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         Mitchell W O:     more books (116)
  1. Who Has Seen the Wind by W.O. Mitchell, 2000-09-16
  2. An Evening with W.O. Mitchell: A Collection of the Author's Best-Loved Performance Pieces by W.O. Mitchell, 1998-10-10
  3. W.O. Mitchell Country by W.O. Mitchell, 1999-11-06
  4. The Vanishing Point by W.O. Mitchell, 2001-01-25
  5. Intimations of Mortality: W.O. Mitchell's <I>Who Has Seen the Wind</I> (Canadian Fiction Studies series) by Dick Harrison, 1992-01-01
  6. How I Spent My Summer Holidays by W.O. Mitchell, 2000-03-18
  7. Jake and the Kid by W.O. Mitchell, 2008-10-24
  8. For Art's Sake by W. O. Mitchell, 1993
  9. Saskatchewan Harvest by Carlyle (edited by) Mitchell,W.O. Hutchinson,Bruce et al King, 1955-01-01
  10. According to Jake and the Kid by W.O. Mitchell, 1994-07-30
  11. The Kite by W.O. Mitchell, 2005-08-27
  12. The Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon by W.O. Mitchell, 1993-10-23
  13. The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon by W. O. Mitchell, 1976
  14. Roses Are Difficult Here by W.O. Mitchell, 2000-03-18

1. W.O. Mitchell - A Tribute To A Beloved Author
Includes a tribute by his son as well as other authors, a list of works about mitchell, and an image

2. Northwest Passages - Author Profile: W.O. Mitchell
Daphne Marlatt. W.O. mitchell. Alice Munro. Jacques Poulin In 1940, W.O. mitchell enrolled at the University of Alberta where he continued his undergraduate studies, receiving a
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    W. O. Mitchell
    William Ormond Mitchell was born in 1914 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. While, like many of his most memorable characters, he did grow up on the Canadian prairies, he also spent four of his teenage years going to school in California and Florida in order to recover from a childhood case of tuberculosis. Returning to Canada in 1931, Mitchell studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Manitoba for three years. After his studies were interrupted by a recurrence of his childhood illness, Mitchell wnet on to work in a variety of jobs, first in Seattle and later in Calgary. It was also at this time that he began to take his writing very seriously. In 1940, W.O. Mitchell enrolled at the University of Alberta where he continued his undergraduate studies, receiving a BA and teaching certificate in 1943. It was also in Edmonton that he met and married his wife, Merna Hirtle, with whom he eventually had three children. Mitchell's undergraduate years at the University also brought him into contact with another person who would be a great influence in his life, Professor F.M. Salter. Salter, a creative writing instructor at the University, helped Mitchell hone his craft and later, in 1942, arranged for the publication of three of Mitchell's short stories.
  • 3. W. O. Mitchell
    W(illiam) O(rmond) mitchell (19141998) Who Has Seen the Wind? ( 1947), filmed in 1977. Jake and the Kid ( 1968) stories originally published in the1940's in Maclean's ( 1982) Dramatic W. O. mitchell ( 1982), a collection of plays, including
    W(illiam) O(rmond) Mitchell (1914-1998)
    • short-story writer, novelist, humourist, playwright
    • born in Weyburn , Saskatchewan on March 13, 1914
    • died February 25, 1998 in Calgary
    • spent much of his adolescence in Florida, fighting off a case of tuberculosis
    • worked as a deckhand on a Greek steamer, a lifegaurd at Biarritz, a farm hand, a door-to-door salesman, a stunt driver for a carnival, a high school English teacher, the editor of Maclean's , and as a radio and television scriptwriter
    • enrolled in the University of Manitoba, intending to study medicine, but his tuberculosis returned
    • graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in education
    • chose to settle in 1944 in High River , Alta., where he taught school and wrote in his spare time
    • the success of his first novel Who Has Seen the Wind? allowed him to write full-time
    • became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1973
    • Books:
      • Who Has Seen the Wind? filmed in 1977
      • Jake and the Kid (1968) stories originally published in the1940's in Maclean's (and in the U.S. in Liberty magazine), adapted for a CBC radio series (1950-1956) and a television series (1961)

    4. W. O. Mitchell Theme Page
    The primary focus of the Community Learning Network (CLN) is to help K12 teachers integrate Information Technology into their classrooms. This CLN menu page provides links to English Literature
    W. O. Mitchell Theme Page This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of W. O. Mitchell. Students and teachers will find a range of information about the author. In addition, there are also several links to information about the Great Depression in Canada. Please read our
    Author Profile: W. O. Mitchell
    Northwest Passages publishes this author profile for W.O. Mitchell. It describes part of his childhood, his university days and his career as a writer.
    Author W. O. Mitchell Dead at 83
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announces the death of W.O. Mitchell.
    (A) Brief History of Regina, Saskatchewan
    A descriptive outline of Regina's history beginning with the early First Nations hunters, who came to Regina to hunt buffalo. Half way through this article, the author describes the some of the living conditions and several events occurring in Regina during the Great Depression.
    W. O. Mitchell

