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         Everard Katherine:     more detail
  1. A STAR'S PROGRESS by Katherine (pen name used by Gore Vidal) Everard, 1950
  2. SIGNED A STAR'S PROGRESS by Katherine Aka Vidal, Gore Everard, 1950
  3. Cry Shame! by Katherine Everard, 1950

1. Catharton: Authors: E:
Evans, Max. everard, katherine see Vidal, Gore. Evers, Crabbe
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors : E: Eady , Cornelius
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Early , Jack - see Scoppettone , Sandra
, Margot
Easterman , Daniel - see MacEoin , Denis
, M. Coleman ... , Rosemary Edmonds , Helen Woods - see Kavan , Anna Edmondson , G.C. ... , Ehren M. Ehly , Moreen - see Ehly , Ehren M. Eichendorff , Joseph von ... , Janice Elliott , Kate - see Rasmussen , Alis A. Ellis , Bret Easton ... , Carol Ellis , Jack - see George , Stephen R. Ellis , Normandi ... , P.N. Elson , R.N. - see Nelson , Ray Elton , Ben ... , Paul eluki bes shahar - see Edghill , Rosemary Elwood , Roger ... , Earl Emerson , Jane - see Egan , Doris Emerson , Kathy Lynn ... , Laura Essex , William - see Tigges , John Estep , Maggie ... , Max Everard , Katherine - see Vidal , Gore Evers , Crabbe ... , Clive on the author's name to see more about them...

2. Untitled130
Mathews, Episcopal minister. everard Hamilton was born 04 December JAMES everard BLACKSHEAR born 12 January 1847 at "Mariana " Laurens Co., GA; married katherine "Kate" McCALLUM


Vocelle Index
Chapters: Introduction John Floyd Samuel Floyd Charles Floyd ... Index MARY HAZZARD FLOYD born 01 October 1795 in McIntosh County, GA; married COL. EVERARDHAMILTON on Thursday 31 October 1816 at Fairfield Plantation in Camden County, GA, by Rev. William Mathews, Episcopal minister. Everard Hamilton was born 04 December 1791 in Hancock Co., GA, the son of JOHN HAMILTON, ESQ. TABITHA THWEATT Everard Hamilton's sister, Frances Hamilton, marr. Brig-Gen. David Blackshear ). Eleven children ( Charles Floyd JohnFloyd Caesar Isabella Maria Caroline Mary Anne Lafayette John Floyd SarahFrances Charlessina Everard Marmaduke Richard William Zoe Decima JamesThweatt A Little Family History , an in-depth account of the early Floyd family, including a detailed description of her own generation (Copies in Bryan-Lang Historical Lib., Woodbine, GA; GA Historical Society, Savannah, GA; GA Dept. Archives & History, Atlanta, GA). "Aunt Mary sent me a picture [of herself] which reminds me so much of our grandmother" ("Diary," by Augusta Gallie Floyd, June 1873). In later years she was an accomplished seamstress/artist - fashioned colorful silk quilts embroidered with animals & flowers (Files of Anne Floyd Williams Chenault, Great Falls, VA). On 22 January 1831, John Floyd gave his daughter, Mary H. Hamilton, a gift of eleven Negroes (CCG Deed Bk. L p. 475). Col. Everard Hamilton served in the War of 1812 & in the Creek War in 1814-1815 - was an aide-de-camp to Gen. John Floyd (

3. Katherine Everard Biography And Quotes Sites
If these resources do not have katherine everard biography and quote informationthat you need, please contact one of the sites directly. katherine everard.

4. - Person Page 3814
and Mary katherine Talbot Mary Winifrede Teresa Radcliffe d. 14Dec 1944 Sir everard Joseph Radcliffe, 5th Bt.+ b. 27 Jan 1884.
A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe
Person Page 3814
Info About This Website
Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe, 3rd Bt. (M)
b. 4 October 1824, d. 27 April 1908, #76261
Last Edited=2 Nov 2003 Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe 3rd Bt. was born on 4 October 1824. He died on 27 April 1908 at age 83.
He gained the title of 3rd Baronet Radcliffe.
Children of Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe, 3rd Bt.:
Sir Joseph Edward Radcliffe 4th Bt. b. 1 Aug 1858, d. 29 Sep 1949
Philip John Joseph
Radcliffe b. 1 Nov 1863, d. 17 Feb 1943

Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe, 5th Bt. (M)
b. 27 January 1884, #76262 Pedigree Last Edited=12 Nov 2003 Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe 5th Bt. was the son of Sir Joseph Edward Radcliffe 4th Bt. and Mary Katherine Talbot . He was born on 27 January 1884. He married Margurite Magdalen Ashton Case , daughter of Captain Henry Ashton Case , on 27 January 1909. He gained the title of 5th Baronet Radcliffe.
Child of Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe, 5th Bt. and

5. IDFA Genealogy - Hunger2
Family of HUNGERFORD, Walter PEVERELL, katherine. Marriage. 1402. Penhale, Cornwall, England Father. 1160. DE HUNGERFORD, everard. Birth. 1186. Unknown
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
HUNGERFORD, Walter (male) Father HUNGERFORD, Thomas Mother STRUG, Eleanor Birth 22 Jun 1378 Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire, England Death 9 Aug 1449 Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England PEVERELL, Katherine (female) Father PEVERELL, Thomas Mother COURTENAY, Margaret Birth Park, Hamitilly, Penhale, Cornwall, England Death Park Hamitilly, Penhale, Cornwall, England Marriage Penhale, Cornwall, England Boy HUNGERFORD, Edmund HUNGERFORD, Thomas (male) Father HUNGERFORD, Walter Mother FITZJOHN, Elizabeth Birth Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire, England Death 3 Dec 1397 Farley Castle, Somersetshire, England STRUG, Eleanor (female) Father STRUG, John Birth Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England Death Unknown Marriage Unknown Boy 22 Jun 1378 HUNGERFORD, Walter HUNGERFORD, Walter (male) Father HUNGERFORD, Walter Mother HEYTESBURY Birth Farleigh, England FITZJOHN, Elizabeth (female) Father FITZJOHN, Adam Birth Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England Boy HUNGERFORD, Thomas HUNGERFORD, Walter (male) Father DE HUNGERFORD, Walter

6. Genealogy Data
Garrett, everard Birth 1 MAY 1804 North Carolina Death 31 MAY 1883 GenderMale. Children Father Davis, John Stedman Mother Keasler, katherine Ann.
Genealogy Data
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Keasler, Katherine Ann
Birth : 13 NOV 1804 South Carolina
Death : 9 NOV 1860 Hamilton Co, Illinois
Gender: Female
Family: Marriage: 3 FEB 1824 in Georgia
Spouse: Davis, John Stedman
Birth : 17 JAN 1798 South Carolina
Death : 9 OCT 1863 Hamilton Co, Illinois
Gender: Male
Children: Davis, Thomas
Birth : 12 SEP 1825 Death : 3 AUG 1904 Illinois Gender: Male Davis, James Stedman Davis, Mary K. Birth : 11 JAN 1829 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Davis, Susan Caroline Birth : 27 APR 1832 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Davis, Sarah Ann E. Birth : 7 OCT 1834 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Davis, Martha Brooks Birth : 22 MAY 1837 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Davis, John Oliver Birth : 28 FEB 1840 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Male Davis, David Marion Birth : 12 AUG 1844 Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Male Davis, William Henry
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Martin, Carrie Ethel Birth : 28 JUL 1888 Death : 14 SEP 1916 Gender: Female Parents: Father: Martin, Hamilton Mother: Walters, Laura

