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         May Karl:     more books (100)
  1. Winnetou (Unabridged 2008 translation of Winnetou I) by Karl May, 2008-08-01
  2. Winnetou I - Winnetou Trilogy Volume One by Marlies Bugmann, Karl May, 2008-10-16
  3. Gesammelte Werke, Bd.49, Lichte Höhen by Karl May, 1998-01-01
  4. Gesammelte Werke, Bd.77, Die Kinder des Herzogs by Karl May, 1995-07-01
  5. Gesammelte Werke, Bd.75, Sklaven der Schande by Karl May, Lothar Schmid, 1993-09-01
  6. Carl May's Gesammelte Reiseromane (Von Bagdad nach Stambul, Band 3) by Carl May, 1897
  7. Gesammelte Werke, Bd.79, Old Shatterhand in der Heimat by Karl May, 1997-07-01
  8. The Joys And Agonies Of Being Karl May by Marlies Bugmann, Karl May, 2008-08-01
  9. Gesammelte Werke, Karl-May-Filmbuch by Michael Petzel, Lothar Schmid, et all 1998-01-01
  10. Gesammelte Werke, Bd.31, Ardistan by Karl May, 1967-01-01
  11. Karl May: The Inca's Legacy (A South American Adventure) - Revised Edition by Marlies Bugmann, Karl Friedrich May, 2009-10-31
  12. Durchs Wilde Kurdistan by Karl May, 1963
  13. Winnetou The Apache Knight by Karl May, 2010-05-23
  14. The Caravan of Death (Series 3 Volume 2) by Karl May, 1979

1. Karl May
Karl May Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites 2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s) (1950s) (1930s) (1920s) Karl-May-Spiele Old Surehand (2003), Karl

2. Karl May --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopædia Britannica. May, Karl ( Friedrich) Encyclopædia Britannica Article Cite this article. KarlMay. born Feb. 25, 1842, HohensteinErnstthal, Saxony Germany may

3. Karl-May-Gesellschaft E.V.
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4. Karl May - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Karl May. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karl Friedrich May (February 25, 1842 of white aggression. Karl May. He wrote under
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Karl May
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karl Friedrich May February 25 March 30 ) was the best selling German writer of all time, noted chiefly for wild west books set in the American West and similar books set in the Middle East . He was born blind and received sight only after an operation at age eight. Before he started writing, he was a poor assistant teacher. During this time he repeatedly got into trouble with the law and was jailed a number of times, mostly for small thefts. He first began writing for magazines in his spare time to relieve his poverty. He visited North America in , well after writing his books, never getting west of Buffalo, New York . His very influential fictional accounts of the Western milieu have no direct basis in experience, but in his ingenious use of creativity, imagination and source literature (travel books, anthropological guides etc.). His "good guys" are often described as being of German descent. In accordance with the romantic ideal of the " noble savage ", his

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6. Karl May
Karl May. Karl Friedrich May (February 25, 1842 March 30, 1912) was a German writer noted chiefly for his wild west books set in the American West.
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Karl May
Karl Friedrich May February 25 March 30 ) was a German writer noted chiefly for his wild west books set in the American West . He visited North America in , well after writing his books, never getting west of Buffalo, New York . His very influential fictional accounts of the Western milieu have no direct basis in experience, but in his ingenious use of creativity, imagination and source literature (travel books, anthropological guides etc.). He wrote under many different pen names, including Capitain Ramon Diaz de la Escosura, M. Gisela, Hobble-Frank, Karl Hohenthal, D. Jam, Prinz Muhamel Lautréamont, Ernst von Linden, P. van der Löwen, Emma Pollmer, Richard Plöhn, and Oberlehrer Franz Langer. May invented the characters of Winnetou, the wise Indian , and Old Shatterhand, Winnetou's white partner. His works were immensely successful in Europe, translated into 33 different languages and selling over 200 million copies, yet he is virtually unknown in the English-speaking world - though this is slowly beginning to change. Several of his novels were subsequently made into films. Even long after his death May is blamed for Hitler praising his works (but Albert Einstein Hermann Hesse and Bertha von Suttner praised May also).

