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         Obrien Fitz-james:     more books (86)
  1. The Diamond Lens and Other Strange Tales by Fitz-James O'Brien, 2002-08-01
  2. The Poems And Stories Of Fitz-James Obrien V1 by Fitz James O'Brien, 2007-07-25
  3. The poems and stories of Fitz-James O'Brien by Fitz James O'Brien, John and Son. bkp Wilson CU-BANC, et all 2010-08-21
  4. Fitz-James O'Brien: Selected Literary Journalism, 1852 1860 by Fitz-James O'Brien, Wayne R. Kime, 2003-02
  5. The Poems And Stories Of Fitz-James O'Brien V2 by Fitz-James O'Brien, 2007-07-25
  6. Fantastic Tales by Fitz-James O'Brien, 1977-10-15
  7. Qu'était-ce ? by Fitz-James O'Brien, Richard Scholar, 1998-04-30
  8. Diamond Lens and Other Stories by Fitz-James O'Brien, 1932-06
  9. Good stories. Part 4 by Fitz James O'Brien, Paul Heyse, et all 2010-08-18
  10. Stories By American Authors: The Spider's Eye; A Story Of The Latin Quarter; Two Purse Companions; Poor Ogla-Moga; A Memorable Murder; Venetian Glass (1884) by Fitz James O'Brien, Frances Hodgson Burnett, et all 2010-09-10
  11. The Wondersmith (Dodo Press) by Fitz-James O'Brien, 2009-07-24
  12. Good Stories Part 4: From Hand To Mouth; Count Ernest's Home; Little Peg O'Shaughnessy; A Shabby Genteel Story (1876) by Fitz-James O'Brien, Paul Heyse, et all 2010-09-10
  13. Le Forgeur de Merveilles: Et autres nouvelles by Fitz-James O'Brien, 2003
  14. Collected Stories (Notable American Authors Series) by Fitz-James O'Brien, 1999-11

1. The Literary Gothic   |   Fitz-James O'Brien   
fitzjames O'Brien page at The Literary Gothic, the web's premier guide to Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to 1950 O'Brien, fitz-james. 1828 - 1862. Irish-born poet, journalist, and short-story writer who emigrated to America in 1852
O'Brien, Fitz-James
Irish-born poet, journalist, and short-story writer who emigrated to America in 1852; O'Brien died of tetanus from an injury acquired during the Civil War.
Sites: O'Brien resource page [Alan Gullette]
O'brien bibliography
[Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Violet Books]
Etexts: "The Bohemian" [PDF @ HorrorMasters]
"The Demon of the Gibbet"
(3K) [Lit of the Fantastic]
"The Diamond Lens"
(56K) [UVa]
"The Lost Room"
[PDF @ HorrorMasters]
"The Pot of Tulips" [PDF @ HorrorMasters]
"What Was It?"
[PDF @ HorrorMasters]
"The Wondersmith"
(82K) [UVa]

2. James A Obrien Textbooks Textbooks & Books Price Comparison - Direct Textbook
The Poems and Stories of fitzjames O Brien Hardcover - Show all editions fitz-jamesObrien, fitz-james O Brien, Fitz James Oobrien, December, 1972 Irvington
Search by ISBN, Title, Author, Keyword, or Advanced
James A Obrien Textbooks
How to Design by Accident: A Book of Accidental Effects for Artists and Designers
Hardcover - Show all editions
James F. Obrien
, December, 1970 Peter Smith Pub
List Price: $15.25
ISBN: 0844626732
Blueprint for Fundraising

