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         Daniel Samuel:     more books (101)
  1. Samuel Daniel: Selected Poetry and a Defense of Rhyme by Samuel Daniel, Geoffrey G. Hiller, et all 1998-08
  2. The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Samuel Daniel, Volume II by Alexander Balloch Grosart Samue Daniel, 2008-08-21
  3. Speeches of the Hon. Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, delivered at the festival of the Sons of New Hampshire, in Boston, Nov. 7th, 1849 by Daniel Webster 1782-1852 Samuel Gardner Drake Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) DLC, 1849-12-31
  4. Silent art: Rhetorical and thematic patterns in Samuel Daniel's Delia (Lund studies in English) by Lars-Hakan Svensson, 1980
  5. The Complete Works In Verse And Prose Of Samuel Daniel V3: The Dramatic Works (1885) by Samuel Daniel, 2008-08-18
  6. The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Samuel Daniel (1) by Samuel Daniel, 2009-12-21
  7. Samuel Daniel's "Civil Wars between the two houses of Lancaster and York" und Michael Drayton's "Barons' Wars." Eine quellenstudie .. by Albert Probst, 2010-08-30
  8. The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Samuel Daniel, Volume 1 by Samuel Daniel, 2010-01-11
  9. Samuel Daniel Michael Drayton (A Reference guide to literature) by Harner J, 1980-06-01
  10. The early English cotton industry, with some unpublished letters of Samuel Crompton / by George W. Daniels by George William. Samuel Crompton Daniels, 1920-01-01
  11. The Poetical Works of Mr. Samuel Daniel to Which Is Prefix'd, Memoirs of His Life and Writings by Samuel Daniel, 2010-03-28
  12. The Poetical Works of Mr Samuel Daniel: To Which is Prefix'd, Memoirs of His Life and Writings. V. 1 by Samuel Daniel, 2009-04-27
  13. A Selection From The Poetry Of Samuel Daniel And Michael Drayton (1899) by Samuel Daniel, Michael Drayton, 2008-06-02
  14. The complete works in verse and prose of Samuel Daniel. Ed., with memorial-introduction and a glossarial index embracing notes and illustrations by Samuel Daniel, Alexander Balloch Grosart, 2010-09-09

1. Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel (15621619) See biography and commentary by William Minto and commentary on Delia by John Erskine. From Delia ( 1592) 6. " Fair is my love and cruel as she is fair" ( University of Toronto) " Why should I sing in verse " 31. "
Samuel Daniel (1562-1619)
See biography and commentary by William Minto and commentary on Delia by John Erskine From Delia Visit Anniina Jokinen's Samuel Daniel page.
"Why should I sing in verse..."
Why should I sing in verse, why should I frame

2. Daniel Samuel Pine, M.D., Senior Investigator
daniel samuel Pine, MD, Senior Investigator. Dr. Pine received hisBA in anthropology from Grinnell College in 1985 and his MD from

3. DVD Videos Music Games Maps Gifts Bargain Books
Your search for daniel+samuel yielded 6 results using author Displayingresults 1 to 6. 1. Hymen s Triumph Daniel, Samuel In stock

4. Samuel Daniel - Kalliope
Kalliope Digtere Samuel Daniel. Samuel Daniel (15621619). Top-10over mest læste Samuel Daniel digte i Kalliope.

5. Searching For Daniel Samuel
Searching for daniel samuel Posted by Richard John Rowlands (ID *****4405)Date August 02, 2003 at 054210 of 2234. daniel samuel
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Daniel Samuel was born in 1835 in Ootacumund. He marreid Mary Anne and as far as I know they had three children. Beatrice Samuel b,1869. Grace Samuel b,1872 and Alfred Samuel b,1875.They were all born in Ootacumund and baptised in St: Stephen's Church. I would like to know if anyone is researching this family. The names connected are The Whitikers:the Mulleys:the Sylvesters:and the Joycolms,and who was Aunt Bertha.She was stationed in Kabul during the war in about 1943-44.
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6. Content
Calvin daniel samuel Hollowell, Co. I remain your husband till death. CDS Hollowell.A Veteran s Story Home The Civil War Calvin daniel samuel Hollowell.

7. Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel. Samuel Daniel (1562 October 14, 1619), English poet and historian,was the son of a music-master, and was born near Taunton, in Somerset.
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Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel October 14 English poet and historian , was the son of a music-master, and was born near Taunton , in Somerset . He was the brother of John Daniel In Samuel was admitted to Magdalen Hall, Oxford , where he remained for about three years, and then devoted himself to the study of poetry and philosophy . The name of Samuel Daniel is given as the servant of Lord Stafford, ambassador in France, in 1586, and probably refers to the poet. He was first encouraged and, if we may believe him, taught in verse, by the famous Countess of Pembroke, whose honour he was never weary of proclaiming. He had entered her household as tutor to her son, William Herbert. His first known work, a translation of Paulus Jovius, to which some original matter is appended, was printed in His first known volume of verse is dated ; it contains the cycle of sonnets to Delia and the romance called The Complaint of Rosamond . Twenty-seven of the sonnets had already been printed at the end of Sir Philip Sidney 's Astrophel and Stella without the author's consent. Several editions of

8. Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel (15621619). See biography and commentary by WilliamMinto and commentary on Delia by John Erskine. From Delia (1592
Samuel Daniel (1562-1619)
See biography and commentary by William Minto and commentary on Delia by John Erskine From Delia Visit Anniina Jokinen's Samuel Daniel page.
"Why should I sing in verse..."
Why should I sing in verse, why should I frame

9. QUERY: Langley - Daniel Samuel Langley & Lena
QUERY Langley daniel samuel Langley Lena. on my GGgrandparents, DanielSamuel Langley (b. Gwinnett Co., GA.) and his wife, Lena Whitworth.

10. Shadow Poetry -- Resources -- Famous Poets -- Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel Born 1562 // Died 1619. Samuel Daniel, Certaine small poems latelyprinted with the tragedie of Philotas (G. Eld for S. Waterson, 1605).
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Samuel Daniel
Born: 1562 // Died: 1619
Daniel's first book, Delia, was praised by Edmund Spenser in his Colin Clouts Come Home Again. He went on to become a successful court poet, writing occasional verses and dramatic entertainments. In 1604 Queen Anne commissioned a masque from him, The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses, and took part in the performance. Later that year he was in trouble for his tragedy Philotas, which was thought to represent the Earl of Essex's 1600 rebellion in a sympathetic light. Daniel prefaced the printed version of the play with an ' Apology' and was restored to favour. Towards the end of his life, he retired to his farm in Somerset.
Samuel Daniel's Poetry: (click on a title to read a poem) - Ulysses and the Siren - Why Should I Sing in Verse - But Love Whilst That... - When Winter Snows... ... - To Delia: XLVI
Samuel Daniel, Certaine small poems lately printed: with the tragedie of Philotas (G. Eld for S. Waterson, 1605). STC 6239. First Publication Date: 1605.
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11. Samuel Daniel - Encyclopedia Article About Samuel Daniel. Free Access, No Regist
encyclopedia article about Samuel Daniel. Samuel Daniel in Free onlineEnglish dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Samuel Daniel. Daniel
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Samuel Daniel
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Samuel Daniel Centuries: 15th century - 16th century - 17th century Decades: 1510s 1520s 1530s 1540s 1550s - Years: 1557 1558 1559 1560 1561 - Events
  • Earliest English slave-trading expedition under John Hawkins. The expedition goes between Guinea and the West Indies
  • January 6 - Earl of Tyrone ends his first rebellion by surrendering to Queen Elizabeth I of England

Click the link for more information. October 14 October 14 is the 287th day of the year (288th in Leap years). There are 78 days remaining.
  • 1066 - Norman Conquest: Battle of Hastings - In England on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, the Norman invasion forces of William the Conqueror defeat the English army and kill King Harold II of England.
  • 1812 - work on London's Regent's Canal starts.
  • 1863 - American Civil War: Battle of Bristol Station - Confederate General Robert E. Lee forces fail to drive the Union army out of Virginia.

