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         Austen Jane:     more books (100)
  1. Persuasion by Jane Austen, 2009-10-04
  2. Love and Freindship [sic] by Jane Austen, 2010-07-06
  3. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, 2010-08-14
  4. Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen, 2010-03-10
  5. Complete Works of Jane Austen. Emma, Lady Susan, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility. ILLUSTRATED. (mobi) by Jane Austen, 2008-02-25
  6. Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen, 2010-09-17
  7. The Complete Novels of Jane Austen by Jane Austen, 2005-02-05
  8. The Complete Works of Jane Austen by Jane Austen, 1993-12-31
  9. Persuasion by Jane Austen, 2010-03-10
  10. The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (Wordsworth Library Collection) by Jane Austen, 2007-09-01
  11. The Jane Austen Book Club (movie tie-in) by Karen Joy Fowler, 2007-08-28
  12. The Jane Austen Cookbook by Maggie Black, 2002-05-10
  13. Emma by Jane Austen, 2010-03-13
  14. Bespelling Jane Austen: Almost Persuaded\Northanger Castle\Blood and Prejudice\Little to Hex Her by Mary Balogh, Colleen Gleason, et all 2010-09-28

1. Jane "Persuasion" Austen
Jane Austen 17751817 - British author biography. Try it. Jane Austen was born 16 December 1775 at Steventon Parish, Hampshire, England daughter of the Rev. George Austen and Cassandra Leigh-Austen. Jane was devoted to her older sister
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Gallimaufry Newsletters Journal NEW! Send Email! Kevin MacLeod Rate this page! On the bottom of every page here, there is a quick way to give feedback. Give it a try! Jane "Persuasion" Austen
Jane Austen was born 16 December 1775 at Steventon Parish, Hampshire, England. She was the seventh child and second daughter of the Rev. George Austen and Cassandra Leigh-Austen. Jane was devoted to her older sister, Cassandra-Elizabeth, and eventually wrote enough letters to her to choke a horse. When Cassandra, age 10, was sent away to school in Oxford , Jane begged to be sent along with her even though she was too young. Mr. Austen, however, couldn't really afford their schooling and the girls were back home after less than three years. Apart from this, Jane never lived outside of her family circle again . She ended up very well-educated for a female, though. Her oldest brother James helped her out by organizing reading lists for her, and Jane could lay claim to a good knowledge of history as well as a little Latin, Italian and musical training. It was 1787 when Jane made the decision to devote all her spare time to writing. This early work made three volumes of

2. Jane Austen E-texts, Etc.
A collection of resources for fans of Jane Austen's writing including her complete juvinelia, poetry, illustrations, criticism, biographies, and much more. Welcome to Jane Austen Etexts, etc, a

The History of England
Browseable, with color illustrations, or full text with no illustrations
Complete texts of Volumes I, II, and III

Criticism and Biographies

Miscellaneous other stuff
adult writings and various other interesting things
about me and this site
buy books by and about Austen
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Updated: February 1, 2004 Catherine Dean, proprietress A Janeite once replied when asked "Do you read novels?", "Yes, all six of them. Every year." However there is much more written in Jane's hand than simply her six full length novels. Welcome to Jane Austen E-texts, etc, a collection of resources of interest to both the devoted and the closet Janeite. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a Janeite, a hard to find book about Austen, or one of her books in a hard-copy, look no further than the Jane Austen E-texts, Etc. Bookstore , the proceeds from which will go to maintaining and improving this site! If you enjoy looking through my Austen collection, please take a few seconds to sign my guestbook Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am not currently adding any material to this website. I hope you will enjoy what is available. Also, while I enjoy recieving e-mails from fellow Janeites, I am be too busy to respond personally. I also am unable to help anyone with research for papers or requests for additional information. That said, I hope you enjoy my site!

3. Jane Austen - Biography And Works
Jane Austen. Extensive Biography of Jane Austen and a searchable collection of works. Jane Austen. Search all of Jane austen jane Austen (17751817). Jane Austen is the English novelist Jane
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Lady Susan

Mansfield Park

Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen
Search all of Jane Austen Jane Austen (1775-1817) . Jane Austen is the English novelist generally credited with first giving the novel its modern character through her treatment of the details of everyday life in provincial English middle-class society. She was born on December 16, 1775 at the parsonage of Steventon, in Hampshire, a village of which her father was rector. She was the youngest of seven children. In 1801, the family moved to Bath, where they lived until 1805 when, upon the death of her father, the family moved first to Southampton and then to Chawton in 1809. It was in Chawton that her major works were composed, although she had begun as a child to write for family amusement. Jane Austen's best-known work, Pride and Prejudice , was written in 1797-98, although not published until 1813, two years after the publication of Sense and Sensibility . Her three other books belong to a later period Mansfield Park Emma and Persuasion being written between 1811 and 1816.

