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         Enders Erik:     more detail

1. Light Of The World
erik enders Assistant Director of Media Services Eenders@lightoftheworld.orgPhone 317202-7532.

2. Glasgow West End - Young West Enders
Glasgow West End Young West enders. Toy Trunk Railroad by erik Sansom FreeCartoons - online comic strip - Click Here! Buy my Books - Click Here!
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Glasgow West End - Young West Enders
Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom
Buy my Books - Click
Here! This section is for young West Enders.
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3. Lssaad2
NWI 1 3 enders, erik Northern CIVSSarnia 11.9 1 enders, erik Northern CIVS-Sarnia 11.8

4. Ontario Masters Outdoor
200 Metres 1 Anaka, Jason 14 Hamilton Oly 22.87 22.87 84.48% 11 2 enders, erik 15Unattached 23.53 23.53 82.11% 11 3 Weniger, Mike 30 Unattached 23.94 23.94
OMTFA all Comers #3
15 February 2004
York University, Toronto 1500m Racewalk 1 Cashman, Kitty 43 Gladstone 7:40.62 7:01.38 81.40% 2 Whalen, Lily 52 Gladstone 8:25.83 7:09.20 79.92% 3 Summerhayes, Stuart 69 Cambridge RW 8:41.07 6:19.76 81.37% 4 Rosenitsch, Ann Marie 63 Masters Sprint Club 8:57.82 6:49.50 83.76% 5 Leo, Nancy 54 London Pacers 9:05.42 7:34.45 75.48% 6 Christensen, Joan 63 Scarborough Masters 9:15.00 7:02.58 81.17% 7 Holmes, Janet 70 London Pacers 10:58.80 7:42.88 74.10% Shot put 1 Parkinson, Richard 39 Unattached 11.65m 11.79m 51.01% 2 Boghina, Rudy 53 Throwers Club 11.62m 14.21m 61.45% 3 Brookes, Lisa 14 Unattached 10.05m 10.05m 43.47% 4 Olivierre, John 40 Throwers Club 9.55m 9.80m 42.43% 5 Malmstrom, Eric 72 Throwers Club 8.88m 12.27m 53.11% 6 Rowswell, Adri 63 Scarborough Masters 7.96m 13.87m 64.66% 7 Woerle, Max 73 Throwers Club 7.40m 10.53m 45.57% Long jump 1 Ennis, Maurice 30 Unattached 7.15m 7.15m 79.89% 2 Rae, Brandon 16 Unattached 6.05m 6.05m 67.60% 3 Roth, Justin 15 Unattached 5.61m 5.61m 62.68% 4 Lech, Richard 55 Unattached 5.50m 7.37m 82.46% 5 Sanjari, Kevin 44 Unattached 5.21m 6.07m 67.84% 6 Rosenberg, Jordan 34 Unattached 5.13m 5.33m 59.65% 7 Lee, Andrea 14 YRO 4.44m 4.44m 59.04% 8 Lee, Anthony 10 YRO 3.66m 3.66m 40.89% 9 Smith, Nicholas 10 YRO 2.78m 2.78m 31.06%

5. Bibliography
1) enders, erik. A brief write up about the history of the game of golf. Home page
Bibliography 1) Enders, Erik. “A brief write up about the history of the game of golf”. Home page. 24 Feb. 2003. 2) Yates, Warren. “Projects and Hobbies:Golf” Home page. 18 Feb. 2003. 3) Love III, Davis. “ Every Shot I Take ”. Simon and Schuster, New York. 1997. 4) Barkow, Al. “ That’s Golf: The Best of Barkow ”. Buford Books, New Jersey. 2001. 5) Mosteller, Frederick. “Lessons from Sports Statistics”. JSTOR Source. Feb.28, 2003 6) Clawson, Marion. “Statistical Data Available For Economic Research On Certain Types of Recreation”. JSTOR Source. Feb.28, 2003. 7) Clarke, Alfred C. “The Use of Leisure and its Relation to Levels of Occupational Prestige”. JSTOR Source. Feb.28, 2003. 8) Mayo, James M. “ The American Country Club Rutgers University Press, New Jersey. 1998.