    W(illiam) O(rmond) Mitchell (1914-1998)
    Published by the Well Known Canadians, this page is a brief biography of W. O. Mitchell. It outlines some of the events which occurred during his life before he published his first story and lists most of his work that follow after his first publishing.
    "Who Has Seen the Wind"

    Who's W. O. Mitchell

    5. The W.O. Mitchell Papers Biocritical Essay
    The WO mitchell Papers Biocritical Essay by. Catherine McLay. (c) The WO mitchellpapers an inventory of the archive at the University of Calgary Libraries.
    The W.O. Mitchell Papers
    Biocritical Essay
    Catherine McLay
    In 1947, with the publication of his first novel Who Has Seen the Wind W.O. Mitchell first came to the attention of the Canadian public. The qualities which made this novel a classic also mark Mitchell's other works. The reviewer in the Montreal Gazette describes the immediate response to this new literary work:
    When a star is born in any field of Canadian fiction it is an exciting event....Here in this deeply moving story [of] a Western Canadian boy, his folk and his country, emerges a writer whose insight, humanity and technical skill have given the simple elements of birth and death, of the inconspicuous lives of common man etched against the bleak western landscape, the imprint of significance and value.
    For many contemporary writers, such as Rudy Wiebe Robert Kroetsch and Eli Mandel , W.O.Mitchell was the first to establish a literary geography of the West. Margaret Laurence recalls in the forties reading the early Jake and the Kid stories in Maclean's : "these stories were among the first that many of us who lived on the prairies had ever read concerning our own people, our own place and our own time....[We felt]

    6. Writing In Canada: Authors: W.o. Mitchell
    w.o. mitchell resources online, including bibliographical material and annotated links. How I Spent My Summer Holidays ( 1981) Dramatic W.O. mitchell ( 1982) Since Daisy Creek An Evening With

    authors publications publishers ... about us William Ormond Mitchell works by
    • Who Has Seen the Wind The Kite Jake and the Kid The Vanishing Point How I Spent My Summer Holidays Dramatic W.O. Mitchell Since Daisy Creek Ladybug, Ladybug... According to Jake and the Kid Roses Are Difficult Here For Art's Sake An Evening With W.O. Mitchell
    works on
    • NFB Documentary, "W.O. Mitchell: Novelist in Hiding" (1980, 57 min 33 sec)
    • made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1973 Stephen Leacock Award for Humour in 1989 for According to Jake and the Kid Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award in 1972 for Back to Beulah honorary Member of the Privy Council in 1992
    Tribute To W.O. Mitchell
    from the calgary public library
    The enduring legacy of W.O. Mitchell
    online article in alberta report
    W.O. Mitchell
    photo and brief bio from
    W.O. Mitchell Tribute
    contains a biocritical essay, photos, and more from the univ. of calgary library.
    Eulogy for W. O. Mitchell
    by Rex Murphy
    W.O. Mitchell: Novelist in Hiding
    1980 nfb film
    home authors publications publishers ... about us

    7. Online Guide To Canadian Writing: Awards: W.o. Mitchell Literary Prize
    canadian literary resources online resources forum about usW.O. mitchell Literary Prize. The award was established after W.O. mitchell's death in Calgary in 1997, and was first given out in

    authors publications publishers ... about us W.O. Mitchell Literary Prize The award was established after W.O. Mitchell's death in Calgary in 1997, and was first given out in 1998. It is awarded annually to a writer who has both produced an outstanding body of work and served as a mentor to other authors. The prize is worth $15,000 and is administered by the Writer's Development Trust and a prize committee. The rules of the prize stipulate that every third year the winner must be francophone. website: 2002: Rooke, Leon
    2001: Thomas, Audrey
    2000: Blais, Marie-Claire
    1999: Clarke, Austin
    1998: Callaghan, Barry
    authors publications publishers ... about us

    8. Canadian Singer Michael Mitchell -- Cassettes, CDs, Colouring Books & More!
    Known for his rousing Canada is for Kids school concerts.

