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         Crispin Ac:     more detail
  1. Alien4Revival (Kadokawa Bunko) Japanese Language Book by AC Crispin, 1998
  2. Darwin in Malibu (Methuen Drama) by Crispin Whittell, 2004-09-01

121. Anime One
Photo, profile and vital statistics.
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Crispin Freeman
Age: Birthdate: Birthplace:
Chicago, IL Star Sign: Aquarius Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Weight: 160 lbs Height: 6'2" Blood Type: O - Favorite Anime Character: Allen Schezar Favorite Character You Played: Touga Kiryuu Favorite Anime Series: Macross Plus, The Vision of Escaflowne, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke Dream Date (Real) Natalie Portman ('cause she looks like a young Audrey Hepburn) Dream Date (Anime) Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop Foriegn Languages: Spanish Favorite Foods: Chicago Style Pizza, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Sushi Favorite Authors: Joseph Campbell, Marshall McLuhan, J.R.R. Tolkein, William Gibson, Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, Shakespeare Influences: Anime, working on a ranch in Montana, living on the south side of Chicago, smuggling artwork out of Prague, Czechoslovakia with my family during the Iron Curtain Years, living with my siblings

122. RFC 747 (rfc747) - Recent Extensions To The SUPDUP Protocol
Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol. M.R. crispin. March 1978.
RFC 747 (RFC747)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc747.txt rfc747.txt.pdf
RFC 747 - Recent extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol
NWG/RFC# 747 MRC 21-MAR-78 44015 Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol Network Working Group Mark Crispin Request for Comments 747 SU-AI NIC 44015 21 March 1978 Updates: RFC 734 . See also RFC 746 . Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol Recently, some extensions have been made to the SUPDUP protocol. RFC 746, by Richard Stallman, documented the SUPDUP graphics extension. In addition, a TTYOPT bit has been added and two more variables have been added to the initial negotiation. This RFC describes the changes from RFC 734 , but excludes the detailed information in RFC 746 . These extensions are upwards and downwards compatable, and are completely optional. For most SUPDUP user and server programs, RFC 734 RFC 746 describes this variable and the SUPDUP graphics option in complete detail. If the graphics extension is not to be used, SMARTS should be set to 0. The ISPEED and OSPEED variables are respectively the input and output baud rates of the terminal, if known. For example, a 150./1200. baud terminal would have an ISPEED of 150. and an OSPEED of 1200. A speed of zero means the line speed is indeterminate. The %TPPRN TTYOPT bit (value 0,,200) has been added. This bit specifies that the system should swap parenthesis with square brackets on input. This is often desirable for LISP users who are using a terminal which has parenthesis as a shift character but not square brackets. This bit is normally off and servers are not required to implement it. -1-

123. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sts. Crispin And Crispinian
Martyrs of the Early Church who were beheaded during the reign of Diocletian; the date of their execution is given as 25 October, 285 or 286.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... C > Sts. Crispin and Crispinian A B C D ... Z
Sts. Crispin and Crispinian
Martyrs of the Early Church who were beheaded during the reign of Diocletian ; the date of their execution is given as 25 October, 285 or 286. It is stated that they were brothers, but the fact has not been positively proved. The legend relates that they were Romans of distinguished descent who went as missionaries of the Christian Faith to Gaul and chose Soissons as their field of labour. In imitation of St. Paul they worked with their hands, making shoes, and earned enough by their trade to support themselves and also to aid the poor. During the Diocletian persecution they were brought before Maximianus Herculius whom Diocletian had appointed co-emperor. At first Maximianus sought to turn them from their faith by alternate promises and threats. But they replied: "Thy threats do not terrify us, for Christ is our life, and death is our gain. Thy rank and possessions are nought to us, for we have long before this sacrificed the like for the sake of Christ and rejoice in what we have done. If thou shouldst acknowledge and love Christ thou wouldst give not only all the treasures of this life, but even the glory of thy crown itself in order through the exercise of compassion to win eternal life." When Maximianus saw that his efforts were of no avail, he gave Crispin and Crispinian into the hands of the governor Rictiovarus (Rictius Varus), a most cruel persecutor of the Christians . Under the order of Rictiovarus they were stretched on the rack, thongs were cut from their flesh, and awls were driven under their finger-nails. A millstone was then fastened about the neck of each, and they were thrown into the Aisne, but they were able to swim to the opposite bank of the river. In the same manner they suffered no harm from a great fire in which Rictiovarus, in despair, sought death himself. Afterwards the two saints were beheaded at the command of Maximianus.