Licensed to Legion Track Field Club HyTek's Meet Manager SWOSSAA Track and Field - 5/22/02 to 5/23/02 Sandwich/St. Robbins, Kyle McGregor, Jo 11.60 -1.4 5 enders, erik Northern Civ 11.79 -1.4

7. 2001 Lancer Relays Track Results
Kevin Silverthorn, erik enders, Don Gooding, Dave Giffen Kevin Silverthorn, erik enders, Don Gooding, Dave Keeley
2001 Lancer Relays (Windsor Indoor)
Midget Boys
Open Boys Midget Girls Open Girls
Boys - Midget Athlete Event Result (Place) Dave Uppal 60 m Adam McCready 60 m Adam McCready 400 m Mike d'Esterre 1500 m Nathan King 1500 m Craig Slipacoff 1500 m Midget Boys 4 x 200 m 1:58.98 m (4) Dave Uppal High Jump 1.55 m (4)
Boys - Open Athlete Event Result (Place) Kevin Silverthorn 60 m Jon Bettridge 60 m Don Gooding 60 m Leigh Coltman 60 m Josh Maltin 60 m Josh Doig 60 m Ryan Hanly 400 m Erik Enders 400 m Chris d'Esterre 400 m Ryan O'Hagan 400 m Graham O'Hagan 400 m Dave Giffen 400 m Doug Currie 400 m Doug Currie 1500 m Chris d'Esterre 1500 m Dave Keeley 1500 m Ryan O'Hagan 1500 m Graham O'Hagan 1500 m Leigh Coltman 60 m Hurdles Kevin Silverthorn, Erik Enders, Don Gooding, Dave Giffen 4 x 200 m Kevin Silverthorn, Erik Enders, Don Gooding, Dave Keeley 1600 m Medley Josh Maltin High Jump 1.75 m (9) Erik Enders Long Jump 5.97 m (4) Jon Bettridge Long Jump 5.42 m (8) Dave Giffen Long Jump 5.08 m (14) Josh Doig Long Jump 4.65 m (20) Mike Marsh Shotput 15.35 m (2nd)

8. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
John F. enders, 18971985, (US) virologist, helped discover vaccines against polio,measles, mumps and chicken pox. erik erikson, 1902-94, (US) psychoanalyst

Matt DeLorenzo. BBL Construction. TEO / enders. 1. Alan Johnson Adirondack Auto Sales. TEO / enders. 41. erik Gall / Clinton NY
SUPER DIRT WEEK 2002 - MODIFIED ENTRIES (10/8) CAR# DRIVER / HOMETOWN CAR OWNER MAJOR SPONSOR(S) CHASSIS / ENGINE Z Butch Tittle / Saylorsburg,PA Butch Tittle Troyer / Fiehl Doug Manmiller / Wyonising,PA GMI Motorsports GMI First, Inc. Dirt Wheels / Jensen Matt DeLorenzo / Voorheesville,NY Matt DeLorenzo BBL Construction TEO / Enders Alan Johnson / Phelps,NY(2) Elaine-James Motorsports Elaine James Investments Bicknell / Enders David Hebert / Drummondville,QUE Equipe de Course Freightliner / Provigno Bicknell / Finger Lakes Pete Bicknell / St.Catharines,ONT(2) Art Bicknell Bicknell Racing Products Bicknell / Finger Lakes John Bellinger / Johnstown,NY John Bellinger TEO / Morrison Alan Johnson / Phelps,NY Pillsbury Bicknell / Finger Lakes Scott Flammer / Milford,NJ Scott Flammer Countryside Mobil TEO / Morrison David Hebert / St. Damane,QC Team 1 Freightliner Bicknell / Finger Lakes Tim Fuller / Edwards,NY Michele Faust TEO / Enders Rich Ricci,Jr. / New Paltz,NY

10. Willamette Week Online News POLITICS WHAT S UP WITH ERIK?
only independent businesses like Retread Threads but also 1,000 affordable roomsfor lowincome West enders. Caught in the middle is City Commissioner erik Sten

