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         Li Po:     more books (101)
  1. Carta a Li Po (Ocnos ; 54) (Spanish Edition) by Jose Corredor Matheos, 1975
  2. Li Po-Yuan (Twayne's World Authors Series : China ; Twas 607) by Douglas Lancashire, 1981-06
  3. Three Poems by Li-Po. First Edition? by Constant Lambert, 1928
  4. Works of Li Po by Li Po, 1966-06
  5. Treasure of Li-Po by Alice Ritchie, 1949-10
  6. Hongkong: Victoria Harbour, Hang Seng Index, Geschichte Hongkongs, Tropische Wirbelsturmwarnsignale in Hongkong, Li Po Chun College (German Edition)
  7. The poetry and career of Li Po, 701-762 A.D (Ethical and religious classics of East and West) by Arthur Waley, 1969
  8. The Works of Li Po, The Chinese Poet by Li Po, 1965
  9. Li Po and Tu Fu; (Penguin Classics) by Arthur R. V Cooper, 1973
  10. A Letter From Li Po and Other Poems by Conrad Aiken, 1955-01-01
  11. Studies in Medieval Taoism and the Poetry of Li Po (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Paul W. Kroll, 2009-07-01
  12. A Floating Life: The Adventures of Li Po: A Historical Novel by Simon Elegant, 1999-07-01
  13. Chinese Zen Poems: What Hold Has This Mountian by Li Po, Wang Wei, et all

21. Li Po - Li Po
li po. li po (701762) was probably the greatest Chinese poets of pre-modern times. It is generally agreed that he and Tu Fu raised
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Li Po
Li Po (701-762) was probably the greatest Chinese poets of pre-modern times. It is generally agreed that he and Tu Fu raised the shih form to its highest level of power and expressiveness; later poets at times approached but never surpassed them.
Li Po's distinction lies in the fact that he brought an unparalleled grace and eloquence to his treament of the traditional themes, a flow and grandeur that lift his work far above mere immitation of the past. Another characteristic of his poetry is the air of playfulness, hyperbole and outright fantasy that infuses much of it.
Li Po grew up in Szechwan in western China and later traveled extensively in the eastern and central regions. Around 742 he gained recognition from emperor Hsuan-tsung (Xuan Zong) and was appointed to a post in the Hanlin Academy, but a few years later he was exiled from the capital as a result of slanders. He fled south at the time of the rebellion in 755 and entered the service of Prince Yung. The Prince's downfall involved Li Po in a second exile, though he was eventually pardoned and resumed his life of wandering.

22. - Dreaming Of Li Po (2)
Poet Seers spiritual poets from the East and the West Dreaming Of li po (2) -. Home The Dreaming Of li po (2). Separation by
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Dreaming Of Li Po (2)
Separation by death must finally be choked down,
but separation in life is a long anguish,
Chiang-nan is a pestilential land;
no word from you there in exile.
You have been in my dreams, old friend,
as if knowing how much I miss you.
Caught in a net, how is it you still have wings? I fear you are no longer mortal; the distance to here is enormous. When your spirit came, the maples were green; when it went, the passes were black. The setting moon spills light on the rafters; for a moment I think it's your face. The waters are deep, the waves wide; don't let the river gods take you.

23. Poetry Archives @
li po. (701762). Farewell to Secretary Shu-yun at the Hsieh Tiao Villa in Hsuan-Chou Since yesterday had throw me and bolt,; A Mountain;author=16

24. Li Po - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
li po. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001 2001. li po. (l bô) (KEY) , Li Pai (l b ) (KEY) , or Li T’aipo (l t -bô) (KEY) , c.700–762, Chinese poet of the T’ang dynasty.
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Li Po
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Li Po Chanting a Poem, by Liang K'ai Li Po Wade-Giles pinyin zi ), was a Chinese poet He is considered the greatest romantic poet of the Tang dynasty . Renowned as the Poet Immortal pinyin shi1 xian1), he is among the most well-respected poets in China 's literary history. Approximately 1,100 poems of his remain today. The western world was introduced to Li Po's works through the very liberal translations of Japanese versions of his poems made by Ezra Pound . Li Po is best known for the extravagant imagination and striking Taoist imagery in his poetry, as well as for his great love of drink. Like Du Fu , he spent much of his life travelling, although in his case this was because his wealth allowed him to, rather than because his poverty forced him. He is said to have drowned in the Yangtze river, having fallen from his boat while drunkenly trying to embrace the moon.
Li Po was born the son of a rich merchant in western China. His family moved to today's

