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         Dorn Edward:     more books (100)
  1. Gunslinger by Edward Dorn, 1989-01-01
  2. Ed Dorn Live: Lectures, Interviews, and Outtakes (Poets on Poetry) by Edward Dorn, 2007-10-22
  3. Edward Dorn: A World of Difference by Tom Clark, 2002-03-21
  4. Robert Creeley, Edward Dorn, and Robert Duncan: A Reference Guide (Reference Publication in Literature) by Willard Fox, 1989-01
  5. "A Pageant of Its Time":Edward Dorn's "Slinger" and the Sixties by James K. Elmborg, 1998-02
  6. The Lost America of Love: Rereading Robert Creeley, Edward Dorn and Robert Duncan by Sherman Paul, 1981-10
  7. Edward Dorn (Boise State University western writers series) by William McPheron, 1988-07
  8. Recollections of Gran Apacheria by Edward Dorn, 1974-06
  9. Internal Resistances: The Poetry of Edward Dorn
  10. The Sun Unwound: Original Texts from Occupied America
  11. Collected Poems: 1956 - 1974 by Edward Dorn, 1975-06
  12. Way More West (Poets, Penguin) by Edward Dorn, 2007-04-03
  13. Hello LA Jolla by Edward Dorn, 1978-10
  14. Interviews (Writing, No 38) by Edward Dorn, 1980-01

1. Press Release Edward Dorn
Edward Dorn A World of Difference By Tom Clark. Berkeley, California (April2, 2002)North Atlantic Books proudly announces the publication
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Feb Mar April ... Dec North Atlantic Books
1456 Fourth St., Berkeley, CA 94710
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jennifer Privateer
Edward Dorn
A World of Difference
By Tom Clark Berkeley, California (April 2, 2002)- North Atlantic Books proudly announces the publication of Edward Dorn: A World of Difference
America's poet of dissent and difference, of geography and distance, Edward Dorn (19239-1999) grew up in rural obscurity, Depression-era poverty, and social estrangement as a dispossessed son of the Prairie. After initiating a critical involvement with new poetics in dialogue with his mentor Charles Olson at Black Mountain College in the 1950s, Dorn wandered the trans-mountain West following the variable winds of writing and casual employment until the mid-1960s, when a time of trial and change resulted in the beginnings of the groundbreaking long poem Gunslinger
Edward Dorn was a "culture morphologist," a poet whose central achievement lies in his creative response, at once intuitive, emotional, and analytic, to the complex meanings of places and the people who live upon them. His writing enacts a deep respect for and attention to the diverse landforms of his native country. In the work of no other American writer are the soul of the land and the soul of the poet so inextricably linked. In both prose and poetry Dorn's sharp-eyed cultural critique goes hand in hand with a tender-hearted realism. The Dorn voice, unmistakable and evocative as the lonesome sounding of a far-off train whistle in the night, contributes a unique note to the literature of the second half of America's Twentieth Century:

2. Dorn
Edward Dorn (1929 1999). a web guide to Edward Dorn from
Edward Dorn (1929 - 1999) a web guide to Edward Dorn from main page 20th century outline authors, alphabetical extended search General Articles The online magazine Cento takes Ed Dorn as one of their bailiwicks, and has posted over 25 articles and memoirs on the poet. Substantial ntroductory article about Dorn by scholar Alastair Wisker, from the Literary Encyclopedia. A memorial article on Dorn from the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo) summarizes his career.,3604,249075,00.html An obituary of Dorn from the U.K. Guardian, Dec. 14, 1999. A Dorn bibliography from the Univ. of Conn. Libraries. "Space and location in Ed Dorn's poetry," by Ian Davidson, in the online magazine Masthead (6), July 2002. An obituary of the poet, by Tom Clark, in Jacket Magazine #9, 1999. main page 19th century authors about our collection Update 8/7/2003

3. Dorn Edward
dorn edward; Ed Dorn Am Rande- Texte der Beatgeneration. Kurzinfo über den Roman von Ed Dorn.,_Edward/
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5. Edward Dorn Gunslinger
Edward Dorn Gunslinger. Title Gunslinger dorn edward Edward Dorn SubjectAmerican General Category Fiction General Format Paperback
Edward Dorn Gunslinger
Author or Artist : Edward Dorn
Title: Gunslinger
Dorn Edward
Edward Dorn
Subject: American General
Category: Fiction General
Format: Paperback
Introducing Don DeLillo...

Jose David Saldivar-The Dialectics of Our America: Genealogy, Cultural Critique and Literary History...

Sergiu Verona-Military Occupation and Diplomacy: Soviet Troops in Romania, 1944-1958...