124. RFC 2060 (rfc2060) - Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1
Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4rev1. M. crispin. December 1996.
RFC 2060 (RFC2060)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc2060.txt rfc2060.txt.pdf
RFC 2060 - Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1
RFC-822 RFC-822 RFC 1730 RFC-822 ] header, but rather a date and time which reflects when the message was received. In the case of messages delivered via [SMTP], this SHOULD be the date and time of final delivery of the message as defined by [SMTP]. In the case of messages delivered by the IMAP4rev1 COPY command, this SHOULD be the internal date and time of the source message. In the case of messages delivered by the IMAP4rev1 APPEND command, this SHOULD be the date and time as specified in the APPEND command description. All other cases are implementation defined. 2.3.4. [ RFC-822 ] Size Message Attribute The number of octets in the message, as expressed in [ RFC-822 ] format. 2.3.5. Envelope Structure Message Attribute A parsed representation of the [ RFC-822 ] envelope information (not to be confused with an [SMTP] envelope) of the message. 2.3.6. Body Structure Message Attribute A parsed representation of the [MIME-IMB] body structure information of the message. 2.4. Message Texts In addition to being able to fetch the full [ RFC-822 ] text of a message, IMAP4rev1 permits the fetching of portions of the full message text. Specifically, it is possible to fetch the [

125. RFC 1732 (rfc1732) - IMAP4 Compatibility With IMAP2 And IMAP2bis
IMAP4 Compatibility with IMAP2 and IMAP2bis. M. crispin. December 1994.
RFC 1732 (RFC1732)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc1732.txt rfc1732.txt.pdf
RFC 1732 - IMAP4 Compatibility with IMAP2 and IMAP2bis
RFC 1176 RFC 1176 FIND command. * in a sequence Use the number of messages in the mailbox from the EXISTS unsolicited response. SEARCH extensions (character set, additional criteria) Reformulate the search request using only the searching options listed in search_old in the IMAP4 grammar. This may entail doing multiple searches to achieve the desired results. BODYSTRUCTURE fetch data item Try to fetch the non-extensible BODY data item. body section number Fetch the entire message and extract the header. .HEADER.LINES and .HEADER.LINES.NOT fetch data items Use .HEADER and remove the unwanted information. BODY.PEEK[section], .PEEK, and RFC-1176 .TEXT and ALL instead. Server does not support MIME. PARTIAL command Use the appropriate FETCH command and ignore the unwanted data. IMAP4 client implementations must accept all responses and data for- mats documented in the IMAP4 specification, including those labeled as obsolete. This includes the COPY and STORE unsolicited responses and the old format of dates and times. In particular, client imple- mentations must not treat a date/time as a fixed format string; nor may they assume that the time begins at a particular octet. IMAP4 client implementations must not depend upon the presence of any server extensions that are not in the base IMAP4 specification. The experimental IMAP2bis version specified that the TRYCREATE spe- cial information token is sent as a separate unsolicited OK response instead of inside the NO response. The FIND BBOARDS, FIND ALL.BBOARDS, and BBOARD commands of