7. I5097: Adela ( - )
1998. Joan CORBET. Father Robert CORBET Mother katherine STRANGE Family1 Owen ap GRIFFITH +Hawise GADARN. 1998. everard II de MORTAIGNE.
web hosting domain names email addresses
Father: William the CONQUEROR
Mother: Matilda (Maud) of FLANDERS
Family 1 Etienne (Stephen) Count_of CHAMPAGNE
  • Theobald II ,_Count_of CHAMPAGNE
  • Stephen KING_OF_ENGLAND _Richard II of NORMANDY ... Reed's Genealogy Page HTML created by on Tue Oct 27 10:58:14 1998.
    • DEATH : BEF 1640
    Family 1 Robert DRAKE
  • Francis DRAKE Ann INDEX
    !Name from web page of Marc L. Griffin, Esq., ( EMAIL Reed's Genealogy Page HTML created by on Tue Oct 27 10:58:14 1998.
    Family 1 Garibaldo I Duke_of BAVARIA
  • Theodon III Gela INDEX
    !Wurts Magna Charta, Part III, p. 430. EMAIL Reed's Genealogy Page HTML created by on Tue Oct 27 10:58:14 1998.
    Family 1 Barent CORNELISZOON
  • Cornelis Barentsen (SLEGHT) SLAIGHT Jaquemune INDEX ... Reed's Genealogy Page HTML created by on Tue Oct 27 10:58:14 1998.
    Family 1 Nicholas de HAVERSHAM
  • Matilda (Maude) HAVERSHAM Joan INDEX ... Reed's Genealogy Page HTML created by on Tue Oct 27 10:58:14 1998.
    Family 1 Rynald MARVIN
    • MARRIAGE : ABT 1535, ,,,England
  • 8. O'Shea Ormonde Deed References
    of Richard Kanalyn O'Shethe and katherine, wife of said Nicholas, outlawed William, Nicholas, katherine, and a certain Anastasia, daughter of John everard, therefore the Earl
    Calendar of Ormonde Deeds
    Extracts Mentioning the O'Shea Family

    Thursday after All Saints 48th Edward III [November 3, 1374] Assizes taken at Clonmel before Walter Lenfaunt, knight, seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary, on Thursday next after the feast of All Saints in the 48th year of Edward III. A fine of 40 d. made by Philip Askedell with the Earl, for pardon of all trespasses and felonies made by him in the Liberty up to the present; arson, rape, forstall and treasure trove excepted, by pledge of Thomas Osheth who ought to pay. A fine of 6 s. d. which Adam Sweyn made ditto, by pledge of Walter Salle. A fine of 6 s. d. which Thomas son of Robert O'Neill made ditto by pledge of . . . De Valle. A fine of 20 s. which which Thomas Brit made ditto, by pledge of William Brit and Walter Salle. A fine of 6 s. d. which Philip son of Oliver Ketyng made ditto, by pledge of Walter Lenfaunt. A fine of 6 s. d. which which Richard son of Milo Cantewell made ditto, by pledge of . . . and Milo Cantwell. A fine of 2 s.

    9. Untitled
    6 McArthur, Savannah 6 JEA 29.12 7 everard, Blake 5 IOH 30.46 8 Budidharma, Jacqueline 85 5 Buckley, katherine 5 JEA 33.83 6 everard, Blake 5 IOH

    10. Arundell2
    above. ((a)), James everard Arundell, 10th Lord of Wardour (b 03.11.1785,dsp 21.06.1834). 1851). ((f)), katherine Arundell (d 12.12.1872).

    11. Familie Greve, Ahnenforschung Und Familienforschung
    Translate this page m. Alice Walleys Sir Libbes Libaeus? Digby, m. NN Hunt Sir John Digby of EyeKettleby, m. katherine Griffin everard Digby of Kettleby, m. Jacqueta Ellis

    12. Familie Greve, Ahnenforschung Und Familienforschung
    Kettleby, m. katherine Griffin everard Digby of Kettleby, m. Jacqueta Ellis

    13. Project Gutenberg - Author Index: C
    Chandler, katherine. BirdWoman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, The. Chandler,Mary G. Cotes, everard, Mrs. Path Of A Star, The; Story Of Sonny Sahib, The.
    H ome P ersonalize
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    V olunteering HO W ... ewsletters
    Author Index: C
    Authors: A B C D ... other Titles: A B C D ... other Languages: Bulgarian Chinese Danish Dutch ... Yiddish
    C, A and F T Gregory
    Cabell, James Branch
    Cabell, James Branch et al
    Cable, Boyd (Ernest Andrew Ewart)
    Cable, George W.
    Cable, George Washington
    Caesar, Caius Julius
    Caesar, Gaius Julius, ca. 100-44 BC
    Cahan, Abraham
    Caine, Hall
    Caine, Hall, Sir
    Cairns, John
    Calamity Jane
    Caldecott, Randolph

