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         Dick Philip K:     more books (99)
  1. Best of Philip K Dick by Philip K. Dick, 1978-02-12
  2. The Philip K. Dick Collection by Philip K. Dick, 2009-10-15
  3. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick by Philip K. Dick, 2002-11-05
  4. The Philip K. Dick Reader by Philip K. Dick, 2001-04-01
  5. Philip K. Dick: Four Novels of The 1960s / The Man in the High Castle / The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Ubik (Library of America No. 173) by Philip K. Dick, 2007-05-10
  6. Our Friends from Frolix 8 by Philip K. Dick, 2003-03-11
  7. Now Wait for Last Year by Philip K. Dick, 1993-06-29
  8. The Skull by Philip K. Dick, 2009-12-12
  9. The Eye of The Sibyl and Other Classic Stories (The Collected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol. 5) by Philip K. Dick, 2000-12-01
  10. The Simulacra by Philip K. Dick, 2002-05-14
  11. The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1980-82 by Philip K. Dick, 2010-06-01
  12. Confessions of a Crap Artist by Philip K. Dick, 1992-06-30
  13. We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol. 2) (Vol 2) by Philip K. Dick, 2002-04-01
  14. Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick, 2002-05-14

1. Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites video clip(s) Philip K. Dick. Page 1 of 17 Find where Philip K. Dick is credited alongside another name. Philip K. Dick, Philip K.


3. Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick geh¶rt ohne Zweifel zu den bedeutendsten Science Fiction Autoren. Der edition phantasia ist es gelungen, einige MainstreamRomane von Dich zu ver¶ffentlichen, die zum Teil nicht einmal in amerikansich erh¤ltlich sind. Da verzeiht man gerne auch ein paar Druckfehler. Aber schnell, alles ist nur in limitierter auflage von 250 bis 1000 gedruckt.
P H I L I P K . D I C K
Gibt es irgendeinen Ausweg?
P. K. Dick
Der Mann, dessen Zähne alle exakt gleich waren In Milton Lumky Land Nick und der Glimmung
Auf der Suche nach Valis

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?, von Ridley Scott als Bladerunner in Szene gesetzt, hat er nicht mehr erleben können. Mit seinem Tod hinterließ er uns auch etliche unveröffentlichte Mainstream-Romane.
"Der Mensch auf der Suche nach Wahrheit und Realität, in einem widrigen, nicht kontrollierbaren Universum voller Tücken und Gefahren. Es sind keine strahlenden Helden, die in Dicks Romanen agieren, sondern unscheinbare Leute, Verkäufer oder Vertreter, gegen die sich die ganze Welt verschworen hat."
(Alpers/Fuchs/Hahn/Jeschke: Lexikon der Science Fiction-Literatur).

4. Philip K. Dick - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Philip K. Dick. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Movie adaptations of Philip K. Dick s works. His novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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Philip K. Dick
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philip Kindred Dick December 16 March 2 ), often known by his initials PKD , was an American science fiction writer and novelist who changed the genre profoundly. Though hailed during his lifefime by peers from Robert Heinlein to Stanislaw Lem , Dick received little public recognition until after his death, when several popular film adaptations of his novels introduced him to a larger audience. His work is now some of the most popular of all of science fiction, and Dick has gained both general acclaim and critical respect. Discarding the optimistic and simple world-view of Golden Age science fiction , Dick consistently explored the themes of the nature of reality and humanity in his novels populated by common working people, rather than galactic elites. Foreshadowing the cyberpunk sub-genre, Dick brought the anomic world of Northern California to many of his works. His acclaimed novel

5. Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick, well respected sciencefiction writer, worked closely with the BLADE RUNNER producers until his untimely passing in March 1982.
Philip K. Dick, well respected science-fiction writer, worked closely with the BLADE RUNNER producers until his untimely passing in March 1982. (photo by Tessa Dick) DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, the classic science-fiction novel from which BLADE RUNNER was adapted, was first published in 1969. "All I can say is that the world in BLADE RUNNER is where I really live. That is where I think I am anyway. This world will now be a world that every member of the audience will inhabit. It will not be my private world. It is now a world where anyone who will go into the theatre and sit down and watch the film will be caught up and the world is so overpowering, it is so profoundly overpowering that it is going to be very hard for people to come out of it and adjust to what we normally encounter. "Once the film begins, you are taken from this world into that world and you really are in that world. And I think the most exciting thing is that it is a lived-in world. A world where people actually live. It is not a hygienically pristine space colony which looks like a model seen at the Smithsonian Institute. No, this is a world where people live. And the cars use gas and are dirty and there is kind of a gritty rain falling and its smoggy. Its just terribly convincing when you see it. "Everbody seems to have some kind of business that he is engaged in. Everybody is involved in some kind of thing. Which is what you really do see in a big metropolis. You always wonder, who are these people? Where are they going? What are they doing? What kind of lives are they leading? You become endlessly curious about this amazing complex life of the metropolis. What exists behind those closed doors? What is going on behind those lighted windows? You get a glimpse but you never get the full story.

6. Philip K. Dick
PHILIP K. DICK, CYBERPUNK. Many people have seen Dick as a unique figure in science fiction. I would argue that some of the themes
Many people have seen Dick as a unique figure in science fiction. I would argue that some of the themes in his writing anticipated the particular science fiction movement that so many people now call "cyberpunk." Not surprisingly, he is often not included in the canons of this genre, but if his writing were closely examined, there are many reasons why he should have been. Clearly, Dick frequently dealt with the theme "what is human?" by introducing characters that dealt with precisely that dilemma - the replicants of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - by beginning to question the difference between man and machine. If in the cyberpunk novel humans are beginning to cross the man/machine boundary by replacing more and more of their "meat" with cybernetic implants, then often Dick's characters - like Commander Data on Star Trek - are frequently seeking to become more human. PKD eventually answered this question (it was more easy for him than "what is real?") by suggesting that the hallmark of humanity was kindness. Palmer Eldritch did not lose his humanity by his artificial implants ('stigmata') or even by becoming consumed by an intelligent Fungus from the Prox system. Instead, PKD hints his humanity was lost when his compassion finally was also, which is why Leo Bulero triumphs over him. PKD never denied the possibility that machines might know kindness, and Deckard himself comes to this conclusion in DADES. All kinds of beings and races inhabit PKD's bizarre universe, from the insane inhabitants of the Alphane moon to the stunted survivors of a post-nuclear holocaust. PKD suggested that wherever compassion might still be found, humanity could be discovered. Machines became evil (like the Deus Irae) only when their creators failed to implant a sense of compassion within them.

7. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick. Philip Kindred Dick (19281982). Other Dick stuff on net 2019 Off-World (Blade Runner Page) Philip K. Dick - Introduction Bio,PK.php3
Philip K. Dick
Philip Kindred Dick
Other Dick stuff on net:
2019: Off-World (Blade Runner Page)

Philip K. Dick - Introduction
Born in Chicago on the 16th of Dec. Died on the second of March of a stroke. Several of his works have been adapted into high-profile films Awards: Hugo
Clans of the Alphane Moon
May 2002, Vinatge Books Trade Paperback ISBN:0-375-71928-8
The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Vols 1-5
Confessions of a Crap Artist
Basis for the french film Confessions d'un Barjo
The Cosmic Puppets
1957, Ace
Deus Irae
with Roger Zelazny
Divine Invasion
July 1991, Vintage Books Trade Paperback ISBN:0-679-73445-7
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
It is 2021 in the bleak post-nuclear zone of Northern California, where Rick Deckard is the bounty hunter assigned to hunt down and "retire" an escaped group of Nexus 6's the most fearsome androids ever created,"replicants" virtually indistinguishable from human beings. But Deckard finds himself hunted by the rogue androids, and dangerously entangled with their prototype, the seductive Rachel Rosen.
Deckard must redraw the fine line between man and machine as he struggles to stay alive in this nightmarish visionof the future.

