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  1. Thomas Paine and Fight for Liberty (Leaders of the American Revolution) by Samuel Willard Crompton, 2005-09
  2. Intertextual War: Edmund Burke and the French Revolution in the Writings of Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Paine, and James Mackintosh by Steven Blakemore, 1997-08
  3. Thomas Paine by A. J. Ayer, 1990-08-03
  4. The Life and Writings of Thomas Paine: Life and appreciationsVolume 1 of T by Thomas Clio Rickman Thomas Paine, 2009-08-22
  5. These Are the Times: A Life of Thomas Paine by Trevor Griffiths, 2005-01-10
  6. The decline and fall of the English system of finance. By Thomas Paine, ... Fifth edition. by Thomas Paine, 2010-06-10
  7. Life and Major Writings of Thomas Paine by Philip S. Foner, 1993-07
  8. Thomas Paine and the Religion of Nature by Professor Jack Fruchtman Jr. PhD, 1993-08-01
  9. Crisis in Representation: Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft, Helen Maria Williams, and the Rewriting of the French Revolution by Steven Blakemore, 1997-06
  10. Thomas Paine : His Life, Work and Times by Audrey Williamson, 1973-10-01
  11. Thomas Paine (Very Interesting People Series) by Mark Philp, 2007-11-15
  12. The decline and fall of the English system of finance. By Thomas Paine, ... by Thomas Paine, 2010-06-10
  13. Thomas Paine: In Search of the Common Good: Thomas Paine The 250th Anniversary of His Birth 1737-1987 (Visionaries of World Peace)
  14. The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Volume III. - 1791-1804 by Thomas Paine, 2010-07-06

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  • Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. Common sense / [by] Thomas Paine. [2nd ed. reprinted] / edited with an introduction by Isaac Kramnick. Harmondsworth : Penguin, 1976.
  • Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. The writings of Thomas Paine / Collected and edited by Moncure Daniel Conway. New York : AMS Press, 1967.
  • Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. Rights of man. With an introd. by Howard Fast and illus. by Lynd Ward. Lunenburg, Vt., Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club at the Stinehour Press, 1961.
  • Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. A letter to the Earl of Shelburne, now Marquis of Lansdowne, on his speech, July 10, 1782, respecting the acknowledgement of American independence : with an appendix, containing thoughts on the peace, and probable advantages thereof, a letter on republicanism, and a letter to the Abbe Syeyes / by Thomas Paine .... A new edition. London : Printed for J. Ridgway ..., 1791.
  • Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. Thomas Paine : selections from his writings / with an introd. by James S. Allen. New York : International Publishers, c1937.
  • Candidus. Plain truth, addressed to the inhabitants of America : containing remarks on a late pamphlet, intitled Common sense : wherein are shewn, that the scheme of independence is ruinous, delusive, and impracticable, that were the author's asseverations, respecting the power of America, as real as nugatory, reconciliation on liberal principles with Great Britain would be exalted policy, and that, circ. [London] : Phildalphia printed, London reprinted by J. Almon ..., 1776.
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    123. Thomas Paine Paine, Thomas Renaissance Research Ranch
    Shakespeare. thomas paine Renaissance Research Ranch AMERICAN HISTORY RANCHES RENAISSANCES.COM RANCHES Search best. paine, thomas. Add
    Thomas Paine

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    Of poets, I wanted to be the best.

    124. Devon Local Studies Service. Paine, Thomas. The Rights Of Man
    WWars revolutions paine, thomas. The rights of man, being an answer to Mr. Burke s attack on the French Revolution, 4th ed, 1791. paine, thomas.
    Devon Library
    and Information Services
    Local Studies Service

    Paine, Thomas. The rights of man, being an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French Revolution, 4th ed, 1791 Paine, Thomas. The rights of man, being an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French Revolution. - 4th ed. - (London: J.S.Jordan, 1791) Exeter Reference Library: o1791. - ESTC t005868 Thomas Paine (1737-1809) had worked for the cause of American independence in the 1770s and had written many pamphlets in the cause of liberty. The present work was written as a reply to Burke's horrified reaction to the events in France and clearly and forcibly lays down the fundamental rights which must be protected, "by reason, accommodation, and general consent". It has become a beacon for radical thinkers and a clear exposition of the fundamental principles of democracy. Paine was elected a French citizen in 1792 and became a member of the National Convention. His works were stocked by Robert Trewman, publisher of Trewman's Exeter Flying Post newspaper, before Paine was burned in effigy, together with his works, in Exeter, as in a number of other towns across Devon.

    125. The Avalon Project : American Crisis
    © 1996 The Avalon Project.

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