25. Li Po. The American Heritage® Dictionary Of The English Language: Fourth Editio
li po. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition. 2000. 2000. li po. PRONUNCIATION l p , b. DATES Died c. 762.
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26. Seventeen Lyrics Of Li Po
Harry Partch s. Seventeen Lyrics of li po. The Seventeen Lyrics of li po were composed between 1931 and 1933 and are among Partch s earliest extant compositions.
Harry Partch's
Seventeen Lyrics of Li Po
Tzadik (TZ7012) Stephen Kalm , Intoning Voice
Ted Mook
, tenor violin "The Tzadik disc is welcome simply because it is the first new issue of Partch's music in a couple of decades. The recorded sound is far and away the finest of any Partch disc..." (American Record Guide, Sept./Oct. 1996) Total time: 36:46
  • 1. The Long Departed Lover 1:30
  • 2. On the City Street :39
  • 3. An Encounter in the Field :53
  • 4. The Intruder 1:14
  • 5. On Ascending the Sin-Ping Tower 1:47
  • 6. In the Springtime on the South Side of the Yangtze Kiang 3:32
  • 7. The Night of Sorrow 1:46
  • 8. On Hearing the Flute in the Yellow Crane House 1:58
  • 9. On Hearing the Flute at Lo-Cheng One Spring Night 1:46
  • 10. A Dream 5:49
  • 11. On Seeing Off Meng Hao-Jan 2:26
  • 12. On the Ship of Spice-wood 3:09
  • 13. With a Man of Leisure 1:10
  • 14. A Midnight Farewell 1:49
  • 15. Before the Cask of Wine 2:52
  • 16. By the Great Wall 2:03
  • 17. I am a Peach Tree 2:17

An Encounter in the Field
(153K, Aiff file)
I am a Peach Tree
(247K, Aiff file) PROGRAM NOTES: "I am first and last a composer. I have been provoked into becoming a musical theorist, and instrument builder, a musical apostate, and a musical idealist, simply because I have been a demanding composer.

27. AOL City Guide: San Francisco - Nightlife / Live Music - Li Po - Overview
Back to Nightlife / Live Music. li po. Where Indiana Jones would drink in Chinatown. li po 916 Grant Ave. San Francisco, CA 94108 415982-0072 Map.

28. LIPO LQW-site
(FromThe Wanderer (Masefield ). Welkom op de website van li po. Lees hier waar het op deze website precies om gaat. li po .
English information.
Therefore, go on companion, when you find
No higway more, no track, all being blind,
The way to go shall glimmer in the mind. For Man has conquered earth and charted sea,
And planned the courses of all stars that be
Adventure on, more wonders are in thee. Adventure on, for from the littlest clue
Has come, whatever worth Man ever knew.
The next to lighten mankind may be you.

(From: The Wanderer (Masefield )
Welkom op de website van Li Po. Lees hier waar het op deze website precies om gaat.
De website geeft verder ingangen voor vrije uitwisseling van kennis en informatie op het gebied van: Pragmatisch en effectief competentiemanagement. Dat wil zeggen: bouwmaterialen voor resultaatgericht werken, resultaatgerichte aansturing, resultaatgerichte bedrijfsvoering en vraaggestuurd competentiegericht onderwijs.
Li Po web
Lipoweb: Switch naar website met praktische informatie over professionele communicatie, resultaatgericht werken en competentie management. Competentie management of Resultaatgericht Werken? Resultaatgericht werken in proces.

29. Levensbeschrijving Van Li Po
Wie was li po? li po, ook wel Li T ai Po, maar tegenwoordig meestal Li Bai genoemd, is zo ongeveer de meest geliefde dichter uit de Chinese Letterkunde.
Wie was Li Po?
Li Po, ook wel Li T'ai Po, maar tegenwoordig meestal Li Bai genoemd, is zo ongeveer de meest geliefde
dichter uit de Chinese Letterkunde. Li Po leefde van 761 - 762. In 768, enkele jaren nadat Li Po stierf
werd hier in Europa Karel de Grote geboren. Wij kennen de dichters van onze cultuur uit die tijd nauwelijks. Voorzover
we ze kennen is hun taal voor ons moeilijk te lezen en hun bedoelingen niet gemakkelijk te begrijpen.
Daarom is het zo merkwaardig dat Li Po in onze tijd nog zo actueel is. Li Po's tijd was in China de grote tijd van de Tang dynastie. Ondanks veel strijd, voor China een gouden eeuw waarin alle kunsten bloeiden.
In China leeft Li Po daardoor nog steeds voor de mensen. Op tal van plaatsen wijst een gids u waar "Li Bai" geweest is,
en gewoond heeft. Op allerlei oude en nieuwe monumenten staan zijn teksten.
Kinderen kennen zijn gedichten. Er zijn scholen naar Li Po genoemd.
Chinese studenten die in het buitenland studeren, beijveren zich om Li Po's gedichten om te zetten
in de taal van het land waar ze studeren.