8. Philip K. Dick - Bibliography Summary
Extensive Dick bibliography from ISFDb.

9. Philip K Dick
Philip K. Dick. Horselover Fat is a main character in the novel, and the book s narrator is Philip K. Dick, who is also Horselover Fat.
rotten Library Biographies Authors
Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick wrote the stories on which some of America's most memorable movies were based, but his important work is far more bizarre and challenging than anything Hollywood would ever consider putting on a screen. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928, along with a twin sister who died just a few days later. Like Elvis , this catastrophic loss of a twin would haunt Dick for the rest of his days, poisoning his relationships with women, but at the same time driving him to prolific heights as an artist. Dick wrote dozens of science fiction novels during his career and hundreds of short stories, in addition to several works that were at most only marginally sci-fi. Many of Dick's works were remarkably pulpy, filled with rockets and mordant humor, representative of a genre style that today often seems antiquated. After 1974, however, his work took a sharp left turn and transformed into something different (but still consistent with what had went before). The change was prompted by Dick's personal encounter with God, which changed both his life and his literature permanently. After studying philosophy at Berkeley, Dick began writing relentlessly, with a string of short stories debuting in sci-fi pulp magazines in the early 1950s, and his first novel debuting in 1954.

10. Philip K. Dick - Bibliography Summary
Philip K. Dick Bibliography Summary. Pub 1990); Collected Stories 1 Beyond Lies the Wub (The Collected Stories of Philip K Dick) (1990);

11. Au Fil De Mes Lectures : Recueil De Citations
Translate this page Philippe (14) Delorme Gilles (1) Démocrite (27) Desbordes Michèle (2) Desplechin Marie (13) Destouches (17) Dhôtel André (3) dick philip k. (1) Diderot

12. Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick. Links References. And Philip K. Dick Wept Why Philip K. Dick shold also be included in the canons of cyberpunk genre.
Philip K. Dick
And Philip K. Dick Wept
Why Philip K. Dick shold also be included in the canons of cyberpunk genre. An essay by Steve Mizrach

Brought to you
The Cyberpunk Project

13. Philip K. Dick - Life & Work - Info On A Genius SF Writer
philip K. dick biography, bibliography, quotes, interviews, photos, links and shop philip K. dick (19281982) was a great philosophical writer with a very fertile imagination. dick mostly wrote
P hilip K D ick - Life Work THE COMPLETE PHILDICKIAN REFERENCE GUIDE Introduction Biography Bibliography Quotes ... Bookmark Voor Nederlandstaligen Dutch Philip K. Dick Club Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind
Site search Web search
Top Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) was a great philosophical writer with a very fertile imagination. Dick mostly wrote science fiction, although he has tried to enter the mainstream field during his life. Questions he asks in his work are: What is reality? What is human? His works further deal with schizophrenia, paranoia, using drugs, religion (Gnosticism) and madness. His characters are mostly anti-heroes, and his witty stories are very enjoyable. Philip Kindred Dick was born on 16 December 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Dick is one of the two or three genuinely great writers born and bred in the world of SF, and remains one of the most significant interpreters of America in the latter part of the twentieth century and a genius visionary of the future. He was not an easy man - erratic, married five times, half-insane for years, paranoid - and his publishing career was not an easy one. His bibliography is deceptive: many of his early books did not appear until after his death, and he wrote fast and erratically when he was in spate, with the result that masterpieces and clumsy commercial fictions appeared one after another.