    14. Genealogy Data
    Hoo, Gaulther. Back to Main Page. Tylly, katherine Gender Female Parents FatherTylly, Reynold. Spouse Digby, everard Birth Tilton Gender Male Parents
    Main htmlAdWH('7008303', '234', '60');
    Genealogy Data
    Back to Main Page
    Hoo, John
    Death : 1558
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Father: Hoo, John
    Mother: Tylly, Katherine
    Family: Children: Hoo, Gaulther
    Back to Main Page
    Tylly, Katherine
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Father: Tylly, Reynold
    Family: Spouse: Hoo, John
    Birth : 1485 County Suffolk, England
    Gender: Male Children: Hoo, John
    Back to Main Page
    Latimer, Robert Gender: Male Parents: Father: Latimer, Robert Mother: Pecke, Margaret Family: Children: Latimer, William
    Back to Main Page
    Ellis, Jacquetta Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Digby, Everard Birth : Tilton Gender: Male Parents: Father: Digby, Everard Mother: Clarke, Anne Children: Digby, John

    15. Genealogy Data
    De Newkirk, katherine Vandersheff Gender Female Parents Father De Newkirk, StockbridgeVanderschaff Theuber. Family Spouse Digby, everard Gender Male
    Main htmlAdWH('7008303', '234', '60');
    Genealogy Data
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    Griswold, Roger
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Father: Griswold, Roger
    Family: Children: Griswold, George
    Back to Main Page
    Cross, Agnes
    Birth : 3 JAN 1551/52
    Death : 2 NOV 1623
    Gender: Female
    Family: Marriage: 9 FEB 1577/78 in County Somerset, England
    Spouse: Wolcott, John
    Birth : 17 APR 1545 Tolland, County Somerset, England
    Death : 10 DEC 1623 Tolland, County Somerset, England Gender: Male Parents: Father: Wolcott, John Mother: Butler, Agnes Children: Wolcott, Henry
    Back to Main Page
    Butler, Agnes Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Wolcott, John Birth : Tolland, County Somerset, England Death : ABT. 1572 Gender: Male Children: Wolcott, John
    Back to Main Page
    De Newkirk, Katherine Vandersheff Gender: Female Parents: Father: De Newkirk, Stockbridge Vanderschaff Theuber Family: Spouse: Digby, Everard Gender: Male Parents: Father: Digby, Simon Mother: Grey, Ann Children: Digby, Elizabeth

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    17. Saints Of July 30
    everard was educated at Cambridge for the Protestant ministry. Copyright© 1998 katherine I. Rabenstein Created August 1998. ?
    Saints O'the Day
    Saint Peter Chrysologus, Doctor
    (Optional Memorial)
    July 30
    Abdon and Sennen MM (RM)
    3rd or 4th century. Abdon and Sennen are said to have been Persian princes or nobles (but may have been servants) who had become Christians and were captured during one of either Diocletian's or Decius's persecutionspossibly already having been taken prisoner during a Roman campaign in Persia. In Rome they devoted themselves to serving Christian prisoners and burying the bodies of martyrs. Following the glorious tradition of those Christians who preferred death to renouncing Jesus, when the Romans brought idols to be worshipped by the two saints, Abdon and Sennen spat on them. Their story has one strange twist. The two men were taken to the Roman Coliseum to be torn apart by wild beasts. But, we are told, the bears and lions simply refused to touch or harm them. They had to be cut in pieces by gladiators, who thus showed themselves more savage than untamed animals. A brave Roman Christian named Quirinus gathered together their dismembered corpses and buried them. And when Emperor Constantine the Great became a supporter of Christianity, they were buried with honor in the cemetery of Pontianus on the via Portuensis. Their cultus was recorded in the Deposito martyrum written in 354 and in early Roman Sacramentaries (Benedictines, Bentley, Delaney, Farmer).

    18. Genealogy Data
    Family Spouse ELLERSHAW, katherine Parents Marriage living in England SpousePEPYS, MARK everard Birth 1903 England Death 1943 England. Children
    Genealogy Data
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    Birth : 1886 Norfolk
    Death : 1966 Norfolk
    Parents: Father: FISH, CHARLES FRANKLIN
    Family: Marriage: 15 AUG 1905 in Norfolk
    Birth : 13 APR 1884 Norfolk
    Death : 1918
    Parents: Father: NOBBS, ALFRED AUGUSTINE
    Back to Main Page
    Back to Main Page
    BETHEL, BRIAN Parents: Father: BETHEL, EDGAR Mother: SMITH, DINAH MARY ADELAIDE Family: Spouse: _, ZENA Family: Spouse:
    Back to Main Page

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