIGH on a rock

45. WLGR
Image Map for WLGR (12k). Women s Voices. sappho. myself. `Who now am I to persuade to your love, who, sappho, has done you wrong?
Women's Voices
1. To Aphrodite (Fr. 1. G)
Aphrodite on your intricate throne, immortal, daughter of Zeus, weaver of plots, I beg you, do not tame me with pain or my heart with anguish but come here, as once before when I asked you, you heard my words from afar and listened, and left your father's golden house and came you yoked your chariot, and lovely swift sparrows brought you, fast whirling over the dark earth from heaven through the midst of the bright air and soon they arrived. And you, O blessed goddess, smiled with your immortal face and asked what was wrong with me, and why did I call now, and what did I most want in my maddened heart to have for myself. `Who now am I to persuade to your love, who, Sappho, has done you wrong? For if she flees, soon she'll pursue you, and if she won't take gifts, soon she'll give them, and if she won't love, soon she will love you, even if she doesn't want to.' Come to me now again, release me from my cruel anxiety, accomplish all that my heart wants accomplished. You yourself join my battle.

46. The Sappho Mailing List Home Page

47. The Sappho Mailing List Home Page

48. Sappho
Books about the poet of Lesbos, sappho, her poetry, life, lesbianism, analyses of the relationship between her writing and that of other poets.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History Ancient / Classical History Home ... Trojan War Hero Achilles - Troy zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Atlas and Places - Where? Ancient Greece - Greek Ancient Rome - Romans ANE Egypt Persia Israel... ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Ancient / Classical History newsletter. Search Ancient / Classical History Email to a friend Print this page Stay Current Subscribe to the About Ancient / Classical History newsletter. Suggested Reading Sappho The Nine Earthly Muses Most Popular Achilles - Greek Hero Achilles The Trojan War Who's Who in Greek Legend - Ancient Greek Heroes - Mythology... Helen of Troy Basics ... Helen of Troy - Helen of Sparta and Troy - Information on H... What's Hot Chapter XIII. The Armed Forces of Athens. Letters of Recommendation - Writing College Recommendation L... Hera - Greek Goddess Hera Saturnalia - Celebrate the Saturnalia ... Why Study Classics
Guide Picks From N.S. Gill

49. Isle Of Lesbos
An extensive selection of lesbian poetry by various authors, beginning with sappho up to more contemporary poets, mostly by women.
Isle of Lesbos : Poetry
Lesbian Poetry
Welcome to the Lesbian Poetry pages. Here you will find: Historical Poetry - selected works and biographies of poets (of various orientations) who have written about affection between women. Contemporary Poetry - mini biographies of popular modern-day lesbian poets. Resources for Poets and Readers - where to find more biographical information, poetic anthologies, and web sites on this topic. Lesbian Poetry FAQ - answers to many commonly-asked questions about this section. Poetry Classical Art Vintage Images Quotations ... Alix North
This is an archive site sponsored by The Small Business Operative

50. FinLez
Sapfinen verkonmutka. The Lesbian Finland. This page contains some leads to the lesbian life in Finland. If you need specific, or

51. Sappho And Lesbian Poetry
sappho. But we are interested in the poet sappho, specifically in the poems, and not the biography of an ancient woman who wrote poetry.
The World of Lesbian Poetry
There is more detailed SAPPHO on this famous poem and some others, with Greek text, transliteration, some art pictures and phonetic analysis pf the "Microstructure" on this website, which may be useful after reading this page.
When we speak of Sappho, the poet from the island of Lesbos, and her poetry, we are thinking of something very special, a transcendental kind of poetry which is somehow purer, fairer, lovelier than anything else in the Western world. Considering how little we know about the poet herself, and how little we have of the remains of her poetry, we might well ask ourselves if we are not participating in a literary myth, creating a poet-figure of such great talent with so little verse, that one can only admire from a vast distance. It is hard to believe that in early Byzantine times whole books of her poetry were there to read, even if the Aeolic special language was largely unintelligible to most readers. But her fame was large and it seems somehow unthinkable that her gems were simply not copies, perhaps even destroyed by orders. Odd books have survived, Lucretius whom no one could really understand in the ninth century, Catullus who could be shocking, and so with the churchly Byzantines too one would expect. I have thought that male homosexuality may have been less threatening to a growing Christian church council than the homosexuality of females, which if developed could hamper childbearing. But this is unknown, no attitudes about same-sex relationships have been so harsh and unrelenting as those of these last two centuries, and it is useless to pry further back on such a personal and secret topic.

52. Poëzieweb - Poetryweb
Nederlandse, Vlaamse en anderstalige dichters. Gedichten en biografie«n. Van sappho tot Alice Nahon.
HTML 4.0 Reference ter informatie.

53. The Sappho Project Home Page
The sappho Project aims to reveal the life and creative work of sappho, the famed 7th century BCE Greek poet from Lesbos.
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAPPHO OF MYTILENE (LESBOS) This site is best view with frames. If your browser doesn't support frames click here For more information Email us at

54. The Love Songs Of Sappho
Translated with An Essay by Paul Roche. Introduction by Page duBois a review.
The Love Songs Of Sappho
Translated with An Essay by Paul Roche
Introduction by Page duBois
Called the "Tenth Muse" by the ancients, Greece's greatest female lyric poet Sappho (ca. 610-580 B.C.E.) spent the majority of her life on the famed island of Lesbos. Passionate and breathtaking, Sappho's poems survive only in fragments following religious conspiracies to silence her. Sappho penned immortal verse on the intense power of the female libido; on the themes of romance, love, yearning, heartbreak, and personal relationships with women. This work retains the standard numerical order of the fragments and has been arranged in six sections. Distinguished poet and lecturer Paul Roche's translation of The Love Songs of Sappho is enhanced with his brilliant essay, "Portrait of Sappho," as well as a lucid historical introduction by celebrated feminist and classicist Page duBois. 251 pages (notes, Illustrations) ISBN 1-57392-251-X Paper Return to Literary Classics List or New List

