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         Koch Kenneth:     more books (100)
  1. Sun Out: Selected Poems 1952-1954 by Kenneth Koch, 2004-03-09
  2. Sleeping on the Wing by Kenneth and Kate Farrell, editor Koch, 1982
  3. POETRY: Vol. 90 No 1 - April 1957 by Henry (Editor); Stanley Kunitz, Tom Gunn, William Jay Smith, William Stafford, Philip Levine, Wallace Stevens, Kenneth Koch (Contributors) RAGO, 1957
  4. Days and Nights by Kenneth Koch, 1982-01
  5. Bertha And Other Plays by Kenneth Koch, 1966
  6. Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? by Kenneth Koch, 1974-01-01
  7. The Pleasures of Peace, and Other Poems. by Kenneth, Koch, 1969-01
  8. When the sun tries to go on by Kenneth Koch, 1969
  9. The duplications by Kenneth Koch, 1977
  10. From the air by Kenneth Koch, 1979
  11. Selected Poems by Kenneth Koch, 1992-02
  12. Evergreen review; volume 4, number 15, November-December 1960 (Cuba Libre by Baraka, The End by Beckett). by Barney, editor, Samuel Beckett, Kenneth Koch, Arrabal, LeRoi Jones (Amir Rosset, 1960
  13. The Gold Standard: A Book of Plays by Kenneth Koch, 1998-05-05
  14. POETRY: Volume 89, No. 2 - November, 1956 by Henry (Editor); Kenneth Koch, James Dickey, Donald Justice, et al (Contributors) RAGO, 1956

41. Online NewsHour: Poet Kenneth Koch. -- November 28, 1996
Poet kenneth koch. November 28, 1996. TRANSCRIPT. A conversation with kenneth koch, winner of this year’s Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry.
Poet Kenneth Koch
November 28, 1996
TRANSCRIPT A conversation with Kenneth Koch, winner of this year’s Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry. ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Now a conversation with Kenneth Koch, winner of this year’s Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry. It’s a privately-funded award, $10,000, given under the auspices of the Library of Congress. Last year, Koch won the $25,000 Bollingen prize given by the Yale University Library. He received these awards for his book "One Train" and for his lifetime achievement. He has published eight collections of poetry, a novel, short stories, plays, and several works on teaching children about poetry. I spoke with him late last month. ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Thank you for being with us. KENNETH KOCH, Columbia University: Thank you. ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: I’ve been reading your poetry. Much of it is very funny, very playful and witty. It’s not what many people expect poetry to be. There’s this view that poetry should be kind of somber, isn’t there? KENNETH KOCH: Oh, I suppose some people have that view. It’s a confusion between seriousness and solemnity. The intention of my poetry isI mean, I don’t intend for my poetry to be mainly funny or satirical, but it seems to me that high spirits and sort of a comic view are part of being serious.

42. Bold Type: Conversation With Kenneth Koch
BoldType A Conversation with kenneth koch. An interview by Ernie Hilbert.
ould you say a few words about New Addresses?
These poems seem to have taken on a certain inertia after a time. Did you begin to envision them as a single project?

After I talked to some of the subjects I mentioned, I thought that there were more important things for me to talk to than piano lessons. I wrote hundreds and hundreds of these poems. The ones in the book are the ones that worked out. There are several poems in the book that are addressed to more than one thing. At a certain point I realized that the things I was talking to in the poems weren't in my life separately, but together.
You mentioned the rhetorical form of apostrophe. Would you consider any of your poems odes?
Odes seem more celebratory. When John Donne writes "Death be not proud", that's not really an ode. When Shelley talks to the west wind that is an ode. It is a high level of praise. When Frank O'Hara talks to the sun on Fire Island, that is not an ode. Odes just seem a little highly toned.
What drew you to this form?
It's a rare example, for me anyway, of poetry coming from criticism. I became interested in this form when I was writing a book entitled

43. Target : Entertainment : Books : Literature & Fiction : Authors, A-Z : ( K ) : K
Wishes, Lies, and Dreams Teaching Children to Write Poetry by kenneth koch, Ron Padgett Avg. Teaching Great Poetry to Children by kenneth koch Avg.

44. Jacket 5 - Interview With Kenneth Koch
An interview with kenneth koch. By John Tranter in Jacket 5.
John Tranter
Very Rapid ACCELERATION An Interview with Kenneth Koch You can read a feature on Kenneth Koch in Jacket 15
If your browser has the RealAudio plug-in you can listen now to an edited recording of this interview and download the basic model.
John Tranter: Kenneth, your new book is called One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays . Now how did a poet come to write a thousand plays? Kenneth Koch:
Selected Poems and after I published On the Edge Seasons on Earth One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays
Kenneth Koch,
New York City
Orlando Furioso years ago in Italy and who also did a wonderful Bacchae
The Marx Brothers play is hilarious.
What about On the Edge Seasons on Earth , published the following year? The first poem in On the Edge
Vie de Henry Brulard