J. S. Leonard-Satire or Evasion? Black Perspectives on Huckelberry Finn...
Jennifer Moon-Reflection in Learning and Professional Development: Theory and Practice...

6. Dorn
EDWARD DORN from THE POET THE PEOPLE THE SPIRIT. . . . Okay. So thereyou are, right there with the first, with the natives, with
*Leroy McLucas, African-American photographer. Dorn accompanied him on trip to Nevada "taking pictures of Indians."

7. Special Collections | Exhibits | Past | Edward Dorn Bibliography
Works by dorn held in the Special Collections Department, University Libraries, University of Colorado at Boulder.
Mini Exhibit Edward Dorn Bibliography
Works by Dorn held in the Special Collections Department, University Libraries University of Colorado at Boulder. Alphabetized by title. Prepared by Molly Tindle.
Abhorrences. Bean News. S.1.: s.n., n.d. Dorn was the editor. In mailing envelope addressed by author. Uncat 94-3-57. Boulder Memorial Hospital. Serving Boulder County Ninety Years. By the Sound. Mount Vernon, WA: Frontier Press, 1971. Previous edition published under the title The Rites of Passage. PS3507.O73277 B9 1971. Captain Jack's Chaps, or, Houston/MLA. Madison, WI: Black Mesa Press, 1983. Edition limited to 260 copies. Special Collections has copy no. 52, with author's presentation inscription. PS3507.O73277 C3 1983. The Cycle. West Newberry, MA: Frontier Press, 1971. Uncat Oversize 2 94-8-209. Ed Dorn, A Selection from his Book Entitled Abhorrences.

8. Three Poems By Edward Dorn
From Saluki's Soliloquy.
Three Poems by Edward Dorn
(from "Saluki's Soliloquy")
A piece of celery
a head of broc
a carrot stick
a cauliflower stock;
crude vegetal tools
in the hands
of the knuckle-walkers.
REPULSIONSuperbowl '95
"Out of the Slot!"
(watch your language!!)
"Beautifully timed pickoff!"
(he takes his dick out
and waves it at the crowd) "Even if you're a Charger fan you've got to admire greatness!" (nonsense, I'm a Charger fan and I puke on greatness
House Arrest
January 25th, 1995the New Dole From now on, I'm under House Arrest I only get out for the job: Then, Deaththe ultimate House Arrest, the ultimate duree But it was worth it. Original version From now on, I'm under house arrest I only get out for the job; Then Deaththe ultimate House Arrest. These three poems are an orginial GRIST On-Line publication. For more, go to Grist or Light and Dust

9. Edward Dorn Papers
of collection at University of Connecticut Libraries.......
Arranged and Described
Ryan K. Thompson This finding aid was prepared with generous support from the Simon and Doris Konover Endowment Fund.
August, 1999
Name Edward Dorn. Title Edward Dorn Papers, 1956-1993. Extent 28 linear feet Biographical Note Edward Dorn was born April 2, 1929 in Villa Grove, Illinois. He studied with Charles Olson at Black Mountain College and graduated in 1955. He taught at Idaho State University at Pocatello (1961-65), the University of Essex, Great Britain (1965-1970), Northeastern Illinois University at Chicago (1970-1971), Kent State University, Ohio (1973-74) and the University of Colorado (1977-1999). Mr. Dorn died in December 1999 at the age of 70. Arrangement The collection has been arranged topically and alphabetically or chronologically therein. Provenance The collection was purchased by the University in several installments.

10. Electronic Poetry Center - Ed Dorn
A resource of the Electronic Poetry Center, an edited site devoted to the presentation of fulltext resources for innovative writing. With the death of edward dorn the United States loses not only one of its finest poets but intelligence and cultural commentator. dorn was born in rural Illinois at the
The Thursday Review
The Independent
16 December 1999
Edward Dorn
Note from Tom Raworth

Note from Tom Clark

Obit ... LA Times
With the death of Edward Dorn the United States loses not only one of its finest poets but a rare critical intelligence and cultural commentator.
Dorn was born in rural Illinois at the start of the Great Depression, in poverty. He was educated in a one room schoolhouse, then High School (where he helped on the local newspaper) and for two years at the University of Illinois. He worked for a while at the Boeing plant in Seattle, returned to Illinois, and through his art teacher Raymond Obermayr was directed towards Black Mountain College in North Carolina where he arrived in the autumn of 1950.
In 1951 he left and travelled to the Pacific Northwest, where he did manual work and met his first wife, Helene. In late 1954 they returned to Black Mountain, where he studied under Charles Olson (Dorn's first published work was the pamphlet What I See in the Maximus Poems ) and graduated in 1955 with Robert Creeley as one of his examiners. After two years of further travel the family settled in Washington state. Their life there, on the edge of poverty, is vividly portrayed in Dorn's first prose book

