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         Aristophanes:     more books (100)
  1. Aristophanes' Male and Female Revolutions: A Reading of Aristophanes' Knights and Assemblywomen (Applications of Political Theory) by Kenneth M. De Luca, 2005-04
  2. The Greek Classics: Aristophanes - Eleven Plays by Aristophanes, 2006-03-06
  3. Aristophanes und die Freiheit der Komödie (BZA 180) (Beitrage Zur Altertumskunde) by Christian Brockmann, 2003-02-14
  4. Aristophanes: The Frogs by Richard Lattimore, 1970-01-01
  5. Aristophanes by Gilbert Murray, 1966-03
  6. Oxford Readings in Aristophanes
  7. Spectator Politics: Metatheatre and Performance in Aristophanes by Niall W. Slater, 2002-05-15
  8. Aristophanes;: His plays and his influence (Our debt to Greece and Rome) by Louis E Lord, 1963
  9. Aristophanes Five Comedies
  10. The Clouds of Aristophanes, with notes critical and explanatory, adapted to the use of schools and universities by Aristophanes Aristophanes, Thomas Mitchell, 2010-07-28
  11. Die Friedensfrau: Nach der Lysistrate des Aristophanes (German Edition) by Walter Jens, 1986
  12. The knights of Aristophanes. With notes critical and explanatory, adapted to the use of schools and universities (Greek Edition) by Aristophanes Aristophanes, Thomas Mitchell, 2010-05-14
  13. The Clouds of Aristophanes: The Greek Text Revised With a Translation Into Corresponding Metres, Introduction and Commentary(1852) by Aristophanes, 2009-06-01
  14. The Clouds: By Aristophanes ; Translated by S.H. Landes ; Edited and Introduction by William-Alan Landes by Aristophanes, S. H. Landes, et all 1996-12

101. Lysistrata Guide
Study Guide For aristophanes Lysistrata. p.444 note how aristophanesundercuts the lofty sentiments of Lysistrata s speech to the men.
Study Guide For Aristophanes' Lysistrata
To help with the usual barrage of people, places and things, use the Glossary which begins on page 599. The plot is about as simple as it gets: Athenian women, fed up with the Peloponnesian War, barricade themselves in the Acropolis and go on a sex strike to force their husbands to vote for peace with Sparta. This plot demonstrates that the overriding mode of Aristophanic comedy is fantasy. In the Congresswomen women take over the assembly to save Athens from corrupt politicians. So consider that, while in tragedy assertive women cause catastrophe, in comedy they bring joy and harmony. But Aristophanes is not content to turn the tables and present purely virtuous women and venal men; consider why, exactly, they are so upset about the duration of the war. To paraphrase Freud, what do these women really want? Note in the first scene how difficult Lysistrata finds it to interest other women in her plan. Part of the original humorous effect derives from Greek staging practice. Remember that all the actors are male. Also, a prominent part of the comic costume was a large leather phallus. The male characters in this play would walk around the stage with huge erections. This is not a comedy that for prudes. Most of the sexual innuendo that you see in virtually every line is actually there. The name of the play's heroine, Lysistrata, means "releaser of war," which typifies the Aristophanic tendency for an "outsider" hero whose indicates his or her function. Interestingly, there was an important priestess in Athens at that time whose name, Lysimache, meant "releaser of the battle." However, it is impossible to say this significance of this possible coincidence. Think about the character of Lysistrata and how the audience might have viewed her. What figure in mythology or tragedy does she most resemble?

102. Aristophanes Lysistrata Sex Strike - Never Happen
Research Papers and Essays Ronnie Oldham. aristophanes Lysistrata SexStrike Never Happen. aristophanes’ significant contributions