Paperback - Show all editions
James C. Obrien
, September, 1991 Money Magnet
List Price: $295.00
ISBN: 0962882305
Management Information Systems
Hardcover - Show all editions James A. Obrien James A. O'Brien , 20 July, 1998 McGraw-Hill/Irwin List Price: $111.85 Customer Rating: 3.8/5 ISBN: 0072906111 Still, Deep Water Paperback - Show all editions James J. Obrien James J. O'Brien , June, 2000 Vantage Press List Price: $9.95 Customer Rating: 5/5 ISBN: 0533133025 Management Information Systems: A Managerial End User Perspective Paperback - Show all editions James Obrien James A. O'Brien , January, 1993 Richard d Irwin List Price: $42.25 Customer Rating: 3/5 ISBN: 0256108307 The Poems and Stories of Fitz-James O'Brien Hardcover - Show all editions Fitz-James Obrien Fitz-James O'Brien Fitz James Oobrien , December, 1972 Irvington Pub List Price: $27.95

3. Fitz-James O'Brien Definition Meaning Information Explanation
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Fitz-James O'Brien
Fitz-James O'Brien December 31 April 6 ) was an author and is usually considered one of the forerunners of todays Science Fiction. Born as Michael O'Brien in the County Limerick Ireland he changed his name to Fitz-James after immigration to the USA. He died in Cumberland, Maryland Books about 'Fitz-James O'Brien' at: or Note: This article from Wikipedia is made available under the terms of the GNU FDL
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4. Fitz-James O'Brien
fitzjames O Brien. Our Young Authors Melville by fitz-james O Brien,from Putnam s Monthly Magazine , Feb. A fitz-james O Brien Bibliography.
Fitz-James O'Brien
last updated: 07/26/99

5. The Literary Gothic   |   Authors: 'O'   
O'Brien, fitzjames. Oliphant, Margaret. Onions fitz-james O'Brien now has his own file here at LitGothic. Please change your bookmark or URI to. http//
Authors: O
O'Brien, Fitz-James
Oliphant, Margaret

Onions, Oliver

Fitz-James O'Brien now has his own file here at LitGothic
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Oliver Onions now has his own file here at LitGothic
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6. The Diamond Lens And Other Strange Tales Fitz James O'Brien
The Diamond Lens and Other Strange Tales Fitz James O Brien. Authoror Artist Fitz James O Brien. Title The Diamond Lens and Other
The Diamond Lens and Other Strange Tales Fitz James O'Brien
Author or Artist : Fitz James O'Brien
Title: The Diamond Lens and Other Strange Tales
O'Brien Fitz James
Fitz-James O'Brien
Subject: Fiction
Category: Fiction General
Format: Print on Demand (Paperback)
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Margot Sunderland Nicky Armstrong-The Frog Who Longed for the Moon to Smile: Guidebook: Helping Children Who Yearn for Someone They Love (Storybooks for Troubled Children)...

7. Books By James OBrien : Cheap Web Hosting
The Poems and Stories of fitzjames O Brien, The Poems and Stories of fitz-jamesO Brien Author(s) fitz-james obrien, fitz-james O Brien, Fitz James Oobrien
Web Hosting Books
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Cheap Web Hosting ... Web Hosting Books : James OBrien
Below is a search for books by the author James OBrien. Browse these books to find books authored by James OBrien. How to Design by Accident: A Book of Accidental Effects for Artists and Designers
Author(s): James F. Obrien
Price: $15.25 Blueprint for Fundraising
Author(s): James C. Obrien
Price: $295.00 Management Information Systems
Author(s): James A. Obrien James A. O'Brien
Price: $111.85 Still, Deep Water Author(s): James J. Obrien James J. O'Brien Price: $9.95 Management Information Systems: A Managerial End User Perspective Author(s): James Obrien James A. O'Brien Price: $42.25 The Poems and Stories of Fitz-James O'Brien Author(s): Fitz-James Obrien Fitz-James O'Brien Fitz James Oobrien Price: $27.95 Use these links to find web hosting books and books related to computer, the Internet and webmaster topics such as web design, HTML, MySQL, ASP, PHP, Linux, Windows Server, MS FrontPage, etc.

