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         Olmsted Marc:     more detail
  1. Milky Desire by Marc Olmsted, 1991-10-24
  2. Wordland Dossier Book#4 by Maketa Groves, Merle Tofer, et all 1992-08-02
  3. What Use Am I a Hungry Ghost? by Marc Olmsted, 2001-10-24
  4. Résumé by Marc Olmsted, 1991-04-08
  5. R?sum?. by Marc. OLMSTED, 1999

1. Index
MARC OLMSTED (photo credit lisa andreini) Allen Ginsberg said MARC OLMSTED inheritedBurroughs scientific nerve Kerouac s movieminded line nailed down
(photo credit: lisa andreini)
SUM (Inevitable Press, 1998).
Olmsted appeared at the L.A. Ginsberg Memorial along with Tom Waits, Exxene and Johnny Depp.
His new book, WHAT USE AM I A HUNGRY GHOST? - POEMS FROM 3-YEAR RETREAT (Valley Contemporary Press, 2001), has an introduction by Ginsberg.
Olmsted is a senior student of Lama Tharchin Rinpoche.
Olmsted has studied Buddhism since 1974 and completed a 3-year retreat supervised by his teacher. Afterwards, he was encouraged to teach in the San Francisco chapter of Tharchin Rinpoche's students, Last Chance Gompa.
Marc Olmsted's current book projects include a novel-in-progress, LIGHTNING HOUSE, and a collection of his lectures with Tulku Thubten Rinpoche


The more successful

2. Olmsted
I. First started writing to keep myself company age 7 scribbling more adventures of LOST WORLD giant lizard murders - I was 13 when brother Ross turned me on to Beat poetry, extension of the wild movie image, metaphor's delight - attempting to record without hesitation, cutting where the mind gets stiff, I write because I'm afraid to stop but also need to tell all, confess perfect at last, make word-movies, huge flashings, my eyeball thrill. Teenager 20 - nearly gave up writing after running into academy wall of college - same old story: your mind ain't o.k. as is - met Allen Ginsberg who gave permission - sanctity of the ordinary-basic haiku moment, H. Miller's matchstick in gutter, Howl's holy bum and asshole refined through Buddhist practice - everything's o.k. but we still need discipline - I was big confused pain early 20's, later relaxed due mainly to that original permission, a meadow for me to see I didn't have to be tortured, though took a good 10 years and will always be a mess, probably, still in better shape than that kid who first saw him lead drunken Trungpa Rinpoche to stage - Ginsberg's contribution: beyond poetry, politics, to show the space of mind both exist in, where problems unravel, poetry rises and self lets go - a chance for us all to the last outbreath. II.

3. Olmsted
MARC OLMSTED. MUTANT CLINIC. Don't say anything. about God you can't. say over a pit of. burning babies." Elie Wiesel. Back from retreat. another temp. job In a concrete bunker office. like a ghost. ringing Genetics. Marc speaking." - Dr. C. was a victim
about God you can't
say over a pit of
burning babies."
Elie Wiesel
Back from retreat
another temp
job -
In a concrete bunker office
like a ghost
ringing phone lines I'm not supposed to answer - no windows - later to the Clinic w/ mutant babies crick in my neck hunchback The dwarf at the desk baby cries rising in the pain of the world - breathe in dark smoke of suffering breath out white moonlight compassion - wrathful crazy wisdom mantra in heart leukemia poster on the wall hard not to weep for my dead sister this tiny building of screams in the vast trichilichosm of agony Buddhas! Buddhas! Buddhas! Please! Fog out the window twitching the trees black ink 10 minutes before work 3rd day Joyce the aspiring young Chinese in at 11-3 hours by myself w/ the demon phones The long walk to work makes sagging flesh firm arriving early sitting across from the Dept. of

4. Marc Olmsted
MARC OLMSTED. MIND TRAINING. I. Lucky to be alive meditate in ahuman body, even sick Death around the corner, big axe - Karma
MARC OLMSTED MIND TRAINING I. II. cabin walls a flickering movie? Doug whistling for lunch dream-like? If he interrupts this poem, will I wake up? III. IV. - Remember Buddha's heart in all beings w/ determination - Visit regularly - No vacations - Reproach ego's lie - Aspire to no effort V. Angry thought of punching him - Grief, I'm crying on the floor - Joyful mind is sometimes with me - Regret my dark reward - I hollered for my guru - Hit my hand 'til swollen blue - Sometimes I praise the Dharma - Intention gets me through - VI. Maybe the storm's done - the outside washing machine hums mystically while the jays discuss plans - yes, I'm discouraged but at 40 I wait it out - pray - mind's lies will perish I am certain - the washer suddenly ceases when I write "certain" VII.