7. Karl May - Encyclopedia Article About Karl May. Free Access, No Registration Nee
encyclopedia article about Karl May. Karl May in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Provides Karl May. Word May
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Karl May
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Karl Friedrich May February 25 February 25 is the 56th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 309 days remaining, 310 in leap years.
  • 138 - The Emperor Hadrian adopts Antoninus Pius, effectively making him his successor.
  • 1570 - Pope Pius V excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • 1793 - George Washington holds the first Cabinet meeting as President of the United States.

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  • February 21 - John J. Greenough patents the sewing machine.
  • March 5 - Over 500 Mexican troops led by Rafael Vasquez invade Texas briefly occupy San Antonio and then head back to the Rio Grande. This is the first such invasion since the Texas Revolution.

Click the link for more information. March 30 March 30 is the 89th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (90th in Leap years). There are 276 days remaining.
  • 1492 - Ferdinand and Isabella sign a decree aimed at expelling all Jews from Spain unless they convert to Roman Catholicism.

8. Karl May
Eine 3 Seiten lange Kurzbiographie bei PrismaOnline.

9. Karl May
karl may was born in HohensteinErnstthal/Sachsen as the son of a weaver. There were dir. by Robert Siodmark, 1965; karl may, dir. by
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Karl May (1842-1912) German author of travel and adventure stories, dealing with desert Arabs or American Indians in the Old West. Among May's best known characters are Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, with whom the author himself closely identified, Kara ben Nemsi, and Hadschi Alef Omar ibn Hadschi Abu Abbas ibn Hadschi Dawud al Gosarah. May only visited in his late years the Orient and Asia he so colorfully had depicted in his books. However, he used the first-person narrative, which gives the reader a believable impression of actual experience. May's works have been translated into over 30 languages. "My father was a man of two souls: One soul of infinite tenderness and one of tyrannic proportions, knowing no limits in his rage, incapable to control himself. He possessed outstanding talents, all of which remained undeveloped on account of our immense poverty. He had never attended any school, but had learnt through his own efforts to read fluently and to write very well. He was naturally handy in all crafts necessary for daily life. Whatever his eyes saw, his hands could reproduce. Though being just a weaver, he was nevertheless capable to tailor his own coats and trousers, and to sole his own boots." (from My Life and My Efforts

10. Handbook Of Texas Online: MAY, KARL
may, karl (18421912). karl may, a German writer whose popular western novels helped to form the of Heinrich August and Christiane Wilhelmine (Weise) may. Shortly after his birth
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MAY, KARL (1842-1912). Karl May, a German writer whose popular western novels helped to form the image of Texas and the American West in the minds of many Europeans, was born on February 25, 1842, in Ernstthal (now Hohenstein-Ernstthal), Saxony, the fifth of fourteen children of Heinrich August and Christiane Wilhelmine (Weise) May. Shortly after his birth he lost his sight, probably from malnutrition, but regained it at the age of five. In 1857 he entered a teachers' training college, where he passed final examinations in 1861. The following year he was convicted of stealing a watch and was imprisoned. The incident effectively barred him from continuing his career as a teacher, and after his release from prison May, now deeply disaffected, perpetrated a series of frauds and swindles hoping to revenge himself on society. In 1865 he was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison but was released in 1868. He was convicted once more in 1870 and spent four further years in prison. After his release in 1874 May began to work as an editor for a publisher of adventure books and popular magazines. Later, as a free-lance writer, he turned out an enormous quantity of novels, humorous sketches, short stories, and other writings, which eventually filled more than seventy volumes. Of these, probably the best known was a series of some twenty adventure novels set in the American West of the mid-nineteenth century, including