8. Fitz-James O'Brien, 1853
fitzjames O BRIEN OUR YOUNG AUTHORS MELVILLE. IN PUTNAM S MONTHLY MAGAZINE (NEWYORK), FEBRUARY 1853 When Typee first appeared, great was the enthusiasm.
IN PUTNAM'S MONTHLY MAGAZINE (NEW YORK), FEBRUARY 1853 When Typee first appeared, great was the enthusiasm. The oddity of the name sets critics a wondering. Reviewers who were in the habit of writing an elaborate review of a work, from merely glancing over the heads of the chapters, and thinking a little over the title-page, were completely at fault. Typee Typee It is no easy matter to pronounce which of Mr. Melville's books is the best. All of them (and he has published a goodly number, for so young an author) have had their own share of success, and their own peculiar merits, always saving and excepting Pierre wild, inflated, repulsive that it is. For us there is something very charming about Mardi , all the time fully aware of its sad defects in taste and style. Of course, we give Mr. Melville every credit for his deliberate plagiarisms of old Sir Thomas Browne's gorgeous and metaphorical manner. Affectation upon affectation is scattered recklessly through its pages. Wild similes, cloudy philosophy, all things turned topsy-turvy, until we seem to feel all earth melting away from beneath our feet, and nothing but Mardi remaining....

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10. Fitz-James O'Brien

11. Fitz-James O'Brien

12. CYbErDaRk.NeT - FOROS - Misterio Y Terror
Translate this page desconocido). fitz-james obrien Iniciado por Shuberian 2003-02-04 015252,2, Hace un montón de tiempo 2003-02-05 003117 por (desconocido).

13. Canadian Business Press - Events {KRW Awards Recipients)
The consolidators. Greg obrien, Editor. Canadian Lawyer Lost and found the declineand fall of Don Tait Mike fitzjames, Editor. Veronique Mandel, Writer.
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Mr. Blank goes to Ottawa
Robert Gerlsbeck, Editor . Greed: the industry; Advice wanted; Not for ourselves alone. Caroline Nolan, Former Editor.
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14. “Œ‹ž‘nŒ³ŽÐ
The Lost Room, fitzjames obrien(1828-1862). , ?·?. Shepherd s Boy, Richard Middleton(1882-1911).
‚lD@‚qD@ƒWƒFƒCƒ€ƒYŒ†ìW “Œ‹ž‘nŒ³ŽÐ ‘nŒ³„—•¶ŒÉ THE COLLECTED GHOST STORIES by Montague Rhodes James ‰”Å”­s‚P‚X‚V‚W”N‚RŒŽ‚Q‚S“ú –óE‹I“c‡ˆê˜Y Á‚¦‚½S‘Ÿ Lost Hearts The Mezzotint `”çi‚Ƃ˂肱j‚Ì–Ø The Ash-tree Number 13 Count Magnus “J‚©‚ÎŒ»‚ê‚ñ gOh, Whistle, and I'll come to you, My Ladh A View from a Hill l‚ðŽô‚í‚Î Casting the Runes ƒnƒ“ƒtƒŠ[ƒYŽ‚Æ‚»‚̈âŽY Mr. Humphreys and his Inheritance ƒEƒBƒbƒgƒ~ƒ“ƒXƒ^[Ž›‰@‚Ì‘m–[ The Residence at Whitminster Ž›‰@Žj–é˜b An Episode of Cathedral History Žô‚í‚ꂽlŒ`‚Ì‰Æ The Haunted Doll's House A Warning to the Curious ˆê—[‚Ì’cŸR An Evening's Entertainment ‚ ‚é’j‚ª‚¨•æ‚Ì‚»‚΂ɏZ‚ñ‚Å‚¢‚Ü‚µ‚½ There was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard ‘l Rats Œö‰€–éŒi After Dark in the Playing Fields ‹I“c‡ˆê˜Y
ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒNƒEƒbƒhŒ†ì‘I “Œ‹ž‘nŒ³ŽÐ ‘nŒ³„—•¶ŒÉ THE CAMP OF THE DOG AND OTHER STORIES by Algernon Blackwood ‰”Å”­s‚P‚X‚V‚W”N‚QŒŽ‚Q‚S“ú –óE‹I“c‡ˆê˜Y ‹I“c‡ˆê˜Y ‚¢‚É‚µ‚¦‚Ì–‚p Ancient Sorceries The Golden Fly ƒEƒFƒ“ƒfƒBƒS The Wendigo ˆÚA The Transfer Ž×ˆ«‚È‚é‹F‚è Secret Worship š™i‚¨‚Æ‚èj The Decoy The Attic Tongues of Fire Œ¢‚̃Lƒƒƒ“ƒv The Camp of Dog ‹I“c‡ˆê˜Y
‰ö’k‚̉x‚Ñ “Œ‹ž‘nŒ³ŽÐ ‘nŒ³„—•¶ŒÉ THE SEVENTEENTH HOLE AT DUNCASTER AND OTHER STORIES ‰”Å”­s‚P‚X‚X‚Q”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚R‚O“ú ‚gE‚qEƒEƒFƒCƒNƒtƒB[ƒ‹ƒh The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster Herbert Russell Wakefield(1888-1964) –‚«‚Ì•vi‚‚܁j The Demon Lover Elizabeth Bowen(1899-1973)

