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         Marlowe Katharine:     more books (15)
  1. Secrets by Katharine Marlowe, 1993-05
  2. Heart's Desires by Katharine Marlowe, Charlotte Vale Allen, 1992-04
  3. Nightfall by Charlotte Vale Allen as, Katharine Marlowe, 1999-06
  4. Secrets Katharine Marlowe by Katharine Marlowe, 1992
  5. Secrets by Katharine Marlowe, 1992
  6. Hearts Desires by Katharine Marlowe, 1991
  7. Hearts Desires by Katharine Marlowe, 1991
  8. Dreaming in Color by Katharine Marlowe, 1995
  9. Secrets by Charlotte Vale-Allen writing as Katharine Marlowe, 2009-04-10
  10. Secrets by Katharine Marlowe, 1992-01-01
  11. Secrets by Katharine Marlowe, 1992
  12. Secret s by Katharine Marlowe, 1992
  13. Secrets smooth suspenseful by Katharine Marlowe, 1992-01-01
  14. Marlowe the Great Detective by Katharine Whild, 2005-06-30

1. Charlotte Allen Books On
. 4. Heart s Desires marlowe katharine,Allen Charlotte ValeLeisure Books 4/1/92 Paperback Very Good Price 0.18 USD. See Full Description....... See Full
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Dreaming in Color Allen Charlotte Vale
Mira Books 4/1/95 Paperback Very Good
Price: 0.01 USD See Full
Dreaming in Color Allen Charlotte Vale
Mira Books 4/1/95 Paperback Very Good
Used-Very Good Price: 0.01 USD See Full Description Dreaming in Color Allen Charlotte Vale Mira Books 4/1/95 Paperback Very Good Price: 0.01 USD See Full Description Heart's Desires Marlowe Katharine,Allen Charlotte Vale Leisure Books 4/1/92 Paperback Very Good Price: 0.18 USD See Full Description Intimate Friends Allen Charlotte Vale Ivy Books 12/1/95 Paperback Very Good Used-Very Good Price: 0.01 USD See Full Description Meet Me in Time Allen Charlotte Vale,Allen Charlotte Van Berkley Pub Group 6/1/83 Paperback Very Good Price: 0.75 USD See Full Description Painted Lives Allen Charlotte Vale Ivy Books 8/1/92 Paperback Good Price: 0.01 USD

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3. Why A Pseudonym - Katharine Marlowe
Why A PseudonymKatharine marlowe. Book List Ordering Information,Conventional thinking in publishing has long been that if an
Why A PseudonymKatharine Marlowe Conventional thinking in publishing has long been that if an author were to publish more than one book a year s/he would be competing with her/himself. Obviously there are a large number of writers who are capable of producing more than one book a year. As well, an audience exists for this work. Stephen King is the latest, most notable, example, with his Richard Bachman books. I decided to create Katharine Marlowe for several reasons; the first was that my daughter was starting college and I wanted to generate additional income to cover the costs; the second was that, at that point, I was able without difficulty to write two books in a year. Ironically, the Marlowe books received universally glowing reviewsbetter than the books penned under my own name receive, even though they are not substantially different. I wrote three books under this pseudonym before I ran out of steam and out of publishers. And since I am no longer able to produce more than a book a year, Katharine has moved into the rocker on the front porch of the retirement home. Several reviews of the three books are among the reviews on this site.

4. Charlotte Vale Allen / Island Nation Press
The author's personal site includes biography, articles, reviews, book descriptions, and store. Also includes information on her pseudonym, katharine marlowe.
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Sudden Moves
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A Welcome Message from Charlotte... Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you'll find it informative and entertaining. A number of people have asked what has happened with CBS and Somebody's Baby . The answer is: not a thing. Because of the bizarre success of the "reality" shows (which are very inexpensive to put on, compared to full-scale productions with actors and wardrobe and a script, not to mention a sizeable crew), fewer made-for-television movies are being done. The script is being offered to other networks, but so far none has shown interest. If anything changes, I'll let you know. As a note of interest, due to the continuing popularity of the book, I am pleased to say that

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7. Secrets - Katharine Marlowe
katharine marlowe, a pseudonym for a bestselling novelist, is a nativeof Canada, who lives in New England. I discovered that bit
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"Whimsy Marlowe's Specialty" by Patricia Anne Jones, Tulsa World, Tulsa Oklahoma, 4/19/1992 "Secrets offers a good twist" by Vivian Cannon, The Mobile Press, Mobile, Alabama, 4/19/1992 It isn't hard to lose yourself in this second novel by an unidentified bestselling novelist who is writing under the name of "Katharine Marlowe." It is full of suspense and activity-all of which centers around the newly widowed Emma Bellamy, who is also an author of note. Her problems really start when she is accused by her husband's attorney of writing a rather open, erotic letter to him-about which she knows nothing. After the first accusation, others follow-from her closest friend, her late husband's two daughters, her press agent, etc. All of the letters are openly truthful and not particularly complimentary, and there is no wonder the recipients get angry. But they terrify and frighten Emma, who denies writing them and starts looking for the real author of the letters. Ms. Marlowe's novel provides all the excitement and final twist needed in her story for some relaxing reading. *** "Marlowe's Book: Satisfying, Compelling"


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10. Nightfall: Books: Find The Best Prices
Search book results on Nightfall Compare new and used books prices among 60 book stores in a click. Find the lowest price. ISBN 1892738287. Author katharine marlowe Charlotte Vale Allen. Format Paperback ISBN 031285482X. Author marlowe, katharine. Publisher NY Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
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Title. Please log in. Books by katharine marlowe. Here is a list of our books by katharine marlowe . There is 1 book by this author in our collection.

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