126. Kyle Hebert
Voice actor Kyle Hebert interviews other voice actors crispin Freeman, Bob Bergen, Tristan MacAvery, Debi Derryberry, and Petrea Burchard.
The House of Bean Dip [EXCLUSIVE Interviews] Don Bluth
Legendary animator responsible for "The Secret of NIMH", "Anastasia", "The Land Before Time", "Dragon's Lair" and many, many more! Ryan Simmons
Animated effects artist who's feature film credits include "The Road to El Dorado", "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron", and "The Iron Giant" Crispin Freeman
Hellsing 's Alucard Tristan MacAvery
Gendo Ikari of Evangelion fame speaks out Dementia 7 / D7 Peacemaker
The crew of an awesome indie anime flick Bob Bergen
Da main pig himself! Debi Derryberry
Jimmy Neutron and Ryo Ohki, to name a few Petrea Burchard
Most noted as the voice of the notorious space pirate Ryoko

127. A-Kon™ 15 June 4-6, 2004 At The Adams Mark Hotel Dallas, TX
Anime convention at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas on May 31 June 2, 2002. Guests - anime voice actors crispin Freeman; Tiffany Grant, Taliesin Jaffe, Scott McNeil, and Jonathan Osborne.
A-Kon Quick Links
Membership Info
Convention Hours

Gaming Info and Schedule

Console Gaming Info
Music Video Contest
Travel Links
Dallas Road Conditions
Ft. Worth Road Conditions

Airport Info

Love Field Airport
Map Directions
Game Shows

Friday Night J-Rock Concert
And much much more!
Banquet with the Stars
Sit with your favorite guest at Sunday Brunch. More info as we get it to follow. Tickets are still available.
Gaming Info
DBZ REGIONAL TOURNAMENT SPONSORED BY SCORE Dragon Ball Universe TCG Focused Regional - Focused allows only Dragon Ball GT cards. This event will be on Saturday. It will be 6 rounds of Swiss format capped off with a Top 32 cut into a single elimination bracket. Sign ups begin at 9:00 a.m. Saturday in the tournament area of the Exhibit Hall. The tournament starts promptly at 10:00 a.m and will run no later than 10:00 p.m. that night. There is a $15 entry fee for each participant. Prizes include 1st place gets $250, 2nd place gets $100 and 3rd/4th places gets $50 each. Additionally, the Top 4 finishers at the Regional are automatically invited to the Grand Kai Invitational and 1st place will get both an invitation and airfare to the GKI. Check

128. Welcome To The Crispin Inn
A family run public house and guest house, serving speciality ales and home cooked food. Includes terms and conditions.
The Crispin Inn is situated in the heart of the Derbyshire Countryside.
With Beautiful scenery and fantastic food and a warm welcome from Robert and Diane.
We offer a large menu that will suit all tastes from main meals to sandwiches we also cater for vegetarian tastes and a children's menu is also available.
We open 7 days a week making us always at hand to serve you one of our fantastic meals.
Pop down and sample one of our real ales or speciality beers. Our public house is fully ventilated with non-smoking areas, making the Crispin Inn comfortable for all. See you soon!

129. Snails And Retards And Crispin Glover
Excerpt from Ben Is Dead.
Rat Catching item code: GLOVRAT signed hardcover EM price $25
an excerpt from
Snails and Retards and Crispin Glover
by Lorraine Mahru
Lorraine: After all these years are you still flattered by recognition? Crispin: I am flattered by compliments. Being recognized is not flattering. It just means someone recognizes you. If recognition is accompanied by a compliment that is flattering. You are not flattered by someone recognizing you, are you? For example if say, a relative recognized you at Thanksgiving, are you flattered by this recognition? Probably not. Now let's say a relative recognized you, and then stated, "You are marvelous." At that point you would be flattered. I guess this is all semantics, but I believe it answers what you asked. Lorraine: What's the most obsessive thing one of your fans has ever done? Lorraine: What's the second most? reprinted with permission from Ben Is Dead #30: The Celebrity Issue New Shopping Session About Us Print Catalog Features ... Contact us by E-Mail TM

130. RFC 727 (rfc727) - Telnet Logout Option
Telnet Logout Option. M.R. crispin. April 1977.
RFC 727 (RFC727)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc727.txt rfc727.txt.pdf
RFC 727 - Telnet logout option
Previous: RFC 0726 - Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option Next: RFC 0728 - Minor pitfall in the Telnet Protocol RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs ... Cities