11. Edward Dorn: A World Of Difference
Detailed description of book edward dorn A World of Difference , in category General Literature Tom Clark's biography of fellow poet Ed dorn, edward dorn A World of Difference (North Atlantic
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General Literature Edward Dorn: A World of Difference by Clark, Tom $25.00, 400 pp., ISBN: 1556433972 North Atlantic Books , 3/1/2002 , Hardcover Long Description
A protege of Charles Olson, Dorn, author of the landmark poem Gunslinger, is usually associated with the Black Mountain School. An autodidact with a hunger for knowledge, Dorn struggled to support his family by working odd jobs, ranging from lumberjack to assistant librarian, while he dedicated himself to the writer's craft. Relying heavily on letters from family and friends, as well as on Dorn's published and unpublished work, Clark paints a sympathetic and detailed portrait of his friend and fellow poet. In addition to being a gifted storyteller, Clark is an astute critic, and his analysis of Dorn's poetry helps the reader understand both man and artist. The epilog is a gut-wrenching account of Dorn's two-year battle with cancer, effectively pieced together from fragments of letters, journals, poems, and other sources. Academic and larger public libraries will want to place this volume alongside Clark's earlier biographies of Charles Olson and Jack Kerouac. Reviews
Tom Clark's biography of fellow poet Ed Dorn, Edward Dorn: A World of Difference (North Atlantic Books) demonstrates that great American lives continue to be lived, beyond the mess of celebrity in harsh places, restless movement, with e y es wide open. Dorn's acerbic take on oil wars and political piracy has never been more pertinent, less heard (Independent (UK) Books of the Year 2002, January 1, 2003).

12. Jacket 9 - Tom Clark - Edward Dorn
Tom Clark's obituary for edward dorn (19291999).
Tom Clark
EDWARD DORN (1929-1999)
T HE POET EDWARD DORN died after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer at his home in Denver early on the evening of December 10, 1999.
Is this thing made
with the end built-in
the component of death hidden only
in the youthful machine...
ah news from the Great Manufacturer.
These lines come from "Wait by the door awhile Death, there are others," a poem written by Dorn in 1965. They foreshadow the engagement and interrogation of Ed's last poems as well. Along with unfinished long poems about two other longtime subjects of his, heresy and geography "Languedoc Variorum" and "Westward Haut" he left in "progress" a verse journal of his final chemotherapeutic nightmare-enlightenments, «Chemo Sabe», in which the poet's confrontation with techno-medicine serves as a kind of warrior's trial and induction to death. At the end of a section of that latter work, titled "Chemo du Jour: The Impeachment on Decadron," he narrates an infusion of Taxol, a drug produced from yew tree toxins, while watching Clinton's impeachment trial, among other dark comedies, on television in a Denver hospital:
And Lo now the Taxol infusion clears the atmosphere where I see the Superbowl completely superseded by the superblow, O yes, praise the Tree Lord

13. E. Dorn--two Poems
Poem by edward dorn.
    Two Poems by Edward Dorn
    Smooth, quick runway, prompt vomiting
    of the dinner flight from "El A Equi,"
    dark ramps, sparse migrations through the Stapleton
    midcontinent mid-brain aerodrome
    of the 50 colonies of the States United,
    10:50 PM Mountain time. Deflation severe -
    almost the aesthetic equivalent of the bends; mucho,
    hugely diminished lights, the whole pizzaz
    of electronic pretense cranked down
    to enablement, enough by which to get home. Topping the green belt ridge (except for a shack or two and a confused dog in the distance, a golfer, a nutzo wideboy, fresh from a spontaneous murder in Louisville pronounced Loois villthere is not the slightest stir of a single solitary blade of prairie grass.) Back to Bold Boudoir, from a closely packed, long weekend in Hollywood. It is a big lowering of the tone so strong that all one's reserves, stored up over a lifetime, spill out into the general flood of the wettest season the heartland has seen since the last glaciation.

