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         Colette:     more books (40)
  1. Barks and Purrs by Colette, 2010-07-24
  2. The Collected Stories of Colette by Colette, 1984-09-01
  3. Remembering the Future: The Path to Recovering Intuition by Colette Baron-Reid, 2006-09-01
  4. Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette (Ballantine Reader's Circle) by Judith Thurman, 2000-10-31
  5. The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody, 2009-03-09
  6. The Complete Claudine: Claudine at School; Claudine in Paris; Claudine Married; Claudine and Annie by Colette, 2001-09-05
  7. The Vagabond (Dover Books on Literature & Drama) by Colette, 2010-04-21
  8. Colette's Birthday Cakes by Colette Peters, 2000-04-01
  9. Gigi, Julie de Carneilha, and Chance Acquaintances: Three Short Novels by Colette, 2001-10-10
  10. Cakes to Dream On: A Master Class in Decorating by Colette Peters, 2004-11-09
  11. Seduction of Moxie by Colette Moody, 2009-09-15
  12. Cheri and The Last of Cheri [movie tie-in edition] by Colette, 2009-06-23
  13. Journey Through The Chakras CD by Colette Baron-Reid, 2007-02-01
  14. The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff, 1996-10-01

1. Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle) 1873-1954
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2. Centre D'étude Colette : Ressources Documentaire
Pr©sente le fonds documentaire que conserve le Mus©e colette (Yonne, France), une bibliographie et une biographie de l'©crivain.
une correspondance riche d'environ 800 lettres ; des travaux universitaires... C Direction des Affaires Culturelles
Cinquantenaire de la disparition de Colette
Calendrier des manifestations : expositions films publications salons et festivals ... naissances Livret de l'exposition " ". Disponible en juin Petite revue de presse de la mort de Colette. 2003 : exposition

3. Zsolnay Verlag / Autorenarchiv: Colette
Biographische Informationen aus dem Autorenarchiv des Zsolnay Verlages.
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Autorenarchiv Colette
Marcel Proust
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St. colette. colette joined successively the Bequines, the Benedictines, and the Urbanist Poor Clares. Later she lived for a while as a recluse.
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St. Colette
(Diminutive of NICOLETTA, COLETTA). Founder of Colettine Poor Clares (Clarisses), born 13 January 1381, at Corbie in Picardy, France; died at Ghent, 6 March, 1447. Her father, Robert Boellet, was the carpenter of the famous Benedictine Abbey of Corbie; her mother's name was Marguerite Moyon. Colette joined successively the Bequines, the Benedictines, and the Urbanist Poor Clares. Later she lived for a while as a recluse. Having resolved to reform the Poor Clares, she turned to the antipope Nicholas V , in 1458 by Pius II , and in 1482 by Sixtus IV St. Colette was beatified 23 January, 1740, and canonized 24 May, 1807. She was not only a woman of sincere piety, but also intelligent and energetic, and exercised a remarkable moral power over all her associates. She was very austere and mortified in her life, for which God rewarded her by supernatural favours and the gift of miracles . For the convents reformed by her she prescribed extreme poverty, to go barefooted, and the observance of perpetual fast and abstinence. The Colettine Sisters are found to-day, outside of France, in Belgium, Germany, Spain, England, and the United States. MICHAEL BIHL
Transcribed by Paul T. Crowley

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6. Colette Guimond - Female Bodybuilder And Wrestler
Wrestler and bodybuilder from Montreal. Biography, photos, travel schedule, personal session information and links.
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7. Colette Detailed Book Reviews
Analysis of the plot, theme, setting and characters of colette's books, plus links to similar books.
Books Movies Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mystery/Thriller ... History Colette AllReaders Scholar Profiles
Joan Clare
SCHOLARS: Regina Pounds Colette Reviews
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Colette Message Board
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Cheri by Colette

Cheri and Lea live together as lovers even though Lea is some 25 years older than Cheri, and was his aunt. Cheri is the son with an unknown father of a famous aging courtesan, Lea's close friend. ...
Chéri's End by Colette

Colette lets us follow the story of Chéri, his marriage, and his relationship to his much older, former lover, to its conclusion. The focus here is entirely on the young man himself....
The Other One by Colette
A playwright sees his work through to theater production, while his son alerts his wife to the drama played out at his home: a ménage à trois. Colette keeps the focus on all characters involved, but u... The Shackle by Colette Renee Nere is now 36 - it is three years after she leaves Max and she sees him again with his wife and young child. He doesn't even recognize her, and she in turn feels nothing for him. Renee is no... The Vagabond by Colette It is a circa 1910 and a French woman, who is divorced from her well to do husband, is thinking about the hardship of her present life working on the music hall stage of Paris. Renee Nere is stil...