30. Biografía - Li Po
li po Nacionalidad China 700 - 762. Entre los principales poetas chinos destaca la figura de li po.
Nacionalidad: China
Entre los principales poetas chinos destaca la figura de Li Po. Formó parte de la corte palaciega, donde llegaría a ser reconocido por su poesía y su sabiduría. Sus obras son un canto a la buena vida y a los placeres, fundando el grupo de los "Ocho Inmortales de la Copa de Vino".
Todos los textos e imágenes en alta resolución de esta sección están
disponibles en la colección La Historia y sus Protagonistas de Ediciones Dolmen, S.L.
(C) 2001 Ediciones Dolmen, S.L. Todos los derechos reservados.

31. Li Po
encyclopediaEncyclopedia li po, lE bô Pronunciation Key. li po , Li Pai lE bI , or Li T aipo lE tI-bô , c. 700–762, Chinese poet of the T ang dynasty.


Li Po [l E Pronunciation Key Li Po Li Pai [l E b I , or Li T'ai-po [l E t I c. 700 , Chinese poet of the T'ang dynasty. He was born in what is now Sichuan prov. Most authorities believe that he was a Taoist; Li Po's unconcern for worldly preferment and his love for retirement was expressive of both Taoism and the delicate romanticism found in his poetry. An early period of patronage by the court was followed by banishment in 744. He spent the next decade traveling through E and SE China. After the An Lu-shan See translations by E. Eide (1984) and S. Hamill (1987); biography by A. Waley (1950). The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia,
Lipmann, Fritz Albert
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32. Green Mountain
li po (699762AD). Green Mountain. He was a friend of Wang Wei and li po. He was careless of worldly achievement and often arrived too drunk to work.
Li Po Green Mountain You ask me why I live on Green Mountain – I smile in silence and the quiet mind. Peach petals blow on mountain streams To earths and skies beyond Humankind.
Wine Drinking, I sit, Lost to Night, Keep falling petals From the ground: Get up to follow The stream’s white moon, No sign of birds, The humans gone.
Lines For A Taoist Adept My friend lives high on East Mountain. His nature is to love the hills and gorges. In green spring he sleeps in empty woodland, Still there when the noon sun brightens. Pine-tree winds to dust his hair. Rock-filled streams to cleanse his senses. Free of all sound and stress, Resting on a wedge of cloud and mist.
Mêng Hao-jan True-Taoist, good friend Mêng, Your madness known to one and all, Young you laughed at rank and power. Now you sleep in pine-tree clouds. On moonlit nights floored by the Dragon. In magic blossom deaf to the World. You rise above - a hill so high. I drink the fragrance from afar. Note: Mêng Hao-jan (689-740AD) lived in the mountains where he studied the Classics and wrote poetry. He tried for the Civil Service but failed the examination. He was a friend of Wang Wei and Li Po. He was careless of worldly achievement and often arrived too drunk to work. The Dragon here is used to mean drink and Imperial disdain, while the blossom is the fragrance of the Tao.
Ho Chih-chang When we met the first time at Ch’ang-an He called me the ‘Lost Immortal’.

33. [minstrels] Parting -- Li Po
Title Parting. Poet li po. Date 10 Apr 2001. We turn, pause, look back and wave, Even our ponies look back and whine. li po. Translated by Sam Hamill.
[749] Parting
Title : Parting Poet : Li Po Date : 10 Apr 2001 Green mountains rise... Length : Text-only version Prev Index Next Your comments on this poem to attach to the end [ microfaq Yesterday's poem leads into this week's theme, translated poetry: Parting Green mountains rise to the north; white water rolls past the eastern city. Once it has been uprooted, the tumbleweed travels forever. Drifting clouds like a wanderer's mind; sunset, like the heart of your old friend. We turn, pause, look back and wave, Even our ponies look back and whine. Li Po thomas. [Links] Once again, let me plug Ken Hope's pages dedicated to Li Po [1], which are part of his large and very comprehensive poetry website [2]. I especially recommend the Story of the Yellow Crane [3], which, although it has no direct connection with Li Po, is very beautiful. Also not to be missed is Hope's own introductory essay on Li Po [4], an essay which brims over with enthusiasm and delight. [1]

34. [minstrels] About Tu Fu -- Li Po
504 About Tu Fu. Title About Tu Fu. Poet li po. Date 02 Aug 2000. Poor old Tu Fu, I thought then, he must be agonizing over poetry again. li po. tr.
[504] About Tu Fu
Title : About Tu Fu Poet : Li Po Date : 02 Aug 2000 I met Tu Fu on a mou... Length : Text-only version Prev Index Next Your comments on this poem to attach to the end [ microfaq This week's theme: the Silk Road. About Tu Fu I met Tu Fu on a mountaintop in August when the sun was hot. Under the shade of his big straw hat his face was sad in the years since we last parted, he'd grown wan, exhausted. Poor old Tu Fu, I thought then, he must be agonizing over poetry again. Li Po poem #240 poem #70 poem #30 William Turner's 'Romance' is a poem which consciously uses place-names to evoke images of the unattainable; it's archived at poem #238 vikdoc@ thomas@ From: Comments on Poem #504 From: MotduSage@ Just as a note (considering that I have just now come across this website and do not know how old it is), "tr." means "translated by", so "tr. Hamil" means it was translated by someone named Hamil.