131. RFC 2061 (rfc2061) - IMAP4 Compatibility With IMAP2bis
IMAP4 Compatibility with IMAP2bis. M. crispin. December 1996.
RFC 2061 (RFC2061)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc2061.txt rfc2061.txt.pdf
RFC 2061 - IMAP4 Compatibility with IMAP2bis
Network Working Group M. Crispin Request for Comments: 2061 University of Washington Category: Informational December 1996 IMAP4 COMPATIBILITY WITH IMAP2BIS Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community. This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Introduction The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) has been through several revisions and variants in its 10-year history. Many of these are either extinct or extremely rare; in particular, several undocumented variants and the variants described in RFC 1064 RFC 1176 , and RFC 1203 fall into this category. One variant, IMAP2bis, is at the time of this writing very common and has been widely distributed with the Pine mailer. Unfortunately, there is no definite document describing IMAP2bis. This document is intended to be read along with RFC 1176 and the most recent IMAP4 specification ( RFC 2060 ) to assist implementors in creating an IMAP4 implementation to interoperate with implementations that conform to earlier specifications. Nothing in this document is required by the IMAP4 specification; implementors must decide for themselves whether they want their implementation to fail if it encounters old software. At the time of this writing, IMAP4 has been updated from the version described in

132. RFC 1730 (rfc1730) - Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4
Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4. M. crispin. December 1994.
RFC 1730 (RFC1730)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc1730.txt rfc1730.txt.pdf
RFC 1730 - Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4
RFC 822 RFC-822 foobar@Blurdybloop.COM ... RFC-822 ]) and that contains the specified string in the [ RFC-822 RFC-822 RFC-822 RFC-822 also has nested parts. These are the parts of the MESSAGE part's body. Nested part of a part of type MESSAGE and subtype is the [ RFC-822 ] header of the message. Every message has at least one part. Here is an example of a complex message with its associated section specifications: ([ RFC-822 ] header of the message) MULTIPART/MIXED 1 TEXT/PLAIN 2 APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM 3 MESSAGE/RFC822 3.0 ([ RFC-822 ] header of the message) 3.1 TEXT/PLAIN 3.2 APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM MULTIPART/MIXED 4.1 IMAGE/GIF 4.2 MESSAGE/RFC822 4.2.0 ([

133. Patron Saints Index: Saint Crispin
Profile of St. crispin. Illustrated.
Also known as
25 October
Roman noble. Brother of Saint Crispian with whom he evangelized Gaul in the middle 3rd century. Worked from Soissons, they preached in the streets by day, made shoes by night. The group's charity, piety, and contempt of material things impressed the locals, and many converted in the years of their ministry. Martyred under emperor Maximian Herculeus, being tried by Rictus Varus, governor of Belgic Gaul and an enemy of Christianity. A great church was built at Soissons in the century in their honor; Saint Eligius ornamented their shrine.
martyred c. at Rome by torture and beheading
cobblers glove makers lace makers lace workers ... weavers
cobbler 's last; shoe
Additional Information
Google Directory
deutsch italiano
From the example of the saints it appears how foolish the pretenses of many Christians are, who imagine the care of a family, the business of a farm or a shop, the attention which they are obliged to give to their worldly profession, are impediments which excuse them from aiming at perfection. Such, indeed, they make them; but this is altogether owing to their own sloth and malice. How many saints have made these very employments the means of their perfection! Saint Paul made tents; Saints Crispin and Crispinian were shoemakers; the Blessed Virgin was taken up in the care of her poor cottage; Christ himself worked with his reputed father, and those saints who renounced all commerce with the world to devote themselves totally to the contemplation of heavenly things, made mats, tilled the earth, or copied and bound good books.

134. Capuchin Franciscan Friars - Page Or File Not Found.
Illustrated biography of St. crispin of Viterbo.
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to find the page you are after. We apologise for any inconvenience caused...