55. Early Greek Lyric Poets
Timeline, links, and other information about the Greek poets Alcaeus, Archilochus, Callinus, Pindar, sappho, Semonides, and Simonides.
Early Greek Lyric Poets Poets




56. Bantock Sappho: MusicWeb(UK)
Brief study and review of his sapphic poem.
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Music Webmaster Len Mullenger:
Sir Granville Bantock's Sapfw (Sappho)
Len Mullenger
CD booklet With Permission Hyperion Records Sappho
(Prelude and Nine Fragments for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra)
Sapphic Poem Susan Bickley - mezzo soprano
Julian Lloyd Webber - cello
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Vernon Handley
Hyperion CDA66899 When I heard the Hyperion recording of Sappho I was "Knocked Sideways", to use the words of the young Benjamin Britten on his first hearing of Frank Bridge's "Enter Spring". When the record reviewers get round to this disc they will be reaching for the superlatives and it would not surprise me if it were to end up as Gramophone's Record of the Year. Sappho is a sensual and voluptuous orchestral song cycle for mezzo voice that has been virtually hidden for 90 years. Bantock creates a warm-textured thickly upholstered sound that has been caught to perfection by the engineer (Tony Faulkner) with a perfect balance between a large orchestra and the soloist, the mezzo, Susan Bickley. Following an orchestral prelude, there are nine songs and the work lasts fully an hour. Surviving fragments were collated and translated by Henry Wharton in 1885 and it was from this that Helen Bantock worked. One poem

57. PaPERHOUsE MP3 Download
Songs from the albums Bug Sun and sappho.
PaPERHOUsE MP3 Download Here you can download the two PaPERHOUsE Albums Bug Sun and Sappho . PaPERHOUsE is a new Ambient/Electronic oriented project of the former Click Click member Adrian Smith The files are offered here with the band's express permission. Please see PaPERHOUsE's official web site at for more information about the band (also: PaPERHOUsE are looking for a Label - if you can help, please mail me , and I will forward. The files are now mirrored at Meanmachine Switzerland, UK and Michael J. 'Cap' Brenegan, USA thanks to them for providing space and bandwidth! Clicking on the file links below will automagically redirect your download, so you don't have to worry about that. Bug Sun (2000)
(7:50, 7358 KB)
Art is Life
(10:16, 9635 KB)
(7:04, 6638 KB)
Black Shiny Bug
(7:14, 6793 KB)
(9:24, 8824 KB)
Bug Sun
(5:17, 4961 KB)
(10:48, 10135 KB)
Sappho (2001)
Man in a suit
(6:11, 5810 KB)
What we are
(4:52, 4570 KB) Iguana (8:12, 7689 KB) Sappho (6:54, 6483 KB)

58. Sappho-Saar
Translate this page Eine Bitte an Euch Amüsiert Euch, habt Spaß! Im sappho und überhaupt!!! Das sappho Eures Vertrauens empfiehlt in diesem Fall ein Taxi (Fon 33 0 33).
var path_prefix = '.';
Bitte beachtet unsere neuen
Eure Wunschmusik
mehr hier
Freitags und Samstags von 22.00 - 23.00 und 1.30-2.30 Uhr
Bier, Cola-Bier, Limo, Sprudel, Cola, Roter Wodka-Apfelsaft, Apfelkorn, Glas Prosecco, Cola-Weinbrand.

LES-Board GAY-Board und
In den Top 100 Musik-Charts
DJ Loretta`s Musik Tipp der Woche: O-zone Dragostea Din Tei NEUER TERMIN: 26. Juni 2004. Jux-Rally (Bildersuchfahrt) mehr dazu auf der Eventseite ... Eine Bitte an Euch: Aber: wenn Ihr etwas getrunken habt, lasst das Auto auf jeden Fall stehen! Alk am Steuer ist ein absolutes NO-NO!!!!! Das SAPPHO Eures Vertrauens empfiehlt in diesem Fall ein Taxi (Fon 33 33)

59. Sappho: Poem I
Text, translation, and interpretation by William Harris PhD, Prof.em. Middlebury College
(A detailed introduction to Sappho and her world is included in the article SAPPHO under the TRANSLATIONS index on the main index page. The following is the text/commentary section of that longer treatment. The Greek text is available at that location.) This poem is the only complete one we have from the several volumes of Sappho's poetry which were circulating as late as the 8th c.. A.D. It has always been prized as remarkably sensitive and elegant, but there are dimensions which I believe have not been explored or interpretated. Let me give you first the text in Roman letters for those who do not read Greek, so they can at least read the words aloud and get their general sound. The translation which follows is necessary since Sappho's Aeolic dialect is not the normal Attic Greek you learn in in school, and I believe some help is called for. Of course this translation loses immense detail, specifically the long and short vowels which make a real difference in Greek. There is no initial aspiration -h- in Aeolic so that no problem. The letters -ch- are of course more like -kh-, and the exact pronunciation of the consonants is not exactly known after the passage of two and a half millennia, not surprisingly. The accents which are printed in modern texts may not be the same as Aeolic intonation, but modern Classicists ignore the musical pitches completely, which again removes a critical part of Sappho's lyric poetry. But the poem is readable, singable, soundable as it is, with some imagination.

sappho Rsappho ROK. sappho (aka Seoulsisters) is an eclectic, multicultural group of lesbian and bisexual women based in Seoul, Korea. With

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