4. Jane Austen
Om f¶rfattarskapet, b¶ckerna och sjukdomen som ¤ndade hennes liv.
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5. Jane Austen -
Addresses the importance of Jane Austen s work in today s society, how her novels relate to modern women and comparisions between 18th century society and 20th

Jane Austen
Reading and Literature
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6. Jane Austen
Jane Austen. Tools and Options. Search Advanced. Search for Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, where her father was a rector.
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English writer, who first gave the novel its modern character through the treatment of everyday life. Although Austen was widely read in her lifetime, she published her works anonymously. The most urgent preoccupation of her young, well-bred heroines is courtship, and finally marriage. Austen's best-known books include Pride and Prejudice (1813) and Emma (1816). Virginia Woolf called her "the most perfect artist among women." Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, where her father was a rector. She was the second daughter and seventh child in a family of eight. The first 25 years of her life Austen spent in Hampshire. She was tutored at home. Her parents were avid readers and she received a broader education than many women of her time. On her father's retirement, the family moved to Bath. Austen started to write for family amusement as a child. Her earliest-known writings date from about 1787. Very shy about her writing, she wrote on small pieces of paper that she slipped under the desk plotter if anyone came into the room. After the death of her father in 1805, she lived with her mother and sister in Southampton and moved in 1809 to a large cottage in the village of Chawton. Austen never married, but her social life was active. She was connected with the middling-rich landed gentry that she portrayed in her novels.

7. Hampshire, The Inspirational Home Of Jane Austen
Jane Austen found the inspiration to write Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility in the county of Hampshire, England where she spent most of her life.
Hantsweb home Search Contacts A-Z index ... Winchester - final resting place Hampshire, inspirational home of Jane Austen
Jane wrote her famous works drawing on a large circle of friends, social gatherings and places around Hampshire that she visited in order to devise her characters and the settings for her novels.
Hampshire is a unique place to visit - no other part of England has so much to offer. To find out more you can Discover Hampshire
Jane Austen Bookshop

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8. The Literary Gothic   |   Jane Austen  
Jane Austen page at The Literary Gothic, the web s premier guide to Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to 1950. Austen, Jane.
Austen, Jane
16 December 1775 - 18 July 1817
One of the most important novelists of the Romantic Period, with a significance and a following that continue strong to this day, Austen was uninterested in the Gothic except as an object of parody. Her early novel Northanger Abbey Northanger Abbey specifically mentions a number of genuine Gothics, often referred to as the Northanger novels
Sites: Jane Austen InfoPage One of the richer Austen sites in existence: biography, bibliographies, etexts galore, Jane's letters, articles and discussions of all sorts, including historical and social context. If it's Austen, it's here. [Henry Churchyard] Jane Austen Society of North America Includes an online journal, Persuasions , devoted to Austen studies Jane Austen Centre in Bath Self-billed as "a new permanent exhibition which tells the story of Jane's Bath experience - the effect that living here had on her and her writing." You can find out more, I suppose, by subscribing to their magazine, Jane Austen's Regency World , or can have your picture taken, while visiting the Centre, dressed as an Austen character. Jane Lives!

9. Jane Austen - Jane Austen
Jane austen jane Austen. Austen, Jane Austen, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, Great Books and Jane Austen term paper tips. Jane Austen.

10. Jane Austen - JANE AUSTEN PLAY
Jane austen jane AUSTEN PLAY. Austen, Jane Austen, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, Great Books and Jane Austen paper tips. JANE AUSTEN PLAY.

11. DVD Videos Music Games Maps Gifts Bargain Books
Your search for austen+jane yielded 240 results using author Displaying results 1 to 25. 1. Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane

12. OUP USA: The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen: Jane Austen
to cart. The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen. 6volume set. Third Edition. Text based on collation of early editions by RW Chapman. Sanditon Jane Austen Price $5.95.

13. Unilibro Italia | Autore Jane Austen
Translate this page austen jane ,Emma Jane Austen ,Orgoglio e pregiudizio Jane Austen ,Ragione e sentimento-Orgoglio Jane Austen ,Orgoglio e pregiudizio Jane Austen ,Ragione e Jane&idaff

14. The Republic Of Pemberley
Discussion group and information on the works, life, and culture of jane austen. Online copies of her letters and novels.