    9. Karen Mitchell - Music From Victorville California
    Christian singer songwriter from Apple Valley California. Album release information, online audio samples and links to resource center for singers and songwriters.
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    10. Chris's Homepage
    Information about him, computer hardware/software advice, Brook Langton, headpieces, and favorite links.
    Best viewed at or above You Are Visitor G'day, I am a first year University student studying Computing. I live in Australia and am turning 21 this year! My main interests include computers, tennis, basketball, Aussie Rules football, cricket, going to pubs and having a great time. I am definitely far more into the 'pub scene', over the 'club scene', mainly because of the music. My favourite bands are PEARL JAM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 and LIVE, I also dislike techno music. My specialised field in computing is Computer Systems - hardware/software installation, mainly focusing on the hardware aspect. So if you are having any problems with your current computer configuration, please don't hesitate to contact me for some free advice. This is also my first attempt at a Web Page, please give me some feedback and tell me what you think. My Email Address: This page is hosted by Geocities

    11. By Rex Murphy - W.O.Mitchell Eulogy
    Eulogy for WO mitchell by Rex Murphy. The practice of WO mitchell offers a mostinteresting variation on one of Shakespeare s most compact observations.
    home shop help contact ... search
    Eulogy for W. O. Mitchell by Rex Murphy.
    Broadcast on Cross Country Checkup, March 1, 1998 during a break in a program about Finance Minister Paul Martin's latest budget. I t is not for everyone that we would dare an intermission, during a program with a Finance Minister who may claim the credit for the first deficit-less budget in almost three decades. But then W. O. Mitchell is NOT just everyone, or anyone - must be careful here and it would be unjust if a program that calls itself Cross Country Checkup emphasis on the final syllables did not at the very least take a time out to salute the passing of one of this country's most respected, most enduring, and most affectionate writers: W. O. Mitchell. The practice of W. O. Mitchell offers a most interesting variation on one of Shakespeare's most compact observations. As Shakespeare had it the "imagination of a poet" gave to "airy nothings" ... "a local habitation and a name." In my judgement W.O. Mitchell worked that famous transaction in reverse. He gave to "local habitations and names" - a residence in the minds and imaginations of thousands. It was the province of his distinct genius to take the local and the particular something immensely familiar to him - a boy, the prairies, a family and to fashion that material so that it awakened recognition across the entire wide territory from Alberta to Zanzibar - of human response.

    12. Mitchell, South Dakota - Home Of The World's Only Corn Palace
    Official website of mitchell, South Dakota and the World's Only Corn Palace. Includes information on local attractions and events, and provides business listings for dining, lodging and pheasant hunting facilities.
    Now you can check out news about the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce, Corn Palace Convention Visitors Bureau, Division of Tourism and the Mitchell Area Development Corporation with the online version of the Chamber view
    view - May, 2004 (PDF file - 3.6 MB) The Corn Palace has their own Corn Palace Webcam Be sure to check out our Calendar and Special Events page to see what else is going on in our area. Need a gift for someone who doesn't live close by? Why not a gift box from the Corn Palace Gift Shop? They can be filled with your choice of wonderful South Dakota Made food products! Stop in at the Corn Palace Gift Shop on Main Street in Mitchell, or give them a call at 605-996-1191 and let them help you select the perfect South Dakota gift. They'll ship your gift box anywhere in the United States. Mitchell Chamber of Commerce
    Convention Visitors Bureau
    601 North Main, P.O. Box 1026
    Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
    605-996-6223 or 1-866-273-CORN

    13. W.O. Mitchell @ Theatre Orangeville
    mitchell (19141998) Born in 1914 in Weyburn Saskatchewan, W.O. mitchell claimed that he was indelibly stained by his childhood years on the prairies.
    W.O. Mitchell (1914-1998)
    Born in 1914 in Weyburn Saskatchewan, W.O. Mitchell claimed that he was indelibly stained by his childhood years on the prairies. Although he went on to attend high school in California and in Florida, and then live in High River and Calgary, in the foothills country of Alberta, he believed that his first twelve years, his "litmus years" had fixed his "inner and outer perspective, dictating the terms of the fragile identity contract" he would have with himself for the rest of his life. It is exactly this search for identity and for the meaning of life and death that compelled W.O. to write Who Has Seen The Wind. W.O. described Salter's impression of his finished stories when he met him the following week: "Salter said: 'This is vulgar, this is very clever, this is publishable, but this, this!' and here were these about four pages of handwritten recall, and he said, "I'd love to know what happened to that boy before this and after it.' And that was the true genesis of Who Has Seen The Wind." Six years later Who Has Seen The Wind was published to great acclaim in the United States and Canada. Before W.O. discovered his vocation as a writer, his first love was theatre. In his senior year (1931) at St. Petersburg High School in Florida he played Andy, the lead in Aurania Rouveral's Skidding. The production was a great success drawing a standing-room only crowd of 1,800. The St. Petersburg Times reported "From the opening of the curtain, Bill Mitchell captivated the audiences with his portrayal of Andy, the typical adolescent. His enjoyment of the part made it a triumph and many said he stole the show."