11. December 1997-98 Game Commentaries
The D broke the puck out and erik Jensen came up on a rush and tested Jeff Sanger get a line change. Randy enders was playing inspired hockey, among others
5 Unanswered Goals Beat Bucs
Sioux City, IA (12/5/97): Five unanswered goals by Sioux City in the second period proved to be too much for the Bucs, as they lost in Sioux City by a score of 5 - 1. The third period saw three fights as Nightingale, Birrenkott and Parillo all decided to go - Parillo getting a gross misconduct for "pulling hair". Raderschadt had 25 saves and Sanger had 32. Nightingale (Vokes, Stafford) and Strand (Jackson, Flynn) scored for the Bucs. Pre-game Rattle When you hear a conversation about Sioux City, you are likely to enter a conversation about how their ice surface is so small, and how that gives them a huge advantage because they know how to play the rink so well. Far be it from me to have an opinion on this, but I will say ENOUGH already! We all know that size does not make a difference. Let's not let that be an excuse for playing lousy hockey, which is what the Bucs did in the second period. Five unanswered goals? Ouch! The Bucs are going to need to play tough, because there are only 2 home games this month (5 on the road). Injury Report: Chris Dube's shoulder separation, suffered in the game against Omaha, will put him out for a couple of weeks.

12. Teco
go to bed) / Sten Aller / (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg enders ork Landbo Fläkt / Spelorrarna/ * 233 Skynda dej Kristin / Jan erik (erik Källquist) / Spelorrarna
Skivor av märket Teco gavs ut både i 10" och 8" storlek.
Till första sidan
201 Kärlek var det ej ( Liebe war es nie ) / Sång / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 11.1932 / 201 Barrio Reo / Instrumental / Spansk tangoork. / Berlin 03.1930 / 203 Inte han / Sång (Harry Hågé) / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 203 Blomsterflickan från Sevilla / Sång / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 205 I kärlekebns stratosfär / Sång (Harry Hågé) / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 205 I dig är jag kär / Instrumental / Eddy Walis ork. / Berlin 1932 / 206 Du är mitt liv / Sång / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 10.1932 / 206 Eko, vill du svara mig ( Ur filmen: "Vi som går köksvägen" ) / Sång (Harry Hågé) / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 10.1932 / 207 Två gitarrer / Instrumental / Jean Gulesko med sin ork. / Berlin 10.1928 - utg. 01.1933 / 207 Blott en vagabond ( Ur filmen: "Muntra musikanter" ) / Harry Hågé / Eddy Walis ork. / Berlin 11.1932 - utg. 01.1933 / 208 Jag får tacka för det som har varit (Ur filmen "Muntra musikanter") / Sång (Harry Hågé) / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 208 I de förälskades land / Sång / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 209 Senoritans sång / Sång (Harry Hågé) / Olympias specialork. / Berlin 1932 / 209 Varför? ( Warum?

13. Indoor Boys
Feb.25/00. 2. erik enders. Northern. Junior. 41.95 04/00. 2. erik enders. Northern. Junior. 54.67
Boys Event Name School HS Division Performance Venue Date 60 metres Leron Mitchell Northern Senior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Kevin Silverthorn Northern Senior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Brian Bailey St. Clair Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Frank Smith St. Clair Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Scott Gallimore Northern Senior York Apr. 1/00 Tim Brown LCCVI Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Josh Doig Northern Midget Windsor Apr. 8/00 Derek Cox LCCVI Senior York Apr. 1/00 Andy McLeod St. Clair Midget Windsor Apr. 8/00 Andrew Dunlop LCCVI Midget Windsor Apr. 8/00 200 metres 300 metres Kevin Silverthorn Northern Senior Hamilton Feb.25/00 Erik Enders Northern Junior Hamilton Feb. 25/00 Scott Gallimore Northern Senior Hamilton Feb. 25/00 400 metres Brian Bailey St. Clair Junior Windsor Mar. 04/00 Erik Enders Northern Junior York Mar. 31/00 Ryan Hanly Northern Senior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Kevin Silverthorn Northern Senior York Mar. 31/00 David Keeley Northern Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Ryan O'Hagan Northern Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Chris D'Esterre Northern Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Doug Currie Northern Junior Windsor Apr. 8/00 Robin Padliya Northern Junior York Mar. 31/00