35. Poetry Magazine, Classic Poet: Li Po, November 2000
li po (701762) by Doug Tanoury, Associate Editor. CHINA. It is difficult to separate legend and myth from the actual history of li po’s life.
Li Po (701-762)
by Doug Tanoury,
Associate Editor
CHINA Also known as Li Bo, Li Bai is one of the most celebrated poets of the golden age of Chinese poetry. He lived in the first half of the 8 th century, during the T’ang Dynasty. It is difficult to separate legend and myth from the actual history of Li Po’s life. Yet poetry was practiced and celebrated among the nobility in China. In-depth knowledge of this art form and its history was a prerequisite for the educated. Poetry was equated with "chi", the source of human energy and balance that also forms the basis of the ancient Chinese method of medicine called acupuncture. At 19 Lo Po’s is said to have left home to live with a Taoist recluse. His writing reflect Taoist influences, in both its reflective and contemplative tone as well with its close connection, if not preoccupation, with nature. Raised in Szechwan province in western China, Li Po traveled extensively in the eastern and central regions. The emperor Hsuan-tsung (Xuan Zong reigned AD 712-756) recognized Li Po appointed him to a post in the famous Hanlin Academy that Hsuan-tsung was forming. Li Po was obviously a poet of the Chinese imperial court. Legend has it that caught up in political intrigue, he was forced from the emperor’s court and traveled much of China. Through several exiles, imprisonments and pardons, Li Po seems to always be swept up in the political winds of the moment, much more like a politician than a poet.

36. Poet: Li Po - All Poems Of Li Po
Poets A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z All. li po (701762), Page 1 2 3 4. . Comments on li po, Click here to write your comments on li po.
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Page: A Mountain Revelry A Vindication About Tu Fu Alone And Drinking Under The Moon ... Farewell to Secretary Shu-yun at the Hsieh Tiao Villa in Hsuan-Chou Page:
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Web resources about Li Po
Li Po

Li Po . DRINKING ALONE BY MOONLIGHT. Three Poems 1. A cup of wine, under the flowering trees; I drink alone, for no friend is near.
• site info
Li Po
Poetry Li Po • site info Li Hermitage Adventure Gaming. Li Friends. • site info Click for more web resources about Li Po People who read Li Po also read: Send this page to a friend (c) Poems are the property of their respective owners. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge.

37. Li Po Chun United World College Of Hong Kong
We have a new home! We are moving the official li po Chun United World College website to its new address http//
We have a new home! We are moving the official Li Po Chun United World College website to its new address: Go to here The LPCUWC website is not supported by Opera 3. NEW HOME!

38. Translated Chinese Poetry: Poems By Li Po
Poems by li po (also known as Li Bai AD 701 762). li po (701 - 62) He and his comtemporary Tu Fu are regarded as the two greatest
Poems by Li Po (also known as Li Bai A.D. 701 - 762)
LI PO (701 - 62) He and his comtemporary Tu Fu are regarded as the two greatest poets of the greatest period of Shih poetry. Li left his home at Ch'ang-ming, Szechwan, about 720, and for twenty years wandered from place to place, occasionally seeking official employment but not through the examinations. For a short period (742 - 4) he enjoyed favour as a court poet at the capital of Ch'ang-an, but thereafter he resumed his wanderings. Late in his life he was involved in the revolt of Prince Lin and banished (758) to Yeh-lang (Yunnan), but pardoned before he reached there. A great drinker and dabbler in Taoism, Li is the supreme example of irresponsibility among Chinese poets.
from The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse, Edited by A.R. Davis, Penguin Books, 1962.
Down the blue mountain in the evening,
Moonlight was my homeward escort.
Looking back, I saw my path
Lie in levels of deep shadow....
I was passing the farm-house of a friend

Welkom op de website van li po. Vandaar Naar de meestal actuelere versie van deze home page op de Lipoweb server. Naar de home page van li po.
Welkom op de website van Li Po
De website, die bewust simpel en informatief wordt gehouden en verder steeds in ontwikkeling is, is bestemd voor vrije uitwisseling van kennis en informatie op het gebied van resultaatgericht werken en resultaatgerichte aansturing.
English information. Resultaatgericht werken en resultaatgerichte aansturing
  • 1. Achtergrondinformatie over resultaat gericht werken en resultaatgerichte aansturing
  • 2. Resultaatgerichte functie-analyses (competentieprofielen) en hoe die gemaakt worden.
  • 3. Van alles over gedrag en gedragscompetenties
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