Search the site
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The Republic of Pemberley is operated by a volunteer committee including:
, Barbara, Candace, Caroline, Carolyn, Cheryl, Golda, Henry, Julie W, Kathleen(elder), Laraine, LaurieC, Linda and Nan. Emma Mansfield Park Persuasion Northanger Abbey ... Austenuations (all other Austen discussion) Bits of Ivory - Jane Austen sequels by Pemberleans.
The Library
- Discussions of non-Jane Austen books.
- Tongue-in-cheek advice from JA characters.
- Discussion of Jane Austen's era.
Virtual Views
- Discussion of non-Austen film and television.
Recommended Reading
- Database of books reviewed by our citizens. Jane Austen Sequels Page - Reviews of sequels to the works of Jane Austen. Newcomers Board - Staying? Say hello and add your name. Help! - Help using the Pemberley site and questions about the community. Ramble - Topics of general interest and community conversation. Meetings - Plan and report on community gatherings. Milestones - Celebrate and condole. Chat - Real time chat with other Pemberleans.

15. JASNA Home Page
Announcements. Los Angeles AGM Information updated. Hotel Reduced. JASNA Links. MORE ABOUT JASNA. Annual general meeting. JASNA regional organizations meetings. How to Join. About JASNA. PUBLICATIONS. jane austen Essay Contest. Wanted! receive the annual journal, Persuasions The jane austen Journal, which we publish each June
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Persuasions the Jane Austen Journal
Persuasions Online
Occasional Papers Book Reviews

Tours of Jane Austen's England Jane Austen Essay Contest Wanted! Jane Austen Cartoons Jane Austen-related merchandise
Jane Austen-related Web Sites
Founded in 1979 by Joan Austen-Leigh (1920-2001), Henry G. Burke (1902-89), and J. David Grey (1935-1993), JASNA has grown to 4,000 members. About 550 of us gather in October for our three-day-long Annual General Meeting, which is located alternately between east and west coast cities in the U.S. and every fourth year in Canada. Our members also participate in year-round meetings hosted by any one of our 60 regional groups, which you will find listed on this webpage, along with information about our dues. Meeting topics vary from literary discussions to Regency dancing, biographical and historical study of Austen and her times to the study and play of such Regency games as Whist and Speculation. Our interests in topics relative to Austen are as unlimited as Austen's interests. JASNA members receive the annual journal

16. Jane Austen Info Page
Compendious page devoted to jane austen, English novelist 17751817; has illustrated hypertext of Pride and Prejudice, HTML e-texts of her letters and many
Jane Austen Information Page
"After long thought and much perplexity, to be very brief was all that she could determine on with any confidence of safety."
Northanger Abbey
, Chapter 29
The English author Jane Austen lived from 1775 to 1817. Her novels are highly prized not only for their light irony, humor, and depiction of contemporary English country life, but also for their underlying serious qualities.
Jane Austen Info Page Short Table of Contents
(A short listing of the main categories of information on this site, and all e-texts; for a thorough listing, see the longer table of contents below.)

17. Front Door
jane austen ~ (Dec 16, 1775 July 18, 1817) is best known for her novels Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion, and for her wit and
Jane Austen ~ (Dec 16, 1775 - July 18, 1817) is best known for her novels Pride and Prejudice Sense and Sensibility Emma , and Persuasion , and for her wit and social observations. You are on the new server!
Please contribute toward the hosting of on Spring's server! This site provides a good starting point for people interested in Jane Austen.
    Works of Jane Austen page, there are links to each of her six novels, as well as much of her Juvenilia, and some of her letters. Links To Jane Austen On The Web page provides links to many sites with information on Jane Austen, her life, and Jane Austen societies around the world. Off-Line Jane Austen Resources gives some links to societies, books, and tourist sites which exist in the real world. Links To The Regency On The Web page provides links to historical sites which describe the times in which Jane Austen lived. Derbyshire Writers' Guild provides a place to post and peruse Jane Austen-based creative writingwith well over 1,000 stories available to read. Webring or two . Rings are a way to link many sites with similar interests. The list of member sites to the webring is particularly helpful.
Most pages on this site have the oval logo in the upper left corner. If you want to return to this page, just click on the logo.

18. Jane Austen Centre In Bath, England
jane austen Centre in Bath UK, permanent exhibition about jane s life, writing and experiences in this Georgian World Heritage City.

19. Guide To The Jane Austen Collection
See also jane austen Home Page. We are grateful to the jane austen Society of North America for awarding us a Henry G. Burke Grant to publish this guide. Funding was also provided by the Friends of
A Guide to the Jane Austen Collection
See also: Jane Austen Home Page We are grateful to the Jane Austen Society of North America for awarding us a Henry G. Burke Grant to publish this guide. Funding was also provided by the Friends of the Goucher Library. Our work is dedicated with admiration and affection to Henry and Alberta Hirshheimer Burke whose spirits prowl our aisles.

20. Untitled Document
Bibliografia, cronologia, trame e riassunti delle opere della scrittrice, recensioni dei film tratti da esse e una mappa dell'Inghilterra.
Ultima modifica: Hosted on
"Trame Libri"
"Riassunti Libri" "Mappa Inghilterra" . Sono segnalate tutte le contee inglesi, per cui anche quelle citate nei libri. E-mail.
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