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         James M R:     more books (99)
  1. The Haunted Doll's House and Other Ghost Stories (The Complete Ghost Stories of M.R. James, Vol. 2) by M. R. James, 2006-09-26
  2. Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories (The Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James, Vol. 1) by M. R. James, 2005-10-04
  3. Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories (Oxford World's Classics) by M. R. James, 1999-06-03
  4. Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories (Oxford World's Classics) by M. R. James, 2009-03-15
  5. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2005-07-01
  6. Works of M. R. James (6 books) by M. R. James, 2010-09-04
  7. The Five Jars by M. R. James, 2010-07-24
  8. The Penguin Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James by M. R. James,
  9. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Part 2: More Ghost Stories by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2006-01-01
  10. Nineteen Ghost Stories Of M. R. James To Keep You Up At NightThe Complete Three Volume Collection by M. R. James, 2009-03-27
  11. Ghost Stories: v. 2 (BBC Audio) by M. R. James, 2009-10-08
  12. Old Testament Legends - being stories out of some of the less-known apochryphal books of the old testament by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2010-07-12
  13. The Ghost Stories of M.R. James by M. R. James, 1991-12
  14. The Self and Memory (Studies in Self and Identity)

1. The Literary Gothic   |   M. R. James   
MR james page at The Literary Gothic, the web s premier guide to Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to 1950. james, MR.
James, M. R.
1 August 1862 - 12 June 1936
British writer, antiquarian, and academic widely regarded as one of the greatest practitioners of supernaturalist short fiction; his specialty was the antiquarian ghost story.
Sites: A Thin Ghost A nice James site w/ bibiographical info, a bibliography, a much-needed filmography, and a nice sample of illustrations for James' work over the years. [Stephen Gray] M. R. James page Includes bibliographical information and some extexts, linked below. [Frank Adey] Ghost Stories by M. R. James. Provides etexts, all of which are linked below. [Charles Tyson] Portrait [National Portrait Gallery, London]
Etexts: James' most important and well-known works are those collected in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary and its sequel More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary . In keeping with the prominence of these volumes, I've listed the tales below under each respective title and in the order in which they appeared in those volumes. Both of these volumes are now completely represented by the etexts linked here.
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary "Canon Alberic's Scrap-book" [1893] - at Charles Tyson's site
- at LitGothic
for this story "Lost Hearts" - at [Charles Tyson's site]
- at [Frank Adey's site] "The Mezzotint" - at [Gaslight]
- at [Charles Tyson's site]
- at [Frank Adey's site] "The Ash-Tree" (33K) [Charles Tyson]
"Number 13"
(37K) [Charles Tyson] "Count Magnus" - at [Charles Tyson's site] - at [Frank Adey's site "Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad" [1904]

2. Ghosts & Scholars, Montague Rhodes James, M.R. James Newsletter
I believe there never was a time when I have had more of a programme than to find out all I could about various matters and to make friends. (MR james, 1922).
"I believe there never was a time when I have had more of a programme than to find out all I could about various matters and to make friends." (M.R. James, 1922) Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936), Provost of King's College Cambridge, and later of Eton, was a noted scholar and antiquary, who also authored some of the greatest and most influential ghost stories in the English language. There are approximately forty of his supernatural tales (some incomplete), most of which were published in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary , More Ghost Stories A Thin Ghost and Others A Warning to the Curious (1925) and The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James Among them are famous titles such as "Casting the Runes" and "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad". James also wrote a short supernatural fantasy novel for children, The Five Jars
M.R. James can arguably be described as the Father of the Modern Ghost Story, and Magazine continued the Jamesian tradition, as well as encouraging scholarly research into James, his themes and his followers. Founded in 1979, it was a small press, non-profit journal containing new stories, articles, reviews, columns and artwork. (December 2001) was the final issue. In 2002 it was succeeded by the

