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         Aristophanes:     more books (100)
  1. Lysistrata by Aristophanes, 2007-01-15
  2. Aristophanes Thesmophoriazusae
  3. The eleven comedies by Aristophanes Aristophanes, 2010-08-01
  4. Aristophanes: Birds, Lysistrata, Assembly-Women, Wealth (Oxford World's Classics) by Aristophanes, 1997-12-04
  5. The Frogs of Aristophanes: Tr. Into English Rhyming Verse by Gilbert Murray .. (1908) by Aristophanes, 2009-06-01
  6. Lysistrata (Hackett Classics Series) by Aristophanes, 2003-03
  7. Aristophanes: Ecclesiazusae (BCP Classic Commentaries on Greek & Latin Texts) (BCP Classic Commentaries on Greek and Latin Texts) by R.G. Ussher, 2007-08-25
  8. Aristophanes.I. The Acharnians.II. The Knights.III. The Clouds: Literally and Completely Translated From the Greek, With Introduction and Notes (1898 ) by Aristophanes, 2009-10-21
  9. Four plays of Aristophanes: The clouds, The birds, Lysistrata, The frogs by Aristophanes, 1983
  10. Erscheinungsformen Komischen Sprechens Bei Aristophanes (Untersuchungen Zur Antiken Literatur Und Geschichte) (German Edition) by Gerrit Kloss, 2001-03
  11. Aristophanes: Myth, Ritual and Comedy by A. M. Bowie, 1996-09-13
  12. Aristophanes the Democrat: The Politics of Satirical Comedy during the Peloponnesian War by Keith Sidwell, 2009-11-30
  13. Aristophanes Plays: 1: Acharnians , Knights , Peace , Lysistrata (Classical Dramatists) (Vol 1) by Aristophanes, Kenneth McLeish, 1993-03-11
  14. Philosophy and Comedy: Aristophanes, Logos, and Eros (Studies in Continental Thought) by Bernard Freydberg, 2008-03-27

81. Aristophanes
aristophanes. Playwrightcomedy.(b. c455 BC). clarendon.gif (621364 bytes) aristophanes- Clouds Students edition. aristophanes Frogs Kenneth Dover £16.99.
ARISTOPHANES Playwright-comedy.(b. c455 BC). Of the 43 plays we know Aristophanes wrote, only 11 remain in their entirety. These plays are not for those easily shocked by the graphic por trayal of various parts of the male anatomy, or the sort of innuendo which would have had them rolling in the aisles back in the Golden Age and, for that matter, to this day. Aristophanes' plays are r egularly performed on stages all over the world. If you come across copies of old school texts, you will find that huge chunks have been lifted so as not to offend the eyes of the younger reader - and quite right too! Other Authors Compiled by Andrew Stoddart Loeb editions Oxford Classical Texts Green and Yellows Various Notes: (York, Cliff, Max etc.) Penguin translations Clarendon Texts Oxford World Classics Aris and Phillips Chicago Translations Bristol Classical Press The Icons against the books refer to their edition and in most cases the language in which they are written. Click on the images above for an explanation as what to expect from these particular editions. I have tried to scan images of other books, but this is a very slow process.

82. Aristophanes: Talentbörse
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83. Talentbörse ARISTOPHANES: Inhaltsverzeichnis
ab Version 4! Die Idee. Talentbörse der Dichter. Talentbörse der Wortzauberei.
Die Idee
und Phantasten
Termine / Aktuelles Kontakt Die Idee
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84. Aristophanes At -- Essays, Resources
aristophanes free essays, eTexts, resources and links from Signup to The Daily Muse for free. aristophanes. 385 BC - 450 BC *.
Start your day with a thought-provoking quote from the world's greatest thinkers and writers. Sign up to The Daily Muse for free. Aristophanes 385 BC - 450 BC Greek comedian, famous for his savage parodies and chaotic comedies.
Aristophanes' eleven surviving plays tell a story of the political and social scene of the late 5th century Athens. Arostophanes' satires of statesmen, democracy and even the gods show both his ruthless choice of comedy material and also the grievances and concerns of the people of his time.
Aristophanes is particularly well known for his parody of fellow playwrights Europides and Aeschylus, and for the chaotic worlds he manages to create in comedies such as Lysistrata
: Classics Network Editorial Team
These essays offer analysis of the author's life and works. Many of them have been submitted by users, and are assigned an Editorial Rating on a scale from one to five stars to assist you in evaluating their worth. See also: Note on Essays Editorial Policy No essays about this author have been added yet. Our database is growing rapidly check back soon!
Miscellaneous The Internet Classics Archive Aristophanes