103. Aristophanes - Wikipedia
Translate this page aristophanes. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Statue aristophanes. aristophaneswar ein griechischer Satiriker und Komödiendichter (* um 445 v. Chr.
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Andere Sprachen: English Polski
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Aristophanes war ein griechischer Satiriker und Komödiendichter (* um 445 v. Chr. in Athen 385 v. Chr. ebenfalls in Athen). Aristophanes verfasste 44 Theaterstücke , von denen 11 erhalten sind. In seinen Stücken nimmt er stets Bezug zu aktuellen Ereignissen und Personen. Dabei persifliert er teilweise Stilmittel anderer Dichter, bspw. des Euripides
  • "Plutos", ca. 388 "Die Ekklesiazusen" ("Frauen in der Volksversammlung"), ca. 391 v. Chr. "Die Frösche", 405, 1. Preis bei den Lenäen "Die Thesmophoriazusen", 411 "Lysistrate", 411 "Die Vögel" (Ornithes), 414, 2. Preis bei den Dionysien
In diesem Stück beschreibt Aristophanes die Schaffung eines Staates durch die Vögel, der in direkter Konkurrenz zu den Göttern steht. Dadurch, dass die Stadt der Vögel ( Wolkenkuckucksheim ) zwischen Erde und Himmel liegt, kommt kein Opferrauch mehr zu den Göttern, und die Vögel streben die Herrschaft an. Bald machen sich jedoch auch in der Vogelstadt bei den Mächtigen die gleichen Symptome wie auf der Erde breit, und das Experiment scheitert.
  • "Der Frieden" (Eirene), 421, 2. Preis bei den Dionysien, siehe

104. THAW: Theaters Against War
VILLAGE VOICE ARTICLE. February 26 March 4, 2003 THAW and the LysistrataProject s Anti-War Fare aristophanes vs. Rumsfeld by Anya
THAW home contact THAW what can my theater do? what can i do? member theaters ... donate to THAW THAW Press: Republicans Lure the Arts to Politics and Protest
New York Times, May 4, 2004
War Plays on NY Stages Still Proliferate with Insight, Passion
Backstage, March 4, 2004
TimeOut New York, January 9-16, 2003
February 26 - March 4, 2003
THAW and the Lysistrata Project's Anti-War Fare
Aristophanes vs. Rumsfeld
by Anya Kamenetz
The mood is set with wild costumes and outlandish puppets; blood and gore and baby carriages; music, singing, and dancing. Impassioned speeches ring out over rapt crowds. The modern large-scale political rally, the major manifestation of the growing movement against war on Iraq, employs nearly all the arts of theater. On March 2 and 3, thousands of artists will extend the show by making theater in the service of protest: On Sunday, over 100 theaters in New York will take action as THAW - Theaters Against War; the next day, over 600 groups across the country and the world are scheduled to present Aristophanes' 2500-year-old anti-war play, Lysistrata.
The organizers behind these efforts started without grand designs. "It was literally in my living room," says Anne de Mare, a playwright on the steering committee of THAW. "About five of us were sitting around and talking about what on earth we could possibly do about the war, and it occurred to us that there must be a way to make what we already do political." As theater artists, they decided to use their existing spaces and upcoming productions to get across a message of dissent.

105. Sexuality And Gender:
aristophanes, Wealth 149, on sexual commoditization, boys and hetaeras, presentsand selling oneself aristophanes anticipates Bourdieu? aristophanes.
Gender and Sexuality
General Introductory: For more specific materials related to the course on Gender and Sexuality see Autumn Term and Spring Term
Generally useful sites (Texts from Perseus unless otherwise specified):
Diotima's Course Materials Diotima's Bibliography (Contents) Diotima's Greek Sex Bibliography Diotima's Introduction Bibliography ... PEOPLE WITH A HISTORY: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History , lots of texts, bibliography, reviews, on-line resources, an excellent place to start investigating ancient sexuality Index to Passages from WLGR , Diotima's abrdiged version of Mary Lefkowitz and Maureen Fant, Women's Life in Greece and Rome, a selection of relevant documents in translation.... Aristophanes, Wealth 149 , on sexual commoditization, boys and hetaeras, presents and selling oneself... Aristophanes anticipates Bourdieu? Xenophon Symposium
Some useful things on women:
Lysias 1 , On the murder of Eratosthenes, not to be confused with Against Eratosthenes , although some have suggested it must be the same man and the whole affair was really political. Why disguise the fact?.. for very good reason.... It is anyway a very artful speech. An apparently very simple and straightforward narrative is framed by highly-wrought argumentation. See how the smallest details of the narrative are picked up in the arguments at the end. What is going on? Does the speaker need to work hard to get the jurors ( dikastai) to apply a rarely used (?), very tough, literally Draconian, piece of archaic legislation? Or does the style only pretend that this is the hardest part of the case, when in fact the jurors would have no difficulty applying the law to the full?