And Seasons on Earth ottava rima , which is the metre that the two long poems are in. And I managed to write a thirteen-page poem explaining pretty much exactly how I felt about it. And since then? J A C K E T # 5 Contents page Jacket catalog about Jacket top ... internet design The URL address of this page is

45. Booklist: Koch, Kenneth. A Possible World.
How to subscribe to Booklist Magazine. koch, kenneth. A Possible World. Oct. 2002. 112p. Knopf, $24 (0375-41492-4). 811. In his
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Psychology Religion Social Sciences ... ALA Home Page How to subscribe to Booklist Magazine Koch, Kenneth. A Possible World. Oct. 2002. 112p. Knopf, $24 (0-375-41492-4). 811. In his glorious final work, Koch returns to classical forms to express his profound yet bemused gratitude for life, however strange and imperfect. Still whimsical––he can’t resist going all out in the blithely funny and typographically effervescent “Possible World”––but more gracious and philosophical than ever before, the poet visits the Acropolis, Rome, and Kuala Lumpur, and muses on how varied life is, how quickly the dead are gone, and how long the influence of lovers and friends is felt. Wryly and affectionately reflective, teasingly subversive, and still vitally curious and joyfully creative, Koch brings all his wisdom and artistry to “A Memoir,” a charming and deeply affecting poem that embraces the dark and the light, a chiming, indelible song of himself, of every self. –– Donna Seaman (Booklist/October 1, 2002)

46. Kenneth Koch @ Catharton Authors
kenneth koch. ? Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites Academy of American Poets kenneth koch. Very Rapid Acceleration an Interview.
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47. Koch, Kenneth
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Koch, Kenneth
Selected titles in Koch, Kenneth
Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? : Teaching Great Poetry to Children
Sleeping on the Wing : An Anthology of Modern Poetry with Essays on Reading and Writing

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48. Koch, Kenneth
All The Best Books Subjects koch, kenneth. and Ordering Information. Get Listed Here. 3 books in koch, kenneth ROSE, WHR GET RED
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Koch, Kenneth
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49. Koch, Kenneth - Vita
Kenneth Koch *1925, +6.Juli 2002 in New York/USA Stationen u.a. Literatur-Professor. Befreundet mit Frank O'Hara John Ashbery, James Schuyler Barbara Guest . Stirbt an Leukämie. Arbeitsgebiete: Gedicht, Erzählung, Roman Auszeichnungen/Ehrungen/Preise (Auswahl) Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl) Buchbestellung I home I e-mail e-mail 0203 © LYRIKwelt

50. Black Sparrow Press Archive - University Of Alberta
Poems from 1952 1953, by koch, kenneth. BSP 28 01 koch, kenneth. Poems from 1952 1953 DOCUMENT TYPE Manuscript. BSP 28 02 . BSP 28 03 koch, kenneth.

51. Black Sparrow Press Archive - University Of Alberta
Sleeping with Women, by koch, kenneth. BSP 58 01 koch, kenneth. Sleeping with Women DOCUMENT TYPE Manuscript. BSP 58 02 koch, kenneth.

52. KOCH, Kenneth : Ñïðàâêà,ôîòî,MP3,Real Audio,äèñêîã
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Íîâûå CD

... Z Kenneth KOCH
Masque of the Red Death Trilogy (You Must Be Certain of the Devil) Translation

pH, îñíîâàòåëü Çâóêîâ



53. Koch, Kenneth; Farrell, Kate: Talking To The Sun : An Illustrated Anthology Of P
koch, kenneth; Farrell, Kate Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People. New York, NY, USA Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.
Talking to the Sun : An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People by Koch, Kenneth; Farrell, Kate Publisher: Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, New York, NY, U.S.A. Edition: Special Museum Editi 1985 Description: This volume is NEW, never been read. Works of artists include: Matisse, van Gogh, Rousseau, Vermeer, Watteau etc. Works of poets include: Yeats, Wordsworth, Whitman, Lewis Carroll, e.e.cummings,Rossetti,Rilke, Hughes, etc. Photos available. Type: Decorative Hard Cover 9 1/2 " x 9 1/2 " Condition: Fine. ISBN: Item #: Price: $22.00 USD First Editions Rare Books Collectible Hardcovers Vintage Paperbacks ... Short Stories

54. L'Arengario. Beat Generation: Kenneth Koch
( Cincinnati 1925 - 2002 ) Bibliografia
KO Or a Season on Earth
Thank you and Other Poems
Poeta, romanziere e drammaturgo. Studiò a Harvard e alla Columbia University. Collaborò alla rivista Locus Solus
"Nel 1959 organizzò con Larry Rivers al Five Spot una parodia delle serate Poetry-and-Jazz" (Pivano 1978: pag. 356). Kenneth Koch (1962)
Fotografia di John Gruen Opere di Kenneth Koch KOCH Kenneth KO or A Season on Earth , New York - London, Grove Press - Evergreen Books, 1959; 21,2x14,3 cm., legatura editoriale in tela, sovraccopertina, pp. 116 (4), copertina di Roy Kuhlman. Poesie. Esemplare con invio autografo dell'autore . Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 356). KOCH Kenneth Thank You and Other Poems , New York - London, Grove Press - Evergreen Books, 1962; 20,3x13,8 cm., brossura, pp. 96. Al retro un ritratto fotografico dell'autore di John Gruen. Esemplare con invio autografo dell'autore a Kay Boyle . Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 356).