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Edward Dorn
ordering information page . Please feel free to email us with any questions [003823] Dorn, Edward. Gunslinger. Berkeley, CA: Wingbow Press, 1975. First Edition. Wrappers. SIGNED. Very Good. Ed Dorn has inscribed this copy on the title page: "for , Edward Dorn, Boulder 23 May 1978." Praise from Richard Brautigan, Robert Duncan, and Thomas McGuane. Wrappers show some light wear & soiling. Interior is very good+ with tiny bends at edges of a few pages. $39.95 [003369] Wesling, Donald, Ed. Internal Resistances: The Poetry of Edward Dorn . Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1985. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine / Near Fine. This exploration of the work of Ed Dorn is 246 pages, bound in brown cloth lettered in silver. Includes: "To Fire We Give Everything: Edward Dorn's Shorter Poems" by Donald Wesling; "This Marvellous Accidentalism" by Robert Von Hallberg; "Internal Resistance: Edward Dorn and the American Indian" by Paul Dresman; "To Eliminate the Draw: Narrative and Language in 'Slinger'" by Michael Davidson; "Art Rising to Clarity: Edward Dorn's Compleat 'Slinger'" by William J. Lockwood; "Edward Dorn's Pontificatory Use of the Art: 'Hello, La Jolla' and 'Yellow Lola'" by Alan Golding. A fine, unread copy. The dustjacket has a bit of shelfwear, else fine. $14.95

15. Dorn, Edward
ISBN Title Most Popular Similar Authors. dorn, edward (edward dorn). Booksby this Author. Slinger by edward dorn Publisher Berkeley, Calif.
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Similar Authors Dorn, Edward
(Edward Dorn)
Books by this Author Slinger
by Edward Dorn
Publisher: Berkeley, Calif. : Wingbow Press : distributed by Bookpeople
ISBN: 0-91472-806-7

Edward Dorn

Publisher: Santa Rosa, CA : Black Sparrow Press
ISBN: 0-87685-800-0 Abhorrences Edward Dorn Publisher: Santa Rosa, CA : Black Sparrow Press ISBN: 0-87685-802-7 Abhorrences Edward Dorn Publisher: Santa Rosa, CA : Black Sparrow Press ISBN: 0-87685-801-9 By the Sound Edward Dorn ; with a new preface by the author Publisher: Santa Rosa : Black Sparrow Press ISBN: 0-87685-841-8 By the Sound Edward Dorn ; with a new preface by the author Publisher: Santa Rosa : Black Sparrow Press ISBN: 0-87685-840-X By the Sound Edward Dorn ; with a new preface by the author Publisher: Santa Rosa : Black Sparrow Press ISBN: 0-87685-842-6 The collected poems, 1956-1974 Edward Dorn Publisher: Bolinas, Calif. : Four Seasons Foundation ISBN: 0-87704-030-3 Interviews Edward Dorn ; edited by Donald Allen Publisher: Bolinas, Calif. :

16. Arts And Entertainment Directory: Dorn, Edward
Arts and Entertainment Directory dorn, edward, including Three Poems By edward dorn http// htm http// htm. Poem by edward, Edw

Arts and Entertainment Directory

Dorn, Edward Homes Top Arts Literature ... D Dorn, Edward CATEGORIES LINKS
Three Poems By Edward Dorn
From 'Saluki's Soliloquy.'
The Denver Landing11 Aug 1993
Poem by Edward Dorn.
Denver Upbringing
Poem by Edward Dorn.
Electronic Poetry Center - Ed Dorn Brief biography, links to notes from Tom Raworth and Tom Clark and to a bibliography. The Hazards Of A Later Era: Variation On A Theme Ed Dorn's parody of William's 'This Is Just To Say.' Interview With Ed Dorn By Effie Mihopoulos, published in LETTER eX in December 1991. Edward Dorn Bibliography Works by Dorn held in the Special Collections Department, University Libraries, University of Colorado at Boulder. Edward Dorn Papers ( 1956-1993)

17. Arts - Literature - Authors - D - Dorn, Edward Directory
Top Arts Literature Authors D dorn, edward This category in other languagesGerman (2). The Denver Landing11 Aug 1993 Poem by edward dorn.,_Edward/
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Gedichte von Ed dorn in deutscher Übersetzung. Gedichte von edward dorn Gedichte des amerikanischen Lyrikers edward dorn (1929-1999) in deutscher Übersetzung. GLEICHE KATEGORIE ÖSTERREICH INTERNATIONAL. - -
  • Gedichte von Ed Dorn in deutscher Übersetzung
  • Gedichte von Edward Dorn - Gedichte des amerikanischen Lyrikers Edward Dorn (1929-1999) in deutscher Übersetzung. GLEICHE KATEGORIE: INTERNATIONAL
  • 19. Black Sparrow Press Archive - University Of Alberta
    The Gunslinger Book I, by dorn, edward. BSP 35 03 dorn, edward. Gunslinger BookI. BSP 35 01 dorn, edward. The Gunslinger Book I DOCUMENT TYPE Manuscript.

    20. Gedichte Von Edward Dorn
    Gedichte des amerikanischen Lyrikers edward dorn (19291999) in deutscher œbersetzung.

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