15. La Chambre Perdue Et Autres Récits O'Brien Fitz James Romans Contemporains
Horror and the Supernatural AudioBooks and Stories The other tales in this collection are The Horla by Guy De Maupassant; The Wondersmith and What Was It? by Fitz James O Brien; The Judge s House by
La chambre perdue et autres récits O'Brien Fitz James Romans contemporains
Rubriques: Romans contemporains
Titre: La chambre perdue et autres récits
Auteur: O'Brien Fitz James
Adams Alison, Rawles St A bi...
Collet Olivier Glossaire et i...

Eberhard La scission de la soc...

Le Franc Martin, Dembows L'es...

16. Famous Americans: OBE-OLI
obrien, Cornelius. obrien, Fitz James. obrien, Hugh. obrien, Jeremiah. obrien, Lucius Richard. obrien, Richard. obrien ODonnel, James Louis. ODonnell, Daniel
You are in: Museum of History Hall of North and South Americans Famous Americans: OBE-OLI
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Obe-Oli Oli-Oti Oti-Oxl OBe Oli OBeirne, Thomas Lewis
OBrien, Cornelius

OBrien, Fitz James

OBrien, Hugh
Olive, Charles

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17. Kane, By Fitz-James O'Brien
Complete text of the poem by fitzjames O'Brien, written in honor of Elisha Kane's polar expedition. KANE. by fitz-james O'Brien (1828-1862) MORE POEMS BY fitz-james O'BRIEN. RELATED LINKS .
KANE by: Fitz-James O'Brien (1828-1862)
    LOFT upon an old basaltic crag,
    Which, scalped by keen winds that defend the Pole,
    Gazes with dead face on the seas that roll
    Around the secret of the mystic zone,
    A mighty nation's star-bespangled flag
    Flutters alone,
    And underneath, upon the lifeless front
    Of that drear cliff, a simple name is traced;
    Fit type of him who, famishing and gaunt,
    But with a rocky purpose in his soul,
    Breasted the gathering snows,
    Clung to the drifting floes,
    By want beleaguered, and by winter chased,
    Seeking the brother lost amid the frozen waste.
    Not many months ago we greeted him,
    Crowned with the icy honors of the North,
    Across the land his hard-won fame went forth,
    And Maine's deep woods were shaken limb by limb.
    His own mild Keystone State, sedate and prim,
    Burst from decorous quiet as he came.
    Hot Southern lips, with eloquence aflame,
    Sounded his triumph. Texas, wild and grim,
    Proffered its horny hand. The large-lunged West,
    From out his giant breast,
    Yelled its frank welcome. And from main to main