5. Comrades E-zine - Marc Olmsted
Marc Olmsted. Allen Ginsberg said, MARC OLMSTED inherited Burroughs ofnecking teens. copyright © Marc Olmsted 2002. All content on this
Marc Olmsted Allen Ginsberg said, "MARC OLMSTED inherited Burroughs' scientific nerve & Kerouac's movie-minded line nailed down with gold eyebeam in San Francisco." [New Directions in Prose & Poetry #37]
But let's talk about fun with Buff.
Now Buff Winger was an old comedian friend and we got to talking on the phone, Winger down in L.A., and he said, "Look, Moon," he's always calling me by my last name, "I got a comedy gig in Tahoe why don't you come up - you can stay in the same hotel room it's got two beds." And that sounds like fun - Fun with Buff - he was the divine madman who threw this college KY-vinyl party where I wound up with Tracy Goodheart campus shag-haired beauty 1972 - so o.k. I took the Greyhound special and arrived to see his smiling bearded face.
And Buff's style is so wild, he's the kinda guy that stops briefly in front of a crap table - "just a minute" - doubles his money and then says "Here's dinner." He looked very much like an aging Al Pacino from SERPICO, (which is to say that he looked somewhat younger than Al Pacino now) and he was my height but always had this amazing luck with beautiful women because of his charisma and confidence. He was currently in a show called Sexboy's Girls of Rock 'N Roll which actually only boasted one woman who had ever been a Sexboy centerfold and what a bitch she was.
Buff went on to his post-show poker game to play with the Japanese Elvis wanna-be in smoky shades and the other professional denizens of the poker table more ordinary in appearance - plain, fat, bald - drab suits, white belts - except for the near-sexual predatory meanness they all projected out at Buff - "Join us, my friend" - like everyone at a PTA meeting suddenly standing and facing you with vampire teeth & red eyes. I went back to the hotel room to sleep and woke early.

6. Marc Olmsted @ Catharton Authors
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Milky Desire
(1991) (verse)
Résumé (1998) (verse)
What Use Am I A Hungry Ghost? - Poems From A 3-Year Retreat (2001) (verse)
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7. The Marc Olmsted Page
Three O'clock Hi A Guide to Philanthropy for the Independently Poor. Recently, in the Post Office, I had the opportunity to voluntarily pay 7¢ more for each stamp on a roll. Why, you ask, would I indulge in suchfrivolous expense?
Three O'clock Hi: A Guide to Philanthropy for the Independently Poor
Click here to read on...
Drug Use and AIDS : The Prohibitive Costs of Prohibition
There are a lot of sane people out there who have come to the conclusion that the War on Drugs, as presently constituted, is insane. Unfortunately, those among them who are mainstream politicians can't even show themselves to be open to studying the issue objectively without suffering withering assaults tantamount to political homicide. Therefore, those of us in the fourth estate, (the press), who cannot be defeated at the polls, need to scream "theater!" in this crowded fire. .. Click here to read on
Talk to Me, Baby: New Study Yields Shaggerific News
On Monday, June 28, The New York Times ran the most welcome and unexpected gift of an article that could be hoped for on Stonewall's anniversary. "New York Study Finds Gay Men Using Safer Sex." I read it twice, rubbing my eyes. Come again? What about increased sero-conversion rates? What about so many of my 20- and 30-something friends converting in the last few years? Was it not happening on a larger scale after all? Could it possibly, possibly be true that the messages we HIV battle-axes were trying so hard to get through all these years were actually getting through? Click here to read the complete article
Diagnosis: Mom
Recently, when I returned home for my annual visit with Mom, she received a semi-urgent phone call from her friend Chantal, a member of the French Mafia (as I've dubbed the gang of retired foreign language teachers that make up my mother's close circle of friends). An ex-colleague, Lisette, had unburdened herself to Chantal: Lisette's daughter had AIDS, and she had recently moved back home. Lisette was worried sick because her daughter was depressed and ready to flush her meds because of the side-effects. Chantal didn't feel Lisette would call for advice, but perhaps if....

