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         James Henry:     more books (100)
  1. The Best Short Stories and Novellas of Henry James by Henry James, 2008-01-01
  2. Henry James : Novels 1871-1880: Watch and Ward, Roderick Hudson, The American, The Europeans, Confidence (Library of America) by Henry James, 1983-11-15
  3. The Complete Works of Henry James (60 works with an active table of contents) by Henry James, 2010-01-10
  4. A Portrait of a Lady (Classic Literature with Classical Music) by Henry James, 2006-04
  5. All a Novelist Needs: Colm Tóibín on Henry James by Colm Tóibín, 2010-09-28
  6. A Bundle of Letters (Dodo Publishing) by Henry James, 2009-10-15
  7. Italian Hours by Henry James, 2004-08-01
  8. Best of Henry James: The Portrait of a Lady, The Bostonians and The Turn of the Screw (CSA Word Classic Authors)
  9. The Novels of Henry James: 16 Novels in One Volume (Halcyon Classics) by Henry James, 2009-08-12
  10. The Golden Bowl (Everyman's Library (Cloth)) by Henry James, 1992-12-15
  11. The Figure in the Carpet and Other Stories by Henry James, 2007-12-06
  12. Tales of Henry James (Norton Critical Editions) by Henry James, 2002-11
  13. Small Boy and Others, A by Henry James, 2001-11-15
  14. What Maisie Knew (Oxford World's Classics) by Henry James, 2009-08-03

81. Henry Thomas Harrison, Longstreet's Scout
A detailed account of Gen. james Longstreet's famous scout. However, historians are still trying to piece together the mystery of Harrison and continue searching for clues as to his earlier life and his whereabouts after the Civil War.
Longstreet's Scout
Henry Thomas Harrison
During the early morning hours of June 28, 1863, Union General George Gordon Meade was appointed commander of the Army of the Potomac while at his headquarters near Frederick, Md.
Later that same night, a spy brought this surprising news to Chambersburg, Pa, a distance of fifty miles, where CSA General James Longstreet's headquarters was located.
Henry Thomas Harrison, a Confederate spy, supplied Generals Longstreet and Lee with details about the advancing Union army. Based solely on that information, Lee ordered his dispersed army to move immediately towards a small crossroads town in south-central Pennsylvania. Thus was the beginning of the historic three-day battle known as Gettysburg.
Many historians attribute the battle’s location to H. T. Harrison. Henry Thomas Harrison c.1861
Courtesy of Mrs. Marian Ralph Last update: Latest Updates Chronology Memorial Service at Highland Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions ... Harrison's Coded Message Overview The identity of General James Longstreet's famous scout, known only as "Harrison" remained a mystery for more than a century. However, in 1986 historian James O. Hall identified this elusive man. Researching the Civil War records at the National Archives, Hall found conclusive evidence that Longstreet's scout was Secret Agent H. T. Harrison.

82. Davis Family Genealogy
The Davis Family Genealogy describes the family lines of henry Davis, the paternal greatgrandfather of james P. Keller Jim's grandmother, Ida Davis (1867-1912), was born in Marion County, Indiana, the daughter of henry Davis (1836-1889) and Harriet Adelaide McWhorter(1840-1932).
Genealogy: Davis-McWhorter-Campbell
The Davis Family Genealogy
The Davis Family Genealogy describes the family lines of Henry Davis, the paternal great-grandfather of James P. Keller Jim's grandmother, Ida Davis (1867-1912), was born in Marion County, Indiana, the daughter of Henry Davis (1836-1889) and Harriet Adelaide McWhorter(1840-1932). Henry Davis was one of seven children of James and Sarah Sawyer Davis. James Davis and Sarah Sawyer were both born in North Carolina, although some family tradition indicates that they came from Virginia. It may be that, while born in North Carolina, their parents came there from Virginia. To date I have been unable to trace their origins in North Carolina. Death certificates of three of their children seem to indicate that the marriage of James Davis and Sarah Sawyer may have been the second one for both of them and that the first five children were from James Davis' first marriage and the youngest two, David and Bartholomew, were Sarah's from her first marriage. If so, James and Sarah would have been married in Indiana between 1844 and 1850. However, no information has yet been found to confirm these earlier marriages.
Henry Davis- b.-1836 d.-1889

83. Forthcoming Titles
UK publisher of limited editions by authors including T. S. Eliot, henry james, Alexander Pope, William Empson and Sir Thomas Urquhart
The Foundling Press