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12. Samuel Daniel - MediaWiki
Printable version Disclaimers. Not logged in Log in Help. SamuelDaniel. From Wikiquote, the free encyclopedia. enSamuel Daniel.
Samuel Daniel
From MediaWiki, the free encyclopedia.
en:Samuel Daniel

13. Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel (15621619). Samuel Daniel was born into a musicalfamily in Somerset and was tutor to William Herbert, Third Earl
Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel was born into a musical family in Somerset and was tutor to William Herbert, Third Earl of Pembroke who later became Shakespeare's patron. He published Delia , a collection of sonnets in 1592, The Complaynt of Rosamund in the same year, and Cleopatra , a Senecan tragedy in 1594. His Defense of Rhyme (1603) was a reply to Thomas Campion 's essay on the Art of English Poesy which contended that the English language was not suitable for rhymed verse. Daniel also wrote an epic poem Civil Wars (completed 1609), Certain Small Poems (1605), and several court masques which won him favour with Queen Anne. Daniel was much admired by his contemporaries as well as later poets for his clarity of expression, technical skill, and versatility. "I know I shall be read among the rest / So long as men speak English" was his confident self-appraisal. Love is a Sickness
Ulysses and the Siren

Beauty, Time, and Love

Selected Poems of Campion, Daniel and Raleigh (Penguin Classics)

Thomas Campion, Samuel Daniel, Walter Raleigh, Ronald Levao (Editor)
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14. Ulysses And The Siren, By Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel. Ulysses and the Siren. Siren. COME, worthy Greek! About the poet.Samuel Daniel. By the same poet. Love is a Sickness. Beauty, Time, and Love.
Samuel Daniel
Ulysses and the Siren
Siren. COME, worthy Greek! Ulysses, come,
Possess these shores with me:
The winds and seas are troublesome,
And here we may be free.
Here may we sit and view their toil
That travail in the deep,
And joy the day in mirth the while,
And spend the night in sleep. Ulysses. Fair Nymph, if fame or honour were
To be attain'd with ease,
Then would I come and rest me there,
And leave such toils as these. But here it dwells, and here must I With danger seek it forth: To spend the time luxuriously Becomes not men of worth. Siren. Ulysses, O be not deceived With that unreal name; This honour is a thing conceived, And rests on others' fame: Begotten only to molest Our peace, and to beguile And give us up to toil. Ulysses. Delicious Nymph, suppose there were No honour nor report, Yet manliness would scorn to wear The time in idle sport: For toil doth give a better touch To make us feel our joy, And ease finds tediousness as much As labour yields annoy.

15. I187996: Donna ( - )
HTML created by GED2HTML v3.1a (8/20/97) on Sat Jan 03 091035 2004.daniel samuel DEARDORFF. BIRTH 17 APR 1856, Wabash, Wabash
Family 1 David Leroy NORTS
!NAME: DIANE PUGLIESE, DLP OB RN@AOL.COM. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Sat Jan 03 09:10:35 2004.
Family 1 Arthur Jacob (Bud) STRINE
  • Arthur Jacob STRINE Pauline INDEX
    !NAME: DORTHY MC AFEE, COCOA, FL. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Sat Jan 03 09:10:35 2004.
    Mary Katherine BLACK
    • BIRTH : 17 JUN 1902
    • DEATH : 25 JAN 1971, , Wabash, Indiana
    • BURIAL : JAN 1971, , Wabash, Indiana
    Family 1 Don Everett WERKING
    • MARRIAGE : 19 NOV 1921, , , Indiana

  • Harold E WERKING
  • Kenneth E WERKING
  • Herbert Lee WERKING Mary Katherine BLACK ... INDEX
    BURIED FAIRVIEW CEMETERY. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Sat Jan 03 09:10:35 2004.
    Robert William BROWN
    Family 1 Meegan Jennifer MATZ
  • Daniel Kenneth BROWN
  • Keenan Robert BROWN
  • Trevor Hoffman Matz BROWN ... INDEX This person is presumed living. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Sat Jan 03 09:10:35 2004.
    Daniel Samuel DEARDORFF
    • BIRTH : 17 APR 1856, Wabash, Wabash, Indiana
    • DEATH : 18 AUG 1932, Lafayette, , Indiana
    Father: Jacob DIERDORFF
    Mother: Rebecca HARTER
    Family 1 Eunice LONG
    • MARRIAGE : 27 APR 1879, Wabash, Wabash, Indiana
  • 16. Samuel Daniel - Kalliope
    1562, Samuel Daniel født. 1571, Enkedronning Dorothea af DanmarkNorge død. (født1511). 1619, Samuel Daniel død. Navn Samuel Daniel Født 1562 Død 1619.