3. M.R. James @ Catharton Authors
M.R. james and resources concerning his works. Catharton Authors J james, M.R. Montague Rhodes james Try searching Google for M.R. james List of Works
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors J : James, M.R. Montague Rhodes James Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: M.R. James [] The Authorised M.R. James Website Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: Suggest or Request a list Chat Rooms: Suggest or Request a room Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for M.R. James List of Works:
Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary
More Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary
A Thin Ghost And Others
The Five Jars
A Warning To The Curious Wailing Well Collected Ghost Stories
Correct this list of works ... if you need help, peruse this site's Frequently Asked Questions

4. James M. Inhofe - U.S. Senator - Oklahoma
Thank you for visiting my online Senate office. I hope you find this site beneficial and informative, and I encourage you to come back often to get the latest updates on issues important to you.
Thank you for visiting my online Senate office. I hope you find this site beneficial and informative, and I encourage you to come back often to get the latest updates on issues important to you. I am honored to serve the state of Oklahoma in the United States Senate, and will continue to fight for Oklahoma values in our nation's Capital. Please feel free to contact me at any time to share your views and opinions. Sincerely, Top News... Transcript of Senator Inhofe’s Remarks at the 05/11/2004 Senate Armed Services Hearing on Iraqi Prisoner Treatment (Panel 1) INHOFE ANNOUNCES OVER $10.4 MILLION TO INCREASE BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS NHOFE ANNOUNCES MEDICARE DRUG DISCOUNT CARDS Sen. Inhofe meets with Oklahoma Soldiers in Mosul Iraq. Oklahoma Plan for Tar Creek Biography Committees Constituent Services ... Home

5. ++ / Welcome To James / ++
MGM site for fans, with video and DVD information, games, and FAQ.
this page uses frames :)

6. "Mr. Humphries And His Inheritance" By M. R. James
Mr. Humphries and His Inheritance by MR james. Text More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. London 1911. Thanks to Dr. Dick Collins, of Inchigeela, Co.
"Mr. Humphries and His Inheritance" by M. R. James
Text: More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary . London: 1911.
Thanks to Dr. Dick Collins , of Inchigeela, Co. Cork, Ireland, who supplied this etext and the annotations to The Literary Gothic . Corrections and emendations by the LitGothic Hobgoblin Crew.
During the minutes that preceded the announcement of luncheon the party settled themselves on elaborate chairs in the drawing-room, Humphreys, for his part, perspiring quietly in the consciousness that stock was being taken of him. 'I was just saying to Mr Humphreys, my dear,' said Mr Cooper, 'that I hope and trust that his residence among us here in Wilsthorpe will be marked as a red-letter day.' 'Yes, indeed, I'm sure,' said Mrs Cooper heartily, 'and many, many of them.' Miss Cooper murmured words to the same effect, and Humphreys attempted a pleasantry about painting the whole calendar red, which, though greeted with shrill laughter, was evidently not fully understood. At this point they proceeded to luncheon. 'Do you know this part of the country at all, Mr Humphreys?' said Mrs Cooper, after a short interval. This was a better opening.

7. Jan James
MP3 music, video, photos, biography, press reviews, and fan mail.
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"Urgency in her voice...legitimacy of lyrics."

8. The Unofficial James Clavell Website
An unofficial site dedicated to the prolific author, screenwriter, director and producer.
The Ultimate James Clavell Website This site is dedicated to the life, times, and works of Mr. James Clavell. In his role as author, screen-writer, director and producer, the scope of Clavell's works span several decades and several genres. All of Clavell's works are listed below, just click on your choice and follow the links. Enjoy! Sept. 1980 Issue of TV Guide Clavell Related Items for Sale What's New? This Site Last Updated November 30, 2003 Visits Since 09/19/01 Home Clavell Biography Discussion Board Miscellaneous ... Front Page Challenge

9. M.R. James
M.R. james Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites on IMDb message board for M.R. james. Find where M.R. james is credited alongside another, M.R.