14. The SF Site: Philip K. Dick Reading List
The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy philip K. dick was born in Chicago in 1928 Over the years, philip K. dick's novels and collections have slipped in and out of print
Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928. While attending UC at Berkeley, he dropped out rather than take ROTC training. There he stayed to write some 36 novels and 5 short story collections. He won the 1962 Hugo for The Man in the High Castle and the 1974 John W. Campbell Award for Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said . He died of heart failure caused by a stroke in 1982.
Philip K. Dick Links
The Philip K. Dick Mailing List

Philip K. Dick site

Philip K. Dick site

Philip K. Dick site

Philip K. Dick Reading List
A Maze Of Death (1970) Vintage
Fourteen strangers come to Delmark-O, thirteen by the usual method and the other by praying. Once there, they all find that even praying is useless, for it is a place where the very atmosphere is steeped in paranoia and psychosis. It appears that God is either absent from Delmark-O or bent on destroying His creations in this metaphysical thriller. A Scanner Darkly (1977) Vintage
Bob Arctor deals a lethal, addictive drug called Substance D. Fred is a cop assigned to tail and to bust him. To do so, he goes undercover as a drug dealer named Bob Arctor. He's addicted to his wares, the principal effect of which is to split the brain into two distinct, combative entities. Fred doesn't realize that he is after himself.

15. Scriptorium - Philip K. Dick
The Modern Word's page on philip K. dick is a comprehensive introduction to his life and work, placing him in context with the great writers of the modern and postmodern age. philip K. dick was a
By Richard Behrens



Philip Kindred Dick (1928-1982)
The Zap Gun ?), and often stepping over the line into absurdity (How do you account for an intelligent Ganymedean slime mold called Lord Running Clam as in Clans of the Alphane Moon
Blade Runner, Total Recall
and Minority Report amongst others. And perhaps most significantly, Philip K. Dick has emerged as not just a cult figure among readers of science fiction, but has been gaining acceptance and respectability among serious literary circles, which academic postmodernism has made more open to genre fiction and science fiction in particular.
Star Trek script submitted by Kurt Vonnegut). But more importantly, Dick at his best offers a unique and wildly creative blend of science fiction, mysticism, religion, personal experience, metaphysics and pulp drama. His works are written in a clear language with a beguiling sense of honesty, and yet beneath their direct style and standard sci-fi trappings lies a deeper world of intense emotions, metaphysical speculation, and frequently shocking ideas. Blade Runner YOUTH VALIS Mary and the Giant The Broken Bubble of Thisbe Holt Radio Free Albemuth and Dr. Bloodmoney

16. Philip K. Dick: A Who2 Profile
philip K. dick. . Writer. philip Kindred dick was a prolific science fiction author who ditched bug is based on a philip K. dick story of the same name
PHILIP K. DICK Writer Philip Kindred Dick was a prolific science fiction author who ditched bug-eyed monsters and spacemen to explore the nature of reality and paranoia on a cosmic scale. In spite of winning a Hugo Award for his 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle , Dick was largely unknown until 1982, when his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was made into the film Blade Runner (starring Harrison Ford and Daryl Hannah ). After his death Dick's work found a new audience, and the "mainstream" novels of his early career (ignored at the time) were finally published. Among his best-known novels are Martian Time-Slip Ubik (1969) and Valis
Extra credit : Dick was married five times... His friend, K.W. Jeter, has written two sequels to Blade Runner ... Dick's story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale was the basis for the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall ... The 2002 film Minority Report (directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise ) is based on a Philip K. Dick story of the same name.
Other mind-bending authors on Who2 include Robert Anton Wilson J.G. Ballard