11. Karl Friedrich May - Karl-May-Stiftung Radebeul
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12. Karl-May-Spiele Bad Segeberg
Spielplan, Kartenvorverkauf, Schauspielerinformationen und aktuelle News zu den karlmay-Spielen in Bad Segeberg.
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Han er født den 25. februar 1842 i Hohenstein-Ernstthal i Sachsen og døde den 30 marts 1912 i Radebeul, Tyskland. "Winnetou eller den røde Gentleman 1-2"
Nordisk Familje-Bibliothek, 3 : 1899
tysk udg.
Gyldendal, 4 bind : 1982 "Ørkenrøverne : Oplevelser under en Rejse gennem Sahara", 59 sider
Hagerup : 1902 "Slavejægerne. Æventyrlig Rejseroman"
Politikens Forlag : 1904 "Sam-Fire-Gun. Fortælling fra Indianergebetet"
Politikens Forlag : 1906 "Rejse-Eventyr. En Roman fra Syd-Amerika 1-2"
Politikens Forlag : 1908 "Ræningjamir i Sahara"
Færøsk Forlag : 1908 "Bjørnejægerens søn"
Martin : 1915 "Romaner" (Indhold bind 1: Et dødsridt ; Bind 2: Djævletilbederne)
Nyt Nordisk Forlag : 1919 "Et Dødsridt : roman" Nyt Nordisk Forlag : 1919 "Det vilde Kurdistan : roman" Nyt Nordisk Forlag : 1920 "Old Surehand : Rejsefortælling fra omkring Aar 1866" Chr. Erichsen, 2 bind : 1943 "Winnetous testamente" Erichsen : 1943 "Winnetous fange" Erichsen : 1943 "Winnetou på sporet" Erichsen : 1943 "Slavekaravanen : roman fra Sudan" ("Die Sklavenkarawane") Chr. Erichsen : 1943

14. Karl-May-Museum Radebeul Bei Dresden
Die Pr¤sentation des Museums in karl Mays Wohn und Sterbehaus bietet Informationen zu Sonderausstellungen erg¤nzt durch einen Shop und eine Fachbuchhandlung. D-1445 Radebeul
Die zweite Ausgabe der Museumszeitschrift Der Beobachter an der Elbe ist soeben erschienen. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Sie als Leser begrüßen zu dürfen! Sie werden automatisch weitergeleitet. Falls nicht, klicken Sie bitte auf das Logo.

15. Karl May Verlag Bamberg Radebeul
Alles rund um karl may und den karlmay-Verlag, Buchversand für Indianerliteratur, Abenteuer und Fantasy, Edition Ustad, WinneToons, Der Schuh des Manitu, für Kids, karl may zum Höhren; Die Ausstellung "90 Jahre karl-may-Verlag" können Sie ab dem 23
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16. Amerikas Forschung Entdeckt Karl May
Glosse zu einem Zeitungsartikel vom 21.9.2000.
Quickshot - Schnellschuß 21.09.2000 Amerikas Forschung entdeckt Karl May Amerikas Forschung entdeckt Karl May / Interesse an Anliegen der Indianer wird gefördert / Hollywood plant Winnetou-Film - so stand's zu lesen im heutigen Schwarzwälder Boten (Provinzzeitung, na klar). Fußt aber auf einer dpa-Meldung. Denkt man die Forschung eines riesigen Landes wie der Vereinigten Staaten, so fallen einem klangvolle Namen ein wie Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia. Welch eine Ehre, daß Institute dieses Ranges den deutschen Abenteuerschriftsteller ausgraben! Liest man weiter, stellt es sich jedoch heraus, daß der Artikel die University von Lubbock meint, die soeben ein Karl-May-Archiv eröffnet hat, sowie das Dana College in Blair, Nebraska. Lubbock ist - wer jemals dort war, wird mir beistimmen - eine Cow Town im Herzen von Texas, am ehesten noch als Geburtsort des legendären Buddy Holly bekannt. Blair, Nebraska? Nie gehört. Zitat des Bad Segeberger Bürgermeisters Udo Fröhlich bei der Einweihung des Archivs: "Mit der Karl-May-Offensive in den USA hoffen wir, daß die Anliegen der Indianer in den USA wieder mehr in den Mittelpunkt der breiten Öffentlichkeit gerückt werden." Offensive? Breite Öffentlichkeit? Es verschlägt einem den Atem. Bald werden die Amerikaner also die Indianer endlich so sehen, wie sie mal wirklich waren und von Karl May so trefflich beschrieben wurden. (Ähnliches ist ja Tolkien mit den Engländern des Mittel(erd)alters gelungen. Oder ist dieser Vergleich doch ein bißchen überspitzt?)