10. M.R. James On Le Fanu
MR james on JS Le Fanu. by MR james. (from Ghosts Scholars 7.). The following article is adapted from a lecture given by MR james
M.R. James on
J.S. Le Fanu by M.R. James
(from The following article is adapted from a lecture given by M.R. James at the weekly meeting of the Royal Institution of Great Britain on March 16th, 1923. The speech was entitled "The Novels and Stories of J. Sheridan Le Fanu". MRJ's own abstract appeared in Volume XXIV of the Institution's Proceedings , and was reprinted in Peter Haining's M.R. James: Book of the Supernatural (Foulsham, 1979). The notes for the lecture are in King's College Library, Cambridge, and were edited into article form for first publication in . For this web site version I have reinstated a few sections which were cut out in Reproduced by kind permission of N.J.R. James.
Only one novelist known to me ever refers to Sheridan Le Fanu as an acknowledged authority or master in the particular line to which he devoted himself: the name of this writer is respectable but not more. It is James Payn. Probably if the works of Andrew Lang ever have a concordance made to them, the name of Le Fanu will be found to occur in it. But the fact remains that Le Fanu is not at the moment the occupier of any particular pedestal. There has never been a boom in his writings. I am not anxious for one, though if it comes I shall be prepared to concede the great author of booms, Poet Gosse, several points or bisques. I do not then claim for this author any very exalted place, but I desire to advance the claim that he has attained supremacy in one particular line: he succeeds in inspiring a mysterious terror better than any other writer. I have heard the proposition advanced that Edgar Allan Poe stands at the head of those who have written

11. James Joyce: The Brazen Head - Author Homepage
Extensive scholarship, criticism, bibliography, biography, and links.
Have a seat at the bar, and while I pour you a pint, let me explain the purpose of this site. At the Brazen Head, you will find a ball of electronic twine to aid you in your travels through the labyrinth of Dedalus. Here you will find information and resources on Joyce and his works, links to other Joyce sites across the Web, and miscellaneous Joycean tidbits. It is my intention to create a comfortable spot where long time enthusiasts of Joyce and those just beginning to read his work may visit and kick back to enjoy exploring the world of this delightfully mad Irishman.
Headlines Portrait of the Daughter Lucia Joyce and Calico Colum McCann on Doyle Ulysses flap. Kevin Myers on Ulysses Ulysses and the Joyce estate. Roddy Doyle on Ulysses House of the Dead Comes Alive Again Dublin Bloom Ulysses Bl,.m Ulysses starring Stephen Rea. Joyce to the World Bloomsday Cabaret Nora DVD Irish Arts ...
yes I said yes I will Yes.

A review of this Bloomsday Centennial book.
Whom will comes over. And howelse do we hook our hike to find that pint of porter place?

So who am I, your humble barman? And why exactly is this place called

12. IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce
Features a biography of Joyce, a portal of links, an annotated and shortened edition of Finnegans Wake, and online resources on Dubliners and Ulysses.
[Up: homepage] [JAJportal] [Robot Wisdom weblog] This revised page is missing a few things from the old version
IQ Infinity: the unknown James Joyce
Jorn Barger August 2000 (updated Apr2001) Subtopics on this page: [oldpic] Recent news: For the very latest headlines, try the JAJportal or the alt.books.james-joyce newsgroup Note to undergrads Most people coming to this website are undergrads who've been assigned a short story by Joyce, with one of the following titles: The Sisters, An Encounter, Araby, Eveline, After The Race, Two Gallants, The Boarding House, A Little Cloud, Counterparts, Clay, A Painful Case, Ivy Day In The Committee Room, A Mother, Grace, or The Dead.

13. - M. R. James Books Search Results
M. R. james Books Search Results Search for M. R. james in all of's stores. Results for M. R. james ( 49 matching products) R. James&loc=

14. Literary Encyclopedia: James, M. R.
james, MR. (1862 1936). Domain Literature. Gothic Story Writer. Active 1882 - 1936 in England, Britain, Europe.

15. James Marsters
Sells autographed pictures. Includes a calendar of upcoming events and appearances, a filmography, and a biography.