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olmsted, Frederick Law. olmsted, marc. Olowokandi, Michael olmsted, Frederick Law. olmsted, marc. Olowokandi, Michael. Olsdal, Stefan
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    N a p a l m H e a l t h S p a R e p o r t 2 3 MARC OLMSTED Headskip slip again, reported on the phone tearfully confessed to me in L.A. (for poetry reading) - 2 nd time this problem - less shattering than initial lies now I think poor pill head wife as I wake in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD t-shirt on Richard's floor Great Wheel Buddha festival day my wife of Nosferatu pill head insatiable struggling as she councils the drug addicted in Free Clinic morbid superhero like Blade half vampire half Hamlet himself a vampire hunter poor wifey what do I do? she's stopped again do nothing for now I Ching logic and what do I do for me? Sit - go home on a jet - hold ritual feast in our front room for other students of Lama Tharchin Rinpoche watch TV go to bed ACADEMY 23 I. Friday night visiting my wife in the mental ward one day after her th birthday Take the bus home to watch the sex crime cop show II.

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    16. MARC OLMSTED - Long Shot 22
    AFTER ONE MONTH DAKINI RETREAT. marc olmsted. Dakini Tibetan femalewisdom deity - literally skydancer Through the white sky home
    Marc Olmsted Dakini - Tibetan female wisdom
    deity - literally skydancer Through the
    white sky
    home -
    Suzi Kaplan
    meets me at
    the gate -
    down the
    red neon corridor to the parking lot w/flaming haired dakini Suzi, nose ring black rubber cleavage dress and fishnets "There is no secular world" said Zen Master Dogen - secluded top floor under night sky she has parked my black 64 Plymouth Valiant so we can fuck in the backseat - no secular world on the freeway blazing its red hair its hair of stars home no secular world Suzi Dakini driving my car my fatigue of stars of yellow lights of the coliseum Candlestick Park no secular world roaring wind of the gold lit Bay Bridge bright tunnel 2nd tier below into Berkeley a red flare still burning from the past of an accident now greeting me to saxophones on the tape player looking over the city night tired ancient ready

    17. Marc Olmsted
    1940s Historty. Books. Milky Desire Milky Desire Written by marc olmsted Publishedby Subterranean Press (October 1991) ISBN 1880060019 Price $4.00.

    Search High Volume Orders Links ... Yitzhak Rabin Additional Subjects Photography of the nude Body Jose Ramon Fernandez 1900s History David Maraniss ... History General 1970's Books R©sum©
    Written by Marc Olmsted
    Published by Subterranean Press (April 1991)
    ISBN 1891281356
    Price $3.00
    What Use Am I a Hungry Ghost?

    Written by Marc Olmsted Allen Ginsberg
    Published by Valley Contemporary Poets (October 2001)
    ISBN 0967071585
    Price $9.95 Milky Desire Written by Marc Olmsted Published by Subterranean Press (October 1991) ISBN 1880060019 Price $4.00 Wordland Dossier Book#4 Written by Marc Olmsted Maketa Groves Mel C. Thompson Merle Tofer Published by Subterranean Press (August 1992) ISBN 1881822036 Price $3.00 See Also Far Side Gallery William F., Jr. Buckley William Hinton A History of Warfare ... In Search of Moby Dick: The Quest for the White Whale Our Bookstores Cooking Books Games Books Computer Books Health Books ... Music Books Web Resources History Channel International Amazon About Famous People - Millennium Central

    18. PSH: Poets Of The Week
    Allen Ginsberg said marc olmsted inherited Burroughs scientific nerve Kerouac smovieminded line nailed down with gold eyebeam in San Francisco. olmsted
    week of May 24 - 30
    Marc Olmstead
    and Marie Kazalia
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    Up Liberty's Skirt Feeding Holy Cats Mowing Fargo ... Who The Hell Is Rick M arc O lmsted
    Allen Ginsberg said "MARC OLMSTED inherited Burroughs' scientific nerve & Kerouac's movie-minded line nailed down with gold eyebeam in San Francisco." Olmsted has appeared in CITY LIGHTS JOURNAL, NEW DIRECTIONS IN PROSE & POETRY, SIGNS OF LIFE (a Manic D Press anthology), PROCESSED WORLD, Flesheater Chris D's BONGO CHALICE, BLUE SATELLITE and a variety of small presses. He has two books, MILKY DESIRE (Subterranean Press, 1991) and R…SUM… (Inevitable Press, 1998).
    Olmsted appeared at the L.A. Ginsberg Memorial along with Tom Waits, Exxene and Johnny Depp. His forthcoming book, WHAT USE AM I A HUNGRY GHOST? - POEMS FROM 3-YEAR RETREAT, has an introduction by Ginsberg.
    Marc Olmsted
    and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.
    Temp World

    the bunker
    of the workers' lounge perfume hangs in the air somebody's ghost or marked territory - no windows - the yellow walls glistening bone in the overhead florescent lights a middle-aged Chinese woman sleeps coffin-like before her shift vampire queen propped on fake leather chairs - how does she wake in time?

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