18. Fitzjames Obrien Textbooks Textbooks & Books Price Comparison - Direct Textbook
Fitzjames O Brien. Short stories by Fitzjames O Brien. O\ Brien,Fitzjames o Golden Ingot, The. o My Wife s Tempter. GO TO TOP OF SCREEN.
Search by ISBN, Title, Author, Keyword, or Advanced
Fitzjames Obrien Textbooks
Next Textbooks by Fitzjames Obrien Mistakes that Worked
Paperback - Show all editions
John Obrien
Charlotte Jones , 01 May, 1994 Doubleday Books for Young Readers
List Price: $11.95 Customer Rating: 4.75/5
ISBN: 0385320434
The Epistle to the Philippians: A Commentary on the Greek Text (New International Greek Testament Commentary)

Hardcover - Show all editions
Peter T. O'Brien
Peter T. Obrien W. Ward Gasque ... I. Howard Marshall , October, 1991 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
List Price: $50.00 Customer Rating: 5/5
ISBN: 0802823920
Ireland: A Concise History
Paperback - Show all editions Maire MacEntee O'Brien Marie O'Brien Maire Obrien ... Conor Cruise O'Brien , September, 1985 Thames and Hudson List Price: $16.95 Customer Rating: 3/5 ISBN: 0500273790 How to Run a Lathe the Care and Opera Paperback - Show all editions J J Obrien , 01 January, 1993 Lindsay Publications Inc List Price: ISBN: 155918115X Going After Cacciato Paperback - Show all editions Tim Obrien Bantam Doubleday Dell List Price: Customer Rating: 4.02/5 ISBN: 0440129664 Mary Lavelle (Virago Modern Classics) Paperback - Show all editions Kate O'Brien Kate Cruise Obrien , September, 1985 Penguin USA (Paper) List Price: $6.95 Customer Rating: 5/5

19. Short Story Index - Links To Authors' Short Stories
180 short stories Melville, Herman - 1 short story - Mitford, Mary Russell -1 short story - Morris, Joshua - 1 short story - obrien, Fitzjames - 2 short Home All Authors Book Titles Home > Short story index
SHORT STORY INDEX [Links to Authors' Short Stories available online]
Short stories



Two ways to browse titles:
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Alcott, Louisa May American author
- 6 short stories
Andersen, Hans Christian
Danish fairy tale writer, novelist, poet
- 18 short stories
Anderson, Sherwood
American short-story writer, novelist
- 15 short stories Anonymous Unknown authors - 7 short stories Arthur, T S (Timothy Shay Arthur), prolific and voluminous American writer, novelist - 82 short stories Baldwin, James - 50 short stories Balzac, Honore de - 35 short stories Beaumont, Mary - 1 short story Beerbohm, Max - 3 short stories Bennett, Arnold - 13 short stories Bierce, Ambrose - 49 short stories Black, William - 1 short story Burdette, Robert Jones - 1 short story Burroughs, John

20. Fitzjames O'Brien - EBook Titles - Software Technology
Fitzjames O Brien. Fitzjames O Brien eBooks Selected Titles by Fitzjames O Brien.The Golden Ingot. Fitzjames O Brien. The Golden Ingot. About eBooks.

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Titles Authors Fitzjames O'Brien
Fitzjames O'Brien
Fitzjames O'Brien eBooks
Selected Titles by Fitzjames O'Brien The Golden Ingot The Golden Ingot About eBooks eBooks are books that are available in digital format. eBooks have many advantages over paper books. eBooks are portable, convenient, and save trees. Some eBooks even contain pictures, criticisms, quotes, portraits, and a brief biography of the life of the author. eBooks set you free to study and search texts with powerful software features. Buy an eBook and learn how this new technology is changing the world of literature.
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