84. Henry James
Translate this page Né à New York en 1843, mort à Londres en 1916, henry james qui prit la nationalité anglaise un an avant sa mort, est l’écrivain qui a dépeint le plus
Daisy Miller Washington Square Les Bostoniens (1885) et (1888) et atteint sa conclusion avec Les Ambassadeurs

85. The Bible
King james Version, American Standard Version, KJV concordance, and Matthew henry commentary. Parallel column presentation.
Welcome to: A-Z The Bible Your online guide to easy to read Bibles on the Internet! Online Bible. Read the:
  • King James Bible
  • American Standard / Word English Bible
  • Matthew Henry Commentary on the Bible
  • King James / American Standard Parallel Comparison of the Bible The Bible Word Reference from A-Z (King James version)
    B C D ... Z
    Link Legend BOOKS Listing of all book names of the Bible with hyperlinks KJV King James Version of the Bible ASV American Standard Version of the Bible PAR King James / American Standard Parallel Comparison of the Bible MHC Matthew Henry Commentary of the Bible Chap List Listing of a selected book's chapters with hyperlinks REF Topical reference of selected book with hyperlinks The Bible bible, the bible, online bible, bible verses, king james bible, bible study, holy bible
  • 86. Crawford Art Gallery
    Located in Cork, Ireland, and housing a collection of important Irish artists, including james Barry, Nathaniel Grogan, Walter Osborne, Paul henry, Jack B. Yeats, Harry Clarke and Sean Keating.
    Click here For Details of the Crawford Open 5

    This site showcases the creative and scholarly works of students inspired by Emily Dickinson and henry james an example of a way to use Emily Dickinson in the classroom.
    The Worlds of Dickinson and James
    Exploration through Classroom Creativity
    Emily Dickinson Photo used with permission from the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections As children, creativity is an aura around us; children are encouraged to play pretend, let their imaginations expand, and think as freely as possible. They live in creative, improvised worlds, making up their own guidelines and being rewarded for attempts, failed or successful, at forming art, through outlets ranging from scribbles on scraps of paper to lessons taught to a class full of imaginary students. This childhood freedom, however, is typically not encouraged in post-secondary education; when it is, the results are more rewarding than a participant or audience member could ever imagine. As an English major I had always felt inspired by what I am studying: Morrison evoked an irresistible urge in me to write poetry, and More caused me to be intrigued by the English court system in the sixteenth century. Usually, I had been forced to allow the products of my inspiration to come alive only as pleasure reading, or stanzas etched in the margins of my notebook. I have been privileged to be a student in a few classes where this inspiration has blossomed into creative works, though. It is hard to look back at the quality of the work in these classes without being truly impressed by the projects that were presented by students, many of whom had little or no experience in art. The feeling of accomplishment by those students, comparable to the feeling experienced by a child who has proudly sketched a refrigerator-worthy family portrait, is something not seen everyday in traditional classrooms.

    88. - Great Books -
    henry james (18431916), American As a novelist, henry james is a modern of the moderns both in subject matter and in method. He
    Henry James
    American author, was born in New York on the 15th of April 1843. His father was Henry James (1811 - I882), a theological writer of great originality, from whom both he and his brother Professor William James derived their psychological subtlety and their idiomatic, picturesque English. Most of Henrys boyhood was spent in Europe, where he studied under tutors in England, France and Switzerland. In i86b he returned to America, and began reading law at Harvard, only to find speedily that literature, not law, was what he most cared for. His earliest short tale, The Story of a Year, appeared in 1865, in. the Atlantic Monthly, and frequent stories and sketches followed. In 1869 he again went to Europe, where he subsequently made his home, for the most part living in London, or at Rye in Sussex. Among his specially noteworthy works are the following: Watch and Ward (1871); Roderick Hudson (1875); The American (1877); Daisy Miller (1878); French Poets and Novelists (1878); A Life of Hawthorne (1879); The Portrait of a Lady (1881); Portraits of Places (1884); The Bostonians (1886); Partial Portraits (1888); The Tragic Muse (189o); Essays in London (1893); The Two Magics (1898); The Awkward Age (1898); The Wings of the Dove (1902); The Ambassadors (1903); The Golden Bowl (1904); English Hours (1905); The American Scene (1907); The High Bid (1909); Italian Hours (1909)