    17. Selected Poems Of Samuel Daniel
    Samuel Daniel (ca. 15621619).
    Samuel Daniel
    (ca. 1562-1619) Home Anthology of Poetry ... Classics

    18. GenPage: Genealogy Page
    Pletcher, daniel samuel (1874 1968) b. 17 MAY 1874 ,Bloom,Wood,OH d. 8 JAN 1968Goshen,,Elkhart,IN father Pletcher, Henry P (1836 - 1919) mother Risser
    previous Pletcher, Christian H
    b. 3 MAY 1854 ,Howard,Centre,PA
    d. 12 JUL 1939 Lock Haven,,,PA
    Pletcher, Michael H (1816 - 1899)
    mother: Holter, Susan (1821 - 1894)
    spouse: Taylor, Silence E (1860 - 1912)
    m. 2 DEC 1882 ,,Centre,PA
    -child: Pletcher, Susan V (1883 - )
    -child: Pletcher, Eleanor T (1885 - 1968)
    -child: Pletcher, Flora M (1887 - 1981)
    -child: Pletcher, Asbury Taylor (1889 - 1949) -child: Pletcher, Frederick V (1893 - 1975) -child: Pletcher, Thomas Marion (1895 - 1970) -child: Pletcher, Irvin B (1898 - 1977) -child: Pletcher, Edith (1903 - ) Pletcher, Christine (aft 1910 - ) b. AFT 1 Jan 1910 father: Pletcher, Charles Edward (aft 1910 - ) mother: Miller, Carol Mae (aft 1910 - ) Pletcher, Christine Ann (aft 1910 - ) b. AFT 1 Jan 1910 father: Pletcher, Richard Lee (1929 - 1968) mother: Bosworth, Ilean Pletcher, Christopher b. 13 NOV 1844 ,,,OH d. 25 SEP 1874 ,Perry,Wood,CO father: Pletcher, Jacob (1806 - 1879) mother: Pletcher, Elizabeth (1817 - 1893) spouse: Bedall, Mariah Elnora (1847 - 1916) m. 26 MAY 1866 ,,Wood,OH -child: Pletcher, William (1868 - )

    SAMUEL DANIEL. Samuel Daniel, poet and playwright, was almost Shakespeare’sexact contemporary. Born only two years earlier than
    SAMUEL DANIEL Samuel Daniel, poet and playwright, was almost Shakespeare’s exact contemporary. Born only two years earlier than Shakespeare he survived him by just three. In 1592 Daniel issued a collection of his sonnets under the title Delia. This collection included one entitled “The Complaint of Rosamond” echoes of which have been found in Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece, Love’s Labour’s Lost and Romeo and Juliet. The year following he wrote a play, The Tragedie of Cleopatra, and Shakespeare’s Cleopatra appears to be more closely modeled on Daniel’s than Plutarch’s. By 1595, however, Daniel turned to writing history and published the first four books of Civil Wars, his account of contests between the houses of York and Lancaster, which was surely among Shakespeare’s sources for Henry IV. Civil Wars First Four Books). First edition. 1595. Works. 1602. Includes The Tragedie of Cleopatra and The Complaint of Rosamond. Back

    20. Samuel Daniel (1562-1619)
    samuel daniel (15621619),
    Samuel Daniel (1562-1619)

    The Life of Samuel Daniel

    The Works of Samuel Daniel

    Essays and Articles
    Daniel at the Bookstore

    to Renaissance English Literature
    Anniina Jokinen

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    Music: "Il Risentito" by GASTOLDI, Giovanni (1550-1622) Italian ; sequenced by Kelson Vibber.

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