85. Arcanum Cafe - Articles - Beginner's Guide To Limericks
was officially a limerick in the history of verse, using examples going back asfar even as 448 BC to describe its origins, with the Greek poet aristophanes.
Main Community Audio Links ... Articles Beginner's Guide To Limericks
by P. Robertshaw
Brief History
It is unclear when the first limerick was written. Debate has raged among exponents of the form as to what was officially a limerick in the history of verse, using examples going back as far even as 448 BC to describe its origins, with the Greek poet Aristophanes. Shakespeare has also been cited as an early exponent, in Othello (1604): And let the canikin clink, clink
And let the canakin clink
A soldier’s a man
O man’s life’s just a span
Why then let a soldier drink

However, the writer most linked with the popularisation of the limerick is Edward Lear (1812-88). He did not invent the limerick, or even use the word, but wrote 212 of them during his life. Frequently, the last line he used was the same as or similar to the first: There was a young lady from Norway
Who casually sat in a doorway When the door squashed her flat She exclaimed “What of that?” This courageous young lady from Norway
A rude version of this, as of many of Lear’s other limericks, also exists.

86. Arts - Theatre: Aristophanes
aristophanes (448385 BC). Of all the writers of Old Comedy , aristophanes isthe last. After Lysistrata, aristophanes seems to have given up on politics.
ARISTOPHANES (448-385 B.C.) O f all the writers of " Old Comedy ", Aristophanes is the last. Lost forever are the works of Chionides Magnes Ecphantides Cratinus Crates , and Eupolis . All these extant comedies of the fifth century B.C. belong to him. On his shoulders alone rests the reputation of an entire age of comedy. Fortunately, by most accounts Aristophanes was the greatest comic writer of his day. By the time Aristophanes began to write his comedies, democracy had already begun to sour for the Athenians . The people were increasingly demoralized by the ongoing conflicts of the Peloponnesian War and the loss of their greatest hero Pericles had been taken from them and replaced by unscrupulous politicians such as Cleon and Hyperbolus . It is little wonder, therefore, that Aristophanes laughter is tinged, even from the beginning, with tones of apprehension and grief Aristophanes' first two comedies, The Banqueters and The Babylonians have been lost. His first surviving play, The Acharnians , was written in the sixth year of the War and, coincidentally, happens to be the world's first anti-war comedy . Inspired by the suffering of the rural population of Attica , the area surrounding Athens which was exposed to continual invasions, the poet built his plot around a hard headed farmer who, tired of the hostilities, determines to make a private peace with the Spartans . Denounced as a traitor by his fellow citizens and forced to plead for his life

87. Quotable Stephen Sondheim Page
It opened May 20, 1974 and Ran for 8 performancesMusic and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim,Book by aristophanes and Burt Shevelove,Produced by the Yale Repertory

Song Cast-List
Synopsis The Shows Today's Quote ... Simply Sondheim Message Board
We're the frogs!
The adorable frogs!
Not your hotty-toity intellectuals,
Not your hippy -dippy homosexuals,
Just your easy-going, simple,
Warm-hearted, cold blooded
Of the pond And the fronds we never go beyond. When you rearrange a single frond, We respond with a Brek-kek-kek-kek!" "Members of the chorus sat at the side of the Yale swimming pool, a cast of undrgarduate swimmers played the frogs in green mesh and jock straps, and the star, the late Larry Blyden, was is in a rowboat surronded by frogs as he was about to make his descent into Hades" -Christopher Durang Synopsis Song-Cast list Shows