14. Caméo
spelemän / Jan erik (Eric Källquist) / Spelorrarna / * 305 Med lite luft (UrSödrans nyårsrevy 1933) / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg enders ork.
Till första sidan
301 En sjömansdans i månens glans / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 27.10.1933) / 301 När tvenne hjärtan slå samma slag ( Ur filmen: "Kära släkten" ) / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 27.10.1933 / 302 Fjärilsdans i sommaren / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 27.10.1933 / * 302 Ninon ( Ur filmen: "En sång till dej" ) / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 27.10.1933 / * 304 Dansen går / Jan Erik (Eric Källquist) / Spelorrarna / * 304 Håll takten spelemän / Jan Erik (Eric Källquist) / Spelorrarna / * 305 Med lite luft ( Ur Södrans nyårsrevy 1933 ) / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 03.01.1934 / 307 I min lilla gondol / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 03.01.1934 / 307 Mississippi moon / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 03.01.1934 / 308 Kom, kom i alla vackra flickors vals / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 03.01.1934 / 309 Arbetslösa amoriner ( Ur Södrans revy" ) / Sten Aller (Lasse Dahlquist) / Georg Enders ork. / 22.01.1934 / 309 Lite' i taget (

15. Be On Top For Once!
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16. Die Datei "ausgabe.php3"
Translate this page Herr, Denhard, Werner, 1986, Frau, Duft, Traub, Wiltraud, 1986, Herr, enders,erik, 1986, Bio LK, Schö. Frau, Heid, Ullrich, 1986, D 13/1. Herr, Köhler,Klaus, 1986,
Ehemaligen-Datenbank des Ulrich-von-Hutten-Gymnasium
Neuer Eintrag Sortiertung nach Abgangsjahr Nachname Geburtsname Filterung (Abgangsjahr) Frau Krack Tanja Herr Mathes Oliver Herr Buck Wolfgang Mathe 13 Frau Löffler Schäfer Gertrud Herr Haschberger Gerhard OI Herr Freise Hans Dietrich U III a Frau Simon Marianne Herr Lüpertz Dr. Henning Herr Richter Gernot Herr Schäfer Reinhard Herr Reuter "Sophie" Gerhard Herr Dinkler Franz Wolfgang Frau Fox, geb. Scheller Gisela Herr Jentsch Walter Frau Rothhaas Birgit Herr Backsmann Peter Herr Bartholomä Walter Herr Bär Albrecht Herr Hung Ulrich Frau Koch Hohmann Sylvia Herr Krüger Klaus Herr Mischitz Hans-Ludwig Herr Parthey Roland Herr Stoll Martin Herr Weghorn Eberhard 13 b Herr Kayser Franz 13 a Herr Klossek Reginald 13 b Frau Kümmerle-Czieslik Czieslik Heidemarie Frau Bartholomä Daub Ulrike Frau Nitschke Beutel Dietlinde Herr Goralewski Godehard 13 S Herr Schwind Günter Herr Wischnath Wischnath Michael Frau Brossmann-Dorner Sauer Barbara Herr Eckhardt Hans-Reiner Herr Müller Müller Wolfgang 13 S Herr Staaf Wolfgang 13 b Frau Dr. Crößmann Bennek Ruth Möhn-Klasse Frau Dr. Zerrenner Bärbel Möhn- Klasse Herr Ehrtmann Domes Reinhard Frau Le Gall Böckel Jutta 13 S Frau Michel Lamm Doris Herr Oestreich Manfred Frau Schwarck Lotz Gudrun Möhn-Klasse Herr Brandt Winfried Herr Fehl Harald Frau Kontny Anita Herr Raika Reinhard Frau Hohmann - Model Hohmann Regine 13 a Herr Höller Heinz-Peter Herr Kayser Wolfgang Herr Monz Winfried Herr Stöhr Klaus Herr Zikoll Wolfgang Frau Heil Fehl Karin a Herr Münch Jimmy Klaus-Peter Frau Neeser Berndt Monika Frau schrön ulrike dr. zerrenne