17. Philip K. Dick
Articoli, recensioni e risorse utili per conoscere lo scrittore di fantascienza.
AUTORE TITOLO TITOLO ORIGINALE Carlo Francesco Conti Dick, il tempo, il labirinto e la strategia della meraviglia neo-barocca Mario Fabiani Dick e il "problema dello spazio": un inizio Peter Fitting Ubik : La destrutturazione della SF borghese Ubik: The Deconstruction of Bourgeois SF Peter Fitting Reality as Ideological construct: a Reading of Five Novels by Philip K. Dick Giuseppe Iannozzi Un erede per Philip K. Dick... Giuseppe Iannozzi Philip K. Dick al cinema Fredric Jameson Dopo L'armageddom,strutture dei personaggi in 'Dr. Bloodmoney' After Armageddon: Character Systems in Dr. Bloodmoney Paolo Lombardi Il volto del simulacro Francesco Marroni Philip K. Dick e i segni del labirinto Silvio Migliaccio Marco Mocchi Rucker, Escher, Dick: tassellature di mondi fantastici Carlo Pagetti Palmer Eldritch Alien:Ovvero, l'Invasione dello Spazio della Fantascienza Carlo Pagetti Quando i morti si risvegliano: il mondo alla rovescia di P.K. Dick (1967-69) Carlo Pagetti Presentazione a Philip K. Dick, I Giocatori di Titano Carlo Pagetti Dick verso la metafantascienza Fabio Piretti Franco Ricciardiello Lilo Topcev sognatrice d'armi - Sesso e Fascismo in Phlip K. Dick

18. Philip K. Dick Awards Home Page
The philip K. dick Award Home Page has moved to .
The Philip K. Dick Award Home Page has moved to:

19. Wired 11.12: The Second Coming Of Philip K. Dick
the latest Hollywood thriller from the battered typewriter of philip K. dick, is a bullet whether it's actually happening or not. philip K. dick liked nothing better than to toy
print version Search:
Wired News Animations Wired Magazine HotBot (the Web) [an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive] Issue 11.12 - December 2003
The Second Coming of Philip K. Dick
The inside-out story of how a hyper-paranoid, pulp-fiction hack conquered the movie world 20 years after his death.
By Frank Rose Nicole Panter FEATURE: The Second Coming of Phillip K. Dick PLUS: Reality Check The Metaphysics of Philip K. Dick The Hollywood Treatment The unbilled costar of Paycheck , the latest Hollywood thriller from the battered typewriter of Philip K. Dick, is a bullet. A crack engineer named Jennings, played by Ben Affleck, finds himself in a jam, as Dick's characters invariably do, and the bullet is headed his way. Spiraling through the air in superslow motion, it pierces his chest in a plume of red and bores into his heart. Or does it? Though the image recurs throughout the film, it's hard to tell whether it's actually happening or not. Philip K. Dick liked nothing better than to toy with the fundamentals of human existence, reality chief among them, so what better for the movie than a bullet that may or may not be tearing through the main character's flesh? Like other Dick protagonists - Tom Cruise in Minority Report , Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall , Harrison Ford in Blade Runner - Affleck finds himself struggling for equilibrium in a world where even the most elemental questions are almost impossible to answer. Can the senses be trusted? Are memories real? Is

20. Philip K Dick Biography:'s The Biography Project
philip K. dick Biography, bibliography, filmography, interviews, interpretations and links. Collected Short Stories of philip K dick, Vol.
Philip K. Dick: biography, bibliography, filmography, links INTERNAL LINKS Essay: More Human Than Human Philip K Dick interviews amazon uk books L. Frank Baum ... site map
"Reality is that which when you stop believing in it... doesn't go away." Philip K. Dick, VALIS
The "Truth" About Philip K. Dick
  • A schizophrenic man named Philip K. Dick turned his hallucinations about the universe into a writing career.
  • A schizophrenic universe turned its hallucinations into a man named Philip K. Dick.
  • A hallucinogen wanted a writing career and turned Philip K. Dick into a universe.
  • A hallucination named Philip K. Dick turned his writing career into the universe.
  • A dick turned its schizophrenic hallucinations into a man named Philip K. Universe.
The truth is none of those things. The truth is all of those things. The truth is some of those things.
Biographical Notes For Philip K. Dick
Philip Kendred Dick and Jane Kendred Dick were born in Chicago on December 16 th , 1928. Dick's fraternal twin, Jane, died 41 days later. At age 1 his family moved to Berkeley, California

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