55. French Culture | People : Kenneth Koch
FRANCE HONORS kenneth koch with the insigna of the Order of Arts and Letters New York May 12, 2000. kenneth koch CHEVALIER DES ARTS ET LETTRES. kenneth koch.
People arts and letters honorees
with the insigna of the Order of Arts and Letters
New York - May 12, 2000 KENNETH KOCH
Pierre Buhler, Cultural Counselor, officiated at this medal ceremony, held at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. "Born in Cincinnati, originally trained to be a meteorologist at the University of Cincinnati, you were sent to the Philippines when the war broke out. After the war, you went to Harvard University where you met the poets John Ashberry - one of our most recent honorees - and Frank O'Hara. You then went as a Fulbright scholar to Aix-en-Provence, France where you skipped class to frolic on the slopes of Montagne Sainte-Victoire Holder of a doctorate from Columbia University, you taught at the New School for Social Research, at Columbia University, and also in public. In late 1975, you went to France to teach poetry to children, thus bringing the American pedagogical tradition to our schools. This preoccupation to take literature down ? from its ivory tower seems essential to us. The French children you taught certainly developed a love for literature, as you explain in Les couleurs des voyelles , published in 1978. Besides, you were doing this at a time when such teaching methods in France were either unknown or not considered seriously. Today in France, such interaction between professionals and schoolchildren is more common.

56. Locus Solus Rare Books: SENSES. By Koch, Kenneth & Dorny, Bertrand.
SENSES. by koch, kenneth Dorny, Bertrand. Publisher Information Np Paris Bridgehampton 1999. Small 4to., original manuscript
Publisher Information:

Small 4to., original manuscript book, accordion folded and handbound in collage wrappers. One of seven numbered copies signed by both Koch and Dorny, the entire edition of this remarkable collage and manuscript book. A striking collaboration between poet and artist, with the handwritten text woven through pages of brilliant collage, which directly engages the textual content.
Edition: 1st edition
Condition: Fine in original handmade slipcase
Book Id:
Quantity: Price:
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57. [Rivers, Larry] Koch, Kenneth ., When The Sun Tries To Go On. Cover By Larry Riv
Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. Rivers, Larry koch, kenneth . When the Sun Tries to Go On. Cover by Larry Rivers. Los Angeles Black Sparrow 1969.
Priscilla Juvelis, Inc
[Rivers, Larry] Koch, Kenneth . When the Sun Tries to Go On. Cover by Larry Rivers. Los Angeles Black Sparrow 1969 First Edition, one of 200 numbered copies signed by the author, Koch, and the artist, Larry Rovers. Illustrated and with a three-dimensional collage serving as cover by the noted American artist, Larry Rivers. Page size: 7 3/8 x 5 7/16". Bound: yellow cloth with Rivers' collage in pink, yellow, and black on various levels, original acetate jacket. A fine copy of what is probably the best-designed book published by Black Sparrow. This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Priscilla Juvelis, Inc ; click here for further details.

58. Koch, Kenneth, From The Air
William Nina Matheson Books, Inc. koch, kenneth From the air London, Taranman, c1979. Deep blue cloth, the title in gold on the front cover.
Koch, Kenneth From the air [London, Taranman, c1979]. Deep blue cloth, the title in gold on the front cover. Fine, without dust jacket, as issued. First edition. One of 500 numbered copies. Illustrated by Rory McEwen. Inscribed by the illustrator to John Canady on the half-title, March 11, 1982. Ink correction in the last line of the text. This copy signed by the author and by the artist, Rory McEwen, in the colophon. This item is listed on Bibliopoly by ; click here for further details.

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Translate this page Kinsella, WP. Kinsella, WP. Kipling, Rudyard. Kipling, Rudyard. koch, kenneth. koch, kenneth. Koestler, Arthur. Koestler, Arthur. Kogawa, Joy. Kogawa, Joy., Kenneth--70392.html
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The New York Poets: An Anthology

von: John Ashbery Frank O'Hara Kenneth Koch James Schuyler Mark Ford
von: Carcanet Press , erschienen: 25. März 2004

60. BeatBooks: Thank You And Other Poems. KOCH, Kenneth.
NY Grove Press Evergreen Original, 1962. First edition. Wrps. (no h/c issued).......Title Thank You and Other Poems. Author koch, kenneth.
Title: Thank You and Other Poems.
Author: KOCH, Kenneth.
Description: NY: Grove Press Evergreen Original, 1962. First edition. Wrps. (no h/c issued). The first sizable poetry collection by this New York School poet. Very Good plus.
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