17. Untitled Document
Translate this page 28. Ecke. Edouard. Eginhard. Ela. Eliza. Eluf. enders. erik. Ernesta. Ethel. Ev.Azzo. 29. Eckehard. Edsert. Egino. Elaine. Elizabeth. Elvira. Endres. erika. Ernestine.Ethelbert. Eva.
Lexikon der Namen A B C D ... Z E - ins. 457 Ea - Ed Ed Ed - Eg Eh - El El El - Em Em - En En - Er Er Er - Et Et - Eu Du - Dy Eachan Edel Edwine Ehrhard Elena Elliot Emerentia Engracia Erla Errol Etzel Everardo Eadaoine Edelberga Edwyn Ehud Eleni Ellis Emerenz Enid Erland Ersebet Eudice Everhard Ealasaid Edelbert Edyth Eike Eleonore Elly Emerich Ennea Erlanda Ersi Eudokia Everhart Elspeth Edelberta Edzard Eiko Eléonore Elma Emerita Enno Erle Erwin Eufemia Everose Earl Edelbrecht Edzart Eila Eleutherius Elmar Emil Enoch Erlfied Erwine Eugen Evgeni Ebba Edelburg Effi Eilard Elfe Elmer Emile Enrica Erlfiriede Erwino Eugene Evgenia Ebbo Edelburga Efraim Eilbert Elfgard Elmi Émile Enrice Erlwin Erzsébet Eugené Evgenios Ebergard Edelgard Efrem Eileen Elfi Elmira Emilia Enrico Erlwine Esau Eugène Evi Ebergund Edelmar Efthimia Eilen Elfride Elmo Emilio Enrique Erma Esdras Eugenia Evita Ebergunde Edeltraud Efthimios Eilert Elfrun Elna Emilka Enya Ermanno Esme Eugenie Evlambia Eberhard Eden Eftichia Eilhard Elga Elof Emily Enzio Ermenbert Esmeralda Eugenio Evlambios Eberharde Edgar Eftichios Eilika Elger Éloi Emin Enzo Ermenfried Esra Eulalia Evraud Eberhardine Edgard Efua Eiliko Eliane Eloy Emine Eos Ermengard Essa Eumenes Evripidis Eberhelm Edgardo Egbert Eilis Eliano Elpinike Emlyn Epaminodas Ermenhard Essie Eun Evstathia Eberhild Edik Egberta Eilmar Elias Elroy Emma Ephraim Ermenhild Essien Eunice Evstathios Ebermund Edina Egbertine Eimile Elida Elsa Emmanuelle Eraldo Ermenrich Esta Euphemia Evstratios Eberolf Edith Egbrecht Eina Élie Elsabe Emmeline Erasme Ermentraud Estalla

18. Lyrics En
Eric Steward. Erick Sermon. erik Silvester. Ernie Bieler. Ernie Bieler Rudi Hofstetter. Etoskifeat.Vuirausch. Etta James. Eugen enders!! Euphoria. Europe. Eurythmics.

19. MAC A&R Sport Clubs - Track & Field
29, Western Open, London, Away, 300 pm, erik enders was the top finisher for theMarauders placing first in the 300m race with a time of 36.46s. The top finisher

Coaching Staff
Team Roster
Day Date Event Location Home/
Away Time Results
Sat Nov. 29 Western Open London Away 3:00 pm Erik Enders was the top finisher for the Marauders placing first in the 300m race with a time of 36.46s. The top finisher for the women was Jaclyn Durante finishing fourth in the 300m event with a time of 44.03s. Click here for more info! Sat Jan. 10 Sharon Anderson Memorial Toronto Away 9 am Fri-Sat Jan. 16-17 Can-Am Classic Windsor Away 4 pm
Sprinter Eric Enders continued his successful rookie season placing fourth overall with a personal best time of 36.16 seconds in the 300m. For the women, Susan Elkami advanced to the semi-finals in the 60m and also posted a personal best time of 43.46 seconds in the 300m. Jaclyn Durante posted a personal best of 43.46 in the 300m. Sat. Jan. 24 Nike Toronto Track Classic Toronto Away Sat Jan. 31

20. FanFiction.Net Profile : Erikstrulove
My favorite books enders Game enders Shadow Puppet Master Shadow of the HegemonALL by Talents I am a rather good painter, I have painted erik (The Phantom

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