88. Aristophanes, Greece, Ancient Greece
aristophanes (c. 448 385). One of history s greatest comedy writers, aristophanesis still a major source of inspiration to many modern writers.
(c. 448 - 385) One of history's greatest comedy writers, Aristophanes is still a major source of inspiration to many modern writers.
He was born in Athens and his fathers name was Philippos. He was well educated and is believed to have owned property on the island Aegina. His three sons, Philippos, Araros and Nikostratos, were all to be comic poets.
Aristophanes was a conservative, favoring aristocratic to democratic rule, and was against reform and novelty. He preferred philosophy and theology in opposition to the new ideas of the Sophists.
Eleven of his works have survived, but he is believed to have written over 40 plays. The three first plays he wrote were written under a pseudonym. One was The Achamians (425 BC) where he begs for an end of the war against Sparta.
The first work under his real name was The Knights (424 BC), a satire of the Athenian politician and military leader Cleon. The Clouds (423 BC) was a satire about Socrates, whose ideas, he believed, where against the interests of the state.
The Wasps (422 BC) was a satire of the justice courts, The Peace (421 BC) was another plea for peace with Sparta and The Birds (414 BC) was a satire on the Athenian fondness of litigation.

89. Creative Quotations From Aristophanes (448BC-385BC)
Creative Quotations from . . . aristophanes (448BC385BC) born on Greek dramatist. Searchmillions of documents for aristophanes. Highbeam Research,
CQHome Search CQ CQ Indexes CQ E-books ... creative
Creative Quotations from . . . Aristophanes 448BC-385BC) born on Greek dramatist. He was the greatest comic playwright of ancient world; wrote 55 plays of which 11 survive today. Search millions of documents for Aristophanes
Creative Hats
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Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever. You should not decide until you have heard what both have to say. Evil events from evil causes spring. Men of sense often learn from their enemies. It is from their foes, not their friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls and ships of war . . .
Published Sources for Quotations Above:
F: From a collection of quotations found on the Internet. R: From a collection of quotations found on the Internet. A: 'The Wasps' N: In "Correct Quotes for DOS," WordStar International, 1991. K: In "Wisdom of the Ages at Your Fingertips," MCR software, 1995.
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90. Aristophanes
aristophanes the Nature of Greek Comedy. Each student will have the opportunityto present a seminar paper on one of aristophanes eleven surviving plays.
Dr Michael Lloyd

COURSE DESCRIPTION Aristophanes (447-385 BC) is one of the greatest of all comic dramatists, and an unequalled source of information about politics, personalities, morality, literature, and everyday life in Athens. Each student will have the opportunity to present a seminar paper on one of Aristophanes' eleven surviving plays. The plays are available in three volumes of the Penguin classics series, translated by Alan Sommerstein and David Barrett. A detailed bibliography and list of topics will be available at the beginning of the course. TRANSLATIONS
Four of Aristophanes' plays ( Birds Lysistrata The Assembly-Women , and Wealth ) are available in a translation by Stephen Halliwell in the Oxford World's Classics series (1998). This is the prescribed text for these four plays. The prescribed text for the other seven plays is the three-volume translation by D. Barrett and A.H. Sommerstein in the Penguin Classics series. There is also a Loeb translation by. J. Henderson. COMMENTARIES
There are also commentaries on seven plays published by Oxford University Press: Birds (N.V. Dunbar)

91. Aristophanes
encyclopediaEncyclopedia aristophanes, ar istof unEz Pronunciation Key.aristophanes , c. 448 BC–c. 388 BC, Greek playwright, Athenian


Aristophanes u n E z] Pronunciation Key Aristophanes c. 448 B.C. c. 388 B.C. , Greek playwright, Athenian comic poet, greatest of the ancient writers of comedy The Acharnians B.C. ), an attack on the Peloponnesian War; The Knights (424), a political satire on the demagoguery of the period; The Clouds (423), a satire on the sophists and on Socrates; The Wasps (422), a satire on the Athenian passion for litigation; The Peace (421), a defense of the Peace of Nicias; The Birds (414), an escape into an amazing imaginary kingdom; Lysistrata (411), in which the Athenian women boycott their husbands to end a war; The Thesmophoriazusae or The Women at Demeter's Festival (411), in which the women conspire to ruin Euripides because of his misogyny; The Frogs (405), a literary satire involving Aeschylus and Euripides; The Ecclesiazusae or The Women in Politics (c. 392), in which the women take over the government; and Plutus (388), in which the blind god of wealth recovers his eyesight and distributes the gifts of fortune more equitably. See his plays (ed. by M. Hadas, 1962, 1984); studies by G. Murray (1933, repr. 1964), C. Whitman (1964), K. J. Dover (1972), and V. Ehrenberg (new ed. 1974).