    14. Northwest Passages - Canadian Literature Online!
    Authors mitchell, WO $16.99 BUY 0771060890 Anthology Trade Paperback, 262pages Publisher McClelland Stewart (1998). A little about mitchell, WO.

    15. The Radha Mitchell Web Pages - A Fan Site - Page 1
    A fan site with biography, filmography, image galleries, and a Pitch Black section.
    This page was last modified as a whole or in part Wednesday,
    April 21, 2004 Warning! This website is picture heavy. Loading time may be unusually lengthy. Birthdate: January 1, 1973
    Melbourne, Australia Radha Mitchell was born in 1973 and a native of Melbourne, Australia and is best known for her debut role as Danni in Emma-Kate Croghan's romantic comedy, Love and Other Catastrophes , in which she co-starred with fellow Aussie actress Frances O'Connor . Radha has worked on both the stage and on the small screen in her native country. She started acting while still in high school in the Woods theater production of Desire. Among Radha's other film credits are the short film, Sleeping Beauties , and the theatrical release, High Art , in which Radha stars opposite Ally Sheedy. Both films were screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the later of which won the prestigious Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award© and appeared in the Director's Fortnight Ceremonies at the Cannes International Film Festival in France. On Friday, April 16th, Radha opens opposite Denzel Washington, Marc Anthony, and Dakota Fanning in the Tony Scott-directed thriller

    16. W.O. Mitchell --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    mitchell, WO Encyclopædia Britannica Article. , mitchell, WO writer of storiesthat deal humorously with the hardships of western Canadian prairie life. canada

    Delivers content for digital media markets, including broadcast animation, ride simulation, prepress and music. The site includes client information, a gallery of work and contact details.
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    18. Mitchell, W.O. M Mitchell, W.O. Authors's Literature & Fiction Books Online Shop
    mitchell, WO M mitchell, WO Authors s Literature Fiction Books Online ShoppingStore An Online Shopping Mall and directory arranged in a variety of categories
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    19. The Elizabeth Mitchell Web Pages - A Fan Site - Page 1
    Fan site with photo gallery, filmography, and links.
    This page was last modified as a whole or in part Wednesday,
    April 21, 2004 Warning! This website is picture heavy. Loading time may be unusually lengthy. Birthdate: March 27, 1970
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. BREAKING NEWS! From (Tuesday, March 30 09:55 AM): Simmons, Mitchell Join ESPN's Earnhardt Movie LOS ANGELES ( - "Spider-Man" co-star J.K. Simmons and Elizabeth Mitchell have joined the cast of ESPN's movie about NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. The movie, titled "3" after the number of Earnhardt's car, is set to begin filming April 14 in Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C., ESPN says. Barry Pepper ("61*," "Saving Private Ryan") is playing Earnhardt. Russell Mulcahy ("Highlander," "Skin") will direct the film, which will track Earnhardt's life from the small town of Kannapolis, N.C., his rise through the NASCAR ranks and his lightning-rod status as both a hugely popular and widely reviled figure among the sport's fans. Earnhardt died in a crash in the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. His son, Dale Jr., won the race this year. Simmons, a regular on HBO's "Oz" and the ABC series "The D.A.," will play Dale's father, Ralph Earnhardt, a driver in NASCAR's early days who introduced his son to stock-car racing. Mitchell ("The Lyon's Den") will play Teresa, Dale Earnhardt's wife.

    20. Mitchell W.O
    Book Finder, Book Reviews and Compare Prices for mitchell WO Literature Fiction Authors AZ mitchell WO. mitchell WO Book Review and Price Comparison.
    Book Reviews and Compare Prices for Mitchell W.O
    Home Browse Books Bookstore List Top Selling Books ... Rate Book Stores Search: Title/Author/Keywords/ISBN
    Authors A-Z
    Mitchell W.O Book Review and Price Comparison
    Pages: Next Top Selling Books for Mitchell W.O W. O. Mitchell Country: Portrayed by Courtney Milne
    AUTHOR: Courtney Milne (Photographer), W. O. Mitchell, Selected by Barbara Mitchell
    ISBN: 0771061064
    Publish Date: May 2000
    Format: Hardcover
    Compare prices for this book
    Sex: Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography [BARGAIN PRICE]
    AUTHOR: Tony Mitchell
    ISBN: B0000C2W5I
    Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book W. O.: The Life of W. O. Mitchell: Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind, 1914-1947 AUTHOR: Ormond Mitchell ISBN: 0771061072 Publish Date: May 2000 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Hug Your Customers: The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astound.... AUTHOR: Jack Mitchell (Author) ISBN: 1401300340 Publish Date: June 2003 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Intimations of Mortality: W. O. Mitchell's Who Has Seen the Wind

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