17. May, Karl
may, karl Pseud. karl Hohenthal, Latréamont, Ernst von Linden, Emma Pollmer, 18421912. populärer Verfasser von Reise- und Abenteuererzählungen, besonders Cowboy- und Indianergeschichten. HAUPTNACHLAß Radebeul, karl-may-Museum (
May, Karl [Pseud.: Karl Hohenthal, Latréamont, Ernst von Linden, Emma Pollmer], 1842-1912
populärer Verfasser von Reise- und Abenteuererzählungen, besonders Cowboy- und Indianergeschichten
Radebeul, Karl-May-Museum
Bamberg, Karl-May Verlag
(Brandis, Petzel) KORRESPONDENZ:
Marbach, Schiller-Nationalmuseum
München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
(Katalog BSB)
Wien, Stadt- und Landesbibliothek
Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek


Doerry, Karl W.: In: Hardin Kußmaul : 560 (Wittich) Petzel, Michael: eMail-Auskunft vom Karl-May Archiv in Göttingen, 17.04.2001. BEMERKUNGEN: Blinn : "Ausstellungsgegenstände und die Arbeitsbibliothek Mays, die bisher im Karl-May Museum Bamberg gezeigt wurden, werden im Laufe des Jahres 1994 nach Radebeul verbracht und dort integriert." Brandis : "Unterhaltsträger" des Bamberge Karl-May-Museums sei der Karl-May-Verlag. "Benutzung der [Bamberger] Handschriftenbestände: Nicht zugängl."

18. Karl May Novels In English
Online versions of some karl may novels and poetry in English, including Winnetou, the Apache Knight .
The following texts are only free for personal use!
Karl May novels

19. Karl May Im Internet
may, karl (1842-1912) (Texas Day By Day);
Mehr Karl May im Internet
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  • Karl May-Diskussionsforen
  • 20. Arno Schmidt Und Karl May (Hans Wollschläger)
    Vortrag zur komplizierten Beziehung von Arno Schmidt zu karl may, gehalten am 7. 10. 1989 auf der 10. Tagung der karlmay-Gesellschaft in Augsburg .
    Arno Schmidt und Karl May* exponiert Reprise Trauer und Melancholie der Mensch * Vortrag, gehalten am 7. 10. 1989 auf der 10. Tagung der Karl-May-Gesellschaft in Augsburg. Sitara Ritter vom Geist Detective Nobody Sitara Pharos zur Bearbeitung unvermeidlich und immer wieder Sitara Sataspes ); im Oktober desselben Jahrs sind 40 Seiten fertiggestellt, wozu noch 50 kommen sollen. Spiritismus Kyros Sitara Verswerk Kyros Pasargadae Auftrags Das Generalthema >Nietzsche Sitara echt Nimmt man nun die Karl-May-Arbeit und den >Sataspes < als gleichzeitig zusammen, so sieht man die May-Charakteristik des ersten von Schmidt bezeugten poetischen Texts (>Geverseles Sitara Geist Erdumseglung Periplus Landvermessung vielleicht ein andermal Babel und Bibel Sitara Enthymesis Gadir Kosmas Alexander Sitara Sataspes Ha'm Se ma was Eignes geschriebm? Piporakemes Ein episches Gedicht, dessen Held MOSES ist. Moses!? Einzigen Sataspes Der Name >May Pilgrims Progress Nun war Andersch selber ein Mumpitz Sitara wenn auch sporadisch besten sichersten Humor Bearbeitungen Frankfurter Allgemeinen Abu Kital Winnetous Erben Anderen Zeitung Profil von links Zeit Old Shatterhand und die Seinen bearbeitet zugerichtet Bibliografie Deutschen Zeitung Und damit steht nun >Sitara Die ersten sagen wir >Ideenspuren konkret Geisterschmiede Zur deutschen Literatur Reiten, Reiten, Reiten ...

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