135. Air And Vacuum, Air Release And Check Valves From Crispin
Manufacturers of valves for water and sewage transmission in municipal, industrial and irrigation systems.
Crispin Valve
Check Valves

Support Valves

With valves in place around the world, we look forward to putting almost a century of experience to work on your next valve project. Since 1905 Crispin SWL Series Swing Check Valves home products sizing software ... view the entire crispin valve line (pdf)

136. The Crispin Hellion Glover Resource Center
A fan page with articles, reviews, interviews, multimedia, and links.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Welcome! Welcome to the Crispin Hellion Glover Resource Center. The mission of the Center is to provide the visitor with a wealth of information on the creative genius of Crispin Hellion Glover. The Center serves to collect, preserve and exhibit items pertaining to Crispin Hellion Glover. The archives are always growing, so be sure to visit often! At the Crispin Hellion Glover Resource Center, you will find articles, interviews and movie, book and CD reviews relating to Mr. Glover. I have tried to include the best quality images I possibly can to accompany the articles. Whenever possible, my image scans are from the original article, however, in some cases my only image source for a particular article was a photocopy. Also, I have included bibliographic information for all my sources, so that those wishing to expand their research may have the opportunity to do so. I wish to add that this site is in no way formally affiliated with Mr. Glover. It is merely a temple of devotion to him. I have tried to make the archives here at the Crispin Hellion Glover Resource Center as easily navigable as possible. Your feedback is important! Please

137. RFC 752 (rfc752) - Universal Host Table
Universal Host Table. M.R. crispin. January 1979.
RFC 752 (RFC752)
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs Web FAQs ... Cities Alternate Formats: rfc752.txt rfc752.txt.pdf
RFC 752 - Universal host table
RFC 750
Previous: RFC 0751 - Survey of FTP mail and MLFL Next: RFC 0753 - Internet Message Protocol RFC Index RFC Search Usenet FAQs ... Cities

138. The Ecole Glossary
Short essay on the cultus of SS. crispin and crispinian, by Karen Rae Keck.
The Ecole Glossary
Crispin and Crispinian Soissons and Faversham were the centers of the cult of these shoemakers martyred c. . Legend says that they were nobly born Roman brothers who became missionaries to Gaul. Some say they chose to make shoes so that the faithful need not support them, while others say that the two were unmercenary cobblers. Reputed to have founded Noviodunum (now Soissons), the brothers were martyred when local pagans complained of them to Maximian, who was visiting the town. The shoemakers were beheaded. Some English legends report that the duo lived in Faversham, in a house that was a tourist attraction into the XVII Century. Other English legends record that the headless bodies were tossed into the sea and floated to the Romney Marsh. St. Eligius restored the French shrine to Crispin and Crispinian in the VII Century, after which it was a popular pilgrim's destination. The brothers are now remembered as the saints King Henry V invoked before Agincourt in Shakespeare's play. Karen Rae Keck

139. EPolitix - Crispin Blunt
MP for Reigate. Biography, articles, speeches and press releases. Plus history of the constituency, and contact details.
Westminster Scotland Wales Northern Ireland ... European Union Search ePolitix for...
Advanced Search
Login Contact Terms ... Speeches Reigate Crispin Blunt Home I am Crispin Blunt, Conservative Member of Parliament for Reigate in Surrey. For further details on what being a Member of Parliament entails click here Please feel free to browse the contents of my website. The pages contain some information about myself and the work that I do, as well as some links which may be of interest or help to you. If you have any comments concerning my website, please email me at If you are an interested constituent or journalist and would like to be added to our press release mailing list, please send an e mail to marking the subject box "press release service". Electors Questionnaire:
I am keen to learn and to track constituents views on key local and national issues, the Reigate Conservative Association send out a questionnaire on my behalf to new electors in the constituency, if you are an existing elector I would like your views to be incorporated and this can be done by downloading the form Thank you for your visit.

140. Crispin Glover
Photo, profile, filmography, and other credits.

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20 April New York, New York, USA
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While he's never been a typical leading man, Crispin Glover has distinguished... (show more)
Sometimes Credited As:
Crispin Hellion Glover
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