    89. Fire In The Sky
    Excellent movie starring D.B. Sweeney, james Garner, henry Thomas, Robert Patrick, and Bradley Gregg.
    NOVEMBER 5TH, 1975
      D.B. Sweeney  .... Travis Walton The real Travis Walton  appears in the church scene when Mike confronts the community During the New York crowd scenes in the film Deep Impact , a cinema in the background is playing this film. The tree that falls inches from DB Sweeney in the logging scene is no special effect - he had enormous trust and confidence in the loggers who pre-cut the tree for Craig Sheffer to finish off when filming. Robert Patrick
    360 Entertainment Henry Thomas
    The Official Homepage Peter Berg
    Simply Berg... Travis Walton
    Fire in the Sky - The Travis Walton Experience  Robert Patrick  .... Mike Rogers  Craig Sheffer  .... Allan Dallis  Peter Berg  .... David Whitlock  Henry Thomas  .... Greg  Bradley Gregg  .... Bobby Cogdill  Noble Willingham  .... Blake Davis  Kathleen Wilhoite  .... Katie Rogers  James Garner  .... Sheriff Watters  Georgia Emelin  .... Dana Rogers

    90. Welcome To The [Henry James Memorial School] - Main Page
    Public school with grades 7 and 8 shares information on its faculty, staff, clubs, school calendar and sports teams.

    Click here for the Freshman Summer Reading List

    Click here for Art Show Information
    Principal:   Michael P. Churilla
    Assistant Principal:   Patricia H. Peters
    155 Firetown Road
    Simsbury, CT 06070
    Telephone: (860) 651-3341
    Fax: (860) 658-3629

    91. Untitled
    Fitxa t¨cnica, sinopsi i comentari d'aquesta pel·l­cula de Jordi Cadena. Adaptaci³ lliure de l'obra de henry james.
    ELS PAPERS D'ASPERN 1991 (C. Pan. - 1:1,66) 85' Dr. Jordi Cadena Sinopsis Comentari

    92. Ch. 1, Hawthorne, By Henry James, 1879
    Hawthorne. By henry james. Editor s note excerpts from this book can also be found in a separate file online here. (Caution it
    /Search/ ?Help?
    Names ...
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    By Henry James
    [Editor's note: ] excerpts from this book can also be found in a separate file online here . (Caution: it is about 125KB and so may take a long time to load.)
    The Early Years
    IT WILL The Scarlet Letter and the Mosses from an Old Manse, that we render him a poor service in contrasting his proportions with those of a great civilization. But our author must accept the awkward as well as the graceful side of his fame; for he has the advantage of pointing a valuable moral. This moral is that the flower of art blooms only where the soil is deep, that it takes a great deal of history to produce a little literature, that it needs a complex social machinery to set a writer in motion. American civilization has hitherto had other things to do than to produce flowers, and before giving birth to writers it has wisely occupied itself with providing something for them to write about. Three or four beautiful talents of trans-Atlantic growth are the sum of what the world usually recognizes, and in this modest nosegay the genius of Hawthorne is admitted to have the rarest and sweetest fragrance. His very The House of Seven Gables and The Blithedale Romance

    93. Henry James - Free Online Library
    Portrait and concise biography of this American writer, with links to online etexts of his works.
    Library Henry James Dictionary
    Henry James
    Henry James was born in New York City in 1843. His father, Henry James Sr, was a wealthy man and a well-known intellectual, whose friends included Thoreau, Emerson and Hawthorne. The affluence the family inherited from his Irish grandfather allowed James to live in comfort; he never made much money from his writing. As a young man, James traveled between Europe and America, and studied law at Harvard briefly at the age of nineteen. He published his first short story, A Tragedy of Errors , two years later, and began writing full-time. His first novel, Watch and Ward (1871), was written on a voyage through Venice and Paris. During his years in Europe James wrote several novels portraying Americans living abroad. Between 1906 and 1910 James revised many of his tales and novels for the New York edition of his complete works. Before his death in 1916, he also completed his autobiography, which included A Small Boy and Others Notes of a Son Aand Brother (1914) and The Middle Years , which was published posthumously.

    94. Literary Encyclopedia: James, Henry
    james, henry. (1843 1916). henry james was born off Broadway, in Washington Place, New York, 1843, the second of five children.