92. Aristophanes
aristophanes. aristophanes (ca. 446 BC 385 BC) was a Greek comic poet. Externallinks. Project Gutenberg e-texts of works by aristophanes.
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
Aristophanes (ca. 446 BC 385 BC ) was a Greek comic poet. The place and even the exact date of his birth are unknown, but he was probably educated in Athens . He is famous for writing comedies such as The Birds for the two Athenian festivals: the Dionysia and the Lenea. He wrote at least 30 plays, 11 of which still survive, and his plays are the only surviving examples of Greek Old Comedy. Many of his plays were political, and often satirized the well-known citizens of Athens and their conduct in the Peloponnesian War . He is known to have been prosecuted for Athenian law's equivalent of libel more than once. A famous comedy, The Frogs , was given the unprecedented honor of a second performance. He appears in Plato 's Symposium , giving a humorous mythical account of the origin of Love. The Clouds pokes fun at famous figures, notably Socrates , and may have contributed to the common misconception of the philosopher as a Sophist Lysistrata was written during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta and presents a pacifist theme in a comical manner: the women of the two states deprive their husbands of sex until they stop fighting. This play was later illustrated at length by

93. Simple Web Page
aristophanes Lysistrata a new complete downloadable English translation,and other poetry translations including Baudelaire , Chinese, European .
Translations by George Theodoridis Lines of Love, Wine and Song: The muses at work A selection of poetry by Anacreon, Sappho and others Browse now or Download Aristophanes: ACHARNIANS Browse now or Download Aristophanes: PEACE Browse now or Download
Aristophanes: Lysistrata Browse now or Download CONTACT THE AUTHOR George Theodoridis
This work MAY be FREELY reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose, except for theatrical or cinematic use where permission must be sought. Need to know about eBooks and Download formats? Go to eBooks Back to OVID AND OTHERS HOME PAGE for more translations. Last Modified 28/OCT/2001

94. GreeceNow: From Hamlet To Aristophanes
Chekhov’s Moscow. From Hamlet to aristophanes. It’sa season of firsts,and much more, at the National Theatre of Greece. The National

Culture From Hamlet to Aristophanes
The Hamlet The Last Temptation of Christ Fourth Sister The Birds To Hamlet or to not to
was the formidable Alexis Minotis This year, heartthrob Constantinos Markoulakis plays the indecisive hero, at the Kotopouli Theatre (named after the acting legend Marika Kotopouli ). The cast bends to the directorial wand of Michael Cacoyannis When Hamlet Thanasis Papathanasiou and Mihalis Reppas (of Safe Sex and Silicon Tears Which Helen? Four sisters, no Chekhov
legendary Three Sisters Janusz Glowacki imagines it in his critically acclaimed tragicomedy The Fourth Sister Kappa Stage Slobodan Unkovski spent time working with a cast of local stars including Maria Nafpliotou and Amalia Moutoussi In February, when The Fourth Sister staging comes to an end, the Kappa Stage will be hijacked by Gift of the Gorgon , which premieres for the very first time in Greece. In Gift of the Gorgon , the award winning playwright best known for plays as shocking as Equus and Amadeus , grapples with the ethics of revenge by mixing Greek myth with the contemporary experience of violence and terror.

95. Harvard University Press/Aristophanes, Volume I. Acharnians. Knights
Volume I. Acharnians. Knights by aristophanes Editor/Translator JeffreyHenderson, published by Harvard University Press. aristophanes (ca.
Volume I. Acharnians. Knights
Editor/Translator Jeffrey Henderson Winner of the 2001 Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit
Aristophanes (ca. 446-386 B.C. ), one of the world's greatest comic dramatists, has been admired since antiquity for his iridescent wit and beguiling fantasy, exuberant language, and brilliant satire of the social, intellectual, and political life of Athens at its height. In a new Loeb Classical Library edition of Aristophanes' plays, Jeffrey Henderson presents a freshly edited Greek text facing a lively, unexpurgated translation with full explanatory notes. The general introduction that begins Volume I brings current scholarly insights to bear on the intriguing question of the comic poet as a political force. In Acharnians a small landowner, tired of the Peloponnesian War, magically arranges a personal peace treaty and demonstrates the injustice of war in a contest with the bellicose Acharnians. Also in this volume is Knights , perhaps the most biting satire of a political figure. OTHER HARVARD BOOKS BY ARISTOPHANES
Lysistrata. Thesmophoriazusae. Ecclesiazusae. Plutus

96. Aristophanes --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopædia Britannica, aristophanes Encyclopædia Britannica Article. To citethis page MLA style aristophanes. Encyclopædia Britannica. 2004.