16. James M. Inhofe - U.S. Senator - Oklahoma
ATTENTION If you are an Oklahoman experiencing difficulties with a Federal Government agency or needing assistance from my office, please DO NOT email me from this page.
ATTENTION: If you are an Oklahoman experiencing difficulties with a Federal Government agency or needing assistance from my office, please DO NOT email me from this page. In order for us to better serve you, please visit our Constituent Services page. DUE TO ANTHRAX SCREENING, MAIL DELIVERY TO CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES IS SLIGHTLY DELAYED. PLEASE COMMUNICATE ALL URGENT CORRESPONDENCE WITH OUR OFFICE VIA FAX, EMAIL, OR TELEPHONE CALL. THANK YOU E-Mail the Senator with your views Please enter name and address.
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17. James, M.R. In UK Directory: Lifestyle & Auto: Horror
james, MR Find a biography and bibliography of this ghost story writer, together with etexts of his stories. Web Search james, MR.,705575,904680,671379,1153980

18. James Cagney
Biography, pictures, filmography, and film reviews.
James Cagney
Born: July 17, 1899 in New York, New York
Died: March 30, 1986 in Stanfordville, New York
Wife: Willard Vernon
Children: (adopted) James, Jr. and Cassie
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Nicknames: Red, Jim, Jimmy
Buy videos and DVDs of Jimmy's movies at!

  • Sinner's Holiday (1930) as Harry Delano
  • Doorway to Hell (1930) as Steve Mileway
  • Other Men's Women (1931) as Ed
  • The Millionaire (1931) as Bill Merrick
  • The Public Enemy (1931) as Tom Powers
  • Smart Money (1931) as Jack
  • Blonde Crazy (1931) as Bert Harris
  • Taxi! (1932) as Matt Nolan
  • The Crowd Roars (1932) as Joe Greer
  • Winner Takes All (1932) as Jim Lane
  • Hard to Handle (1933) as Lefty Merrill
  • Picture Snatcher (1933) as Danny Kean
  • The Mayor of Hell (1933) as Patsy Gargan
  • Footlight Parade (1933) as Chester Kent
  • Lady Killer (1933) as Dan Quigley
  • Jimmy the Gent (1934) as Jimmy Corrigan
  • He Was Her Man (1934) as Flicker Hayes
  • Here Comes the Navy (1934) as Chesty O'Connor
  • The St. Louis Kid (1934) as Eddie Kennedy
  • Devil Dogs of the Air (1935) as Tommy O'Toole
  • G-Men (1935) as James "Brick" Davis
  • The Irish in Us (1935) as Danny O'Hara
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) as Bottom
  • Frisco Kid (1935) as Bat Morgan
  • Ceiling Zero (1935) as Dizzy Davis
  • Great Guy (1936) as Johnny Cave
  • Something to Sing About (1937) as Terry Rooney
  • Boy Meets Girl (1938) as Robert Law
  • Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) as Rocky Sullivan
  • The Oklahoma Kid (1939) as Jim Kincaid
  • Each Dawn I Die (1939) as Frank Ross
  • The Roaring Twenties (1939) as Eddie Bartlett

19. HorrorMasters Short Story Collection
Home. HorrorMasters MR james Short Story Collections A Thin Ghost and Others. Home. A Thin Ghost and Others By MR james The Residence
HorrorMasters M R James Short Story Collections: A Thin Ghost and Others

A Thin Ghost and Others
By M. R. James
The Residence at Whitminster
The Diary of Mr Poynter

An Episode of Cathedral History

The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance
Two Doctors
And don't forget to check out our
Horror Story of the Day

20. James L. Brooks
Includes filmography, biography, image gallery, news, awards and nominations.

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James L. Brooks
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Date of birth (location)
9 May North Bergen, New Jersey, USA
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Sometimes Credited As:
James Hell Brooks Jim Brooks
James L. Brooks Video DVD Soundtrack Also available: Books Filmography as: Producer Writer Director Actor ... Notable TV Guest Appearances Producer - filmography In Production
  • Spanglish (2004) filming (producer) Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) (producer) TV Series (executive producer) TV Series (executive producer) As Good As It Gets (1997) (producer) Jerry Maguire (1996) (producer) Bottle Rocket (1996) (executive producer) I'll Do Anything (1994) (producer) TV Series (executive producer) TV Series (executive producer) Best of the Tracey Ullman Show, The (1990) (TV) (executive producer) Simpsons Christmas Special, The (1989) (TV)
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