106. Great Books And Classics - Aristophanes
Author Chronological, aristophanes (c. 448-380 BC), BC) aristophanes (c. 448-380BC) Plato (c. 427-347 BC) (Bhagavad-Gita) (c. 400 BC) Sun-Tzu (c. 400?-320?

107. Great Books And Classics - Aristophanes
Selected Reading List All Works ? Change Selected Language AllChange. Author Alphabetical, aristophanes (c. 448-380 BC),

108. Aristophanes Resources At Questia - The Online Library Of Books
aristophanes. Questia. The World s Largest Online Library. QuestiaSubscribers Say Primary Content. aristophanes. Welcome to Questia

109. Aristophanes
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110. Aristophanes
aristophanes aristophanes lived towards the end of the golden age of a href= ../atlas/geography.asp?countryID=207 Athens /a from about 448 BC to about 385

111. Sidwell: The Parodos Of Aristophanes’ Knights
The Parodos of aristophanes’ Knights. 89 from Baptai to have cowrittenKnights, taken together with Cratinus’ attack on aristophanes (fr.
The Department of Classical Studies
January Conference 1999
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Keith Sidwell, University College Cork, Ireland
It is a natural assumption of readers of Knights that the identity of the chorus is beyond dispute. They enter at 247 after a clear summons from slave 1/Demosthenes in line 242 P a
PAPHLAGON: Venerable jurymen! Brethren of the Order of the Three Obols, whom I feed by my loud denunciations, true or false! Come to my aid, for I am being beaten up by conspirators! CHORUS-LEADER: What a fraud! What a supple rogue! Do you see how he tries to flatter us and humbug us, as if we were senile? Well, if he moves this this ; and if he tries to duck out this At 255-7, the Paphlagonian calls his own troops into the battle to defend him. These are, of course, the old jurors who are familiar to us from Wasps of 422, but not yet at the Lenaia of 424 to the audience of Knights . At the end of his appeal, line 257, he gives the reason for it as follows But it is very odd that he should have to explain that he is being beaten to the very people who are beating him. And what is the explanation of the prefix xun- and the intensive in 266?

112. Aristophanes Plays 1 By Aristophanes
Book information on aristophanes Plays 1 The Acharnians / The Knights /Peace / Lysistrata by aristophanes a Methuen World Classics title.
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Methuen General Anthologies Children's Books Cultural Studies Fiction Gay Interest History Humour Monty Python Poetry Screen Sport Travel Methuen Drama Bertolt Brecht Contemporary Dramatists Modern Plays Performance Play Anthologies Screenplays Student Editions Theatre Studies Theatre Workshop World Classics Search Methuen: Methuen Home Drama World Classics ... Aristophanes Aristophanes Plays 1
Aristophanes Plays 1 by Aristophanes
The Acharnians / The Knights / Peace / Lysistrata
Kenneth McLeish and J Michael Walton (trans) Kenneth McLeish and J Michael Walton (intro)
Reissue of Aristophanes' most famous plays in the Methuen Classical Greek Dramatists series Aristophanes was a unique writer for the comic stage as well as one of the most revealing about the society for which he wrote.
Order On-Line UK Edition: US Edition: About this edition Publication Date: 1 March, 1993


World Classics
Subject Area:
Greek Classics, Playscripts: pre-1900

113. Blackmask Online : Classics/Greek/Aristophanes
site logo,

114. OUP: Aristophanes And The Definition Of Comedy: Silk
aristophanes and the Definition of Comedy. It relates aristophanes work tomodern literature and modern theory. It offers a new theory of comedy.
VIEW BASKET Quick Links About OUP Career Opportunities Contacts Need help? Search the Catalogue Site Index American National Biography Booksellers' Information Service Children's Fiction and Poetry Children's Reference Dictionaries Dictionary of National Biography Digital Reference English Language Teaching Higher Education Textbooks Humanities International Education Unit Journals Law Medicine Music Oxford English Dictionary Reference Rights and Permissions Science School Books Social Sciences World's Classics UK and Europe Book Catalogue Help with online ordering How to order Postage Returns policy ... Description
Aristophanes and the Definition of Comedy
M. S. Silk , Professor of Greek Language and Literature, King's College, University of London
Publication date: 23 November 2000
462 pages, 216mm x 138mm
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  • Aristophanes and the Definition of Comedy by M.S. Silk appeared in January and to my mind, at the end of the year, remains unrivalled for its originality and excellence. This study puts flesh - indeed muscles - on the bones of the numerous other studies of the so-called Old Comedy which appeared during the last decade of the previous century. None matches the imagination, breadth and depth of Silk's study.' - Erich Segal, International Books of the Year, Times Literary Supplement