    95. Project Gutenberg - Bibliographic Record
    Etext at Project Gutenberg.
    H ome P ersonalize
    A uthor: T itle Word(s): How To F ind Advanced ... ecent Books
    About Us
    D onate E vents ... ontacts
    In Depth
    V olunteering HO W ... ewsletters
    Bibliographic Record
    Help on this page Data Title: Henry James, Jr. Author: Howells, William Dean Language: English Subject: James, Henry, Jr. 1843-1916 Subject: Criticism and interpretation LoC Class: Language and Literatures
    Literature: General, Criticism, Collections
    Release Date: Nov 1996 Etext number: Files File Type Download File Size Plain text select mirror P2P network 32 KB Plain text (zipped) select mirror P2P network 13 KB If you are located outside of the U.S. you may want to download from a mirror site located near you to improve performance. Permanently select a Mirror Site If you need a special character set, try our new recode facility (experimental) Edit this entry (Project Gutenberg staff only) Most recently updated: 2004-05-28 07:00:00.

    96. Literary Encyclopedia: James, Henry Sr.
    james, henry Sr.. (1811 1882). Domain Religion, Philosophy. Philosopher, Lecturer, Religious henry james Sr. is now known

    97. Boundless Way Zen: Boston-based Zen Community
    Buddhist community serving Sommerville, Newton, Cambridge, and the greater Boston area led by james Ishmael Ford Sensei, Harada/Yasutani lineage. Affiliated with the Pacific Zen Institute, Spring Hill Zen Group, the henry Thoreau Zen Sangha, and the Worcester Zen Group.
    Zen Buddhist Meditation
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Boundless Way Zen is a community of Zen Buddhist practitioners mostly located in the greater Boston, MA area. Come meditate with us at one of our Greater Boston meditation groups: In addition to our Massachusetts meditation groups' weekly programs, Boundless Way Zen offers several intensive meditation retreats each year, and our website provides resources for the study of Buddhism.
    This site is a member of the Zen Web Ring.
    This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

    98. Cinema Truffaut
    Cr­tica d'aquesta pel·l­cula dirigida per james Ivory amb el gui³ de Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, basat en la novel·la de henry james.
    La copa dorada DIVENDRES
    The golden bowl
    James Ivory.
    Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, basat en la de Henry James. Sinopsi: Henry James i els fantasmes Suspense The innocents ), film dirigit per Jack Clayton que adapta Un altre pas de rosca L'altar dels morts ) amb la voluntat d'explorar el pes dels morts en la vida dels vius. Pel que fa a James Ivory (el qual ha sovintejat obres literaries, preferentment d'E.M. Forster, per construir una filmografia de prestigi, culta i exquisida), podia sospitar-se que adaptaria La copa daurada La copa daurada en la seva pel. i Sobrevivir a Picasso Imma Merino Col.

    99. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Outlines: Outline Of American Literature: The
    FRtR Outlines American Literature The Rise of Realism 18601914 henry james (1843-1916). The Rise of Realism 1860-1914 henry james (1843-1916).
    FRtR Outlines American Literature The Rise of Realism: 1860-1914: Henry James (1843-1916)
    An Outline of American Literature
    by Kathryn VanSpanckeren
    The Rise of Realism: 1860-1914: Henry James (1843-1916)
    Index Henry James once wrote that art, especially literary art, "makes life, makes interest, makes importance." James's fiction and criticism is the most highly conscious, sophisticated, and difficult of its era. With Twain , James is generally ranked as the greatest American novelist of the second half of the 19th century. James is noted for his "international theme" that is, the complex relationships between na‹ve Americans and cosmopolitan Europeans. What his biographer Leon Edel calls James's first, or "international," phase encompassed such works as Transatlantic Sketches (travel pieces, 1875), The American Daisy Miller (1879), and a masterpiece, The Portrait of a Lady (1881). In The American , for example, Christopher Newman, a na‹ve but intelligent and idealistic self-made millionaire industrialist, goes to Europe seeking a bride. When her family rejects him because he lacks an aristocratic background, he has a chance to revenge himself; in deciding not to, he demonstrates his moral superiority. James's second period was experimental. He exploited new subject matters feminism and social reform in

    100. Confidence
    james, henry. Confidence Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library. The entire work (470 KB) Table of Contents for this work .
    James, Henry. Confidence
    Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
    The entire work
    470 KB Table of Contents for this work All on-line databases Etext Center Homepage
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