8. - Pintora
Breve muestra de su obra, retratos y programas educativos en televisi³n.
Web Oficial Burgos (Spain) 2004

9. Colette Style Design Art Food Paris
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10. Colette : Paris
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British artist shows location photography and abstract painting. Includes works from 1999 fineart-degree exhibition, resume.
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12. Colette
André Gide, and Paul Claudel. colette s career as a writer spanned from her early 20s to her mid70s. Her main themes were joys
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Colette (1873-1954) - in full Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette French novelist, belonging, in time, to the generation of authors that includes Marcel Proust , and Paul Claudel . Colette's career as a writer spanned from her early 20s to her mid-70s. Her main themes were joys and pains of love and female sexuality in the male-dominated world. All her works are more or less autobiographical - Colette intentionally blurred the boundaries between fiction and fact in her life. She wrote over 50 novels and scores of short stories. "By means of an image we are often able to hold on to our lost belongings. But it is the desperateness of losing which picks the flowers of memory, binds the bouquet." Mes Apprentissages Sidonie-Cabrielle Colette was born in the Burgundian village of Saint-Sauveur-en Puisaye as the daughter of a retired army captain, Jules-Joseph Colette, who had lost a leg in the Italian campaign and who worked as a taxcollector with local political aspirations. Her mother, Adele Eugenie Sidonie Landoy, known as 'Sidonie' or 'Sido', was an unconventional character, a down-to-earth personality, devoted to her pets, books, and garden. Colette spent a happy childhood in rural surrounding, which later was the scene of her many novels. At the age of 20 Colette married 15 years older writer and music critic Henri Gauthier-Villars, ('Monsieur Willy'). Colette's biographers' have labelled her first husband as a literary charlatan and degenerate.

13. Patron Saints Index: Saint Colette
Profile of St. colette. Illustrated.
Also known as
Coleta; Collette of Corbie ; Nicholette Boilet; Nicolette
6 March
Carpenter 's daughter whose parents were near 60 at her birth. Orphaned at age 17, and left in the care of a Benedictine abbot . Her guardian wanted her to marry, but Colette was drawn to religious life. She initially tried to join the Beguine and Benedictine orders, but failed in her vocation. Franciscan tertiary Hermitess . On 17 September , at age 21, she became an anchoress - walled into a cell whose only opening was a grilled window into a church.
She had visions in which Saint Francis of Assisi ordered her to restore the rule of Saint Clare to its original severity. When she hesitated, she was struck blind for three days and mute for three more; she saw this as a sign.
Colette tried to follow her mission by explaining it, but had no success. Realizing she needed more authority behind her words, she walked to Nice, barefoot and clothed in a habit of patches, to meet Peter de Luna, acknowledged by the French as the schismatic Pope Benedict XIII . He professed her a Poor Clare , and was so impressed that he made her superioress of all convents of Minoresses that she might reform or found, and a missioner to the friars and tertiaries of Saint Francis
She travelled from convent to convent, meeting opposition

14.   1 8 0 0 C O L E T T E . C O M  -  version 22  -  sunset
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15. / Dj Colette /

16. Colette Deréal
Biographie, filmographie et discographie, photos et liens.
Hommage à Colette Deréal
In Memory of Colette Deréal
Bienvenue Welcome Willkommen - Üdvözöljük
Colette Deréal
Photo fournie par la famille
I thank the family for the photo
Ich danke der Familie für das Photo
Köszönöm a családnak a fényképet


Treten Sie ein
Belépö ... Discographie/Discography/Dalcímek Visiteurs Visitors Besucher Látogatók Fanclub Colette Deréal, Judit Looss-Freschl, Bittermarkstr. 31, D-44229 Dortmund

17. Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle) 1873-1954
colette (SidonieGabrielle) 1873-1954. colette was born in the village of Saint-Saveur-en Puisaye, Burgundy. Considered one of France
Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle) 1873-1954
Colette was born in the village of Saint-Saveur-en Puisaye, Burgundy. Considered one of France’s leading twentieth-century novelists, she was elected to the prestigious Academie Goncourt and Academie Royal Belge. Recognized for her warm, subjective style and the lyrical beauty of her prose as well as her prolific output, she produced over fifty books, numerous short stories and articles for some of the leading newspapers and periodicals of her era. Critics generally divide her work into four phases: the Claudine novels, life in the theater, the politics of love, and reminiscences of youth and family. Dominant themes concern the difficulty of reconciling a woman’s struggle for independence and self-realization with the insistent demands of physical passion and the inevitable requirements of adult relationships. Although Colette considered The Pure and the Impure (1932) to be her finest work, many critics believe the best representations of her craft are found in The Vagabond (1910), Cheri (1920), The Last of Cheri (1926), My Mother's House (1922)

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19. Weddings By Colette - Officiant Services, Ceremonies & Wedding Vows
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20. Colette
Prodej v sortimentu krmiv, kosmetiky pro psy a kočky a vlastn­ v½roby kalhotek pro h¡raj­c­ fenky.
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