115. Plato, Symposium, Aristophanes
Plato. Symposium. aristophanes Speech. Soble s Notes on aristophanes .Philip Roth on aristophanes. Brancusi Illustrates aristophanes.
Plato Symposium Aristophanes' Speech
Yes, said Aristophanes, who followed, the hiccups is gone; not, however, until I applied the sneezing; and I wonder whether the harmony of the body has a love of such noises and ticklings, for I no sooner applied the sneezing than I was cured. Eryximachus said: Beware, friend Aristophanes, although you are going to speak, you are making fun of me; and I shall have to watch and see whether I cannot have a laugh at your expense, when you might speak in peace. You are right, said Aristophanes, laughing. I will unsay my words; but do you please not to watch me, as I fear that in the speech which I am about to make, instead of others laughing with me, which is to the manner born of our muse and would be all the better, I shall only be laughed at by them. Do you expect to shoot your bolt and escape, Aristophanes? Well, perhaps if you are very careful and bear in mind that you will be called to account, I may be induced to let you off.
Soble's "Notes on Aristophanes"
Philip Roth on Aristophanes
Brancusi Illustrates Aristophanes
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116. Lysistrata - Aristophanes : Read Reviews And Compare Prices At
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Lysistrata - Aristophanes
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Reviews of Lysistrata - Aristophanes
Product rating Reviews Date Make Love Not War? I Don't Think So...

117. Aristophanes "Wasps" - Find Your Book At A Cheap Price With Kelkoo
BOOK PROFILE. aristophanes Wasps NA. This edition of aristophanes comedy is intended for students and scholars. It includes an
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  • Aeschylus Chaucer, Geoffrey Happe, Peter et al Sophocles ... Drama texts, plays BOOK PROFILE Aristophanes "Wasps" - NA This edition of Aristophanes' comedy is intended for students and scholars. It includes an examination of the comic and dramatic qualities of the play and an introduction to the text covering aspects of the play from historical background to metrical explanations and manuscript tradition. Genre: First published:
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    Release info : Paperback : EnglishEditor / Edition: Oxford University Press / NA Released: 25/08/1988 Pages / length: 356 pages Page size: 180 x 120 Weight: 352 g ISBN: 0198144652
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  • 118. "The Clouds", "The Birds", "Lysistrata"
    Location Europe USA. Subject Political/Economic/Social Opinion. Medium Theatre Performance art. Artist/Author/Producer aristophanes (c.448c.380 BC).
    "The Clouds", "The Birds", "Lysistrata"
    Description of the Art Work
    "The Clouds" 423 B.C.: Comedy, an attack on the "modern' education and morals as imported and taught by Sophists. in this play Socrates and his pupils are ridiculed, and at the end of it, their school, the Phrontisterion (thinking school) is burned to the ground. "The Birds" 414 B.C.: Comedy of fantasy. Some scholars see it as a political satire on the imperialistic dreams that had led the Athenians to undertake their ill-starred expedition of 415 B.C. against Syracuse Sicily. "Lysistrata" 411 B.C. Play depicting the seizure of Acropolis and of the treasury of Athens.
    Description of incident
    423 B.C. Greece-Athens : "The Clouds" was a play in which Socrates was pilloried as a typical representative of impious and destructive speculations. A.D. 66 His comedies were considered obscene by Plutarch 1930 United States : Customs ban lifted on "Lysistrata". During the period of prohibition the book was published and sold for as little as thirty-five cents; and the drama was played in New York and Philadelphia as adapted by Gilbert Seldes.

    119. Schoenhof's

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