97. The Village Voice: Theater: Aristophanes Vs. Rumsfeld By Anya Kamenetz
theater. THAW and the Lysistrata Project s AntiWar Fare aristophanesvs. Rumsfeld by Anya Kamenetz February 26 - March 4, 2003 Thawing
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    98. Aristophanes - Encyclopedia Article About Aristophanes. Free Access, No Registra
    encyclopedia article about aristophanes. aristophanes in Free onlineEnglish dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. aristophanes.
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Aristophanes (ca. 446 BC Centuries: 6th century BC - 5th century BC - 4th century BC Decades: 490s BC 480s BC 470s BC 460s BC 450s BC - 440s BC - 430s BC 420s BC 410s BC 400s BC 390s BC Years: 451 BC 450 BC 449 BC 448 BC 447 BC - 446 BC - 445 BC 444 BC 443 BC 442 BC 441 BC Events Births
    • Aristophanes, Greek playright (approximate year)
    • Marcus Furius Camillus, Roman soldier and statesman (traditional date)

    Click the link for more information. 385 BC Centuries: 5th century BC - 4th century BC - 3rd century BC Decades: 430s BC 420s BC 410s BC 400s BC 390s BC - 380s BC - 370s BC 360s BC 350s BC 340s BC 330s BC Years: 390 BC 389 BC 388 BC 387 BC 386 BC - 385 BC - 384 BC 383 BC 382 BC 381 BC 380 BC Births Deaths
    • Aristophanes, Greek poet
    • Possible foundation date of the Academy in Athens

    Click the link for more information. ) was a Greek The History of Greece extends back to the arrival of the Greeks in Europe some time before 1500 BC, even though there has only been an independent state called Greece since 1821. Follow the links in this table to articles on the various periods of Greek history. The history of the Greeks, however, extends far beyond the current borders of Greece. As early as the 7th century BC the Greeks

    99. Van Steen, G.A.H.: Venom In Verse: Aristophanes In Modern Greece.
    of the book Venom in Verse aristophanes in Modern Greeceby Van Steen, GAH, published by Princeton University Press.......
    University Press SEARCH:
    Keywords Author Title More Options Power Search
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    NEW IN PRINT E-BOOKS ... HOME PAGE Winner of John D. Criticos Prize.
    Venom in Verse:
    Aristophanes in Modern Greece
    Gonda A. H. Van Steen
    Shopping Cart Reviews Table of Contents Aristophanes has enjoyed a conspicuous revival in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Greece. Here, Gonda Van Steen provides the first critical analysis of the role of the classical Athenian playwright in modern Greek culture, explaining how the sociopolitical "venom" of Aristophanes' verses remains relevant and appealing to modern Greek audiences. Deriding or challenging well-known figures and conservative values, Aristophanes' comedies transgress authority and continue to speak to many social groups in Greece who have found in him a witty, pointed, and accessible champion from their "native" tradition. The book addresses the broader issues reflected in the poet's revival: political and linguistic nationalism, literary and cultural authenticity versus creativity, censorship, and social strife. Van Steen's discussion ranges from attitudes toward Aristophanes before and during Greece's War of Independence in the 1820s to those during the Cold War, from feminist debates to the significance of the popular music integrated into comic revival productions, from the havoc transvestite adaptations wreaked on gender roles to the political protest symbolized by Karolos Koun's directorial choices. Crossing boundaries of classical philology, critical theory, and performance studies, the book encourages us to reassess Aristophanes' comedies as both play-acts and modern methods of communication. Van Steen uses material never before accessible in English as she proves that Aristophanes remains Greece's immortal comic genius and political voice.

    100. Bibliotheca Augustana
    aristophanesca. 447 - ca. 386 a. Chr. n. persona ?st?f
    B I B L I O T H E C A A U G U S T A N A
    ca. 447 - ca. 386 a. Chr. n.
    p e r s o n a
    o p e r a
    s e c u n d a r i a

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